1305. Chapter 1297 Xiao Die

Chapter 1297 Xiao Die

The witch holds the card, such as a treasure.

I saw that the playing card was painted with a pure black light, all around being a person wearing a priest’s gown, and singing and dancing around the black light.

The witch gently puts this playing card on her forehead.

Playing card suddenly made a dark ray of light and wrapped her in.

After the interest rate.

The dark rays of light disappeared, and the witch gasped fiercely, squatting on the ground, letting the scorn of the body burst out.

The double horns on her head became longer, more curved, and the skin was white, with a deep black shadow behind it.

The witch slowly stood up, revealing a enchanting meaning that could not be said.

“many thanks adults.”

The witch gave a tribute to Xiao Die and thanked him with joy.

– Not only did the evil curse be lifted, but her whole person seemed completely different from before.

“You’re welcome, you’re almost advanced, and my playing card just took this time a little earlier.”

Xiao Die said, while the witch turned to the eye.

Still not going fast?

The witch understood it and gave another ritual and hurriedly left the bar.

The robust man was about to go out, but he went halfway and accidentally fell.

He struggled for a long time before he got up.

“You dare to interfere in the world of our evil spirits again and again.”

Robust man looks at Xiao Die.

Xiao Die didn’t look at him, poured himself a glass of wine, and slowly sipped if nothing happened.

The robust man retreated to the side and took out a talisman, rushing inside and saying: “mission failed… because someone blocked… yes, I was at the bar, someone saved the witch at the bar…”

Talisman turned into a fire and flew out of the bar.

At this point, the other guests in the bar not only did not leave, but one after another revealed the look of the show.

Not long after, the door of the bar was pushed open.

In the cold wind, several people wearing masks of evil spirits walked into the bar.

“grown ups.”

Robust man rushed to meet.

“Who is stopping you?” asked the headed one.

Robust man refers to Xiao Die.

The man looked at Xiao Die and his cold murderous intent faded away.

He stood in the same place and did not say a word, it seems to be caught in an embarrassing dilemma.

Xiao Die smiled silently and said, “How? If the sale has not yet been made, is it ready to start with us?”

The man listened to this and finally moved to Xiao Die.

He took off the mask of the evil spirits and revealed a wrinkled old face. Christine said: “There are many offenses, many offenses, and of course I dare not offend the butterfly girl, but my first time comes to void city. There are no eyes on the eyes, but also the butterfly girl forgives her.”

“Let’s go, don’t bother me to drink.” Xiao Die said.

“Understood, let’s go.”

Old man took a ritual and walked with a group of subordinates.

A conflict is lost invisible.

When the guests saw that there was no excitement to watch, they no longer paid attention to Xiao Die and went to discuss their own affairs.

The bar is calm.

In the corner, two orange cats watched this scene quietly.

“Young Master, Xiao Die seems to be very powerful now.” Shan Nu whispered.

“She has been very powerful, very powerful.” Gu Qingshan said.

– Seriously speaking, I still owe her a life.

The world of Rakshasa was completely occupied by another world, but neither he nor the white fox knew it.

If I followed the white fox to the world of Rakshasa, I am afraid I will die.

Xiao Die saved her life and exchanged herself to help her send flowers to Ba Li.

This is the opportunity to reach the 900 million world, get to know Ba Li and Xiao Miao, join Iron Fist Club, go to Abreus, and finally save Laura.

I couldn’t think of it for a long time, I crossed the time and space, and wanted to go to the evil spirit world, but I met her again in the void city near the evil spirits world.


Xiao Die seems to be sensing what is arrived, and the fascinating drunken eyes suddenly become round.

She looked at the corner of the bar and her eyes fell on the void.

“Oh, I think, you are Gu Qingshan, how are you here?” Xiao Die asked in amazement.

Her move once again caught the attention of other guests.

Even the bartenders behind the bar showed a curious color.

Everyone after one looks at the corner, and even uses a magical technique of detecting.

However, nothing was found.

The corner is empty.

Gu Qingshan knows that Xiao Die has sensed himself, and hesitated, and then lifted the “incarnation of the Orange Emperor” and walked out of the corner.

Shan Nu is still turned into an orange cat, kneeling on his shoulder, watching all around with vigilance.

“long time no see.” Gu Qingshan said with a smile.

A repressed exclamation was made around.

There are really people in the corner!

Xiao Die looked at Gu Qingshan say: “I have heard a lot of things about you recently. Are other people okay?”

Gu Qingshan has a heart.

Obviously on this occasion, in order to be cautious, the other party did not mention the names of Ba Li and Xiao Miao.

This is to protect Ba Li and Xiao Miao.

“They are okay, but there have been many things happening recently. It seems that it is not convenient to say.” Gu Qingshan said.

Xiao Die stood up and said happily:

“It’s really long time no see, go, go to me, we can talk while drinking – I remember that you have a good amount of alcohol.”

“Ah, then it’s harassing.” Gu Qingshan said with a slight smile.

Xiao Die was in front, Gu Qingshan was behind, and the two walked out of the bar.

They crossed several streets, turned seven and eight turns, and eventually came to a residential area.

“It’s there.”

Xiao Die pointed to the front and said.

Gu Qingshan looked out and saw a red brick house across the street. All around was surrounded by a wooden fence with a cluster of flowers. Several giant trees were surrounded by the hut and formed a verdant green. Shade.

Far from the distance, this red brick cottage looks extra quiet in the row of residential houses.

“Good place.” Gu Qingshan praised.

“Yes? How long have you been here?” asked Xiao Die.

“Two days.” Gu Qingshan said.

Xiao Die listened, and made a ridiculous “嘿嘿” laugh.

She took Gu Qingshan across the street to the door of the hut.

There was a big gray dog ​​in front of the hut, and the sleep was fragrant. When the two passed, it didn’t even lift the eyelids.

Gu Qingshan is sitting in the living room, and Xiao Die goes to make tea.

After a while, the tea will be fine.

“many thanks.”

Gu Qingshan took the tea and took a sip and began to talk about things in the 900 million world.

He talked for half an hour before he finished what happened. Xiao Die asked some questions in the middle. Gu Qingshan also knew everything and said nothing.

“I can’t think of so many things happening. I still think that the 900 million-layer world is a stable place.” Xiao Die said with emotion.

Gu Qingshan remembered the past and seriously thanked him: “In the beginning, many thanks, you saved me once and sent me to the world of 900 million.”

Xiao Die is waving; “You are welcome, you are in the eyes of the world, I feel that you deserve to take action, so I did it. In fact, I am very happy that you can join Iron Fist Club.”

“How come you leave the 900 million world and come to the void city?” Gu Qingshan asked curiously.

“I know too much about the world of 900 million layers. The 900 million layers of the world have natural flaws. Next to the eternal abyss of terrifying, they are in the frequent places of Doomsday. Occasionally, we can see the traces of system and chaos – they are related to Something is particularly powerful, so from the perspective of many ethnic races, the 900 million world is not only weak and poor, but also too many people, no one wants to go.”

“However, the native residents of the 900 million-day world will not be bothered. After all, the eternal abyss has already defaulted to the neighbor of the 900 million-day world.”

Xiao Die said that the smile on his face was dim.

She sighed then said and continued: “My child and I have become monsters. I don’t want him to grow up with Slaughterer and devour life, so bring him to the endless void and want him to maintain a normal life. “”

Gu Qingshan, silently, thought and said: “I have a eternal abyss weapon that can turn the clock back. Can this help you?”

Xiao Die felt his goodwill and smiled and helped him to continue a cup of tea. Slowly said: “No, when I was producing, I was besieged by those people. My child was born and only lived for a short time… Finally For a moment, I used an extremely secret method to transform the child into a demon, and linked his soul with his own soul, and suffered most of his death for him, which brought him back to life.”

“If you let time back, my child and I are still in that state and there will be no change.”

“And he has grown up slowly, if you let me go back to the state of pregnancy… he can’t go back, I don’t know what will happen.”

Gu Qingshan listened, can’t help but sigh.

Yes, many times, it is not going back to the past to solve everything.

The fate of some people is destined to be a tragedy from the beginning, that is, I don’t know if the final direction will be…

Gu Qingshan very carefully asked: “What about your child? Why didn’t I see it?”

Xiao Die replied: “Going to school, they are boarding and come back on weekends.”

Gu Qingshan startled, the heart loosened.

He couldn’t help but grow up in a single breath, holding a teacup and gently squatting down.

Xiao Die observed his reaction and smiled slightly.

Gu Qingshan leaned back on the back of the chair and asked casually: “Void city is inclusive, so you are living here?”

“Yes, we are okay now.” Xiao Die holds the teacup and her eyes are bright.

“Oh, yes, I am confident that the hidden magical technique is pretty good – just now at the bar, how did you notice me?” Gu Qingshan asked curiously.

“You have a mark on me that I have left, and I sense it.” Xiao Die said.

“It turns out that.” Gu Qingshan said awkwardly.

Xiao Die said: “You have a good mind, you have a good hand, and your talents are good. I guess you may have the opportunity to leave the 900 million worlds and venture into the endless void, so leave the mark.”

She stretched the action and pointed it, gently on the chest of Gu Qingshan.

I saw a group of light flashing on the chest of Gu Qingshan, and then disappeared again.

“Everyone can only use this mark once in their lifetime – if you are killed by something, this mark will return your soul and flesh to the void city and resurrect.” Xiao Die whispered.

“So great! You have a woman with a child, in fact, you should keep your own use.” Gu Qingshan moved.

“Nothing, you are too young, too weak, need it more than I do.” Xiao Die waved.

Gu Qingshan is heavy in his heart.

Xiao Die finally got together with Ba Li.

In order to thank herself, she actually sent such a gift.

Xiao Die reveals the color of his memories and says: “Because my children and I are too strange, I have already arrived at the invitation when I was about to leave the world, and the invitation they gave was this mark.”

Gu Qingshan said: “Wait, do you belong to an organization now?”

Xiao Die as it should be by rights: “Yeah, I am now a full-time teacher of the Devil’s Tower. I am responsible for teaching the Soul Eater and the Food World. Yes, my son is also there.”

Gu Qingshan: “…”

(End of this chapter)

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