1367. Chapter 1357 Gu Qingshan

Chapter 1357 Gu Qingshan

All the snow and ice were eaten by the orange cat.

The color of frost and snow that originally covered the entire withered jungle disappeared completely.

Gradually, an unclear meaning appeared in the jungle, letting the onlookers feel inexplicable in their hearts.

Emerald appeared on a yellow leaf and instantly “ignited” the entire jungle.

In a split second, the tree that is already full of deadness, one after another has regained its vitality and exudes endless vitality.

In Void, the green glow of the stars is almost visible.

“The seal has completely dissipated…”

Soft sound from light sound.

Its voice seems to contain vicissitudes and complex and difficult emotions.

The next moment.

The whole jungle is like a burning, all the green is turned into a blazing temperature, forming a holy sacred sky.

The glory skyrocketed and spread.

Heaven and Earth are white.

A powerful momentum that overlooks all beings has emerged!

All monster one after another fell to the ground, madly worshipped, and shouted in the mouth: “Wang Su woke up!”

At this moment, another sound is inserted:

“Meow meow meow—-”

The orange cat stretched out his claws and patted his chest, screaming with enthusiasm.

Don’t wait for the soft voice to ask, Green Tiger quickly translated:

“Wang, it is thanks to it.”

In the sky, the soft voice sounded with a smile:

“Yeah, thanks to it.”

While speaking, the sky is full of hurricanes.

A group of bright white light fell from the depths of the sky, slamming the orange cat completely.


Stormy air currents are raging.

The orange cat was flying all over the body, and several beards swayed like a dance.

“Meow meow meow……”

The orange cat squinted and his mouth groaned comfortably.

It didn’t notice at all, and there was a line of fireflies in Void:

“You have endured the chaotic snake king – the new baptism of Ulopoulos.”

“Fighting: The evil thoughts have been completely dissipated.”

“You have recovered your consciousness.”

For a moment, the orange cat’s eyes slammed roundly – it looked like it was shocked.

It rushes to look at everything.

I saw a group of monsters standing in the distance, and there was a magnificent white light on the sky.

Where am I? What am I doing? This is the end –

The three-in-one question did not go on, and the orange cat noticed that it was not good.

A proper line of written prompts on the War God Interface:

“Attention, you will exclude the plague from the plague. This is a harmless process, but in this process, you only have the physical condition of a cat. Please be careful not to sting.”

Hey – hemp -?

The orange cat has a doubt in his heart.

Suddenly, a kind of intense ominousness from the body suddenly came.


Stomach hurts!

For almost a moment, the orange cat couldn’t help it.

Its figure flashes in a row, directly launching Shrinking the Ground Into a Inch, moving towards a ravine hundreds of miles away.

No, I can’t help it –

The orange cat showed figure in the depths of the ravine, kneeling on the ground, and the two claws continued to plan, and the mouth eagerly called: “喵-”

It quickly digs a pit of the right size and sits up.


The fart just rang, right away –

稀里hua la 里里hua la 里里hua la 里里hua la 里里hua la!

– It is a mountain torrent!

The orange cat was shocked by his own weight.

Suddenly, another feeling of vigilance is on my mind.

Pull it, why the part that is working will feel so cold!

It’s too cold, it’s a cold feeling!

The orange cat took a nap and the whole hair was blown up.

However, at this time, the mountain torrents are surging, and when God comes, there is no way to stop this.

The orange cat had to stretch the tail straight, and the two claws forced the ground to withstand the coldness of the snow and ice with maximum perseverance.

This is not right!

Why does the evil spirit’s spell have such an effect!

The orange cat is puzzled, looking at the interface in Void, silently asks: “Hey, hey?”

War God Interface first jumps out a line to explain the text:

“For this interface, answering the animal’s problem is very troublesome. It will show up with the effect of light and shadow. It is a heavy job and you need to pay extra.”

“This answer requires a fee of 5,000 points. Do you agree?”

– This is profiting from somebody’s misfortune!

Although the orange cat was dissatisfied, it was somewhat numb, and it was really urgent to know what happened and had to compromise.

“Hey!” The orange cat urged.

Interface said: “Very good, you will know what happened in the last few hours.”

Soul Strength took 5,000 points directly.

Soon, the scene appeared in front of the orange cat.

From the time it entered this World, until now, you can eat ice and snow seals without any omission.

The orange cat looked at it seriously and quickly understood the cause and effect.


It is helpless sighed then said.

Thanks to the real lucky technique, this is already the best result.

At this time, a new firefly word appears in a row:



“The curse has completely disappeared, and your real lucky technique is three and a half hours. Please take good care of it.”

The orange cat is bright.

Yes, there are three and a half hours of real luck!

Have to hurry up and try to solve the plague Doomsday! ! !

The orange cat got up and hurried down.

No, I haven’t finished it yet!

After more than half an hour, the orange cat was holding the numb claws and barely moving his body.

It limped away from the pit, and the claws that did not return were pinched.

The dust moved and the pit was buried.


The orange cat grows out in a single breath.

Finally comfortable.

It turned into a human form and restored the original appearance of Gu Qingshan.


Among the sea of ​​consciousness, a happy voice sounded: “Young Master, you are finally fine!”

Gu Qingshan froze.

It’s over.

The whole process of shame is surrounded by three swords, and there is no leakage in one frame or one code.

Gu Qingshan quickly adjusted his mood and his face was confused:

“Shan Nu, what happened?”

“Gu Qingshan, don’t you remember?” The sound of Earth Sword sounded.

Gu Qingshan said: “Yeah, I only remember that I had a curse, and then just now stood here – what happened in the middle?”

After that, he looked at all around.

“Where is this? Why am I here?”

His inexplicable martyrdom.

Shan Nu said: “It seems that the Master Master’s curse has been completely eliminated, which is great!”

“Things are like this…” Earth Sword began to patiently explain.

Soon, Gu Qingshan listened to what happened before.

He was deeply sighed and said: “Thanks to the real lucky technique, I will not take such a risk in the future.”

“Adventure?” asked Earth Sword.

“Yes, when I was in the town of Ramon, I searched the memory of the evil spirit, and I got only a few evil spirits and skills. Those were prepared for the practice of ‘replacement.’ The knowledge and combat skills are only fixed.”

The flying swords did not say anything, listening to him silently:

“It’s like the Battle Mecha produced on the assembly line. It was given some mission. All the structures are built around the mission. Although it is easy to use, we can’t see the civilization of the evil spirits.”

“Even if it’s nothing, it’s just a lot of things in World search, and there are more magical techniques, and there’s actually no real contact with the core secret of Goblin World.”

Gu Qingshan said that his eyes have become deep:

“The red ghost is different, I can feel that he is special -”

“He himself said that Goblin World has two rulers, one king, one ghost, and he is a ghost.”

“In this flow of time, the evil man World has not yet found the king, so the red ghost is the real ruler of the evil spirit World.”

“This kind of identity is worth my risk.”

In Void, a “beep” sounded and seemed to agree with Gu Qingshan.

Gu Qingshan moved towards Void and said: “Wei Zun, it’s time to see our results.”

“xiū xiū xiū xiū !”

In a split second, I saw a bloody spell appearing out of thin air, moving toward the void of the sky.

– Next, nothing happened.

This is a magical technique attack without a target and will not hurt anyone.

Gu Qingshan and other bloody lights disappeared into the sky, and this took the action, pressed in the Void.

On the War God Interface, the icon representing “War God Art” suddenly illuminates.

A line of fireflies appears with a line:

“Wei Zun Jade Pendant has used the following skills:”

“Lifetime: evil thoughts burn God.”

“Do you want to practice this skill?”

(End of this chapter)

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