All-Heaven Armageddon Online Chapter 1726


1747. Chapter 1726

Chapter 1726 Ming Pai!

After the car was sold, the dealer Boss immediately provided a place to live.

It is a small loft located on the corner of the street, with a quiet environment and no one else living.

This meets Gu Qingshan’s requirements exactly.

After all, a house is a minimal space protection.

In this world, no one else can break into a house without a valid reason.

The monsters who targeted him couldn’t bother him immediately.


Early morning.

Gu Qingshan eyes opened and ended the meditation.

After a night of rest, he is full of energy again.

This house is not bad-

Just thinking about it, I heard a weak sound coming from the corner of the wall.

Gu Qingshan resignedly said then.

As soon as I entered the door yesterday, a few bloody people rolled out immediately, trying to scare him.

But Gu Qingshan has seen fewer people?

He tied the human heads with chains and threw them casually on the floor.

As a result, they were too noisy in the middle of the night, rolling around, screaming constantly, causing Gu Qingshan to rest.

Gu Qingshan went to find a stick in anger.

He pierced the mouths of those heads with a stick, connected them in a string, and stood at the corner of the wall.

This is finally quiet.

Now it’s dawn.


Gu Qingshan stretched out, came to the bathroom, opened the faucet to wash his face with water.

This house is fine except for some boring things that happen occasionally.

While thinking, he lowered his head and washed his face, but he did not find a black shadow in the mirror opposite the washbasin.

It’s a spooky female ghost with a cold body.

The female ghost stuck to the mirror and stared at Gu Qingshan.

Gu Qingshan seemed to feel it, and suddenly looked up, and finally found the other party.

“Is there something wrong?” He wiped his face and asked casually.

Female ghost said with a smile: “The sad mortal, today is your death-”

“Don’t block the mirror, I’ll wash my face.” Gu Qingshan said impatiently.

Female ghost.


Her body suddenly burst into hot flames, stern voice said: “No living person can leave the palace of fear, you are now in the heart without fear, but you can never feel the horror!”

The female ghost stretched out a hand and passed through the mirror.

Her hands turned into bones in mid-air, emitting a billowing heat wave.

“Like this fire, it will burn you up-whether it is flesh or soul!”

Gu Qingshan looking thoughtful, put a cup on the female ghost’s hand.

The female ghost is choking.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

While speaking, Gu Qingshan has quickly retrieved the cup.

He looked at the hot boiling water in the cup and was satisfied: “Get some boiling water.”

Female ghost dumbfounded.

Gu Qingshan wiped his face clean, took the cup and left.

In the bathroom, only the female ghost remains in the mirror.


Gu Qingshan appears again.

“–What’s the weather today?” he asked.

The female ghost was silent and suddenly disappeared from the mirror.

Gu Qingshan asked for nothing, shook his head, and returned to the living room.

In this world, once the heart is afraid, it will be immediately assigned to eternal damnation.

But if you haven’t been afraid, then nothing will happen.

Unless you meet those malicious monsters.

Gu Qingshan stood in front of the window sill and looked out, his eyes suddenly fixed.

People on the street are in a hurry, and the shops on both sides of the road are busy snoring.

After a few minutes.

The streets have become empty.

All stores are closed tightly and no longer open.

The dim sunlight shone on the uninhabited street, revealing a sense of absurdity and horror in the silence.

Gu Qingshan frowned.

-Spiritual Awareness is a bit ugly, and there seems to be something going on.

dong! dong! dong!

One after another dull noise came from outside the town.

Looking out of the window, you can see a huge shadow entering the town.

This shadow is the darkness that always surrounds the town. When it condenses, the scene outside the town gradually returns to normal.

Gu Qingshan doesn’t know what this monster is.

-But looking at the reaction of the whole town, you can guess the fierceness of this thing.

Finally, it’s here!

Gu Qingshan’s mind was settled instead.

-It can be kept in the tomb of Wanshou Deep Cave. After 10,000,000 years of immortality, it will always exist in the process of restarting Six Paths. It cannot be a simple Doomsday.

It must have some means to completely kill all beings!

Just now the female ghost in the mirror said that today is her own death.

I lose all my strength now.

Only the fragments of the Six Paths delimited sword remain on the body.

There is no money.

There is only one knife, one bow-they are all ordinary weapons.

I don’t even have spirit power.

In case the monster is too strong, how can we win?

Gu Qingshan squinted his eyes and took out a bag.

This is the bag that Ye Feiyu gave himself when he left, filled with functional drinks.

Ye Feiyu should have returned once a day has passed, leaving only these drinks.

Gu Qingshan opened the bag and glanced, and tied the bag to his waist very carefully.

In battle, these things are quite valuable.


Since Ye Feiyu has already returned, it is better to summon a new helper!

Gu Qingshan pulled out the reincarnation orchid without hesitation.

“Invite the Moon” launched!

I saw in the sky that a thin red glow fell in front of him and turned into a door opening.

Gu Qingshan secretly prayed in his heart.

The first thing that catches my eye is a big bald head.

“Amitabha, take care of the donor.”

Zhao Xiaoseng appeared.

Gu Qingshan looked at him with an astonished face.

Zhao Xiaoseng is an apprentice to Ms. Xun Si, an inheritance of her staying in the cultivation world. I did not expect this time to wake him.

Gu Qingshan greeted: “It turned out to be a little monk, I thought it was Ye Feiyu again-”

He looked to the void, where small lines of scarlet characters appeared:

“The summon mode for inviting the moon is random summon.”

“Note: Because you share a Title with a sleeping person, the probability of you calling him will increase.”

“In the name of‘ Original Pure Love Group ’, you have discovered another man who is very clean and has the potential to join the pure love group.”

So that’s how it is!

Gu Qingshan has several points of speechless.

Zhao Xiaoseng’s ideal is to become a monk. If you insist that people are self-clean, they can barely rely on it.

However, Xiao Seng Zhao has been able to protect the Kunlun world for so many years, and she can be glanced at by Ms. Xie, it must be capable!

Gu Qingshan quickly responded and asked: “Little monk, in this world you can only retain one ability-what do you retain?”

Zhao Xiaoseng said with a smile: “Gu Shizhu, do you remember? I can let the time of a single individual go backwards or forwards for a short time. I naturally retain the ability of this time.”

Gu Qingshan clenched his fists, loudly said: “I’ll know!”

-Strength of Time!

With the blessing of this power, Gu Qingshan has a little more certainty in his mind.




The sky outside is getting darker, and the tremor of the earth is getting stronger.

That monster is clearly moving near Gu Qingshan.

Gu Qingshan immediately said, “Little monk, listen to me, this is the situation …”

He explained carefully, Zhao Xiaoseng concentrated one’s attention completely listening.

You have to.

“Amitabha, it is so dangerous.” Zhao Xiaoseng sighed.

“With you, I am more confident, and now we break up.” Gu Qingshan say.

“Take care, you must hold on until I come.” Zhao Xiaoseng seriously warned repeatedly.

“Well, you go through the back door, I’ll stop that monster.” Gu Qingshan say.

“Okay.” Zhao Xiaoseng said.

The outside suddenly went completely dark.

A sharp howling sounded, shaking the whole house.

The dust fluttered down.

Gu Qingshan pushed open the window, turned over the roof, and looked out into the distance.

He saw the monster.

The whole body is wet, like a mollusk, but has a pair of gloomy eyes that look like human eyes.

It has two bone claws and keeps walking on the ground.


Monster stops at the street crossing.

“Fearing subjects, give everything to you.” Monster cried hoarsely.

Soon, people started appearing on the street.

People came out of the streets in all directions, and staggered towards the soft monster.

They are like losing their mind, climbing up the monster’s bones and claws, and integrating into the monster’s body.

Whenever a person falls into the monster within the body, a face appears on the disgusting and soft body of the monster.

The densely packed crowd filled the street.

The expression on their faces gradually became insane, rushing towards the monster.

Monster suddenly turned his head and looked at Gu Qingshan.

“Why don’t you come?” Monster asked.

Gu Qingshan shrugged: “Why should I go?”

“Being integrated into my body is the only opportunity to survive this Doomsday,” Monster said.

Balls of slimy liquid fall from it and re-form into each and everyone on the ground.

These people stood up from the ground and simultaneously looked at Gu Qingshan.

“Incorporate us.”

“Incorporate us.”

“Become us !!!”

The crowd cried.

Gu Qingshan said nothing and pulled out an arrow from the back.

唰 ——

Arrows, like a shadow, go through the sky and shoot straight at monster.

“This is your strength?” Monster sarcastically said.

It has a long tentacle on it, pulls out the arrows, and breaks and throws it to the ground at will.

“Incorporate into my body! This is your only chance to survive!”

Monster yelled.

“I refuse.” Gu Qingshan say.

“Why! Do you want to fall into eternal destruction?” the monster asked.

“I don’t want to destroy it, but you are too ugly.” Gu Qingshan frowns saying.

Monster cold with a smile: “Do you think you have a chance? Give me all!”

Densely packed people all over the street.

They ran as fast as they were crazy, even if they fell to the ground and used their limbs like dogs, full strength rushed to the small attic where Gu Qingshan was.

Gu Qingshan shrugged: “You can’t catch up with me if you run away.”

Lightning burst forth from his body.


“Goodbye.” Gu Qingshan say.

He turned away from this neighborhood.

The monster looked at the scene silently and suddenly said, “Do you think you can escape?”

Gu Qingshan stiffened, his body disappeared.

He changed his color and said, “What have you done? Why can’t I move?”

Monster laughed loudly and said, “I’ve been watching you from beginning to end, just to kill your soul and get your body-if I hadn’t been injured before, you would have been dead! “

It ticked its fingers and said, “Come here by yourself.”

Gu Qingshan bowed his head and saw that his feet were moving towards monster, and he couldn’t control his body at all.

“What the hell is going on here? Why can you control my body?”

Gu Qingshan solemnly asked.

Monster smiled proudly and said, “Put a little soul fragment in your body, as long as you are alive, I have the opportunity to control your body.”

Gu Qingshan gradually walked in front of the arrived monster.

Balls of slimy liquid fall from the monster and fall to the ground, condensing into a ball.

Monster has already begun preparations.

-Preparation to devour Gu Qingshan.

Gu Qingshan looked at all this quietly and said, “What the hell is going on? Before I die, I want to know everything.”

“No, I’d rather you be a fool,” Monster said.

It stretched out a tentacle and waved the slime on the ground moved towards Gu Qingshan and flew away.

Gu Qingshan paused.

This guy is really exceedingly cautious.

But Zhao Xiaoseng doesn’t seem to be ready.

Give him some time!

Gu Qing sighed, opened the mouth and said: “Six Paths War General, in fact, I generally know that you must have moved your hands when you signed a contract with me before.”

Monster’s tentacle stop.

He knew it!

A mortal being so small, sees through his own means!

How is this possible!

“Say on.” Monster snorted loudly.

Gu Qingshan say: “In fact, as soon as I came to this World, I noticed a detail-the place where I appeared was on the side of the road, and behind me was your grave bag-your grave bag is the largest in the whole graveyard. Yes, it’s very easy to recognize. I guess you can’t hide it, so there was a carriage, and he hurried to take me away, afraid I might see something happening, didn’t I? “

“… You know what?” Monster said.

“Guess some, until you can control my body, and say I have been hurt before, I will understand.”

Gu Qingshan went on to say: “The injury you suffered was probably the skill you launched to hit yourself to offset my dragon spell, and then you deliberately let me go and let me see the long road , And the big-bellied female ghost on the road-I have to say, this is very confusing and makes me feel like I really left. “

“In fact?” Monster asked.

“In fact, these are all hallucinations. I’m still by your grave, and it’s about hitting you.” Gu Qingshan say.

“But how can this fear World be explained?” Monster asked again.

“General, I have seen the realm of aspects.” Gu Qingshan say.

Monster calmed down and suddenly laughed again: “Yes, I haven’t seen a character like you for many years. Unfortunately, you still have to be me-”

Gu Qingshan suddenly shouted, “It is now!”

The voice did not fall, a voice sounded far away: “The art of retrogression, Kai!”

But the dazzling golden glow came from afar and blasted on Gu Qingshan.

The countless golden Rune is constantly spinning around him, the majestic power makes the monster and all around crowd can’t help but stand still.

Gu Qingshan suddenly resumed operations.

Between the electric light and flint, he thundered all over his body, and the whole person turned into a bright blue light line, disappearing directly from the place.


Monster reacted, shouted: “I want to run, no way!”

At the same time, Gu Qingshan ran out of distance and reached the end of the street.


The door of the dealership was knocked open.

A carriage rushed out, Zhao Xiaoseng drove a car and rushed to Gu Qingshan say: “Quick!”

Gu Qingshan leaped high on the carriage, and the whole person fell to the floor, motionless.

Immediately after, he got up from the floor.

-Seeing his appearance, it seems to be ready to jump.

Monster didn’t know what method was used, once again controlled his body and wanted him to go back.

“How are you! Would you like me to use it again?”

Zhao Xiaoseng asked quickly.

-The technique of retrogression can make Gu Qingshan’s whole state back to before the quarter hour.

Gu Qingshan indifferently said: “No, go in the direction I said. From now on, he can’t control me anymore.”

Woo ————

A sharp shard flew from him, sending a majestic howl.

Division of God!

Gu Qingshan closed his eyes and immediately fell to the floor.

He is dead.

His body can no longer move.

(End of this chapter)

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