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    第639章 六界融合


Hegemony area.


    Death Church 。




“Adults are early.”


“I have seen adults.”


“Dear adult, what do you do?”


The believers have been saluting.


The black dog floated in the air and nodded slightly toward the believers.


“Anna hasn’t come out yet?” it asked.


“Yes, she is still calming down in the withered world.”


“I gonna go see.”


The black dog said and disappeared from the church.


The next second, it appears in a dark and dark world.


“The breath of death… sensed, there.”


The black dog discerned the direction and flew at an unimaginable speed to reach the destination.


It falls on the top of a skyscraper and looks towards the distant world ruins.


I saw a huge figure coming from afar.


Hey! Hey! Hey!


Every step of the figure fell, causing a sharp vibration on the ground.


The black dog watched the other silently until the other party stopped in front of the skyscraper.


– The other side is almost as tall as the skyscraper, the whole body is covered in pale armor, the helmet is more sturdy, and there is no gap left for the eyes.


When it stood still, the ground it touched gradually turned from mud to gravel, and even the skyscrapers where the black dogs were located gradually faded.


The black dog looked at this huge monster and asked awkwardly: “Withered, you have to be loyal to Death Church?”


Behind the armor, a heavy gasping sounded, it seems that this monster is experiencing some kind of struggle and hesitation.


At this time, the top of the monster’s helmet suddenly appeared a person.


    Anna 。


Anna, who is cultivating, finally appeared again.


She looks different from the past, still moving and beautiful, full of youthful vitality.


Only her long red hair has changed.


Her long hair has turned into black, but it is not unusual black, but it is a mysterious darkness.


Anna was boring and raised the black long-handled trowel, swaying and banging hard on the monster’s hard helmet.


“Don’t bother me, don’t you forget what I said to you just now?” she said.


The monster stopped the painful gasp and finally fell to the black dog.


“I will be loyal to Death Church.”


The monster made a thunderous sound, he said.


The black dog got the answer, and the body immediately swelled the raging dark flames.


These black flames converge into a line of text and fly straight into the monster’s body.


The monster trembled in pain, and it took a while to return to calm.


Black dog said: “The deed is already done, come on, before the end of all things, you have already belonged to the embrace of Death God, this is the glory of supreme.”


Boom –


On both sides of the body of the withering messenger, two dark giant doors suddenly opened.


The withering messenger had no time to do anything, and the whole figure disappeared into the dark giant door.


Anna is safe and sound.


She floated down on the skyscraper, slammed the dark sickle on her shoulder and yawned.


“Exhausted, I have to go back to sleep – right, what are you doing?”


The black dog was silent and said: “Even withered and the messenger can surrender, I have to say that your progress is quite fast.”


“Crap, say the point.”


“I am afraid you have no time to sleep.”


“Why? I have worked so hard to get a trickster, you don’t want to call me to do anything else – I have to go back to sleep and feel!”


“…I invite you to drink.”


“So generous? It won’t be paying me again.”


“No, of course, I pay the bill. If you don’t feel relieved, I will pay the bill when you finish the wine, and then we will drink again.”


“Oh, pretty good-will – well, I am going to drink with you for a hard time, then go back to sleep.”


“Before this, you have to represent Death Church first and say hello to a few guests.”


“It turns out that I still want to call me to do things, hey, no, I don’t want to go with you, I can buy some wine myself!”


“Anna, you listen to me, this is the easiest job, just a few words with those people, you can come back, then I invite you to drink.” Black dog.


“Really?” Anna was dubious.


“Of course! I have given very difficult tasks to other people, but you are different. Who makes our private relationship so good, I quietly leave this task to you the most relaxed.” The black dog said sincerely.


“…just go and say a few greetings. If the delay is not long, it will be fine.” Anna said to herself.


“Of course! I am waiting for you in the temple. When you come back, we will go to the bar!” Black dog.


“Well, look at you so honestly, I will go there – but you have to tell me who the other person is and what I am going to say.”


“They are all the allies from Holy Church, and they are the core people of all parties. The identity is probably about the same as you.”


“What am I going to see them?”


“Make a familiar face and get to know each other, so as not to hurt each other in future battles.”


“It’s very simple, let’s go, hurry up and get back to drink.”


When one person and one dog said it, it disappeared from the withered world.


After a while.


Anna hurried to a secret meeting room in Holy Church.


Seven or eight men and women have been waiting here.


They come from various sects and forces and are powerful masters.


“Sorry, I am late.”


She wore a long black dress and said gracefully.


“Oh, obviously, this is an important thing, but you are still coming so late.” A fully armed, nervous woman said.


“Well? Actually, my time is just right. Do you expect death to come earlier?” Anna said with a smile.


The woman looked at her relaxed appearance and remembered the identity of her Death Church, which she endured and did not continue.


Anna looked at the look of the people, and said strangely: “Let’s sit down, obviously, so many seats, what are you standing on?”


A man looked at his pocket watch and said: “I am afraid we have no time to sit and talk slowly.”


“Yes, since the people at Death Church are here, we can start.” Another humanity.


People look to a woman who looks like a fog.


The woman saw everyone looking at herself and said: “Let’s go, but in the world of the hegemonic zone, we need some protection.”


“I am going to do this.” Another humanity.


He held a ball of frost in his hand, exuding the chill of the forest.


“My ice technique can block all our breath to the maximum extent and will not be noticed by anyone. Of course, in this process, everyone will be in full breathing for 30 breaths, temporarily unable to action.”


Some people praised: “It’s just freezing, you don’t have to endure any pain, it’s already very good.”


“Yes, it is not too late, let us leave now.” Another person urged.


Anna listened to everyone’s conversation and the whole person couldn’t help.


The situation in front of me seems to be different from what the black dog said.


“Sorry, I want to ask -“


What she tried to ask.


But it’s too late.


The frost ball has been crushed.


During the time, everyone in the room was covered with 1 Layer frost.


Anna can’t move!


Everyone can’t move anymore!


At the same time, the phantom woman has already launched the technique.


At the feet of everyone, a big mouth appeared.


The big mouth rushed up and swallowed everyone.


Then, a whole-body transparent monster was drilled out of the ground.


This monster looks quite like some giant fish of the ancient times.


It shook its body and plunged into the void at an extremely fast speed, moving away toward an established world.


the other side.


The top of the temple.


A conversation is going on quietly.


“Do you deceive her like this?” asked the black crow.


“So troublesome, there is no way for her to promise to go, I can only do this.” Black dog.


“But when she returns, the temple will be demolished again by her.” The black crow sighed.


“Let’s follow her. When I say it, I have to go out to perform an arduous missionary task. I can’t come back in a short time.” Black dog.


It suddenly disappeared.


At the top of the temple, only the black crow is left.


The black crow was silent for a while.


“There was a direct run because I was afraid that a mortal would get angry. It was… too shameful.”


The black crow has a headache.



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