1372. Chapter 1362 Sweeping Red Devils!

Chapter 1362, Runaway Red Ghost!

The humanoid stone makes Gu Qingshan choose to surrender or die.

So at the beginning, Gu Qingshan made all kinds of preparations.

However, after the evil spirits drops from the sky and said “you are so noisy, you will die”, Gu Qingshan immediately overthrew all his plans.

“Lord Ulopoulos, don’t say anything and attack.”

He finished this sentence with the chaotic snake king, and the figure gradually shrank and became an orange cat.

The Chaos Snake King is also a shrewd item. After listening to this sentence, all the white light will be collected, completely immersed in the orange cat within the body, no longer a little movement.

– At this time the night has just arrived!

The orange cat directly launched the “Night Charm” and borrowed “Jade innocent” from Wei Zun Jade Pendant, completely disappearing.

A cat is missing, there is a ghost in the desert, a stone statue.

“For the time being, you can’t run away.” The humanoid stone is like the road of coldly.

It looks to the red ghost and continues to say: “You have a time to choose your life and death.”

The red ghost burst into a burst of crazy laughter and shouted:

“A Doomsday device in the district, dare to let the old man choose life and death?”

The red ghost licked the crack at the neck of his neck, and drew a character in Void quickly with the blood of the immortal.

But seeing the bloody color of the road suddenly became, and it turned into a white, coldly illuminated on the humanoid stone.

Taiyin fairy, wide cold!

The desert that was illuminated by the moonlight instantly turned into a cold ice crystal.

Ka ka ka 咔——

As the moonlight skyrocketed, the stone’s all around continued to make a loud noise.

There seems to be something invisible that is gradually annihilated.

“It turned out to be the embers of Six Paths of Samsara, very good, and finally caught one.”

The humanoid stone statue is low, and there is a chill in the tone.


“The Parallel World of the 789th has been completely destroyed and no intelligence has been found.”

“The Parallel World and the Sixty-fifth Parallel World of the 1559th are in a state of convergence.”

“Discover the path of Six Paths and ask for it.”

“Repeat it and find the Six Paths embers, requesting immediate killing!”

The red ghost listens while holding his hands on Void to draw the bleeding color.

He is mad with a smile: “World has long been isolated, and your message can’t be delivered.”

The two blood characters quickly became, and he was immediately triggered.

Taiyin fairy, four holy!

Taiyin fairy, palace festival!

“With the cold, the three fairy charms can’t break your Doomsday enchantment?”

The red ghost pointed at the human figure and drank a “disease!”

In a split second, I saw that the entire desert was gone, and another World suddenly appeared.

Here is a run-down palace, in the light of the moonlight, it seems coldly clear, no life.

Qionglou Yuyu, no one is empty.

The humanoid stone statue was stuck in the square in front of the palace and was trapped on a bare jade altar.

In the altar all around, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise four giant statues stand side by side, simulanely surrounding the humanoid stone statue.

The infinite powers are on them, just as they have come alive.

“Life, death, change, turn, see your own luck.”

The red ghost is in the hand.

Among the four giant statues, White Tiger slowly opened eyes.

The White Tiger Sacred Beast statue bowed his head slightly and stared at the humanoid stone statue.

The red ghost shook his head: “The White Tiger is dead, you have to be rived to it, and luck is good.”

I saw the White Tiger Sacred Beast opening, spit out a light golden severe light, and hit it directly on the humanoid stone statue.

——hua la !

A burst of sound began to sound.

Under the watchful eye of White Tiger, the invisible enchantment of the humanoid stone all around is completely broken.

The chaotic snake king madly attacked that many times, there was no broken Doomsday enchantment, but under the three ghosts of the red ghost, directly broken!

Then, a path of cracks swept away on the humanoid stone statue.

– It is about to be destroyed!

“With such strength, it is necessary to send a stronger level of Doomsday…”

The humanoid stone is whispering, and the figure suddenly turns into a dark yellow fog, and the fierceness is boiling, such as the tidal tide, what seems to be brewing.

The orange cat is still watching quietly, and the voice of the chaotic snake king suddenly sounds in his ear:

“Do you want to consider take action!”

“Why?” Gu Qingshan asked.

“It’s evolving – I don’t think it still has the power of evolution.”

“What will happen?”

“It’s a non-strategic Doomsday, and it will soon evolve into a lifeless Doomsday, which would be a hassle, and we won’t be able to deal with it.”

The orange cat stepped forward and stopped.

“I am ready to go to war at any time, and then be patient – say that the three immortals are really so powerful? You obviously attacked the enchantment, why can’t you break?” Gu Qingshan asked.

Chaos Snake King said: “You are wrong. When I attack, Doomsday enchantment is produced. It is specifically for my type of attack, so I can’t break it, not that evil spirit is better than me.”

“Is the defensive enchantment of the karma class?”


There was a change in the field between the two exchanges.

The red ghost saw the humanoid stone turned into a dim fog, and the voice immediately became tyrannical:

“In front of me, I want to evolve? Dream!”

The red ghost clicked on the evil spirit mask with his bloody fingers.


I saw the evil spirits outlined on the mask disappeared.

The orange cat looks awkward.

In the evil spirit World, every face spell is a must, but I don’t know what the red ghost’s face spell is.

I saw that the jade altar released a cold light, and it was able to move the misty fog, so that it could not move.

After the White Tiger blinked, the four huge Sacred Beast statues were already in silence, but after the release of the red ghost, the statue was once again full of inexplicable power.

“Life, death, change, turn – let’s come again and see what kind of fate you will get.” The red ghost is coldly.

Among the four statues, the Azure Dragon statue was opened with fierce eyes, overlooking the plague on the jade altar.

The red ghost snorted and said: “Azure Dragon is the main wood, and you are finished.”

I saw the opening of the Azure Dragon statue and gently blew a burst of colorful air.


This stream of light is wrapped in dimly mist, turned into a gust of wind, and flew directly out of the altar, far away from the open space outside the square.

At the moment of landing, this Dao Aura has been turned into a small sapling, and the blink of an eye has quickly grown into a tree that needs several people to hold together.

– I can’t see that this big tree used to be a kind of Doomsday.

If there is any trace, it is that the tree looks yellower than the trees around it.


The orange cat’s eyes flashed and looked around all around.

I saw all kinds of trees on the innocent land outside the square, forming a forest that could not be seen.

These … are all things sealed here?

What an incredible power this is!

The orange cat turned his head and looked at the broken palace.

No one is empty.

Nothing is alive.

In a split second, light and shadow.

The palace, the moonlight, the altar, the four Sacred Beast statues, the square, and the woods all disappeared.

The orange cat found himself back in the deserted desert.

Come back with him, there is a red ghost.

After the red ghost’s evil spirit mask was used, it returned to its original appearance, but the evil spirits above became faint.

“I remember…just now there seems to be another person.”

The red ghost looked around and muttered in the mouth.

The orange cat is not far away, and coldly looks at it.

The voice of the chaotic snake king suddenly sounded in the ear: “This is a strong enemy, are we leaving?”

At the moment of its questioning, the red ghost has stretched the action, re-opened the neck and began to bleed.

– It seems that it seems to be ready to draw.

The orange cat’s eyes became sharp.

Just kidding, just now, if you use it again, how do you deal with it?

“I want to kill it.”

Gu Qingshan said to the chaotic snake king.

(End of this chapter)

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