1368. Chapter 1358 after Doomsday

Chapter 1358 After Doomsday

A long list of prompt characters appears on the War God Interface:

“In view of the skills borrowed by Wei Zun Jade Pendant, it is hereby stated:”

“When the next skill is “borrowed”, the trace of the previous skill will completely disappear, so you can only comprehend the most recent skill from the jade pendant.”

It is not difficult to understand, Gu Qingshan said at a glance: “Understood.”

War God Interface brush out the last line of words:

“Comprehensive life: evil thoughts burn God, you need to spend Soul Strength 100 million.”

Gu Qingshan was shocked and asked, “Why are there so many Soul Strengths?”

War God Interface said: “Because you have not practiced any spells, you need a lot of soul power to decompose, learn, reconstruct, and complete the characters. After estimation, it is about 100 million.”

Gu Qingshan also asked:

“If I have learned the technique of life, is it that the Soul Strength required for this skill will gradually decrease?”

“It’s true.” War God Interface said.

Gu Qingshan reveals the color of memories.

A similar thing happened before.

For example, when I learned the Divine skill “Shrinking the Ground Into a Inch”, I worked hard for a long time.

As you master your skills, the Soul Strength required to comprehend your skills plummets.

So the correct statement is:

If you have a deep understanding of the skills, then the cost of comprehending the skills will be reduced accordingly.

Unfortunately, the talismman of cultivation World is called the charm, mainly used to release the magical technique.

The character of the evil spirit World is a life symbol and needs vitality to activate.

– The entire evil spirit World is a group of fans. It is almost impossible to understand their civilization and knowledge and skills.

Therefore, I have no chance to practice other life symbols, and I have no way to practice and deepen my understanding of this skill.

Gu Qingshan is a little embarrassed.

100 million Soul Strength, learn the techniques of evil spirits.

– Is the value not worth it?

He wanted to make a decision and decided quickly.

“Interface, I have to pay 100 million Soul Strength and comprehend the technique of ‘bad thoughts burning God’.”

On the War God Interface, his remaining Soul Strength Points jumped instantly.

More than 200 million Soul Strength was erased by a small half.

The sound of War God Interface starts from:

“Soul Strength has been received and is now costing the soul of Origin of Origin Source, breaking down the token and recording it.”

“Please note that this is a civilization that has never been understood before, and the interface takes a little while.”

“After an hour, you will get all the knowledge related to the character.”

Gu Qingshan said with pleasure: “Thank you.”

– This is the life of the red ghost. If War God Interface can disassemble this character and get a lot of knowledge, Gu Qingshan thinks that 100 million Soul Strength is not lost.

The War God Interface slowly went down.

Gu Qingshan looked up and looked at the magnificent white light of Heavenly Connection.

The life in the white light seems to be recovering quickly.

Every time in the past, Gu Qingshan feels that it is much stronger.

This power is even stronger than Holy Spirit World, almost the same level as creator of earth and Ms.

“What a great… great.”

Gu Qingshan muttered softly and felt that something was ignored by himself.

He thought for a moment and suddenly remembered something.

Before the War God Interface had a hint, saying that he had to be arrided chaotic snake king Ulopoulos of the newborn baptism.



Is this snake king a waiter in the chaotic camp?

Gu Qingshan’s heart burst into doubts.


A soft voice sounded.

With this voice, all the holy white light in the sky fell into the earth.

The jungle is gone.

A lake of light appeared in the original position of the jungle.

“Hello, have you lifted the curse for me? I must thank you.”

Gu Qingshan asked politely.

The soft voice said: “You are welcome, in fact, you saved my life. Not long ago, I dragged World out of the destiny of destruction, exhausted almost all the power – who knows that there is no chance to breathe, and immediately encounters The plague Doomsday, almost died.”

Gu Qingshan’s heart tumbling.


The extinct monster world, the plague World, and the Holy Spirit World all went to destruction, but the origins of the three World remnants merged and launched time and space, temporarily gaining opportunities for existence.

Gu Qingshan said: “Try it out, what happened to your World?”

In the lake with the light curtain, the soft voice continues to sound:

“Maybe you don’t know, maybe you come from other Worlds that are fused, but since you want to hear, I can say a little.”

“Thank you.” Gu Qingshan said.

Soft voice:

“Void calls us waiters, and we call ourselves so.”

“In my original Parallel World, Doomsday opened the door to World, and all realms in Void’s turbulence gradually disappeared.”

“We didn’t regain strength when we slept, but when we woke up, we saw everything going to the end of the arrival.”

“We are desperate – because we have exhausted the means of power, we have failed in front of Doomsday.”

Gu Qingshan eyes are slightly coagulated.

The so-called means, I am afraid, is system and chaos.

But Gu Qingshan didn’t ask questions, just kept silent and waited for the other party to continue.

The soft voice continues:

“The waiters are dead.”

“–Only me, chaos snake king, find the only way to survive.”

Gu Qingshan heard this, and then asked: “Hello, are you really looking for an approach against Doomsday?”

“it’s not true.”

The Chaos Snake King is bitter: “I just looked for an approach, temporarily struggling on the at at the death’s door.”

“struggling on the skill at the death’s door?” Gu Qingshan confused.

“I found that most of Doomsday has a feature, that is, when it senses that World is destined to be ruined, it will not call other Doomsdays – it will follow the current developments and wait for the end of everything.” Wang Dao.

“Please tell us further.” Gu Qingshan said awe.

The Chaos Snake King said: “The World we are in is actually a dying World, and all the existence of this World, we must be a unique individual, so that it will confuse Doomsday.”

Gu Qingshan suddenly realized, “Because it is a unique individual, there is no chance of prosperity, and this World is destroyed. So when Doomsday hits this World, it will think that this World will sooner or later. Desperate, so they will not be attacked.”

“It is like this, you are very smart.” Chaos snake king.

Gu Qingshan feels like a surge of waves.

– It can be like this!

This is tantamount to deceiving Doomsday, but it has not deceived Doomsday.

Because too many individuals are unable to form a group, and there is no opportunity to reproduce the offspring, destined to die alone in the world.

World is indeed moving towards a complete demise step by step.

However, this process will be slow, and those unique individuals will survive and live for a while.

“You can think of this method, I admire it.”

Gu Qingshan said sincerely.

The chaotic snake king said: “After all, it was lost to Doomsday, and it will die sooner or later.”

Gu Qingshan is in silence.

The chaotic snake king did not speak for a moment.

What exactly is Doomsday?

Why is Doomsday constantly appearing, spreading, and destroying everything?

If all the waiters are dead, then –

What about the immortal sand?

She is a partner of time, can go to the long river of time, spy on the secret that others can’t snoop.

Also, in that parallel world, the fate of creator of earth is the same?

——In fact, the real power of the coin of the land, Gu Qingshan has not been fully developed.

Because his strength is too weak.

Unlike creator of earth, it is too powerful.

It can fully exert the true fortune of destiny, and the sand of immortality can borrow the power of time –

Are other Righteous God still alive?

Gu Qingshan remembers that when he became a god of the earth, the laws of the other three sacred pillars were now soul artifacts.

The aura of the aura is the key to an azure.

– the key to the wind.

If the Fengshen in the four Rightse God is still alive, they can even reach the Void turbulent anywhere with the power of the wind.

In this way, time, space, and destiny are all on their side.

Maybe you can’t fight Doomsday, but you can’t live without it?

Thinking of this, Gu Qingshan couldn’t help but probed: “All your companions are dead?”

“Yes, I am convinced of this.”

Gu Qingshan turned his mind and asked: “What about your enemies?”


The chaotic snake king thought: “The guys in the system camp seem to have escaped the eternal abyss.”

“Time has passed for too long, let me think about it…”

“The World has been destroyed, but at the bottom of the eternal abyss, there is a passage that can enter World of Destruction.”

“But there seems to be something horrible to keep there – because of that thing, the eternal abyss can only keep asleep, not even wake up…”

“The ridiculous, eternal abyss is the Xeon native monster in the Void turbulence, but afraid of that thing.”

Gu Qingshan’s heart suddenly lifted up.

At the bottom of the abyss, there is a horrible monster.

The boss once said this, but the boss’s expression was very bad at the time, and it seemed that there was no plan to re-enter World.

Gu Qingshan can feel that the boss has ideas, but more is helpless.

– Nothing can be done.

The Chaos Snake King continued: “Once… the eternal abyss used every means to come up with weapons to deal with that horrible thing.”

Gu Qingshan secretly sighed, already knowing what weapons, but still asked: “What is it?”

The voice of the chaotic snake king was silent, and this said: “That is the asylum of extinction, the sword of destiny, the door of all realms, the suppressing demon weapon at the end of the endless abyss, the legendary twin sword: heaven and earth.”

“Suppressing demon weapon at the end of the endless abyss…” Gu Qingshan muttered.

The chaotic snake king said: “It is a pity that the long sword, called the ‘land’, was completely destroyed.”

Gu Qingshan interjected: “No more?”

“This kind of weapon has a special mission. It has the laws of karma and secret, and it will only appear once in the long river of history.” Destroy the snake king’s feelings.

“Speaking of it, at the last moment of Doomsday’s destruction, those guys in the system camp may have one or two horrible guys who resisted the bottom of the abyss, and lived into the world of destruction – or none of them.”

Gu Qingshan immediately asked: “Why are they going there?”

“……I do not know.”

The chaotic snake king is full of confusion.

(End of this chapter)

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