Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1898


Chapter 1898 Fighting

One layer of blood is on the earth.

Gu Qingshan squatted on the ground, somewhat dazed.

Actually, just now I feel the threat of arrived death ——

Four Spiritual Gods.

Four spiritual skills.

If you did n’t use that trick yourself, I ’m afraid I have to say a few words now.

And now-

A line of scarlet characters jumped out quickly:

“You killed the god of travel, the god of weapons, the god of the forest, the god of the river.”

“You are gaining the divine position.”

“Earth God ’s faith is also gradually increasing.”

“According to this judgment: your strength will be further broken through, and your‘ body of the earth ’will gain a leap forward.”

“Five minutes later, the body of the earth will be promoted.”

“It will turn into a new Holy Spirit.”

Gu Qingshan is finished.

He had a feeling in the heart, and suddenly looked away.

A black sheep is slowly pacing from the barren rocky sand.

“You killed the Spirit God of four lawful camps, I did n’t expect the power of the earth god to be so powerful.”

Black sheep speak human’s words.

It turned into a first-time Black Horn man, quietly looking at Gu Qingshan.

“Yes, I am self-defense.” Gu Qingshan say.

He felt some danger from the other party.

The man smiled and asked, “How does Slaughter God feel?”

“No feeling.” Gu Qingshan indifferently said.

“… No feeling? Those who say this are eligible to kill more Spiritual God, just like me.” The man said.

“Your Excellency?”


“Oh, I do n’t know what you do for me?” Gu Qingshan said, glancing at the void.

“Your strength is very strong, they were killed by you without taking action. I’m here to ask if you would like to join my camp.” Pluto Road.

Hades is the leader of the troubled camp and deserves to be taken seriously.

But when he came up like this, he pulled himself to join, and it seemed that he had several points of cramps.

Are you saying that their situation is very bad?

Gu Qingshan glanced into the void.

Lines of scarlet prints stay there:

“There is 4 minutes and 15 seconds before the promotion of the” body of the earth “.”





“Sorry, I seem to have lost this opportunity, I have other things to do.” Gu Qingshan say.

Pluto: “You can’t fool me, Death Aura is so rich on you-you are not a step by step Spiritual God.”

“You are very accurate, but why should I help you deal with Holy Angels?” Gu Qingshan asked.

Pluto contemplates for a moment and says, “I will help you kill your opponents in deathmatch.”

Gu Qingshan has some surprises.

But even if you ca n’t beat the lawful camp, Pluto can return to the underworld.

“Tell me, what do you want to do?” Gu Qingshan asked.

“I’m going to kill the Holy Angel.” Hades said.

“He is the strongest law-abiding Spiritual God?”


There is a hint of inexplicable meaning on Pluto’s face, which seems to be caught in memory.

Gu Qingshan sighed.

In this case, how should you decide?

If you refuse, will Pluto take action toward yourself because of anger?

There is also the Holy Angel.

didn’t expect The land in charge of Myriad Gods is actually an angel.

Angel …

Each angel has its own mission.

Pluto whispered: “In fact, inside the lawful camp, there are also some Spiritual Gods who secretly rebelled against the Holy Angels. Now as long as we unite together, we will be able to do things.”

Gu Qingshan frowned.

He suddenly realized that in the sky behind him, a sword moved.

—— Divine Sword.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Qingshan asked silently in his heart.

“Hold me, remember, you have to keep the expression normal.” The delimitation god Sword Dao.


Gu Qingshan glanced at Pluto and said, “If I were to take action … it would n’t be OK, but are you sure we can kill the Holy Angel?”

He took out the Divine Sword from in the sky and stroked it in his hand.

In the sky, a few lines of scarlet letters suddenly appeared:

“Your sword inspires strength: follow me.”

“With the power of seeing, you can see everything hidden in the void.”

Beside Pluto, an illusory light and shadow gradually emerged, condensing into the image of an angel.

The angel held a thick book, turned the pages of the book, and said, “We will definitely kill him, as long as you are willing to contribute.”

The voice fell.

Pluto said: “We will be able to kill him, as long as you are willing to contribute.”

Gu Qingshan was shocked in his heart, but his face was quiet, as if he had turned a blind eye.

This scene is too weird.

If it ’s not Divine Sword, I ’m afraid I ca n’t think of it anyway, in the sky hiding an angel.

But what exactly is the situation?

“I still don’t know the characteristics and power of the angels of the Holy Law.” Gu Qingshan say.

It is as it should be by rights to understand the strengths of the enemy in advance.

The angel stood next to Pluto and read: “I also have some doubts, not equal to me, let’s make a deal, I will tell you the secret of the angel of the law, you have to tell me, what are you just now Kill those lawful Spirit Gods. “

After the angel finished, Pluto immediately looked at Gu Qingshan and said, “I have some doubts too, not equal to me Let’s make a deal, I will tell you the secret of the Holy Law Angel, you want to tell me, you How did just now kill the lawful Spirit God? “

Gu Qingshan said with a smile: “It’s easy for me to kill, aren’t you afraid of losing money?”

The angel said: “Who can bear you because of that many spiritual skills? This is not a simple matter. Generally speaking, many preconditions must be met before you can release such a quantity and formidable power of spiritual skills- —I want to know how you did it. ”

Pluto said it again.

“It ’s very simple. When they take a step, they can count as having completed an attack. When all the attacks accumulate, the conditions necessary for me to activate the spirit are satisfied.” Gu Qingshan say.

“— Now, tell me the secret of the Holy Angel.” He continued.

The angel closed the book and suddenly said: “so that’s how it is, the power of the earth can be used like this.”

“so that’s how it is, the power of the earth can be used in this way.” Pluto said.

The angel fell into contemplation and quickly said: “You have walked around, and I haven’t moved in one step since I arrived-so you attract his attention and I will kill him.”

Pluto immediately said: “God of Earth, what I said to you below, you can’t tell anyone.”

“Good.” Gu Qingshan said with a slight smile.

Mutation shengsheng ——

A pair of big bloody hands emerged from the void, suddenly grabbed Pluto, and squeezed it into flesh.

Taking advantage of this moment, countless phases of the world flashed one after another.

Countless blood sea spirits completely appeared in the void, moved towards the angel full strength take action.

Everything happened in a flash.

All the attacks have ended with the fingertips.

All spirits of the world leave.

—— Only one angel ’s body remains.

Gu Qingshan stepped forward and looked down at the angel corpse.

A small line of text emerges:

“Fake, for death.”

At the same time, there was a round of applause behind Gu Qingshan.

“I haven’t met an opponent like you in a long time.”


The angel before was watching Gu Qingshan with admiring eyes.


Pluto falls from the sky and hits the ground motionless.

“This is also the fake you made?” Gu Qingshan asked, looking at the body of Pluto.

“Yes, it’s a little trick, by the way, you just now lied to me.” Angel said.

“I generally don’t lie, unless someone else is trying to kill me.” Gu Qingshan said with a smile.

He still has a line of scarlet prints in front of him:

“Every time you hit the opponent a certain number of times, you can call the blood sea spirits of different formidable power to appear and kill the enemies that are in front of you.”

“Because you are the earth god, the power of divine might further expand, and everything on the earth has become your weapon.”

“Every time the enemy’s foot touches the ground, the thousands of dust on the bottom of the foot can be counted as your attack on the enemy.”

“Current hits: 35,000, 961.”

“Has hit the enemy three times, the first place of the blood sea spirit is ready.”

“In order to hit the enemy 27 times, the second blood sea spirit is ready.”

“Has hit the enemy 133 times, the third blood sea spirit is ready.”


“You have released all the‘ Spirit of the World ’at the same time!”


When the opponent steps on the ground, it is regarded as being attacked by the earth countless times-calculated by the amount of dust on his sole.

This is also the last time after beheading the god of doom, Gu Qingshan thought further and created new ways to use the power of the earth god.

Gu Qingshan suddenly restored his freedom.

His thoughts flashed, and the millions of Flying Sword one after another poured in, constantly knocking on Lance in the hands of angels, striking his body.

The angel was caught in the pause of time and could not escape.

But a soft rays of light emerged around him, blocking all the slashes.

All Flying Swords, no one stabbed him in the body.

—— Divine Sword, the delimitation, cannot be penetrated!

“Can you force me to this step, you are also a very rare angel.”

Gu Qingshan said slowly, and extracted another sword from the void.

The sword of breaking the law, Six Realms God Mountain!

Time and Space Sword Skill: Screen of Time

“Touching the sword stops at all times, touch a few times and stop for a few seconds.”

(End of this chapter)

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