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1601. Chapter 1587 Doomsday blockade

    Chapter 1587 Doomsday blockade

    North Flame.

    Long skies.

    One layer in the earth is cold, not seeing any chance to live.

    The river is ice, the point is on the plains of the snow, like the same black snake who sleeps for thousands of years.

    Gu Qingshan entire group moves along the river, moving fast in the snow.


    bottle artist Blazzo stood in front of the team and said, “We’ve gone all five hours, and when’s the next rest?”

    Gu Qingshan say, “Don’t rest, keep going north.”

    He looked at war God Interface.

    after summon crossed the cock, Soul Strength returned to zero, but killed several more Doomsday monster and Soul Strength rose again to 60,000 points.

    Thanks to those professional.

    They are well aware of each Doomsday monster, directly developing tactics, quickly resolving the fighting, and very efficient.

    “Sir, do you have an emergency?” Ramata asked.

    “Yeah, we might be going to save someone.” Gu Qingshan say.

    Ramitata Point nodded, take out a fire red witch doll, and say, “The flame of fire!”

    Six groups of red glow, one after another fell on the crowd.

    in a split second, the warm breath is wrapped in the crowd, except for the cold caused by the snow.

    Let’s just relax and keep moving.

    “Why the north, the lower temperature?” Gu Qingshan’s curious question.

    Savia replied, “No one knows.”

    “No one went to check for reasons?” Gu Qingshan surprisedly said.

    “The more the North, the more Doomsday, the more they become weak in the years of indigence, the more numerous dozen dozen meters will meet a Doomsday, and no one will go to the end of the North.”

    Gu Qingshan understands.

    And Safaa said, “My lord, if you keep walking to land of Extreme North, you’ll see a very wonderful picture.”

    A few professional people look at each other and show up the colors of their hearts.

    “Say, don’t sell the switch.” Gu Qingshan say.

    Moon song: “At the end of the Arctic, many Doomsday hybrids form a wall.”

    “Wall?” Gu Qingshan surprisedly said.

    Hakuru: “Yes, the wall, which is completely solid, does not know how deep it is and cannot be explored at all.”

    Ramata answered, “The wall is full of unknown Doomsday, and they’re blocked by some kind of force —— like cans, in absolute sealed status, I guess they’ll be opened one day.”

    “In that case, the entire Void turbulence will be once again chaotic, and countless world will be destroyed.”

    Gu Qingshan thought, and he said, “So, Doomsday we’ve met before, is it all not that strong?”

    Hakuru: “Yes, the Doomsday that we encounter, while destroying some of the world, has also gone through an infinite age, and they are already in the weakest position, otherwise we are not afraid to enter so deep.”

    People have a deep feeling about nodded.

    After another time, there was a growing cold between Heaven and Earth, and no trace of anything could be seen.

    Blackmail takes out a bottle from behind, throwing it on the ground.

    Yo, Dong!

    The bottle broke up.

    A blue fog is coming from below people’s feet, forming blue rays of light, covering six people.

    Gu Qingshan looked at war God Interface, and saw only one line of written promptly:

    “You’re affected by the arriving bottle: soundless.”

    “You are temporarily in the context of a world that can’t make a sound.”

    This bottle is kind of like a weaker version of the world.

    Gu Qingshan is conceivably thinking that Blackmail has begun to explain: “It is a special Doomsday, within which no one can react in action, or it will be sent away immediately.”

    “Send where?” Gu Qingshan asked.

    “I don’t know, this Doomsday has existed for thousands of years, and the people who were sent away never came back.”

    People are stepping up their feet.

    The plains have come to an end, and the front is a valley.

    It’s a very normal valley, with nothing in it, and only far away to see some abandoned camps.

    professional one after another is serious.

    Herzo stood in the lead, warned repeatedly: “This valley – remember, as long as it is in the valley, do not leave my bottle of bottle, or die.”

    “After the valley?” Gu Qingshan asked.

    “Yes, there’s a lake in the valley of 100 meters where we’re safe for the time being.”

    “But there are other Doomsday days in the back.” Savia Supplementary.

    Gu Qingshan, look at a few people.

    They’ve been mixed up here for many years, and they’re all a very experienced sample.

    – Find someone else.

    A group of people like this should be invited to come along with themselves, otherwise it would take a lot of time if they were not familiar with their lives, understood nothing and slowly touched.

    Gu Qingshan Point nodded: “Let’s go, hurry up.”

    “Go.” Blackmail.

    He was before, the other five were after, and everybody started crossed over the valley.

    They were the leaders of the various mercenaries, who were extremely efficient during their operations and had bottles to ensure safety, and soundless crossed the entire canyon.

    While people have come several times, they can pass peacefully and relaxed.

    Another distance.

    A lake with large grasslands appears in front of people.

    Blackmail withdrew the bottle and went to a abandoned battalion near the lake.

    He picked up a burning stick, said with a smile: “The last time I brought a team here, I took half my life here, and that’s the stick that I burned when I baked.”

    Several others have also activated their bodies.

    The arrow, Hakurulaughed, was answered, and suddenly forcibly stopped it.

    – What?

    That black stick fell on the ground.


    bottle artist Blackzo is missing the shadow.

    He disappeared.

    In Void, a wave of disorder has slowed down.

    This is the power of space transmission, so now the blackmail has been sent away!

    The mood on people’s faces is completely stubborn.

    just now the climate of relaxation of writing disappears thoroughly.

    No one dares to move a bullet at all.

    After a while.

    Black Sox still didn’t show up.

    People look at each other and gradually understand what happened to just now.

    Ramata picked out a witch doll lightly, put it in Void, and pushed it lightly with his hands.


    witch dolton was alive.

    It’s everywhere, look at the lake immediately.


    witch dolton was happy, and the figure flew over Lake arrived as soon as it moved.

    It bends down, hands bow up and drinks in a single breath.

    “What a sweet lake!” The witch dolls are exaggerating.

    A wave of transmission rings, and the witch dolls disappear immediately.

    Death once again covers everything.

    People’s hearts slowed down.

    The Moon’s sad shaking head, down, pulling out a few leaves from his arms, biting fingers and writing a series of Rune’s books on it.

    She wrote five rune leaves in a single breath to everyone.

    “Silent leaves, they can integrate themselves into nature, and they won’t make any noise.” Moon sound transmission.

    She went to the front of the team.

    A few others hold the leaves in their hands and follow her on.

    About thousands of metres away.

    Ramitata once again put out a witch doll.

    The witch doll tried to sing a song, and then came out of unscathed.

    Ramata said, “We’ve been out of Doomsday, but Black Sawyer’s dead.”

    People are silent all the time.

    “Blackmail is a powerful guy who didn’t expect to die this time in Doomsday.” Hakuru sighs.

    Gu Qingshan, seriously asked, “Why is Blackmail an old man so relaxed when he’s not out of danger?”

    – The consequences would be inconceivable if just now had spoken himself.

    those people said they wouldn’t make mistakes, but the result was such a situation.

    Moon Song: “For thousands of years, that Doomsday has been in a shrinking status, and the scope has narrowed a lot, and never happened just now.”

    Safaa said, “Yes, the lake is our fixed point of rest, and every time we get up in that direction, we’ll all rest on the lake, so you’ll see us relaxed in that place.”

    Gu Qingshan is sinking.

    If they’re not lying, then there’s one thing to prove.

    just now that Doomsday becomes stronger again.

    Why would you do that?


    Ramata’s voice is coming.

    And the people look to the sky in the direction she has directed.

    Only the wind snow suddenly stopped.

    a The path of meteors appears in the depths of the sky in Blue Black.

    those meteors are ranked in a single sequence, and the silent moved towards the earth fell down.


    The first meteor fell, smashed in the very far south of the population, and turned into a layer of light.

    Ramata quickly touched a witch doll on his shoulder and put it on his shoulder and said, “Come on, Toma, help me see what the stars are?”

    The witch dolls, with their hands, looked at the meteor: “That’s the power of the sealed space, which belongs to a Doomsday.”

    And then another meteor fell down and still went south.

    densely packed’s meteor crashed for the second time.

    The earth starts to shock.

    “- It’s the entrance to Doomsday’s grave! They’re blocking the entrance!”

    Ramataloudly said.


    hearts of the people are shocked.

    Gu Qingshan was thinking of lightning, and suddenly, “You all put your hands on my arm, quick!”

    Several Professional officers act as they say.

    Gu Qingshan had a white fog and disappeared directly with the crowd.

    Dream Island.

    White fog grows.

    Five people on one line showed up the figure.

    Gu Qingshan Expressway: “The mission has come to an end, and then the situation is not for you to deal with, and go to the mercenary trade union and pay for it, remember giving him younger brother’s reward for Blackmail.”

    He keeps the white fog rolling.

    “Sir, are you going in again?” Safaa is busy.

    Gu Qingshan nodded said, “I can still go in while the seal is unstable, and I can wait a little longer.”

    Savia took out a white bone for him and said, “This is the map of the exploratory mission of our deceased mercenary, marking all known dangers.”


    Gu Qingshan greeted her nodded, turned around into a white fog and disappeared.

    (This chapter is over)

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