1306. Chapter 1298 Xiao Die’s Determination

Chapter 1298 Xiao Die’s Determination

In the cabin, the two are still chatting.

“So Ba Li and Xiao Die are on the island of time, while strengthening the strength in the way of system, while moving towards a moment in the future?” Xiao Die asked.

“Yes.” Gu Qingshan said.

“When you return to the eternal abyss and the world of the evil spirits, you come to the void city to make some hands and feet in the evil spirits world?” Xiao Die said.

“Yes, this is nothing to do with you. After all, things have already happened. The island of that time is also moving forward in the river of time. No one can change.” Gu Qingshan said.

Xiao Die said with a sad face: “Hey, the guys in the evil spirit world want to deal with the entire 900 million world. Ba Li and Xiao Miao will definitely fight with them… but the power of the evil spirit world is too big. It’s really troublesome.”

Gu Qingshan nodded.

He was very relaxed in front of Xiao Die, and he didn’t say a lie.

——The other party’s imprint of life-saving is left to himself, and he once saved himself once, so there’s nothing wrong with them.

Xiao Die thought for a while, turned his eyes and looked at Gu Qingshan and asked: “You are growing very fast, but you want to deal with the evil spirits world… I forgot to ask you, what is your status in the void city?”

“I am an assassin at the Assassin Guild.” Gu Qingshan said.

Xiao Die immediately dismissed: “It turned out to be the Assassin Guild, but it was a notorious organization.”

Gu Qingshan is speechless.

– The reputation of your fierce tower is not good enough.

It seems that he knows what he thinks, Xiao Die said: “It’s a pity that you are a pure human race, otherwise I will let you come to our fierce demon tower as a teaching assistant. In this case, the people of the evil spirit world will not dare to provoke you.”

Gu Qingshan couldn’t help but ask: “What strength are you now?”

“There is nothing to say, I have to go to class every day, but also bring children, so the strength is only slightly stronger than you.” Xiao Die said.

Gu Qingshan continues to be speechless.

“– But this matter has nothing to do with strength, but because the evil spirit world is afraid of offending us.” Xiao Die continued.

Gu Qingshan was more curious and asked, “Why?”

“Our tower master is the famous owner of void engulfing, and our deputy tower master has several evil spirit world fragments.” Xiao Die said.

Gu Qingshan startled, muttered: “Is it …… is this blackmail?”

“Yes, once the people of the evil spirits are not jealous, our tower owners will eat those pieces of the world. In this case, even if one day it is full of compassion, pull those pieces out, and those pieces will be covered with eternal filth. Force can’t be removed at all,” Xiao Die said.

“What happens if the evil path merges with such world debris?” Gu Qingshan asked.

Xiao Die proudly said: “The whole evil spirit world is full of scent, and various plagues and diseases gradually appear. Until 100 million years later, this situation will gradually disappear.”

Gu Qingshan is speechless again.

Such a means of containment is really…

Very wonderful, very shocking.

If it is from the perspective of the evil spirit world –

A world full of scent, want to conquer the entire Six Paths of Samsara, isn’t that a tear?

Who will serve them?

No wonder that at the bar, when the old man saw Xiao Die, he could only hurry to the past.

Gu Qingshan pressed his hand on his chest and felt the mark.

Speaking of it, I have never been officially killed.

The soul is a suspended animation.

When I went to the ancient era, Lynn kept hiding with three coins and was ready to take action to save herself.

The reason why I can live to the end in so many battles is because death has stimulated my full potential.

This is the real shortcut to make a warrior progress quickly.

“Xiao Die, I have something for you.”


“Please take this mark away.” Gu Qingshan said.

“Well? You don’t want such a good thing?” Xiao Die was surprised.

“Yes, I didn’t know how it worked before, now I know… I will fight with people in the future, I will always think that I have a life, and I will be interested in the battle.” Gu Qingshan say.

Xiao Die looked at him for a moment, said with a smile : “didn’t expect you kind of kind.”

She reached out and succumbed, and a butterfly with a shimmer appeared on her finger.

“Go, tell a hundred feet, just say that my family is here, I want to give that thing to my family and ask him if he can’t.”

The butterfly has a double wing and quickly flies into the void.

After the interest rate.

As soon as the wood floated in front of Xiao Die, the rough voice rang from the wood:

“Your family? Is it your man?”

“No.” Xiao Die said.

The voice was slightly loose and soft, and said: “Since it is your family, give him a certificate. This is no problem. In addition, Xiao Die, I love you, my love is like the stars on that day.” ”

“Get out of the way,” Xiao Die interrupted the voice. “How far is the star from me, how far away you are from me.”

She slapped a slap on the wood and directly shot the other side.

“Okay, it seems that the certificate can give you one.”

Xiao Die took out a scroll if nothing had happened, put it on the table and pushed it to Gu Qingshan: “I took it, but you took it.”

“What is this?” Gu Qingshan rubbed the cold sweat.

He looked at the scroll and saw a line of words written in void with the word void:

“The murderous tower is a voucher for trouble.”

There is a small line below to make an annotation:

“The owner of this certificate is the student or family member of the Devil Tower. If there is any trouble in your office, please take care of the parties and give warm encouragement.”

Gu Qingshan looked at this voucher and slowly returned to the smell.

This is really awkward.

But if this is a true attitude, it will explain the problem.

How much strength is it necessary to give warm encouragement to the other party after causing trouble?

“… Wait, your deputy tower owner… Is there a collection of pieces from the world where each organization is located?” he asked.

“You are very smart.” Xiao Die praised.

“But some worlds are complete, there is no such thing as debris.” Gu Qingshan said.

“We will sneak some debris back from the complete world source.” Xiao Die said.

“The strength of the fierce tower is not only that, just eating the world’s debris and doing that thing can’t always serve the people.” Gu Qingshan said seriously.

Xiao Die sat up straight, said resolutely: “Of course, we are the top monsters in the turbulent stream. Every year is the existence of killing the world of ten, but now many people are older, basically have In the offspring, everyone simply united and set up a childcare in the void city – no, the devil tower.”

“Don’t fight?” Gu Qingshan asked.

“When you are older, your temper is a lot slower. You don’t have to be enemies everywhere. When you don’t have Doomsday, do business and make your own life better.” Xiao Die said.

She reached out and pressed on the chest of Gu Qingshan, took out a Rune mark and put it in her sleeve.

“I took the mark back and put it on my son, so that when he went to the void and practiced classes, I wouldn’t worry so much.”

Gu Qingshan has a look.

War God Interface appears on a line of fireflies in void:

“You lost her mark and lost the chance to resurrect after death.”

Gu Qingshan felt quietly and said to himself: “Well, this feeling is finally right…”

Xiao Die took a deep look at him and whispered:

“I haven’t read the wrong person at all – about what you want to do with the evil world. In fact, I can tell you that it is very difficult to get into their world.”

“I understand,” Gu Qingshan said. “I am going to upgrade to the ‘no policy’ level in the Assassin Guild, and then take some of the mission to assassinate the evil spirits world.”

Xiao Die shook his head and said: “If that doesn’t work, the Assassin Guild can’t penetrate the karma law defense of the evil spirit world. They can only invade one hour at most, and then they will be forced to transmit.”

She said with emotion: “The evil world is the most exclusive world. I guess they must hide some amazing secrets, so they don’t allow anyone outside to penetrate their territory.”

Gu Qingshan stayed.

Only one hour?

At this time, nothing can be done except for the completion of the assassination mission.

Do you want to think about other ways…

Xiao Die stood up and walked back and forth in the room for a while, then sat down opposite Gu Qingshan, seriously:

“What do you want to go to the evil spirit world?”

“Get rid of them.” Gu Qingshan said.

Xiao Die paused for a while and waved a layer of noise barrier in the room.

She seems to have made up her mind and said:

“Ba Li and Xiao Miao are my benefactors. You are also a good guy. In this way, I have a way to help you sneak into the evil world, but you still need to work hard, at least to meet the minimum conditions. ”

Gu Qingshan’s spirit was raised and asked: “What is the solution? What do I need to do?”

Xiao Die looked at him and said: “You are a sword cultivator, an assassin, and also proficient in cooking and many other abilities. I remember that you have changed a lot in the world.”

“Yes.” Gu Qingshan said.

Xiao Die said: “I will give you a month, you have to reach the height of the title level assassin in a month – this is the minimum condition.”

“One month?” asked Gu Qingshan.

Xiao Die said: “Yes, if you reach the condition of arrived, my method will hopefully work. I will help you with full strength.”

Gu Qingshan said solemnly: “Okay, I will do it.”

(End of this chapter)

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