Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 2143


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In Iron Encircling Mountain.

Outside the cave of hell.

Gu Qingshan sit cross-legged on a big rock and said: “…The above is all the situation, do you understand?”

All around him, various Underworld divine artifacts float around.

River of Forgetfulness Leaving Soul Hook said: “In other words, you come from the future, now you want to save Six Paths World, so you must first win the Ghost King position?”

“Yes.” Gu Qingshan say.

A snow-white bird flew around Gu Qingshan for a week, stood on his shoulder, and said: “Brother, even if we look at Shan Nu’s face and hold you, your strength is so poor How to fight for Ghost King.”

Many divine artifacts one after another nodded.

“Stop nonsense,” Shan Nu said coldly, “My Young Master has played all over the trillion worlds, foul wind and bloody rain all the way, never lost to anyone, you blindfolded and short-sighted guys, but only look at cultivation base ?”

River of Forgetfulness Leaving Soul Hook sighed: “It is not just the reason for the cultivation base. Before the quarter hour, the battle of Ghost King contend for supremacy had already begun in the Eighteen Layers of Hell. He was a Foundation Establishment period. How can people defeat the deadly dead?”

“Yeah, those guys are villains who have slept for many years!” said a hammer urn with anger.

Add other divine artifacts.

Gu Qingshan laughed and said: “Because I am not strong enough now, I have to rely on everyone’s strength.”

“Our power? Do you want this bird to recognize you as the master?” the little bird stared at him and asked.

“Not so…but through you to find some helpers.” Gu Qingshan said.

“This bird has been mixing with Underworld, except for these weapons brothers, I don’t know any helpers.” Little bird said.

“Come here, let me try.” Gu Qingshan said.

“I’m a blade, understand? Don’t feed me pills or anything…”

The little bird murmured, and suddenly felt that someone was looking at oneself. He turned his head and saw Shan Nu’s face cage Frost, a pair of bright eyes with a baleful intent, and faintly discernable glanced at oneself.

The little bird felt a sudden heart, and immediately changed his tone: “For Underworld, for the brothers, it doesn’t matter if this bird is an experimental bird.”

Among the divine artifacts, a long knife flew over and fell in front of Gu Qingshan.

The little bird flew into the long knife and aimed the handle of the knife at Gu Qingshan.

“—Come on!”

The sound of a trembling bird resounded on the long knife.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you.” Gu Qingshan say.

He held the handle of the knife, and a dark light suddenly appeared all over his body.

in a split second, rows of fireflies appear:

“You have obtained the temporary use of the bone-cut Ghost Soldier knife.”

“You have activated the Great Desolate Divine Ability: Qianyuan calls spirits.”

“Rely on something, find its connection with myriad creations of sentient beings, call those spirits who have been in contact with them, and let them appear in front of you immediately.”

“—Let everything continue.”

Gu Qingshan held the long knife, a slight expression of tension appeared on his face.

Qin Xiaolou said, this Divine Ability is Great Desolate’s Divine Ability.

Although he is usually out of shape, he actually does things very well. He is also the apostle of Saint Pillars of Fire. It shouldn’t be boasting in this kind of thing.

So, can this Divine Ability prove some ideas of own?

Gu Qingshan waited quietly.

Take a breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths.

Is the guess wrong?

Gu Qingshan’s heart gradually sinks.

The bird’s false alarm sounded from the long knife: “What? It’s just that, man, you Divine Ability makes me feel nothing. This can’t defeat those villains.”

Gu Qingshan released the long knife, thought for a moment, and cast his eyes on Shan Nu.

“Young Master, what’s wrong?” Shan Nu said.

“Shan Nu, come.” Gu Qingshan say.

Shan Nu suddenly turned into a long sword and flew into his hands.

Gu Qingshan once again launched Qianyuan to call spirits——

Still nothing.

All the divine artifacts rushed into discussion.

Gu Qingshan let go and asked: “Shan Nu, who made you?”

Shan Nu unexpectedly asked this, thought for a moment, and then said: “Back then, Buzhou Mountain was broken into an iron fence, and I nurtured it. Gradually I had a Spiritual Wisdom. After the Great Desolate 60%, I settled in Underworld. Sometimes he was born to help the Underworld Gods act, and later fell asleep in Iron Encircling Mountain, until Fiend Demon and Seven Colored Spear eroded Underworld-Young Master should know the rest.”

Gu Qingshan slightly nod.

——Six Worlds Divine Mountain Sword is a natural divine weapon and has no real owner.

He looked at the bone-cut Ghost Soldier knife again and asked: “Little Brat, did you have a master before?”

The bird’s voice sounded from the long knife:

“I was born in the Ghost Fire of Hell. For countless years, those powerful Ghost Soldiers will take me to kill people with me. What? You want to find them? They are all dead.”

Gu Qingshan said with a smile: “No wonder so.”

His eyes were on the Wandering Seeker among the many divine artifacts and suddenly fell on the River of Forgetfulness Leaving Soul Hook.

River of Forgetfulness Leaving Soul Hook discovered that he was watching oneself, and proactively said: “I am Great Desolate age’s divine weapon, and the master was a powerful dao technique Venerable.”

Gu Qingshan eyes shined, he said: “Please also let me try Divine Ability.”

“What exactly is your Divine Ability?” Long Hook asked.

“I can’t say it yet…but please trust me, just like you trust Shan Nu.” Gu Qingshan say.

The long hook sighed then said: “Well, since you are a sword cultivator, I think you are the Lord of Shan Nu, let you try Divine Ability.”

It flew into Gu Qingshan’s hands.

Gu Qingshan has a dull light and shadow all over his body, and once again activates Divine Ability——

Qian Yuan calls spirits!

Long hook motionless.

Take a breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths.

in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, but saw a dark green flame raging from the long hook, exuding an incomparable power.

It’s done!

Who knows that the flame seems to have Spiritual Nature. As soon as it appears, it will immediately retract to the long hook to collect all the breath.

Gu Qingshan felt right when he was in his heart, and shouted, “Senior, don’t go, please come and help me!”

The flame didn’t move, it seemed to have several points of hesitation.

Gu Qingshan urged Divine Ability, whispering: “The time for the decisive battle has arrived. When will the Senior hide?”

The flame is wobbly, and suddenly rises up, turning into an endless wall of firelight, instantly densely covering the entire space, isolating Gu Qingshan from it.

I saw a new written prompt popped up quickly in Void:

“You have called the original master of the River of Forgetfulness Leaving Soul Hook. As a spirit hidden in the Underworld, he is coming from the unknown world within the realm.”

“Attention, you guys are going to meet!”

Hell, River of Forgetfulness, Iron Encircling Mountain, and all divine artifacts flashed away from Gu Qingshan’s eyes.

There was a deep voice in the darkness:

“Why did you think of using Divine Ability to find me?”

With this sound, one silhouette passed through the wall of fire and gently landed on the opposite side of Gu Qingshan.

This silhouette is entirely made up of flames, and the facial features are not clear, but it exudes an atmosphere of incomparable dao technique.

——Great Desolate Saint!

This is a spirit transformed by a Great Desolate Saint, and his body does not mean the slightest evil.

Gu Qingshan smiled and said: “I often think that all Saints in the entire Great Desolate Era have taken refuge in demons-this matter is too much.”

“Do you have evidence?” The silhouette continued to ask.

“I saw…someone drank River of Forgetfulness water.” Gu Qingshan said vaguely.


Xie Guhong tells the curtain that he is Great Desolate age’s Saint.

This is the secret that can be said among the three secrets.

In other words–

When Six Paths and the demons entered the final battle, when the apostles of era appeared one after another, Xie Guhong thought–

The secret belonging to the Great Desolate Saints, it’s time to unlock it!

That’s why he said his own identity.

This secret will play a major role in the next situation!

The silhouette was quiet for a long time before she said: “so that’s how it is … and then?”

Gu Qingshan say: “When I learned about this, I thought, if I am Great Desolate Saint, if I really don’t want to take refuge in demons, then the best way is to hide or become some other existence. Let the evil spirits not find it for a while, and keep a useful body for the future.”

The silhouette asked: “So you infer that Underworld still has a secret?”

“The apostle of era won’t give me a meaningless Divine Ability. He must know something, but it’s hard to say. Then I will use this Divine Ability to try-and I really found you Senior.” Gu Qingshan say.

The silhouette said angrily: “hmph, that guy is terribly afraid of death, for fear that when oneself dies, the era behind him will be finished, it’s really boring.”

Gu Qingshan arched his hands and said: “Please also Senior to explain to me, what happened that year?”

The silhouette said: “This matter is simple, that is, we can’t defeat the evil spirits.”

Gu Qingshan wondered: “In those days, Great Desolate was a positive era. Seniors should be the strongest. Is there no way?”

The silhouette took a few steps and recalled: “In fact, in the Great Desolate age, our strength has reached the peak of All Worlds, and then we founded Six Arts to carry forward the cultivation Civilization. The most powerful one is Gua Number——”

“We have calculated the sleeping place of era in the past, primal chaos.”

“We also calculated the strength of the era in the past and compared it with the Great Desolate era, and then found that–“

“The four strongest eras are as good as our Great Desolate era.”

“–but even they ended up in destruction.”

Gu Qingshan say: “If I were you, I would definitely find a way to prevent Great Desolate age from ending up like that.”

“Yes,” the voice answered: “So our strongest Saints gathered together and did something.”

“What’s the matter?”

“We have called you, Proxy of primal chaos will, Gu Qingshan.”

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