1371. Chapter 1361 is coming!

Chapter 1361 is coming!

Let the time go backwards.

Holy Spirit World.

Frost Empire.

Red ghost drops from the sky, falling in the Imperial Palace.

Everyone, including the Imperial King and the Queen, immediately leaned over to salute.

“I have killed the boy named Rhodes.” Red Ghost Road.

The crowd raised their heads inexplicably.

The king asked in confusion: “Adult, are you not going to assassinate the king of Roland?”

The red ghost shook his head: “The king of Roland is the opponent we fully understand. The Rhodes is the real variable. I must grab him and kill him immediately before he does anything.”

“Adults, the Roland empire is currently in a stalemate with us, and they are getting more and more powerful players. We can’t support much time,” King said.

The empire of the empire said: “In addition, in addition to the monster that you discovered, the extinct World, we found a new World.”

“Oh? What kind of World?” The Red Ghost is interested.

“A World destroyed by the plague Doomsday, it is merging with Holy Spirit World.”

“What do you think?” asked the red ghost.

The king said: “There are too few compatriots to stay in Holy Spirit World, and they can’t be contacted outside. It is still a little difficult for us to fight those strong people who want to defeat the Roland Empire.”

The empire of the empire said: “If we can guide the plague Doomsday and come to the Roland Empire in a large scale, then our hope of winning will increase a lot.”

The red ghost didn’t talk, just slowly squatting.

The entire palace was silent, and the evil spirits of these body possession waited quietly for the decision of the red ghost.

For a while, the red ghost said:

“The plague Doomsday… Are we documented?”

A singer-like ghost of a historian: “Adults, we have records, the plague Doomsday is no way, the most fierce.”

No level is just the lower level of Level 4 Doomsday.

At the beginning, the army of Void City raised the plague Doomsday to a levelless level, and then dared not send anyone to fight, just because they are not clear, here is actually three Worlds are merging.

The red ghost listened, showing a relaxed expression, saying: “Despite the arrival of the most fierce, but no decision-making Doomsday, there should be no real scary things.”

“At most, there will only be some artifacts responsible for spreading the plague, but now the whole world is separated from the world, and those artifacts cannot call the messenger.”

“As long as you don’t alarm the artifact…”

“I can try to secretly guide the direction of the plague.”

The red ghost has decided to raise his head and look around everyone.

The crowd immediately squatted on one knee and bowed:

“Adult, please tell.”

Red Ghost Road: “Unblock the strongest body, I want to use it.”


Everyone is still on the ground, only the king, the queen, the prime minister, the military minister, the marshal, and the six consuls of the church stand up.

They hold a character in their hands, respectively, shouted:

“Seal – open!”

The fire flashed.

The talisman in their hands burned out, but a chain of iron appeared in the Void.

All iron chains are all collapsed.

Then, a coffin fell gently on the ground.

This is a gray-white sarcophagus with a huge talisman on it.

Talisman suddenly turned into fly ash.


The coffin opens.

A body covered in deep red talisman appeared in front of everyone.

The red ghost turned into a cloud and flew into the body.

Less inclined.

The body moved slightly and stood up from the coffin.

The deep red talisman began to burn.

A set of blood red body appears out of thin air, collapse into each and everyone, built on the body of the body.

Then, a goblin mask drops from the sky, directly attached to the face of the body.

The body raised his hand, opened his palm, and gently held it –


The gust of wind suddenly came to life and boasted the entire Chamber.

The suffocating invisible pressure suddenly appeared.

Everyone was crushed to death on the ground, and even the missiles could not be done.

“Well, the power of this immortal corpse, plus all my strength, should not be a problem.” The red ghost’s voice rang from the evil spirit mask.

It randomly draws a line of mysterious tracks in Void.

The blood red talisman appears out of thin air and burns fast.

Void was boiled into a large hole, and the opposite scene was faintly visible. It was a faintly clouded World.

The celestial body of the fairy wearing the mask of evil spirits stood there, not moving.

It looked at the World over there and fainted.

The sound of the red ghost sounded again:

“It’s really no way to do Doomsday.”

“Well, I will explore the plague World to see if it can lead the plague to Holy Spirit World.”

“After I left, you carefully deal with the front line.”

Everyone sang: “Yes, adults!”

Only the face of the king had some expressions to stop and say.

The red ghost has not looked at these subordinates, striding into the Void big hole.

The big hole then slowly closed.

The king suddenly stood up and asked the crowd: “Is there an adult weapon?”

The Minister of Military Affairs said: “It was originally placed in the storage bag of the immortal body, but the last time the adults asked me to etch a few Runes, so I took it out.”

Everyone has a tight heart.

“Are you finished yet?” King shouted.

“Completed.” The military minister hurriedly took out two long knives and said.

The king took a long knife and took a deep breath: “I will give it to the grown-up, I hope he will not be angry because of your leak.”


The red ghost appears in the sky.

The thin mist drifted into the distance with the gust of wind.

The red ghost stared at the number of interest and muttered:

“The direction of the fog in which they are scattered should be the extinction of the monster.”

It stretches the action action and points it at random.

A talisman appeared.

“The three worlds are merging and their borders are bordering each other.”

“In this case, I only need to change the direction of the wind…”

Talisman burns up.

In the sky, the wind stopped.

Suddenly, the wind reappeared, but this time it changed direction.

The red ghost looked at it for a while and shook his head slightly.

I want the wind to move towards Holy Spirit World, and it is moving towards the direction of the Roland Empire and needs further adjustment.

At the moment, the wind only produces more rising power, so that the fog will not fall easily.

In fact, the adjustment of the wind direction is not difficult for the red ghost.

The key is that the change of the wind is natural, and it is impossible to detect something in this Doomsday.

This is the hard place.

The red ghost is about to continue to draw the character, suddenly stop the hand, said to himself:

“Ominous premonition… Could it be discovered?”

It reached out and cut a blood mark on the neck, rubbed the blood with his fingers, and swiped gently in the Void.

“Too completely hidden, need to use…”

——We said that the weapon of the evil spirit World contains the karma law, the technique of the face spell must be in the middle of it, the life is unpredictable, and it is extremely difficult to deal with at the expense of life.

That happened when the red ghost voice was not over.

That is in the real fortune, something that would have been almost impossible.

The sky, the wind, the clouds, the fog below.

In the depths of the completely undetectable World, there was a deep red glaze.

Between the electric and the flint, this deep red character hit the red ghost.

“wú wú wú 唔wu! This is a bad thought to burn God!”

“This is the end -”

The red ghost’s voice brought a little panic for the first time.

The life of the character is the root of it, naturally know how to solve the evil thoughts, but only –

The price is the vast majority of the power of this immortal body!

But now I can’t hesitate anymore.

The red ghost bit his teeth, endured the pain, and immediately made a decision.

It does not draw the original character, and when the finger turns, it begins to draw another character that dispels evil thoughts.

The whole character is completed!

The brilliance of the ink green emanate from the talisman.

Talisman disappears.

All the dark green glows into a ball, and it seems to fly into the red ghost body, but there is a hole in the Void.

One hand stretched over.

– Holding two long knives in the hand.

Together, there is the respectful voice of the King of the Frost Empire:

“Adult, you forgot to bring weapons.”

The dark green rays of light directly slammed into Void, and with the two long knives and the king’s fearful “souls for forgiveness”, they disappeared completely.

In the sky, everything is calm.

The red ghost is stupid.

It couldn’t speak for a while, and soon his eyes were black and fainted.

In the sky, the wind is long.

The changed wind direction holds the red ghost floating, flying, and disorderly movement.

It didn’t take long.

Earth Abyss suddenly popped up with flashing white light.

Light and dark intertwined.

The air flow is surging.

Foul wind and bloody rain.

The red ghost suddenly turned over and muttered: “It’s so loud…”

“The kill!”

Its figure spurred, and moved away in the direction of the passing.


Deep in the desert.

“Speak your choice…” The human figure is like a stone.

Gu Qingshan is thinking about countermeasures.


In the sky, a form is flying fast.

So fast!

Who is coming?

Gu Qingshan looks around with the humanoid stone statue.


The silhouette fell straight into the humanoid stone statue and not far from Gu Qingshan.

A man wearing a mask of evil spirits jumped out of the dim mist and looked at Gu Qingshan and the humanoid stone statue.

“You are so noisy, you will die!”

The evil spirits are irritating.

(End of this chapter)

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