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1427. The rest of the gods in Chapter 1414!


    rest of the gods in Chapter 1414!

    “Can you connect me with fate?” Gu Qingshan was surprised to ask.

    “Of course, I’m just didnt expect you to start thinking about the power of fate so late.”

    Gu Qingshan was sorry to say, “I’m sorry, but there’s a lot of things going on, and I don’t care.”

    “What’s going on over there?” Flying moon asks.

    Gu Qingshan once said what he had been through, and he just omitted what the cock said.


    moon listened, and immediately said, “Do you have to get an incorporated World Link? Undoubtedly, the world is so hard to enter, and this is the legacy of the Four gods.”

    “Four God?” Gu Qingshan repeat.

    “Yeah.” The flying moon didn’t say it, and it seemed like it was some kind of common knowledge.

    – They’ve lived in Void’s turbulence for years, and naturally know many Void monster secret.

    She thought Gu Qingshan was the same, so she didn’t say much.

    “We need your help now.”

    Gu Qingshan jumped through the idea of just now and said, “How are you? Where’s the crow? When will you marry?”

    The moon sighed, the low path: “Married the ghost after three days – what we thought could be done after we had come – was brought into a palace where 49 karma’s legal barrier blocks were sufficient to escape.”

    Xiao Die’s voice suddenly ringed from the wire: “So you’re coming to save us.”

    She hated the path: “If it wasn’t this karma legal barrier, the devil wouldn’t want to deal with us.”

    Gu Qingshan, react quickly.

    Xiao Die knows his own business and certainly wants to break the karma legal barrier with six Worlds Divine Mountain Sword.

    – It’s the world barrier again!

    Xiao Die told me about the intensity of the World’s precautions and the use of karma law.

    Lin infiltrated the evil world, and he ate the karma legal barrier.

    And by the law of karma,

    Has the evil power over the mysterious side been at this level?

    Gu Qingshan has suddenly felt something.

    “Tink… Tink…”

    In his body, there was faintly discernable reaction.

    This is the currency of the land in the light of the sound.

    At the same time, Gu Qingshan discovered that the black wire that he had wrapped around his hand was rough.


    wire is stronger with his hand, pointing to the tunnel.

    Strange, what’s going on?

    Gu Qingshan is flying in the heart.

    The voice of blind eye nuns also rings: “But there’s a big flood, and that’s what we can’t deal with — we let those people go, we don’t fear ghosts, we don’t fear ghosts, but they just have unborn Doomsday and karma’s legal barrier, both of which are disgusting.”


    the moon said, “Gu Qingshan, Xiao Die told me that you have a sword dedicated to breaking the law. Can you even break magical technique in karma?”

    “It shouldn’t be a problem.” Gu Qingshan say.


    moon is ready to say, “Don’t rush, we’re building some magical technique, first to pass through the fate line summon; and, secondly, when you break the karma legal boundary, we all seek to escape, leave no traces and not be chased by evil ghosts.”

    “About how long?” Gu Qingshan asked.

    “Two days —— two days later, I’ll contact you.”

    “Well, be careful.” Gu Qingshan say.

    “Well, you too.” Flying Moon Road.

    Even together’s two black wires are broken.

    Gu Qingshan is standing at the site, staring at that ugly black wire.

    He thought about it for a while, and suddenly he took a move.

    Where’s Lin?

    He just came up with such a single thought, and he saw another black wire on his arm, straight to the deep path.

    This is a lot more detailed than that crude wire.

    That wire is filled with some kind of catalyst.


    This is a wonderful and mysterious destiny.

    “If so, first of all, I’ll follow this fate line and see what’s going on.” Gu Qingshan decided.

    He flew back to the tunnel, and soon came back to the fork.

    Three paths.

    Turn left to the white bone stage, already.

    Two other roads, one way down, one way forward.

    Divine Sense cannot be released here, and Gu Qingshan can only look down the way down.

    The tunnels are abnormal, but they contain silent winds.

    – The wind blows from the end of the road, with a senseless smell.


    voices of trembling, densely packed were ringing in the ear, but they heard nothing when they listened carefully.

    This feeling Gu Qingshan is familiar, like…

    Thousands of bodies and deceased are crying.

    Is this way down to Underworld all the time?


    Gu Qingshan soon denied this judgement.

    The way down is full of great despair and death, and in the case of countless dead or deceased, it is only unusual for him, not to create that feeling.

    Gu Qingshan shan shake his head, looking for another way.

    – Forward.

    The wire around that arm is pointing at the tunnel in the front.

    This tunnel is unusual.

    Gu Qingshan watched the road, but in the heart there was a senseless resonance.

    Looks like there’s something in there waiting for yourself.


    The Four Evil God built this tunnel and left something to feel like himself?

    Gu Qingshan pulled out the sword, ready, moved towards the passage.

    It is unexpected that this tunnel is not long.

    Gu Qingshan will soon come to the end of the tunnel.

    A dead wall blocked his way, and it wrote a line in the very ancient Void language:

    “God’s break.”

    black wire straight into the wall.

    Gu Qingshan’s feelings are getting stronger and slowly moving forward.

    Suddenly, a golden light came out of his chest and left it in half.

    – The money of the land.

    It flawed on the wall and flew back to Gu Qingshan again, invisible.

    Next moment, the cold mechanical sound comes from the wall:

    “Welcome back, the owner of the money in the land, the Lord of the Four Righteous God, the Mother of the Earth.”

    Mother of the earth!

    Gu Qingshan’s heart swept up a giant wave.

    Four Righteous God isn’t creator of earth? How did you become the mother of the land?

    Is this the legacy of the mother of the land that was left behind before the creation or the earth failed?

    Or can you say that…

    Real decision who Righteous God is, in fact, the currency of the land!

    In this way, four Righteous God’s things are the real owners of this Void?

    Gu Qingshan’s heart is speculating, and the wall has left on both sides.

    War God Interface flies on a flash line:

    “You found the rest of the mother of the earth.”

    one layer light appeared before Gu Qingshan and hugged him in.

    Next moment.

    Gu Qingshan found himself standing in a distant place.


    very quiet here.

    A corpse with a blackchained necklace tied to the ground.

    They’re different in shape, colour, many of which are the Void race that Gu Qingshan does not recognize.

    “Well,” Gu Qingshan frowned.

    Thousands of malicious fantasies wandering in front of him, and when he pulls out the sword, those phantom disappears.

    those monster, who have been dead for years, still spreads the fierce breath of fierce and hard, with such means.


    don’t know how powerful they were before they were born!

    The darkness is getting brighter.

    The pure light is full of space.

    Gu Qingshan looked around and saw the bodies of monster not only trapped in chains, but also marked with various markings, some of the monster bodies being anatomized half and others left with strange tools.

    It looks like…

    The research room on the scientific side!

    Does the mother of the earth actually exist on the scientific side?

    Gu Qingshan misses earth world.

    In that world, all Transcendent forces can’t be used, only science and technology can be used!

    That’s it!

    creator of the earth gets the money, and it has to come Earth World, and it even asked itself to help the world solve the problem!

    Although the answer has to be arrived, Gu Qingshan always feels weird.


    strongest monster in Void, there was a scientific study, which made him some of them not spirit slowly recovers.

    The ice machine rings again and becomes soft and much more:

    “You destroyed everything, left only one project and one creation.”

    “Explain the following: after your departure, the project that you have requested has been studied and used.”

    “Which project?” Gu Qingshan was careful to ask.

    “Science and technology side karma’s legal boundary.”

    The mechanical rhetoric begins to state that “karma law magical technique and weapons often come from the mysterious side, and you are disturbed by the corresponding research through the scientific and technological side, together with the power of the other three gods, to build this” world’s indefinite phase-out “, further deepening the development of the scientific and technological focus of the karma legal boundary, which has now been completed.”

    “How did the scientific and technological side achieve karma law? Wait a minute, you tell me how the machine directive made karma judgment in Void?” Gu Qingshan asked.

    “Energy will be depleted and this lounge will be damaged and destruction procedures will be initiated.”

    “Please retrieve immediately ‘twelve moments to reverse the world’s indefinite phase-out’.”

    In Void, a piece of stuff landed in front of Gu Qingshan.

    Gu Qingshan picked it up, but it’s a black watch.


    are twelve moments on the watch, four of them bright and eight in darkness.

    That mechanical sound rings again:

    “In accordance with previous instructions, when you retrieve these two things, all evidence will be completely eliminated.”




    “Destroy begins.”

    in a split second, everything disappeared from Gu Qingshan’s eyes.

    The lounge is gone.

    He returned to the tunnel again, but the wall before him had disappeared.

    In front of him is an endless cliff and darkness, as in the tunnel after the fall of the white bone.

    War God Interface suddenly shined up.


    “You have to be arriving ‘twelve moments to reverse the world’s indefinite phasing’, and put it on your wrist to activate its functions.”

    (This chapter is over)

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