Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1897


Chapter 1897 Encircling Battle

The entire world is stuck in some kind of stagnation.

Gu Qingshan only felt that there was an invisible waterfall flowing around him.

This waterfall separates him from this time and space.

Beside the waterfall, Laura, Deep Snow and herself are walking towards the door, preparing to go on the road, waiting for the truck driver.

If you want to enter this space-time …

Gu Qingshan’s heart moved, and the waterfall suddenly retreated to both sides, showing the true appearance of this World.

At the same time, a line of scarlet characters jumped out:


“You launched the taboo sword:‘ Mirror of Quicksand ’.”

“You are completing a time-space replacement of yourself.”

“—— You replaced yourself and arrived at the current moment.”

“The” you “at this moment will appear directly in the future where” you “is.”

“From now on, you can do anything, but not interfere with those things you have done in the whole time.”

“When you arrive in the future again-when you arrive at the moment of launching the Sword Skill, you must return to the place where you launched the Sword Skill to cover up your replacement and ensure that the whole thing will not cause time and space disorder.”

“In addition, you must complete the entire closed loop process before you can release the space-time Sword Skill‘ The Mirror of Quicksand ’again, otherwise you must not release this sword.”

“—— This is to avoid attracting the attention of the Time family, but also to avoid being discovered by the terrifying existence in the long river of time and space.”

“Good luck.”

Gu Qingshan took a deep breath and suppressed his emotions.

He took a step forward.

In a split second, the man in the room is gone.

—— The one who has gone to the future and is practicing sword in Desert.

And instead of replacing him, you can no longer touch anything you have done. Make sure that these things develop along the existing track until the moment you use the “Mirror of Quicksand”.

“Gu Qingshan, go away, the truck driver is already starting the truck.” Laura urged.

Gu Qingshan looked quietly at the two women.

On the original timeline, I went with them to the highway and waited to accept the truck driver’s truck.

Gu Qingshan say: “Laura, I suddenly remembered a very important thing and must do it immediately.”

Laura said in surprise: “Ah? Then we are-”

“The soldiers are divided into two ways. We will go to the Desert. After you finish things, you will rush over immediately. By the way, are you at risk of dying?” Shen Xue asked.

“No, rest assured.” Gu Qingshan say.

“But—” Laura wanted to say something.

Gu Qingshan immediately said: “My business cannot be delayed, nor can you be delayed, go ahead and believe me.”

Deep snow road: “Well, you have to come soon.”

“Well, rest assured.”

Deep Snow pulled the reluctant Laura, pushed open the door, and went out.

The door closed.

Gu Qingshan stood on the spot and fell into a deep ponder.

…… This Sword Skill actually caused some problems in time and space.

It layered time and space.

On the surface one layer, everything around the original trajectory has been facing forward until the moment when he practiced the sword on the Desert.

Everything looks fine.

At that moment, you will arrive at the Desert and replace yourself in the past again, leaving the timeline and event line as they are.

But below the surface —

There is another one layer of time and space.

Time, space and events have been changed.

Not at all, go to the Desert together with Laura.

That is to say, everything you do next will be an unrecognized “black history”, just like the undercurrent of calm water, no one knows.

But —

Karma is not empty.

I will change the original trajectory of many things.

“God of travel?” Gu Qingshan asked without looking back.

The footsteps stopped.

A voice sounded: “So you were intentionally seen by my believers?”

“Yes, I want to meet you and talk about some things.” Gu Qingshan say.

He turned around and saw a skinny man standing opposite him, carrying a suitcase and looking at him quietly.

“What do you want to talk about?” the god of travel asked.

“I am in charge of the earth, and you are in charge of people’s journeys. In this way, in fact, we have many places where we can cooperate.” Gu Qingshan say.

“The number of your believers has grown too fast, this is to offend the person-in the future you will be excluded by Myriad Gods, why should I chase this muddy water?” the god of travel asked.

Gu Qingshan’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “I thought I would not offend anyone. After all, in history, you have fought countless wars, Spiritual God has changed from one to another, fighting for faith Should be accustomed to, and even each other should maintain superficial courtesy. “

The god of travel is staring at Gu Qingshan.

Suddenly, another person turned behind him.

This is a tall and sturdy man with a mustache, several weapons attached to his back, and two long knives hanging from his waist.

“I ’ll answer your question because we did n’t think that the earth god ’s position governs a very broad field, and you can put your hands in any field.” tall and sturdy man said.

“Your name?” Gu Qingshan asked.

“I am the god of weapons Li Jiu-look at these weapons in my hands, they all need the metal produced by the earth to smelt; as for travel, it is more related to the world earth; let alone harvest, burial, Forests, rivers-no one can avoid your priesthood. “Li Jiu, the god of weapons, said.

Gu Qingshan said: “I like to be with everyone.”

Two more voices sounded:

“This is not a fight.”

“This is called snatching food.”

—— I saw two strange Spirit Gods turning out from behind the weapon gods.

Four Spiritual Gods.

They divided Gu Qingshan into four directions.

“God of Life said that I am strong enough to go to her, she will help me join the lawful camp.” Gu Qingshan say.

A Spiritual God said: “You will never be qualified to find her.”

Another Spirit God immediately said: “–because you will die here.”

Murderous aura is flooding the four Spiritual Gods, and action will be taken immediately.

Gu Qingshan, with his arms folded, said sighed: “I actually turned to the lawful camp and wanted to tell a secret.”

Four Spiritual Gods looked at him, waiting for him to finish talking.

A line of scarlet characters quickly appeared in front of Gu Qingshan:

“Quiet, enthusiastic, expectant, and focused have been gathered.”

“Start your performance —”


Gu Qingshan split a fork in place.

Four Spiritual God caught off guard, a short stature, followed by a fork.

Li Jiu, the god of weapons, said nothing and pulled out a Lance; the other two Spiritual Gods also took action, but stopped their hands together.

Gu Qingshan saw his hands on the ground, his legs opened, and he stood upside down.

—— Singing and dancing performer.

“You will be able to perform two different postures after the first successful split.”

Li Jiu and other Spiritual God had to give up the attack and follow Gu Qingshan to complete the second split.

“I ’m very sorry, if you want to kill me, then I ca n’t help it.”

Gu Qingshan said.

Void move.

Only listening to the muffled sound of “Dong”, the Scarlet Giant landed on the ground, raising his hands high at the god of weapons-

Immediately after.

Countless blood sea spirits appear one after another, surrounding the four Spiritual Gods tightly.

The god of travel lost his voice: “This is impossible! This kind of control psychic skill requires a lot of pre-conditions, you obviously —”

Gu Qingshan sighed, turned to the right position, and began to do the third split.

“You do n’t understand the true power of Earth God, in fact, even I just started to know.”

As he spoke, he snapped his fingers.

Bang!! ! !

The earth screamed violently.

A cloud of smoke rose into the sky.

(End of this chapter)

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