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    第640章 六道的世界之墓(为盟主燚意之火加更!)


The nearly transparent giant long fish rushes through the boundless void.


Those strange things flew around the big fish and didn’t notice its existence.



At some point, the transparent big fish reached the center of the hegemonic zone.


In fact, the 200 million-layer world of the entire hegemonic zone revolves around this central location, forming a spiral closed ring.


But in this central position, there is nothing.


The transparent big fish sneaked here for a while, and suddenly seven colors appeared on the body.


The green mans that represent life,


Azure starlight representing time and space,


The fog that represents destiny,


a holy pillar of light representing faith,


Representing the mysterious deep purple network,


Representing the splendid Jinmang of civilization,


as well as–


A dark waterfall that represents the return of everything.


Seven kinds of radiances shine together, reflecting in the void.


There was a cave in the void.


The big fish immediately leaped high and rushed into the cave.


During the time, seven kinds of light disappeared.


The big fish and the caves disappeared without a trace.




The empty hall.


Anna’s look is very serious.


She was covered in frost and stood on the opposite side of her six companions.


Looking at the luxurious dress that I used to wear for the sake of communication, and then look at the full service of the six companions, Anna can no longer restrain the anger in her heart.


“So you all know what will happen, I am a fool?” Her tone was cold.


The other six people looked at each other.


A woman wearing a green cloak said: “This mission is extraordinary. Your Death Church is so playful.”


She stared at Anna’s almost perfect face, feeling the charm of the other person’s charm, and the hustle and bustle of her eyes flashed past.


The man covered in frost also said: “Yes, this incident is very sacred. Our church has also carried out a qualification battle. I won this qualification as the last champion, and then look at you. Death Church – oh…”


The woman in the green cloak sneered: “Our temple of life is very solemn. I also tried my best to get this opportunity. I didn’t expect Death Church to be the most outstanding newcomer in the past 700 years, but it is a company. I have to do something that I don’t know.”


Anna is silent.


She tied up the waterfall-like shawl and whispered in her heart:


“Death is like a shadow.”


In the void, a long-handled trowel with a black body appeared in her hand.


Anna held a long-handled trowel and stared at the woman in a green cloak.


She whispered: “If you have an opinion on me, why not come to teach the secret of death?”


Looking at the man with the frost, Anna continued: “You can come together, and I promise to eliminate your opinions about me.”


– Only dead people have no opinions.


So this is the battle provocation that Anna made to the two.


One man and one woman are discolored at the same time.


They are almost ready to shoot, but looking at the sharp, sharp blade of the long handle, the heart is still full of hesitation.


This woman, called Anna, is very mysterious. She has been held in the palm of her hand by Death Church. Even when she goes out to drink and play, she has to serve God to follow.


No one can touch her bottom.


But it is foreseeable that the whole church pays so much attention to one person, and she must have a special place.


Coupled with the particularity of her church, this frame does not necessarily win.


Is it really necessary to be an enemy of death?


The two hesitated and did not make up their minds for a while.




A man with blond hair suddenly came out and stood in the middle of the two sides.


He smiled and played round the field: “We are naturally the comrades of the same front. Although this time we meet for the first time, who dares to say that they will not help each other in the future? Why do we need to make the relationship so rigid!”


Looking at Anna, the blond man said gently: “I can tell you that we are here on behalf of our respective churches, in the most secret way, because the book of the Seven Gods can be inspired again.”


Anna is faint.


That’s it!


The black dog lie to himself, but it is because of this trouble!


Thinking of this, Anna had a headache and even forgot to fight.


The book of the Seven Gods, also known as the prophecy of the gods, is a prophecy written by seven Spiritual God. Every hundred or thousands of years, the book of prophecy can give the prophecies of Spiritual God.


At this time, seven believers of Spiritual God are required to come together and find ways to pass the various tests of the seven Spiritual God to get the corresponding predictions.


The test of Spiritual God is varied and bizarre, and no one knows what kind of test he will run into.


Sometimes Spiritual God will ask you to conquer a world – it’s simple, but more often, the test is harder.


In the beginning, each church regarded this as a very sacred thing, coming from the leaders of the church, and the most inferior and real-powered elders.


But since a church elder was set by the Seven Gods to ask him to dance seven million races in five years—the church leaders finally couldn’t hold back, and gradually they wouldn’t come.


The elders also avoided it.


In the end, this became the ultimate test for new church members.


In any case, anyway, as long as the new people succeed, they will bring the prophecy back.


If it fails, send someone again.


New people often get rewards from the church afterwards.


Those rewards are not bad.


– Maybe others are very concerned about these things, but Anna really only feels trouble.


In her current state of development, as long as I keep going.


She doesn’t have to care about the rewards that can’t be more important.


Anna squinted her head and sighed: “Okay, anyway, I can’t get away. Let’s get started, it’s early.”


The two men were nervously ready to fight, but they saw her suddenly fighting up, and the whole person became dejected and could not help but look at each other.


– Isn’t she going to fight?


How come this expression suddenly?


The two hesitated, simply by this opportunity to go downhill.


Anna has long forgotten both of them – the other side is so weak, and the things she has to face are so troublesome, she has no desire to fight now.


In the end, neither side has shot.


“Okay, let’s finish the matter quickly.” The blond man smiled.


He spread his hand.


A delicate knife floated quietly in his palm.


The golden light burst out from the knife.


Anna sighed helplessly, holding a long-handled trowel and glanced on the ground.


Boom –


The raging black light rises from the sickle.


The blazing black mans completely enveloped Anna, forming a dark abyss where he did not know where to go.


This is just a release of her quite casual force!


Such amazing strength, once again let everyone change color.


A man smiled self-deprecatingly, took out a long fork, and silently recited the Spiritual God rumor.


A faint purple light net twirled on the long fork.


The woman in the emerald cloak took out a long bow.


The man who was covered in ice was taking out a glove and put it on his hand.


Another woman who has closed her eyes and has not spoken has taken the pendant on her neck and held it in her hand.


The man with the tallest figure did not take it out, but there was a pair of holy wings slowly opening behind him.


A variety of light rises from their bodies.


Seven mans gathered!


The empty hall seems to have sensed the arrival of the Seven Gods and sent out a rumbling sound.


A book carved entirely of stone emerged from the ground and stood quietly in front of seven people.


The book is three-person high, and the surface is engraved with a majestic look. The pages of the book are tightly closed, with no signs of opening.


“The book of stone has appeared, we can start.” The blond man said.


He stepped forward, kneeling on one knee and pressing the palm of his hand on the surface of the book of stone.


Several other people stepped forward, and they also slammed their hands on their knees.


Anna sighed and had to act as usual.




There is no movement.


Seven people showed their surprise colors.


– This is not true. According to the records, once this step is reached in previous years, Shi Zhishu will select a Spiritual God believer to issue specific test requirements.


Once the believer has completed the test, he can get the corresponding prophecy.


If he is not finished, Stone Book will continue to select one from the other six believers to complete the test.


But this time, why is there no movement in the stone book?


Just as everyone was surprised, a sound filled with sacred solemnity suddenly sounded on the stone book.


“The ominousness that is deep and cannot be resolved is emerging!”


“Under the hegemonic zone, unprecedented destruction has begun.”


“The prophecy of the Seven Gods has reached the end of the day.”


“Please prepare seven believers to meet the test of Spiritual God to activate the final prophecy.”



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