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1425. Chapter 1412 Non-integration World Linkage

    Chapter 1412 Non-integration World Linkage


    That’s it.

    She was in a vicious world, but disappeared from Gu Qingshan and went directly to Angel’s World.

    Gu Qingshan is very sure that Lin’s departure does not trigger the barrier of the vicious world.


    Is she still in the vicious world?

    Or Angel World is part of the ghost world?

    Gu Qingshan thought about it for a while, or I don’t think it’s clear.

    There’s no way. There’s too many secrets in all realms, and even worse, the ghost world is hiding everything.

    Gu Qingshan sighed, low head watch in hand.

    It’s a gray watch with thick shells, and it looks quite unremarkable, at all times, to give a tip.

    As time passes, the black finger on the surface continues to jump.

    Next second, war God Interface comes out of a line of fire:

    “Find item: Non-integrative World Link.”

    “This link has a trans-shipment function in closed circles of the world.”

    “At certain fixed moments, you can use this link to jump directly to another World linked to the current world.”

    “The great work on the scientific side!”

    Gu Qingshan, look at this “watch”, not at all.

    Non-integration World Linkage

    The key is the word “non-integration” and the word “link”.

    Gu Qingshan said, “War God Interface, what’s” non-integration “? What’s the ‘link’ again?

    War God Interface walked out of Soul Strength, answering: “‘Non-integration’ is a world that will not be integrated, and they have otherwise produced a closed cycle structure.”

    “between all such realms, the rules of movement are strict and, if they are not met, it is absolutely impossible to reach another world from one World.”

    “‘Linkages’ have jumped out of the rules and can jump directly into such a closed circle as long as certain conditions are met.”

    “above, over.”

    Gu Qingshan has been thinking for a long time.

    The answer was that the information contained was too large.

    And suddenly he remembered many things.

    “Closed cycle structure…”

    Gu Qingshan groaning, suddenly beating his head.

    Six Paths of Samsara is a closed cycle structure.

    As for “links”, can’t we just jump from Heaven World to Underworld, from Underworld to human beings?

    Or is it?

    He looked forward carefully to the table.

    There are only six moments on the table, four of which have been marked accordingly.

    A map is on the side of the ghost.

    One map is Angel’s wing.

    A map is the dark tunnel.

    There’s a map, and there’s a door.

    That door Gu Qingshan met.

    – The ghost door is closed!

    At this point, the fingers on the table are pointing to Angel’s wing.

    The first line of fire comes along with the following:

    “Note: Non-integrative World Linkages can be launched at this moment to Angel World.”

    “Pay 10,000 Soul Strength, you can just jump to the world.”

    “Please note that once you jump to Angel World, you will not be able to return to the evil world until the flow of time passes, the fingers will again point to the moment of the evil world.”

    Gu Qingshan looked at the watch plate for a while, and found that its fingers were taken by normal flow of time.

    That is, every time it arrives at a certain moment, this table can take itself to the designated World.

    – From the record on this table, it should belong to the vicious world side.

    It is certainly very difficult to process things that can be found in the eternal abyss.

    Between them, Gu Qingshan suddenly remembered something.

    When they entered the church in Void City, they were ready to evacuate.

    What did he do?

    Yeah, he looked at the clock on the wall and said…

    “Almost as late as this moment, we go to the World of Heaven and go to that place.”

    Gu Qingshan Murnodded.

    That’s clear, that Angel Holy Child, is waiting for the Angel World, which is linked to the evil world.

    Gu Qingshan suddenly has a sense of warehouse.

    It’s a spontaneous chipmunk.

    He can see by intuition that some kind of huge and hidden secret is now in front of himself.

    At first, he thought the evil world was just a six-Paths fragment of the world.

    Then the evil world had a long tunnel, linking many Doomsday World to nowhere.

    When he first thought he figured out what was going on here, Lin showed up.

    She went to Angel World with a watch, left the ghost world.

    She gave herself this watch.


    are six moments on the table, four World markings.

    What the hell does that mean?

    Gu Qingshan said, “Six moments, four of which have already had the world, so what are the other two blank moments representing? War God Interface, you know?”

    “The moment of the blank represents the absence of a link to the world.” War God Interface responded.

    “That is, six moments have been prepared for six worlds, four of which are already in place and two are still in place.” Gu Qingshan say.

    “Right.” War God Interface.

    Six World.

    Six Paths of Samsara.

    Do the villains intend to rebuild a six Paths of Samsara?

    What the hell do they want?

    The doppelgänger of Holy Child told himself a word at the time of his departure.

    “The era of six Paths is coming, and we are prepared to destroy the entire six Paths of Samsara and to rewrite the future of the era.”


    the current circumstances, there is this possibility…

    – Not right.

    Gu Qingshan will soon react.

    Sister said a word:

    “… But now the war of the eternal abyss will soon be defeated, and then the three owners will begin to compete for the position of the Lord of our vicious world war.”

    The Lord of the Six Paths War was prepared for the future six Paths contest heroes.

    If they were to destroy six Paths of Samsara, why would they have to participate in the sacred elections and compete for the position of the Lord of the War?

    Sister is the man of the ghost, and he’s having a drink with himself, and he just thinks he’s a little brother, which is unlikely to deceive himself.

    Angel Holy Child, for his part, is not very likely to speak the truth.

    Besides, they want to destroy six Paths of Samsara?

    Gu Qingshan was thinking again and looking forward to that watch.

    – The last two World places remain on the blank of the table.

    What will the villains do when six World Units form a closed cycle link?

    The more you think, Gu Qingshan, the more surprised, seems to be trapped in an infinite dark abyss.

    secret’s truth is too big and too sophisticated, and it’s going through countless years of age, countless counts and designs, and it’s becoming Xu Xu Xu.

    Suddenly, Gu Qingshan moved.

    In his Divine Sense, countless demons carried out carpet searches from the sky to the ground.

    They’re approaching the Ark.

    Shan Nu’s voice sounds like, “Young Master, the villains are coming in. Do you want me to be Chen Five?”

    Gu Qingshan is in hesitation.

    At first, he was prepared to save Lin, and then hid on the Ark, and fled on his way to the Dead Ghosts’ Government.

    Lin did save it, but showed himself a huge secret.

What do we

    do now?

    Gu Qingshan thought about it.

    “Forget it, this identity is useless.” He shakes his head.

    “Why? Young Master, you can be a slave, and I can be Chen Five.” Shan Nu doubts.

    Gu Qingshan said, “The status of the slave may be higher, and he dies, and he wants to know it from the host government —— we have to go.”

    “So where are we going?” Shan Nu asked.

    “I’ll try first.” Gu Qingshan say.

    A wave of white fog spreads up and covers him completely, but soon it spreads.

    In Void before him, the word “fire” came out constantly:

    “Your World Technique: ‘The fog is coming’ is restricted by a closed cycle of law of the world and is blocked by the rules.”

    “You can’t leave the current world, go to the World Barrier Tunnel.”

    Gu Qingshan sighed, “I can’t do it if it’s a closed circle.”

    This is when the voices of the villains come out of here:

    “This is the Ark of the Lord of the Dead Devil.”

    “Where are they?”

    “Seems to have been involved in the search.”

    “Anyone else on the boat?”

    “Go and see.”

    Gu Qingshan no longer hesitates that the white fog will rise again in the week.

    He disappeared from where he was.


    The deposit is deep.

    A remote mine.

    The white fog spreads, Gu Qingshan shows up the figure.

    (This chapter is over)

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