Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 2140


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Fuxi Empire, the border town.

Gu Qingshan suddenly appeared.

Zhang Yinghao raised his hand, looked at the watch and said: “You just now disappeared out of thin air for a few hours, and it was dark.”

“Sorry.” Gu Qingshan said with a smile.

——Time Flow Speed ​​has changed again.

Due to the invasion of demons?

Will Great Desolate Dragon Race and Ten Thousand Beasts join the battle?

Or the power of miracles?


He looked all around.

I saw that this place has been cleared.

Except for the people from the Killer Guild, no other people can be seen near the bar.

Zhang Yinghao dissatisfied: “You are coming and going too fast, just now caused a commotion all around, and I have to settle this matter immediately-as your partner, I am extremely Worry-you should tell me where you are going.”

“You will know soon,” Gu Qingshan pulled the screen from the Void and said: “I will introduce you to an old friend, this is the screen.”

“The curtain?” Zhang Yinghao asked in confusion.

“Yes, you can call him Boss, anyway, you keep calling him like this.” Gu Qingshan said casually.

“Boss? This kid? Are you cracking a joke, I will treat him as a Boss?”

Zhang Yinghao showed playfulness, moved her neck and made a ka ka noise.

The screen opened the mouth and said: “Just now, in another world, a guy reminded me about gifts-as your good brother, I should probably bring you some meeting gifts.”

The scene grabbed the Void.

He pulled out a single-armed combat rocket launcher.

“Yeah–let’s talk about it, next is to destroy that planet?” Bazooka said gruffly.

Movie walked to Zhang Yinghao’s side and showed him how to operate:

“Look, this is how it works-aim first, and then press this button-we can find a target at random.”

He lifts the head, pointing to a bright star and saying: “That’s it.”

di di di!

The individual rocket launcher made a rapid siren, and then–


The rocket is instantly breaking void away.

In the distant sky, the brightest Star Explosion glowed fiercely.

——It has started its destruction.

“Have you seen it, the basic operation is like this.”

The curtain threw the bazooka to Zhang Yinghao, raised his hand, and wiped it to the sky.

in a split second.

All the flames on that star disappeared.

It terminated the destruction.

The curtain seemed to have done an insignificant thing, turned around and asked Gu Qingshan: “Where are we going now?”

“Let’s walk and think.” Gu Qingshan meditated.

“It’s okay, think about it, we will act after you think it through.” The screen remains calm and composed while handling pressing affairs.

next moment.

Gu Qingshan expression changed.

The curtain stops, surprisedly said: “Someone is here?”

Zhang Yinghao seems to have received some information, barely controlling his emotions, anxiously said: “Two, I don’t want to interrupt your business, but just now I got news that the Pope of Holy Church has discovered us. The trail of the city is rushing here from the capital of the Holy Empire.”

“Who?” The screen looked at Gu Qingshan.

Gu Qingshan say: “An old friend seems to be coming soon.”

“It’s a friend, why haven’t I heard you mention it.” Mui said with interest.

tone barely fell, but saw a woman appeared at the end of the street in the town.

This woman has a round of faintly discernible halo on her head, with wings on her back, and her face covered by veil.

The Pope!

The curtain hugs his arms and wonders: “Why do you have the breath of Purgatory? Are you familiar with Purgatory?”

“I actually have a friend named Shaqiang.” Gu Qingshan said.

The pope discovered Gu Qingshan all at once.

“I finally found you. Guess how I will torture you?” The pope said with a smile.

The curtain looked at the pope and said to Gu Qingshan: “Hey-the name and the person are a little different.”

Gu Qingshan squinted at him: “No, she is the one you think you can kill me.”

“Oh.” The curtain said calmly.

He stretched out a take action, and gently clapped towards the opponent in the air.

bang!! !

Earth shook violently, Zhang Yinghao felt that oneself was almost thrown by Earth.

I saw everything at the end of the street turned into fine dust, piled up into one piece, and it was impossible to see which pile of dust the pope’s body was.

The curtain stood still in place, opened the mouth and said: “Is there any enemy, once I say it, I will eliminate all these unstable factors.”

“You don’t have to kill that many people.” Gu Qingshan say.

Everything has changed.

——The Pope has lost the power to threaten this World, and sentient beings will no longer continue the original destiny.

From now on, that’s it.

Gu Qingshan opened the mouth and said: “Well, we are divided into two groups now, you go to collect Five Elements Source, I will go to Underworld for a trip–“

The curtain suddenly stood in front of Gu Qingshan, shouted: “Be careful, someone is coming again.”

I saw all around suddenly there were many illusory currents.

The silhouettes of two women emerged from the water.



“Why are you here?” Gu Qingshan asked.

Yu fell in front of Gu Qingshan and said happily: “My lord, at this moment, you really lost your strength and need my help.”

Gu Qingshan looks at Feiying.

Feiying said: “The other one said-she is the key to everything. She will be responsible for fighting the demonic sequence and determining the destiny of everyone on this timeline in the past.”

Gu Qingshan fell into thinking.

——It seems that another oneself is trying to use sequence against sequence.

The evil spirits support themselves in the sequence and must follow the rules of the sequence. Otherwise, once the sequence fails, they will immediately be found by countless laws in the Void, and they will be directly torn into pieces to calm everything they damage.


Finally, the battle between the two parties will determine the outcome by sequence.

“so that’s how it is, this World has no sequence, so you sent a sequence to this age.” The scene opened the mouth and said.

He thought about it and figured out the whole thing.

Gu Qingshan nodded, said: “Yu, release All-Heavens Apocalypse Online ·Yu in this World, so that all sentient beings can get its loading, which will help sentient beings become stronger, and it will also enhance your strength. .”

“Yes, my lord.”

Yu took out a playing card, and saw a slender hand drawn on the playing card, with open palms and a handful of green seeds on it.

She threw the playing card out, shouted: “Let’s start, my sequence, you will spread it widely in this World, so that all beings can master the power of sequence!”

I saw an island appear in the sky.

——It is the island that belongs to Yu!

“Su An! This is the ultimate Civilization conceived in the tomb of Human World. It defeats all other Civilizations and can participate in the decisive battle against demons on behalf of all living beings!” Gu Qingshan say.

Gu Suan’s voice sounded: “I understand, I will integrate all the power of the world and accelerate the spread of the sequence.”

The sky depths, a brightly lit Aerospace Fortress appeared slowly.

Aerospace Fortress stands side by side with the island of sequence.

Gu Qingshan watched this scene with bated breath, and said softly: “Scenario, are you familiar with sequence?”

Men shrugged: “The person who is most familiar with the sequence should be you.”

Gu Qingshan looked at Void, and saw rows of fireflies appear quickly:


“All-Heavens Apocalypse Online · Yu is spreading in the current world.”

“You are her witness and proof that she has become a recognized person by primal chaos.”

“She has delegated some authority to you.”

“From now on, you will be able to use All-Heavens Apocalypse Online · Yu’s sequence power to combat at any time.”

All small prints are collected.

Gu Qingshan Chao Yu greeted slightly, saying: “Go, cooperate with Su An, spread the Order in the shortest time, and we will cooperate with you.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Yu complied, nodded at the crowd, soared into the sky, and landed on the island.

The island and the Aerospace Fortress quickly fly high into the sky and sink into the depths of the sky.

They fly away the prosperous area of ​​moved towards the world.

“What is her sequence?” the scene asked with interest.

“defense and guard, and the power of playing card.” Gu Qingshan say.

With a move in his heart, he drew a playing card from the Void.

This is a defense card.

“playing card: Void’s thorn.”

“Description: Releasing this playing card will create a vacuum thorn in the Void to attack the enemy for you.”

“——From All-Heavens Apocalypse Online · Yu.”

“As the sequence becomes stronger and stronger, you will get a more powerful playing card.”

Gu Qingshan handed the playing card casually.

“Let’s go, let’s collect Five Elements Source first.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

The two took a few steps forward, suddenly remembering something, and looking back.

I saw Zhang Yinghao holding a single-soldier battle rocket launcher, frozen in place and motionless, with one after another bead of sweat on his forehead.

Waving a hand to wipe the stars, pat down the pope.

There are more Mermaid and islands from the future, and even Fair Goddess cooperates with what to do.

This is simply–


By the way, this World is actually broken, not the original world.

Zhang Yinghao meditated in her heart.

Just listen to the screen and waved hello:

“Go, what are you doing in a daze, Old Zhang.”

Old Zhang?

Zhang Yinghao is startled.

This strong monster-like guy actually calls me Old Zhang.


In the future, I will become an extremely incredible person…

Zhang Yinghao took a deep breath, puffed up her chest, and strode towards the opponent.

“hahaha, go, Boss!”

He said casually.

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