All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 934


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Seeing Wang Teng’s gaze on the turning thunder seal, Maude Grandmaster and the others couldn’t help being taken aback.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, don’t you want to refine this relic of thunder?” Maude Grandmaster asked in surprise.

“I think this flipping thunder seal is related to me!” Wang Teng laughed. A wonderful thought flashed in his heart, and it couldn’t be extinguished.

“But… frankly, the difficulty of forging this reprint is a bit high, and the materials needed are relatively rare, especially one of the materials called Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal, which is very rare. I have been for so many years. I have only seen it once or twice, and because of this, this rendition of the thunder seal will be placed last.” Grandmaster helplessly said.

“Yes, Wang Teng Grandmaster, Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal is too rare, and we don’t have it in our alliance,” said another forging Grandmaster.

“Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal!” The smile at the corner of Wang Teng’s mouth became stronger: “I have it.”

“You have!” The four forged Grandmasters were taken aback.

“So this rendition of the Thunder Seal is related to me!” Wang Teng slightly smiled, and a golden-bright and dazzling Brick appeared in his hand, and said: “Look if this is Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal.”

The four forged Grandmaster eyes shined, and immediately came up to take a closer look.

“It’s actually Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal!” Grandmaster Maude was surprised.

“With this weight, forging the Thunder Seal is enough.” Another Grandmaster named Jiao Gaofeng, a Human Race, weighed Brick’s weight, pondered then said.

“hahaha, putting it that way, this rendition of Leiyin is really related to Wang Teng Grandmaster.” There is also a Burke Grandmaster who is the ape Human Race, completely dark, tall and strong, like a chimpanzee.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, I can’t help but want to envy you, even the rare material Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal has.” Maude Grandmaster said.

“It’s all luck!” Wang Teng said with a smile.

“Why does Wang Teng Grandmaster want to forge Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal into this look?” The last Gunter Grandmaster, who is also Human Race, asked with a strange expression.

“Brick used it smoothly.” Wang Teng chuckled said.


The four Grandmasters finally seem to know why Wang Teng chose to turn Leiyin. Turning Leiyin is similar to this brick!

“cough cough, now that the materials are available, then we have no other problems. Other materials for refining the Thunder Seal should be available in the alliance. I will have someone send it over now.” Grandmaster Maude said .

“Okay, then trouble Maude Grandmaster.” Wang Teng nodded and said.

“You are welcome.” Maude Grandmaster waved his hand with a smile.


It didn’t take long for the alliance staff to send the materials needed to refining the Thunder Seal to the forging room.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, if there is nothing wrong, you can start!” Maude Grandmaster handed the space ring filled with materials to Wang Teng and said.

Wang Teng nodded, take out various materials and place them on the forging table.

“By the way, there is one more thing to remind you that refining the Grandmaster Level item will also attract Thunder Tribulation, so you must be prepared.” Grandmaster Maude said.

I saw Wang Teng coping with Thunder Tribulation. He didn’t need to remind him when he saw Wang Teng so vigorously. But when I think that Wang Teng has gone through three Grandmaster Level assessments in a row, it is estimated that the consumption will be relatively large. It is better to be careful.

He also asked Wang Teng before, whether he needs to rest and recover Mind, but Wang Teng refused.

At this time, Wang Teng’s face moved at hearing this.

Will forging a Grandmaster Level item also lead to Thunder Tribulation?

So there is another tribulation thunder attribute bubble to pick up, and his tribulation thunder can also take the opportunity to grow a bit.

This is a good thing!

I have to say, this is the difference between Wang Teng and others.

When others were worried about Thunder Tribulation, he was already thinking about getting benefits from it.

“I will pay attention.” He gratefully said to Maude Grandmaster: “many thanks for reminding.”

After that, he cast his gaze on the dozen materials placed on the forging table, and his expression became serious.

Compared with the hundreds of materials required to refine the Grandmaster Level medicine pill, the refining of the Grandmaster Level item requires only a dozen materials, which is very small.

But its difficulty is no less than refining Grandmaster Level medicine pill.

Wang Teng raised his palm, a cluster of Azure Flame suddenly rose up in his hand.

While waving his hands, Azure Flame turned into a Fire Dragon and poured into the fire opening below the forging table, and then rose from the forging table.

“Azure Flame!”

“This kind of temperature is a different kind of fire!!!”

The four forging Grandmaster expressions were stunned, looking at the Azure Jade Glazed Flame recruited by Wang Teng in shock.

With their eyes, they can see the out of the ordinary in Azure Flame.

Blacksmith also needs flame assistance, and the level of importance is no less than the effect of flame on Alchemist.

When they see this kind of fire in the world, their eyes are red, so don’t mention the envy and jealousy in their hearts.

All in all, it was the same expression as those of Huayuan Alchemy Path Grandmaster when they saw Azure Jade Glazed Flame!

Wang Teng didn’t care about the expressions of the people. It was not one or two times that he encountered this kind of thing. At this moment, he was controlling Mental Telekinesis, wrapping a piece of metal material and throwing it into the flame.

Under the high temperature of Azure Jade Glazed Flame, this piece of metal quickly melted into liquid and fluctuated in the flame.

Wang Teng then threw other materials into the flame one after another to refining.

He divided the flame into a dozen parts, each wrapped in a material, without affecting each other.

Soon there are only two materials left.

One is Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal, and the other is a purple crystal…… Cloud Lightning Crystal!

Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal Needless to say, it is a kind of exotic metal whose weight changes according to the imported Origin Power. Cloud Lightning Crystal is a Lightning Element spar that can store and guide Lightning Element Origin Power. .

These two materials are the main materials for forging the Lei Yin!

Wang Teng’s expression became a lot more solemn. After thinking about it, he threw the Brick made by Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal into the flame.

With a sneer, the Brick that had been with him for a long time finally turned into a golden liquid.

Inexplicably sad rise in the mind.

Farewell dear Brick.

Next is the Cloud Lightning Crystal.


The Cloud Lightning Crystal was rolled up by Mental Telekinesis and thrown into Azure Jade Glazed Flame.

When contacting the flame, a series of electric arcs burst out from the surface of the Cloud Lightning Crystal, crackling.

The four Grandmasters stared at this scene, seemingly nervous.

But soon, the blazing flame submerged the arc on the surface of the cloud Lightning Crystal, and the entire palm-size cloud of Lightning Crystal quickly turned into a cloud of purple liquid.


Wang Teng sighed slightly.

This cloud Lightning Crystal is originally extremely difficult to refining. If it is an ordinary flame, I am afraid it will not be so easy. Fortunately, Wang Teng has Azure Jade Glazed Flame, which can suppress the Power of Lightning contained in the Cloud Lightning Crystal.

Maud Grandmaster and the others couldn’t help but glance at each other, and then a look of surprise appeared in their eyes.

Heaven and Earth are out of the ordinary. Even difficult materials like Cloud Lightning Crystal can be easily refined.

Wang Teng’s eyes burned.

At this moment, various materials can be combined.

So he controlled Mental Telekinesis and incorporated the dozens of auxiliary materials one after another into the golden liquid made by Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal.

The whole process, he was cautiously fused in order and proportion.

Compared with alchemy, this process is still much simpler. After all, there are relatively few materials.

In a short while, more than a dozen materials were all fuse into Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal, but the whole is still golden, without any change.

In the end, Wang Teng’s gaze fell on the purple liquid formed by the cloud Lightning Crystal.

As soon as Mental Telekinesis moved, the purple liquid transformed by the Cloud Lightning Crystal slowly moved towards the Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal, which was a fusion of more than a dozen materials.

chi! chi! chi!

The harsh fusion sound continued.

Cloud Lightning Crystal and Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal seem to be extremely repulsive, and the two materials are in a tug of war.

Wang Teng also didn’t expect that the fusion of these two materials would be so difficult, almost incompatible as fire and water.

Fortunately, his temperament is calm. In this situation, he didn’t have a rush. Instead, he controlled Mental Telekinesis to slow down the integration speed several times.

He slowly blended the two materials together by boiling the frog in warm water. In this way, the rejection of the two was much reduced.

When the four Grandmasters of Maude saw this scene, they were secretly nodded.

This Wang Teng Grandmaster is young and has a wealth of forging experience. He is not arrogant or impatient, and is very calm.

No wonder you have such an achievement at such an age.

Think about when they were young, it would be good to have 10% of Wang Teng’s calmness.

Time passed slowly. After five or six hours, under Wang Teng’s extremely patient efforts, Cloud Lightning Crystal was finally completely integrated into Profound Heavy Brilliant Metal.

The metal that appeared in front of the crowd was no longer a full-body golden. Among the golden, there were still traces of purple lines, like thunder patterns, quite strange.

Wang Teng eyes opened, seeing the metal state after fusion, nodded satisfied, and then slowly retracted Azure Jade Glazed Flame.

As the temperature receded, the fused piece of metal returned from liquid to solid, and fell on the forging table under Mental Telekinesis control.

Wang Teng is still sitting cross-legged, using Mental Telekinesis to roll up the two forging hammers on the forging table.

bang! bang! bang!

The two forging hammers weighed hundreds of kilograms, but at this moment, they seemed to be held by an invisible big hand and struck towards the metal hammer on the forging table.


all around Grandmaster with a dumbfounded face.

Can this happen?

They have long learned that Wang Teng is the Divine Sense Master from Huayuan Grandmaster, but it was the first time they saw this forging method, they really didn’t know how to describe their feelings.

When they forged, they all worked by themselves, relying on their strong physique to temper metal. However, Wang Teng used Mental Telekinesis to control the heavy hammer to temper metal. It looks very relaxed in the past, which is very different from their forging style.

No, it should be said that it is different from all Blacksmiths!

Wang Teng Grandmaster simply is an alternative!

“Several Grandmasters, do you have extra forging hammers to lend me a few more handles?” At this moment, Wang Teng’s voice suddenly came.

He thinks that the two forging hammers are too slow to forge, so if you want to forge a few more handles together, the speed will definitely not be fast.

The four Grandmasters were dumbfounded.

Isn’t it enough for two forging hammers to forge together?

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, how many forging hammers do you need?” Maude Grandmaster asked silently.

“As many as you want.” Wang Teng said without thinking.


Four forged Grandmaster looked at each other in blank dismay.

The tone is so big, Wang Teng Grandmaster, are you serious?

“Then lend you all our forging hammers?” Grandmaster Maude asked hesitantly.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded and said.

Maud Grandmaster didn’t talk any more nonsense, winked at the other three Grandmasters, and then the four took out their forging hammers.


One volume of Wang Teng Mental Telekinesis, the four forging hammers were easily photographed.

The weight of the four forging Grandmaster forging hammers is much heavier than the two forging hammers provided by the Alliance, but it is not a problem for Wang Teng.

With the addition of four forging hammers, the speed is instantly much faster.

Next, six forging hammers smashed crazy around the metal block, and almost only the afterimage of one after another could be seen in the air.

Although there are six forging hammers, they are not messy. One hammer strikes, and the other strikes down. There is almost no gap in between, but they do not affect each other.

Even the hammering of the six-handle forging hammer has a certain flavor, not a random hammering.

The difficulty of Forging Technique lies here. It is not just hammering or forging. What is made like that is no different from scrap iron, and has no use at all.

Only when you have mastered the characteristics of metal, thoroughly fuse these characteristics together in the hammering process, and exert them to the greatest extent, is real forging.

The four Grandmasters didn’t blink their eyes. They were completely stunned, and they were shocked by Wang Teng’s show operation for a long time and could not speak.

This kind of weird forging is really unprecedented, unheard-of.

They feel that their previous forging is simply a little child playing the family, and there is no comparability.

The suspected lives of four Grandmasters have been beaten.

Wang Teng didn’t know this. He concentrated on controlling the six-handed forging hammer to madly hammer the fused metal, and suddenly there was only one after another clinking hammering in the forging room.

In this way, more than two hours passed. Under the hammer of Wang Teng, the metal block kept shrinking. Originally, it was three chi long wide after fusing a dozen materials, but now only palm-size, square -shaped, unexpectedly very regular.

This is the original blank of turning over Lei Yin!

You need to engrave rune later to be the real finished product.

“Why do I feel that the shape of this yuan billet is not much the same as the reversed thunder seal…?” Grandmaster hesitantly said.

“It’s really not the same, but it’s almost the same as the brick before Wang Teng Grandmaster.” Burke Grandmaster seemed to have thought of something, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Several Grandmasters are hearing this, all a little speechless.

The obsession is so deep!

How much does Wang Teng Grandmaster like Brick?

But the shape is second, and it doesn’t affect the ultimate effect of the Thunder Seal, so naturally they won’t say much.

Wang Teng didn’t know what the Grandmasters were thinking, he saw the shape of the metal block, but he was quite satisfied.

After all, he was used to using Brick, and it would be a bit unsuitable to change to another shape, so he didn’t change it at all.

The next step is to engrave rune. Originally, this process needs Rune Master to assist, but Wang Teng himself is the Rune Master of Grandmaster Level, so naturally there is no need to borrow the hands of others.

Azure Jade Glazed Flame reappeared, wrapping the palm-size flip-thunder-printing element.

However, this time, the flame did not melt it, but only carried out the final nurturing.

At the same time, Wang Teng controlled Mental Telekinesis to start rune marking on the surface of the thunder-marking element.

Mental Telekinesis swept across quietly, and runes appeared, forming strange lines all over the surface of the blank.

But he inscribed half of it, and when he was about to inscribe the corresponding Lightning Element rune, a flash of light suddenly flashed in his heart.

This flip thunder seal is a Lightning Element weapon, then… what if a trace of tribulation thunder is added?

Wang Teng’s eyes flickered, and he quickly made a decision.

The tribulation thunder gushes from his eyebrows along the Mental Telekinesis, and he turns it into a rune and engraves it on the yuan billet…

Although it was only a temporary idea, Wang Teng didn’t mind trying it.

If it fails, at worst forge it again.

But if it is, there may be surprises.

After all, Strength of Thunder Tribulation is not a normal Power of Lightning.

What Wang Teng couldn’t think of was that the process was surprisingly smooth, without any accidents, and Thunder Force was naturally integrated into the yuan billet.

The four Grandmasters didn’t notice the abnormality at all, thinking that Wang Teng was still engraving rune step by step.

Time passed again, after about half an hour, Wang Teng finally stopped the inscription of rune.

Suddenly, a group of extremely dazzling purple-gold rays of light lit up on the surface of the yuan billet.

Several Grandmasters were shocked.


Just when this thought came to their minds, between Heaven and Earth Origin Power agitated, a purple-gold rays of light soared into the sky, forming a thick beam of light.


Falling Thunder Seal rose directly into the sky with the beam of light, and violently smashed through the dome of the alliance building, revealing a large hole, and rushed out.

hong long long!

In the sky, dark clouds gathered again, and the thunder sounded endlessly.