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1426. Chapter 1413

    Chapter 1413

    Hidden outside the mine hole is about to pass on the bloody aura.

    Today, the mine found cloudtattoo mines, the miners stormed immediately, and then Shizu came to repress, killed the pipes and two team leaders, left with Chen Five, and led the new pipes to kill the remaining team leader and then killed all the wounded minerals.

    Kill that many people, spend the rest of the day busy, and it’s finally dark.

    Today, of course, is no longer suitable for mining, the new management is over, the satisfactory announcement of rest for one night and will continue tomorrow.

    Gu Qingshan is breathing and still shrinking in the depth of the dark deposit.

    He didn’t do anything, just wait for silence.

    – Wait for the time to move forward.


    It’s dark.

    Gu Qingshan touched the watch.

    The finger jumped from the map of Angel’s wing to the dark tunnel.

    “ding dong!”

    A simple sound is made on the watch.

    In Void, immediately come out of a fire.

    “Note: Non-integrative World Linkages can be launched at this moment to the Dark Tunnel.”

    “Pay 10,000 Soul Strength, you can just jump to the dark tunnel.”

    “Please note that once you jump to the dark tunnel, you will not be able to return to the evil world for a while until the flow of time passes, the fingers will again point to the moment of the evil world.”

    “Did you pay?”


    The invisible wind is surrounded by Gu Qingshan, with light injection to the watch.

    “D0 ng Dng ng Dng ng Dng ng Dng Dng ng ng Dng ng ng ng!”

    The sound of the watch is loud.

    in a split second, the world is completely gone.

    The unimpeded darkness is reunited with the mines, and the images of Doomsday World are one after another.

    Gu Qingshan stepped back and walked into that image.

    Ghost World is leaving him right away.

    all around is becoming clear, becoming that deep road.

    Gu Qingshan looked around and found himself standing in front of a deep cliff before the white bone was completely missing.

    Well, go to the ghost World around and come back again.

    “I remember that before I was at a fork with Zhao Xiaojung, I chose the left path, and in fact there were two ways, one way down, one way forward.” Gu Qingshan said himself.

    Since the left path is over, it is better to go back and try to move in the other direction.

    Before that…

    Gu Qingshan touched his hand and took out a colored cock statue from his arms.

    At this point, even a little bit of intelligence would be very useful.

    Gu Qingshan stretched his hand into the crown of the colored chicken.

    The chicken is alive.

    “Yo, are you still alive?” The cock’s vigilant to all around, asking.

    “Still alive, but there are too many mysteries here, and I need some information.” Gu Qingshan say.

    “What’s in your hand? Show me.” Chicken interested in the tunnel.

    Gu Qingshan, pass the watch.

    – Chicken is actually a function of war God Interface: “War God Intelligence”, so Gu Qingshan has no hesitation.

    “Strange, in the legend, there were twelve moments… who was disguising it?”

    “You know this thing?” Gu Qingshan was busy asking.

    “Yeah, the waiter fled to the door of the world to avoid Doomsday, and met the owner of this thing ——” The cock road.

    Gu Qingshan listened, waited for half a day, but the cock didn’t say it.

    “What happened later?” Gu Qingshan asked.

    Chicken eyes straight, shut up, you’re not moving, just like you didn’t hear.

    “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Gu Qingshan can’t stop asking.

    “Don’t argue, I’m dumbstruck.”

    “Why are you dumbstruck?” Gu Qingshan didn’t understand.

    “I’ve been watching a little novel lately, and that’s the way half of it doesn’t end up, it’s like a broken chapter —— look at you.

    The cock suddenly came to life with wings and laughing heartily up and laughing straight at the chicken’s head.

    “…” Gu Qingshan was silent in looking at this cock, saying that next time summon came out, he’d have to show it how to stew the chicken.

    – But now I have to ask it, otherwise I really don’t know what happened that year.

    But it must be nice to see it later!

    Gu Qingshan swore.

    “Dude, you’re doing a good break. Come on, that’s a little bit of a point, you take it first.”

    Gu Qingshan degrees over 20,000 Soul Strength.

    Chicken got those Soul Strength, and the whole chicken was spiritual.

    “Ah, —— so, your watch comes from four powerful monster in Void, the head of all Void monster, known as the four evil gods in Void.”

    “Why the devil?” Gu Qingshan asked.

    “When the waiters hid into the door of the world, four evil gods immediately found out, and then they found that the waiters were almost seriously injured.”

    “After the four monster feared the recovery of the waiter, the Lord of Void was robbed, and as a result of the heavy wounds of the waiters, several seriously injured waiters were eaten.”

    “This leads to a common anger between the system and the two large battalions of chaos.”

    “The four powerful waiters, together with the four monster warfares, finally defeated them and took away the power of Void’s turbulence.”

    “- As you know, this is the strongest four waiters, later known as Righteous God in Void, the land, water, fire, the wind.”

    “Since then, the four Void monster have been defeated, landed and escaped, and eventually unknown.”

    “You put this thing in your hands, that’s the little thing of the four evil gods.”


    cock says here, suddenly put it in Gu Qingshan’s ear, squeezing down the sound: “This dark tunnel, actually, is their good work.”

    “Gu Qingshan, you have to find the remains of four evil gods, and I don’t know what that is, but that thing must be in the tunnel.”

    “Maybe that thing can help you.”

    The cock says, “It’s like a color sculpture,” and it’s not moving.

    Gu Qingshan took the colour chicken sculpture.

    Four evil gods.

    So, they are enough to have a positive opponent with creator of the earth.

    But how can this tunnel find what the Four Evils left behind?

    In Void, a darkness is wrapped up into the line, surrounded by his left arm.

    at the other end of the black wire, it means the way to the tunnel.

    Gu Qingshan stayed.

    He found himself fully able to feel the information at the other end of the black wire.

    That’s where you’re looking for it.


    a while, Gu Qingshan threw his tongue and said, “Love… is destiny.”

    In getting this skill, War God Interface had warned: “This is a very special and rare destiny, deep as the sea, the power of which, like God, must come to mind slowly in order to realize its real value.”

    Gu Qingshan is now in a preliminary position to meet the formidable power of this destiny.

    – When you need it, fate will give guidance immediately, which is Divine Skill in Divine Skill!

    Now he gradually understands why the villains are so eager for this destiny.

    I don’t know what happened to the moon.

    And the crows.

    He won’t really marry a ghost, will he?

    With Gu Qingshan’s thoughts, another black wire, Xu Xu, has come to his left hand.


    other side of the wire just flew out and was surrounded by another wire that appeared empty.

    Two silk lines haunt together, and one is gradually becoming one.

    Suddenly, the moon’s voice came from the wire:

    “Good, Gu Qingshan, you finally learned to use this destiny.”

    (This chapter is over)

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