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1600. Chapter 1586

    Chapter 1586

    Orange cat stomach rolling on the ground.

    – Really eat it.

    It stretches out its claws, stretches its bellies, and does not stop sighing.

    As a cooker expert, he has always been very good at eating and has taken care of controlling the volume of food.

    But this time it’s not a brutal diet, but it’s a lot to eat.

    Think of it here, orange cats are looking for war God Interface.

    “Your remaining Soul Strength Points are: 20,000.”

    The fireworks show a corner of interface and calm in the heart.

    Soul Strength is finally enough.

    Orange cats barely climb up the ground and draw a statue from their arms with claws.

    The color chicken.

    Now we can finally wake it up.

    Orange cats bullshit cock crowns with claws.

    The whole chicken was shaking, slowly alive.

    “Ah, boy, you supplemented Soul Strength as a cat so slow, have you ever thought about why?” The cock asked.

    “The Orange cat, move the claws.”

    “What? That’s not what you want to know? It’s a fraud.”

    Orange cats have been transformed into Gu Qingshan, opened up the mouth and said: “I’m replenishing Soul Strength because I didn’t swallow something special — so please tell me something else, preferably in relation to my situation.”

    After all, he touched the chicken’s feathers with his hands.

    20,000 Soul Strength delivered it to the past.

    Chicken stretches his neck and hits a long bell.

    It’s happy to use wings more than a heart, and it’s very emotional, and it can’t live in the mouth: “Wú wú wú, wú, whoa, whoa! Finally Soul Strength! I’m sorry about my train…”

    It suddenly broke down and watched Gu Qingshan with vigilance.

    Gu Qingshan, whatever it’s talking about, cup one fist in the other hand said resolutely: “Brother, I’m looking for the remains of the frozen body, and now tell me something useful.”

    The cock has changed, and the attitude has suddenly become formal and serious, saying:

    “Gu Qingshan, for my strength to be activated, I must be given the corresponding Soul Strength, and only once a day.”

    “I said,”

    “I conceal two important information about the location, one of which relates to Doomsday’s movement and the other to someone’s life – that’s the only person you can save.”

    “Now choose which information you want to know, and I’ll start to feel the situation.”

    Gu Qingshan couldn’t help it: “Only one of them?”

    “Right.” The cock.

    “Please help me hear that man’s safety.” Gu Qingshan say.


    cock has a few unexpected ways: “Why do you not blink your eyes when you kill people?”

    “It will be regrettable that life will be closed, knowing that it will not be saved.” Gu Qingshan say.

    “But when you kill people, you never get soft, even say killing people like scything flax, what’s that?” Chicken asks.

    “Some people, you’ll regret it if you don’t kill.” Gu Qingshan’s Naughty shrugged.

    “What about Doomsday?” The cock asked again.

    “I’ll be on Doomsday sooner or later.” Gu Qingshan say.

    The cock looked deep at him.

    It drew a piece of paper from its arms on the ground, and sent another pencil to Gu Qingshan, saying:

    “Your kid came to my stomach and signed this white note, and I thought of a compromise to see if I could help you explore something more.”

    Gu Qingshan, look in the eye, see only that white article, which says:

    “20,000 Soul Strength is owed to the colour chicken today, and the schedule payment rules are as follows:”

    “Six times a month.”

    “Ten thousand soul Strength will have to be paid each time.”

    Gu Qingshan couldn’t help it: “Isn’t it 20,000 Soul Strength? Why do you want 60,000?”


    color chicken says, “Old man, Ben, this time it’s gonna be hard to help you, and it’s gonna kill you.”

    60,000 Soul Strength, six months of repayment —— actually, it’s nothing.

    Gu Qingshan said, “Is the situation so serious?”

    The color chicken is filthy, right on his eyes.

    hmph, it’s not what you did in the air. One of you is the Lord of the Light of the Survival River, the Lord of Death, who owns the Death River. As a result, the Lord of Light turned into a dog, God of Death, with his dog head full of Void, you really don’t know what life and Death rivers are. “

    Gu Qingshan say, “I know it belongs to the world like six Paths of Samsara.”

    “Look,” the cock suddenly screams, “you know it’s so important that it belongs to the world, and you don’t have to go to the river to control all the dead, and now it’s too late…”

    It suddenly stops.

    Gu Qingshan was silent and not talking.

    – The colour chicken has never mentioned a white article in this way, nor has it taken the initiative to cross the rules and to provide himself with multiple information within one day.

    And now it’s kind of rushing, trying to do it.

    It’s war God Interface’s intelligence system, and as long as it’s activated, it can feel something in Void.

    – That means it must feel what arrived is worrying about.

    It’s like…

    The lady at the altar, rushing herself to finish the dance.


    seems there’s something urgent that’s getting closer.

    Gu Qingshan suddenly realized something.

    Throughout the past, it has ignored the importance of the Life and Death River.

    This is the essence of the world that can be attributed to six Paths of Samsara mention on equal terms.

    And it’s not at all Shattered!

    How powerful is it?

    Gu Qingshan is sinking in his heart to reflect on why he has forgotten so important.

    Think about it, but find yourself not at any magical technique in all of it, or really forget it.

    It’s not time.

    Come back from Quentin, save the moon, enter the evil world, see the Dragon, the Shadow, and fight Renidol, and you can stop for a second?


    ‘s no time to check life and Death River!

    Sin Su Xueer helped himself restore the power of three coins in a very delicate manner.

    Gu Qingshan sighed, and he said, “Chicken, what did you find?”

    The cock coldly snorted said, “I haven’t started checking yet, but I feel — no, I can’t tell you how I feel, or I’ll fall asleep.”

    Gu Qingshan won’t ask again.

    He went down and signed his name on the white note.

    “Here.” He sent the white note to the cock.

    “Well, then I’ll start!”

    The cock screamed, one leg stood up, the chicken neck stretched up, the nervous observation of the quartet Void.

    Gu Qingshan is afraid not to disturb it, but to wait for silence.

    The chicken came back to see the situation everywhere, and it was a good time to get rid of the status quo.

    “Honey, I’m just saying I’m going to fall asleep once, you listen.”

    “Okay, I’m listening.” Gu Qingshan say.

    The cock took a deep breath, which had never been serious before, said:

    “The prediction in the river of death is becoming increasingly apparent, and Doomsday sees what arrived at, and it started with it a few years ago.”

    “The entire Void turbulence is coming.”

    “Everything begins in the Doomsday grave, heading north, sending you to this girl, and you’re on the brink that you can save that man – and if that person survives, you will know the origin of secret.”

    Chicken fatigue, Gu Qingshan Point nodded.

    “When the information is finished, it’s dangerous, not only to be careful, but also to speed up, otherwise the man will die.”

    After all, it will soon become sculpture, and it will never move.

    Gu Qingshan’s acquiescence took the colored chicken statue.

    He stood on the ground and fell into a long thought.

    – North?

    Who’s going north?

    Send yourself to this time girl, Su Xueer.

    There is no doubt about that.

    Who does she want to save herself?

    Gu Qingshan stretched his hand in Void.

    The isolation barrier disappeared.

    He walked out and met several of the captains of the mercenaries.

    “Boss, are we moving now?” The bottle artist Black asked.

    “Time and the others, we move now.” Gu Qingshan say.

    Several heads of delegation looked at each other.

    “Where’s the way?” Moon song asks.

    Gu Qingshan slightly stopped counting.

    The remains of the frozen corpse, about northwest.

    And the man who’s going to save himself is in the north.

    It’s not too far.

    Since it’s Su Xueer’s wish, then…

    Save someone first.

    Read this, Gu Qingshan says, “We’re heading north.”


    The people speak together.

    (This chapter is over)

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