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1598. Chapter 1584 Mysterious Death Dragon

    Chapter 1584 Mysterious Death Dragon

    Black fog covers the whole world.

    The loud noise, the roar sound has been broken.

    A few strong professional volunteers have been swimming around Doomsday monster, serving machine attacks.

    dong, dong!

    monster, every step down, the earth is slight.

    It’s fast, and on several occasions it’s coming after Gu Qingshan, it’s always taken back by a sword casually.

    “It’s stubborn to kill you.” Earth Sword whispers.

    “Don’t always use ‘Holy Land’ Divine Ability, put it closer, give it a little hope, or it’ll hit somebody else.” Gu Qingshan sound transmission.

    “Well, be careful yourself.” Earth Sword, get out of position.

    Gu Qingshan’s sword moves.


    sharp breaking void screamed, and Heaven Sword exploded over nine consecutive giant sword shadow, screaming over monster.

    – Oh, God choice!

    the body of monster’s flame was taken over by Consecutive Slash and flowed out of a large mass of molten.

    “You… damn it.”

    monster roar’s on, footsteps on the tracks.


    moon was not far behind it, and the hands of the two, like afterimage, were empty between the rest of the day, and the entire arrows stopped switching the rockets immediately.


    blower Hakuru recharged her position, raised her arrow and targeted Doomsday monster in silence.


    Just one sharp arrow across the sky, fiercely on Doomsday monster’s ass.


    The melting hiding of the sky and the covering earth landed, spreading around, completely extinguished into ashes in half an hour and crashed quickly.

    The arrow, which contains three forces of passage, fragmentation and death, is the strongest method of attack on destructive power among the civil servants, and the harm caused is impressive once the target is hit.

    monster immediately sends a long wave of anger.

    “Who’s behind me? I’m gonna find you and tear you up!”

    It’s abandoned to haunt Gu Qingshan, wretched his ass and angry to find Hakuru.

    Hakuru escaped and looked forward to Gu Qingshan.

    See only Gu Qingshan standing in the sky and not moving.

    Hakuru bit his teeth in the dark.

    Their defence capacity is the most vulnerable, and it is very important that others disperse fire for themselves.

    – The sword cultivator promised that monster would never chase himself once he had released a super attack.

    But now, he stood there and didn’t do anything.

    Is it just a lie?

    Hakuru is thinking that the situation has changed again.

    Doomsday monster suddenly stopped.

    It was standing there for a while and screaming in the mouth: “Or kill your Spiritual God first, so you won’t fight!”

    Doomsday monster turned around and moved over Gu Qingshan again.

    Hakuru stayed.

    Why did monster suddenly change his mind?

    – [Chuckles]

    Four sword light, like flowing water, was flowing around the air, and the disease was traveling fast, hitting monster.

    sword aura was flattering, and the clean and profitable body of Doomsday monster was shattered.

    Doomsday monster screamed, barely backed, accelerating the pace of recovery.

    Gu Qingshan woe to the retreat from the back, and the hands behind the back were scattered, and hands were seized of a dark flame.

    He threw it out by throwing it out.


    Dark flames like meteors, fiercely smashed on Doomsday monster and erupted a flame of day.

    dong, dong!

    Doomsday monster retreated a few steps and landed.

    The blackmail of the bottle speller screamed:

    “No, your dark fire is too powerful. I can’t hold the entire fog world!”

    People are nervous, accelerating the pace of attacks.

    Once the fog disappears, Doomsday monster sees who will die!

    Gu Qingshan looks down Doomsday monster, heart slightly startled.

    – Your own force of Death has been strong enough?

    Su Xueer sent himself to the future, not only to restore strength to the keys of the past, but also to make his own force of Death more than ever strengthened.

    There’s almost no one alive in the future!

    Once again, he picked up a death flame from Void.

    “There’s 10 seconds left!” Black yelled.

    People look at Gu Qingshan.

    Run away? Or keep killing?

    Gu Qingshan looked at monster and ordered, “Stop it!”

    He just threw out the flame of death, and then he grabbed Earth Sword.

    “Earth Sword, you use Holy Land, I use a secret sword.”

    “Good.” Earth Sword responded.

    Blackfire hit monster, and it erupted again in the flames of the sky.

    The whole ground fell deep, burned by black fire and melted into moisture, and fell deep down with Doomsday monster.

    Gu Qingshan hold long sword, pointing to monster.

    Secret sword, big flood!

    Earth Sword, Holy Land!

    But there have been countless sword aura in the sky, and they have brought together together, such as silver rivers, to call.

    The sword was weighed by a thousand and doubling of Doomsday monster, and every sword aura could be bombed directly by force alone.

    Those sword aura, however, assembled into floods, such as the general diarrhoea of the Great River.

    Absolutely irresistible!


    monster’s anger is covered by a loud, deaf noise.


    earth was hit by this sword, a path of crack, flying towards all directions.

    The molten floats.

    Rock the mountains!

    The wind keeps blowing, Gu Qingshan’s eyes moving, looking forward to Void in front of him.

    War God Interface jumped out of a fire novel:

    “You shot Doomsday monster: the meteor exterminator.”

    “You got Soul Strength: Ninety thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine.”

    Gu Qingshan startled, and he said, “Why not even 20,000?”

    War God Interface replied, “For mortals, this Doomsday monster is really strong, but what do you think you are now? What strength?”

    Two hundred points, Soul Strength.

    Gu Qingshan thought about it for a moment and couldn’t stand sighed then said.

    – Only those who are stronger than themselves, war God Interface, give Soul Strength.

    Now that your strength has risen, it’s not that hard to kill monster, nor is Soul Strength easy to get.

    Twenty grand Soul Strength isn’t there. How do you get the color chicken out?

    Looks like we have to go find monster and kill him again.

    Gu Qingshan shan shake his head.

    Suddenly, he noticed that there was a little accident on the part of arrived.

    On earth, everything is quiet.

    professional came together and looked forward to the deep pit on the ground.

    “It’s broken.” Moon loudly said.

    Gu Qingshan didn’t answer, but figured out that she was blocked in front of the Far Shafaa.

    “What’s going on?”

    Gu Qingshan, pull out the sword and raise your head and ask.

    “I don’t know, I summon did it, but it didn’t move.”

    In the face of the two, deep water fog is the same as that of the wall, and a harsh death breath continues to swell out of it.

    “What did you summon do?” Gu Qingshan asked.

    He tried to release Divine Sense from the fog of those dead rivers, but Divine Sense was never able to pass in.

    Saviah is the truth: “I’ve always wanted summon legendary to die, because it’s one of the most mysterious of the dead rivers, and the number of times in history can be counted on ones fingers, the summon that all the dead Mage dreamed of — so I just got to use your power to summon it!”


    She summon a dragon.

    Gu Qingshan started hurting his head when he heard the word “dragon”.

    Isn’t it hard enough for a living dragon?

    Why would summon have a dead dragon?

    Now this dragon’s got a bunch of water fog, and it doesn’t even show up — who the hell knows what it’s thinking!

    Savia goes on saying, “It only shows up, and it’s not hidden in the fog, so I can’t summon out.”

    “Got it.” Gu Qingshan Point nodded.

    – It’s not funny, Safaa, to borrow the force of Death to her.

    Gu Qingshan deeply took a deep breath and said, “Wait here, don’t go in there, and there’s a few of you who are not allowed to go in.”


    A couple of powerful professional people watched his expression, were very conscious, and one after another was vigilant.

    Gu Qingshan grabbed Heaven and Earth’s swords, thought about it, and picked up a war armor from a thorny finger, and put on the mask of the defensive mystery, which went into the fog.

    When you walk into the fog, war God Interface jumps out of a fire.

    “You are affected by the water of the arrived dead river, and extremely possible departs from the habitat.”

    “You’re Death God, so you temporarily waived the implication of the dead river.”

    Gu Qingshan was cleared and the nerves were even more stark.

    In this fog, no one can enter.

    – The mysterious dragon of death in the legend, even its summon, does not allow anyone to enter.

    And it didn’t fight.

    After the fighting ended, it did not even return to the river of death.

    It’s so…

    Gu Qingshan, stand up and continue with the sword.

    Not for a while, the fog’s deep and there’s a big silhouette.

    Gu Qingshan figure stopped, walk over.

    He’s getting closer to that shadow.

    Finally, it’s clear.

    Gu Qingshan put his hands down from the sword, and he looked forward to each other.

    On the other side, it’s a fatty…

    Big fatty.

    This fatty has two corners on his head, with a brand in his hand.


    says eight words on the plate:

    “Against violence, love for peace.”

    (This chapter is over)

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