1373. Chapter 1363 is a fierce battle! (For the alliance lord old days, add more!)

Chapter 1363 is a fierce battle! (For the alliance lord old days, add more!)

The meaning of chilling is shrouded in the desert.

The red ghost lowered his head and his killing intent grew stronger.

“Hide up, it’s okay?”

It whispering, stretching action means flying fast across Void.

Blood is spilled and life is formed.

Not far away, the hair of the orange cat has already blown up.

“There is no time to run, you have to fight, I will go first!” The chaotic snake is flying fast.

Holy white light rushes out, and the volcano forms a sea of ​​light.

The moment it leaves the body of the orange cat, it appears in the Void.

“This is – waiter Ulopolos?”

The red ghost slammed for a moment, immediately broke the blood in his hand and went to sketch another talisman.

White light spread out between Heaven and Earth, shining on the red ghost.

Chaos Divine Skill, blue sky!


The red ghost had a dense impact on the armor.

It was beaten back and forth, opening mouth spits out blood.

“You want to kill me? Go to hell!”

The red ghost roared and quickly painted the blood.

The white white cold light rose from the mid-range and greeted the holy white light of the sky.


The sounds of humanity that cannot be distinguished by humans are gathered into a vast roar.

The orange cat took a few steps back and thought about the countermeasures.

“Shan Nu, can you break your life?” he asked.

“Broken can be broken, but the character will work at the moment of painting. Unless you hit the character in advance, it is too late!” Shan Nu also knew that the situation was urgent and said quickly.

“Difficult, it starts too fast.” Gu Qingshan said, shaking his head.

“Earth Sword, how many Soul Strength does it kill?” Shan Nu asked.

Earth Sword said: “I already feel that Gu Qingshan’s Soul Strength is not enough to annihilate it – because this body is not a ghost, but a different kind of body.”

“Other types of bodies?” Gu Qingshan strangely said.

“Yes, a powerful existence beyond imagination, leaving this body after death, the red ghost is attached to it.” Earth Sword said.

Gu Qingshan faintly sighed.

In this case, it can only be hard.

If you can use heaven’s choice –

Gu Qingshan looked deep into the sea of ​​consciousness and saw that Heaven Sword was still asleep.

“We are ready.” Gu Qingshan said.

Suddenly, Tide’s Sound made a slight humming sound.

“Young Master, wait! Tide’s Sound says that the evil spirits don’t need to be alive? Why can it not kill, and always release so many formidable power powerful tokens?” Shan Nu asked.

A few flying swords looked at the field with the orange cat.

far away–

The battle in the desert directly entered the most dangerous situation.

Seeing two kinds of radiance and stalemate, in the holy white light, flying a little weak rays of light.

This faint rays of light slammed into a round of fierce yang, and released the flames like a rain, falling like a blast.

– Chaos Divine Skill, Cang Huo!

All the cold light along the way was completely burned out.

The red ghost is not flustered and excited: “It’s good!”

It no longer draws a character, but takes a storage bag and takes out a bloody talisman.


The bloody talisman was thrown out, drifting in the wind, and burning in an instant.

More than a thousand evil phantoms appeared out of thin air, waving all kinds of weapons and welcoming the fire.

They fought in the fire, or simply plunged into the fire and directly perish together with the fire.

The shadow of the strongest evil spirits revolves around the red ghost, very carefully guarding it.

– evil spirits, thousands of ghosts!

“The ridiculous waiter, you can’t solve your own problems, even dare to spy on my business, courting death!” the red ghost shouted.

With more than a thousand evil spirits phantom protection, the red ghost reached out again, gently licking a little blood at the neck and starting the volley.

Gu Qingshan moved towards three-sword flying sword

“The blood of the body contains awesome vitality, and it doesn’t have to worry about life.”

“It’s better to use the mountain?” Shan Nu suggested.

Gu Qingshan judged: “No, he is an unconscious state. The effect of the mountain is not good. You still have to use a sword – and you can’t give him a chance to draw a character. You must be born and died as soon as possible.”

In the twinkling of an eye, the red ghost has drawn a few bloody talisman.

It looked up and moved towards the endless white light in the sky: “Come on, waiter, let’s see which of the four Sacred Beasts is more popular with you.”

The two bloods are condensed and smashed.

Taiyin Divine Talisman, Four Saints!

Taiyin Divine Talisman, Palace Festival!

The desert scene is fading away, and a palace is slowly appearing –

“Oops, can’t let him use this technique!” Gu Qingshan hurriedly passed the channel.

“I know!” said the snake king.

Ulopoulos naturally also saw these two Divine Talisman, knowing it is amazing.

It condenses directly into a long snake that exudes pure and holy radiance. The snake bites its tail with its mouth and spins fast.

The sacred hymns in the sky, the existence of various extremely rare and unprecedented events one after another, the magical technique, and the support of the power on the long snake.

– Chaos Divine Skill, the tribute of Eternal World!

The disappearing desert scene did not move, and the palace scene did not come completely.


The power of the two Divine Talismans was in a stalemate with the chaotic Divine Skill.

Red devil said with a big smile : “hahaha, have a hand, but then…”

It reached out again.

“It’s only hard,” Earth Sword said.

“We only have one take action opportunity, and then it must be able to deal with us.” Gu Qingshan said gently.

“Understand, Young Master.” Shan Nu said.

Tide’s Sound listened silently and fell silent.

– At this time, there is no other strategy to think about.

“Up!” Gu Qingshan shouted.

In an instant, the intense light and shadow alternated, and the orange cat suddenly disappeared from the place.

Divine Skill, Form Displacement Shadow !

The wicked phantom of the guard behind the red ghost suddenly disappeared.

Instead, it is a figurous black dragon.

The Black Dragon spurts the blazing flames of the dragon.

The red ghost suddenly turned and threw a character out, said with a big smile: “I know there is another guy hiding in the dark, and your end is already doomed.”

The Zhang Fufei was in the air and straightened into a cold ice jade wheel, which steadily resisted the flame of the dragon.


The red ghost snorted, and the ghosts who guarded it flew up and rushed to Black Dragon.

The ghosts and the Black Dragon are entangled and fly into the sky together.

The red ghost was surprised: “Is there another?”

While speaking, it has turned back again, and both hands snapped the storage bag.

A sword infinitely magnifies in front of it, eventually piercing its eyebrows and wearing it from the back of one’s mind.

At the same time, another sword pierces from its back of one’s mind and wears it from the eyebrow.

Secret sword, Swallow Return.

One of the strongest assassinations of Sword Skill.


The evil spirit mask was smashed and fell down piece by piece.

The red ghost’s hands are held in the air, and it seems to be waving the weapon.

– But it has no weapons in its hands.

“I…the knife…what…”

The red ghost is confused.

Gu Qingshan also took a moment –

The other party did not even have weapons!

As a powerful Six Paths, this is incredible!

But now, when hesitating, Gu Qingshan launched the Divine Ability.


“唔Aaaaaahhhh -”

The red ghost made a reluctant embarrassment, but immediately fell into the constant convulsions, and could not move at all.

Gu Qingshan loosened Earth Sword and reached for the sky.

The Black Dragon, which fought dozens of ghosts, suddenly disappeared and turned into a long sword like a limpid autumn water.

Long sword appeared directly in the hands of Gu Qingshan, directly pierced the red Battle Armor, and then shocked –

A giant sword shadow flies out like a radio.


The red ghost spit out a blood, and the body was bombarded with a big hole.

It seems to be out of the control of the dream, and suddenly laughed:

“You can’t kill me, the blood of the immortal is my life force talisman, blood is not dry, I am not dead!”

Gu Qingshan brows slightly wrinkle.

At this time, the Tide’s Sound sword suddenly screamed fiercely.

Gu Qingshan without the slightest hesitation Loosen the Six Worlds Divine Mountain Sword and hold the Tide’s Sound sword.

On the War God Interface, a small line of bloody words is displayed:

“Tide’s Sound sword needs your Soul Strength to cast a bitter sea!”

“this time……”

Gu Qingshan only looked at the beginning of the sentence, and suddenly thought of a heart.

Tide’s Sound controls water, is it –

Gu Qingshan immediately released his Soul Strength and injected long sword.


Tide’s Sound screams.

In the blood hole of the red ghost, a bloody waterfall suddenly flew out.

All the blood in the celestial body was drained by Tide’s Sound in a single breath and flew down on the side of Gu Qingshan.

The red ghost is standing in the desert.

Its throat moved and muttered: “I don’t believe…”

For the alliance lord, the old lord has been finished, and the silver is still over… Continue to work hard!

(End of this chapter)

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