All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 933


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Wang Teng followed Maude Grandmaster and the others towards the forging room.

There are also four forged Grandmasters, all of whom are five Third Year thick and unusually tall. Walking around Wang Teng all around, they look like four giant tower bodyguards.

And their attitude also allows Wang Teng to enjoy the treatment surrounded by bodyguards.

The four forging Grandmasters were so enthusiastic about him, even a little cautiously, they completely regarded him as treasure, for fear of accidentally letting him run away.

Three Grandmaster!

As long as Wang Teng completes the Blacksmith assessment, he will be the three Grandmasters rarely seen for thousands of years!

Several forged Grandmaster natural treasures are incredible!

Wang Teng dealt with the four Grandmasters, while counting in his heart what he gained from the Thunder Tribulation.

The previous Thunder Tribulation not only gave him a certain amount of tempering in his fleshy body, but also provided him with a lot of attribute bubbles.

[Lightning Element Star Origin Power *1250]

[Tiandi tribulation thunder *50]


The Lightning Element Origin Power attribute reached 1250 points, which gave Wang Teng’s Lightning Element Origin Power a slight improvement.

His current Lightning Element Star Origin Power is on the 5th floor of the planetary star, 1250 points is not much, but this is the unexpected harvest from Transcending Tribulation, don’t do it for nothing.

Others’ Transcending Tribulation is so nervous, but he is good to take it, I feel super happy when I think about it~

Of course, Lightning Element Star Origin Power is only second, and the most important thing is the second attribute bubble…Heaven and Earth tribulation thunder! ! !

This is really an unexpected gain!

Crossing the tribulation, actually secretly intercepted a trace of tribulation thunder from God’s father!

If God knows, will he drop 99 Thunder Tribulation and kill Wang Teng directly?

There are not many Thunder Tribulation attributes at 50 o’clock, but Wang Teng got a trace of tribulation thunder.

At this moment, within his Sea of ​​Consciousness, a ray of silver white thunder and lightning is spreading everywhere, jumping here, jumping there, and even ran to the Azure Jade Glazed Flame, provoking by the bright flame, constantly crackle around them .

Fortunately, this tribulation thunder was obtained by picking up attributes and automatically recognizes Wang Teng as the master. Otherwise, this tribulation thunder is raging in his Sea of ​​Consciousness, I am afraid that he will directly let his soul ascend to heaven.

The Dark Fire has also received special attention.

This tribulation thunder seems to be at odds with the fire of darkness. As soon as it gets closer, it becomes very Berserk, making Wang Teng feel that this tribulation thunder is like a Brat, grinning at the fire of darkness, seeming to want to rush to the darkness. A meal of fire.

But the fire of darkness is not to be trifled with. Although there is only a small cluster, there is only a trace of the tribulation thunder. The two sides are evenly matched. The fire of darkness is not afraid of the tribulation thunder. Annihilation tribulation thunder.

Wang Teng saw that the two sides were almost doing it, he stopped them quickly and pulled them away.

Before, the light and dark flames had a similar situation. Light and darkness were born opposites. If Wang Teng hadn’t separated them on both sides in time, they would definitely not live in peace.

So Wang Teng is very experienced in this kind of thing, and he is very calm.

After Wang Teng opened the tribulation thunder, he had the opportunity to take a closer look at this Little Brat, and then he liked it more and more.

This is a tribulation thunder of heaven and earth!

Although it is only the lowest level tribulation thunder, tribulation thunder is tribulation thunder, which is not comparable to ordinary lightning.

Before Wang Teng Transcending Tribulation, I personally experienced the power of this tribulation thunder.

Although he still can’t beat him, he is so powerful and can cause trouble to him. It also shows that this tribulation thunder is out of the ordinary.

“Good baby!” Wang Teng was very happy, soothed the tribulation thunder, and just pulled it away from the dark fire, making Little Brat a little reluctant.

This tribulation thunder obviously did not give birth to life, but there is a weak spiritual wisdom.

For example, Azure Jade Glazed Flame, bright flame, tribulation thunder, rare objects like heaven and earth will give birth to a trace of spiritual wisdom, so it is more out of the ordinary.

“Be obedient, I will get you more tribulation thunder in the future, so that you will be fat.” Wang Teng used the invisible hand of Mind to gather the patted tribulation thunder.

The tribulation thunder was a crackle immediately, conveying back a hint of happiness to Wang Teng.

“hahaha!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but smile haha.


“Wang Teng Grandmaster, we are here.” Maude forging the Grandmaster’s voice brought Wang Teng’s attention back.

They walked into a room, which looked like a forging room. The equipment and tools were very complete. The forging tools were much more than the tools engraved by alchemy and rune. Unlike alchemy, only an alchemy furnace was needed and rune engraved. Need a talisman.

This forging room is much higher level than the forging room on his Qianyuan E63 spaceship.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, Blacksmith’s Grandmaster Level assessment only needs to forge a Grandmaster Level item. I don’t know if you have any Grandmaster Level item you want to forge?” Maude Grandmaster asked and said: ” If not, the alliance can provide you with a design drawing and forging plan of the Grandmaster Level item. This is the treatment for everyone who comes to participate in the Grandmaster Level assessment.”

“Oh!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly felt a little surprised.

It’s no wonder that both the previous rune Grandmaster assessment and the Alchemy Path Grandmaster assessment provided him with a lot of things for free.

Among them, the three Grandmaster Level Rune Arrays evaluated by rune Grandmaster and the alchemy materials evaluated by Alchemy Path Grandmaster are extremely precious and expensive.

“Can you show me what items are there?” Wang Teng asked.

“Of course.”

Maud Grandmaster slightly smiled, tap on the right hand side of the forging table, and a light curtain appears in front of Wang Teng. There are listed items with strange appearances, swords, long bows, and giant axe ……Wait, different styles.

“There are introductions of various Grandmaster Level items, you can take a look first.” Grandmaster Maude said.

Wang Teng nodded, his gaze scanned on the light curtain. He saw quickly. He also swept away the introduction of weapons such as swords. These weapons are of high quality and can reach Grandmaster Level, but not at all what stands out.

So Wang Teng did not pay much attention.

The light curtain can be read manually. This is the science and technology civilization of the universe, which is extremely convenient.

Wang Teng read page by page, and soon reached the last page.

Maud Grandmaster and the others could not help looking at each other in blank dismay, so many Grandmaster Level items, can’t Wang Teng Grandmaster be satisfied?

However, at this moment, Wang Teng’s gaze suddenly stopped, resting on a rather rare item.

this is one square seal, purple-golden, square-shaped, engraved with thunder and Thunder Beast patterns on the top.

Turn the Thunder Seal! ! !

Below is a series of introductions:

[Lightning Attribute Telekinesis weapon, engraved with the corresponding rune, can be zoomed in and out, contains Power of Lightning, using Mental Telekinesis to control the smashing out, not only is extremely heavy, but also able to release lightning, and the power is extremely powerful. (Note: This weapon is ruthlessly turned over and shoots the forehead. The death of the hit is extremely miserable. Use it with caution! Use it with caution~)]

Wang Teng looked a little weird at the end, but somehow his hands were itchy for some reason.