Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 2145


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“Gu Qingshan, Gu Qingshan, are you still alive this time?”

Nine Faces Insect Devil stood high in the sky, looking down at the huge ship below, and couldn’t help laughing.

At the moment.

On its nine faces, all eyes are fixed on Gu Qingshan, not letting go of any subtle movements of Gu Qingshan.

——The strength gap between the two sides is extremely wide.

Just move a finger and Gu Qingshan will completely destroy in front of oneself.

Nine Faces Insect Devil gave a soft cry.

It is quite satisfied with the current situation.

On the big ship, Gu Qingshan’s eyes widened, and couldn’t help yelling: “This is impossible! How could you fool those laws? You should be killed by them——”

A pause at the fingertips of Nine Faces Insect Devil.

Each compound eye on its nine faces all showed the expression on Gu Qingshan’s face.

Surprise, frustration, disappointment, unbelievable–

And most importantly–


Nine Faces Insect Devil admired his expression.

After countless years of planning, infiltration, and combat, it is finally time to reap the fruits.

This moment was so beautiful that it couldn’t bear to kill the opponent immediately.


Only a dead opponent is a good opponent.

——This is the iron law of combat.

Nine Faces Insect Devil naturally understands this truth.

It never violates this principle.

However, at this most important moment, after all, we still have to leave some important words in history to show the iconicity of age.

Nine Faces Insect Devil breathes deeply, loudly said: “I have studied you for a long time, and finally found that you are the most vulnerable at this moment. There is no hole card. There is only one way to go when facing me, and that is destruction. “

“Farewell, Gu Qingshan, you and the will of the primal chaos you represent will fall into complete destruction, and we will become the eternal positive era.”

Gu Qingshan shouted: “no! I don’t believe it!”

Nine Faces Insect Devil shook his head and said: “I suddenly experience emptiness… the feeling of emptiness after winning…”

It lifted its finger and pointed it hard at Gu Qingshan——

in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, a black light emerges from its finger and flies towards Gu Qingshan, but it is hit by a colorful shadow halfway.

The curtain!

He holds the Destroyer of All Creation and stands in front of Gu Qingshan.

“I have felt bad since just now…” Murderous intent said.

“It turned out to be you…but you are not my opponent either.” Nine Faces Insect Devil said.

“Oh? I want to try it.” The scene said.

He dances Lance ——

He was held by Gu Qingshan and shook his head gently.

“Don’t fight it.” Gu Qingshan said.


“It has an opponent, you will follow me to accomplish another thing in a while.” Gu Qingshan said calmly.

The voice fell, only lines after lines of neon appeared from the Void, and gradually psychedelic singing and dancing voices came from far away.

Nine Faces Insect Devil heart shivered with cold, shouted:

“Who is it? Come out!”

Void moves.

A girl with colorful long hair appeared.

She concealed the fluttering miniskirt at will, put her hand on Gu Qingshan’s shoulder, and hummed softly: “Why don’t you call us to play with such a good combat object?”

——The sinful Gensokyo, the dust-covered spirit, Choi Burial!

Gu Qingshan has already returned to calmness, indifferently said: “Just like watching a movie, at first is very boring, not suitable for calling people to watch. I will call you only after I find the plot is good.”

In the Void, another husky female voice sounded:

“It makes sense.”

I saw another woman fall down, standing on the other side beside Gu Qingshan.

The vague light and shadow obscured her face, making it impossible to see her true face.

Behind her, spirits from Dusty World appeared.

these spirits are the most expert in each World System.

“Lady, hello.” Gu Qingshan say.

“Needless to say, when you call us, we know it’s time for combat.” Dance of Sacrifice Lady said.

Gu Qingshan smiled, and then said: “I originally wanted to gather some information with it. Who knew it was a ruthless character, so I didn’t say much.”

In the Void before his eyes, the rows of fireflies have already appeared, and they are gradually disappearing now:

“You launched the Great Desolate Divine Ability to you oneself: Qianyuan calls spirits.”

“Description: Rely on something, find its connection with myriad creations of sentient beings, call those spirits who have been in contact with them, and let them appear in front of you immediately.”

“—Let everything continue.”

“Because you are the spirit recognized by Dusty World, all spirits connected with you have come.”

The sea, the big ship.

The spirits stand on the deck, looking at the nine-faced demons in the sky together.

The curtain stood beside Gu Qingshan and finally relaxed a little.

So many experts……

Yes, these spirits are real experts!

In the sky, a nine-faced voice sounded: “I didn’t expect…you still have such a trick…what should it be called?”

Gu Qingshan Tan Shou said: “I won’t tell you, but I have called so many good friends, I must make you feel emptiness again.”

Nine-faced Insect Devil was silent for a moment, and suddenly said: “This technique…I remember it, this is Qianyuan’s spirit calling technique.”

How does it know?

Gu Qingshan’s heart moved, but his face revealed the look of ridicule: “Only you are worthy to know this technique?”

“hmph… Do you think I can’t see the basis of this trick? This is the ultimate spiritual skill handed down by Saint Pillars of Fire. It was blended into the inheritance of Great Desolate by those damn apostles, so Great Desolate was so Strong——”

Nine Faces Insect Devil said like a vent.

It didn’t even fall, but all the spirits on the deck had disappeared.

The phantoms quickly unfolded in the Void.

Dance of Sacrifice Lady’s voice sounded: “Evil demon, you owe all the creatures’ debts. Today, here, I want you to take your life to repay a little!”

in a split second, Nine Faces Insect Devil disappears.

——They all entered the phase world within the realm, and started a life and death battle between each other.

Gu Qingshan’s face showed tension.

Although the spirits of Dusty World are strong, the evil spirits have hardly failed in the long history. Even if all the spirits of Dusty World come, there is no guarantee that they will win.

Can’t delay time!

Gu Qingshan strode forward and grabbed the Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff, shouted:

“Arashi, come out!”

Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff softly trembled.

I saw a playing card appeared on Ghost King Staff.

A landscape appeared on the playing card.

The wilderness.

The sea.

The moonlight illuminates the night sky.

A huge ship is moored on the shore.

Gu Qingshan stood on the deck, holding Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff high in his hands.

——Lan Xiu’s dream card!

“The curtain, let’s go together.”


Gu Qingshan holds this playing card and activates it.

The next moment.

All around is missing.

He found oneself standing in a bar.

The man in a long robe was standing in front of the bar, watching him and the curtain steadily.

“How do you know my name?” the man asked.

“Soon, we will be good brothers,” Gu Qingshan said: “Now listen to me carefully–“

“You have seen the situation outside. It is not the combat that you can get involved, so please give me the Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff and leave immediately. Never get involved again before the matter is over.”

Lan Xiu showed a struggling face, and said in pain: “But my princess has not been saved. I have been preparing for many years, and finally reached this moment.”

Gu Qingshan snap one’s fingers: “Heaven God’s cheap trick is good, but it’s just a cheap trick, the scene, how about you go there?”

“What about your safety?” asked the curtain.

“Don’t worry about me, help him first.” Gu Qingshan said.

“Well then-go, Lan Xiu, take me, we will solve your problem.”

Lan Xiu looked at the curtain, his eyes fell on the Seven Colored Spear in his hand, hesitantly said: “Heaven God has a lot of means, are you sure–“

The curtain interrupted him and said: “Don’t worry, I can run him to death with just one finger.”

“How? Is this satisfactory?” Gu Qingshan asked.

“This is best.” Lan Xiu sighed.

A few steps forward on the screen, pressing Lan Xiu’s shoulders, the figure stretched, and suddenly penetrated into the Void, disappearing instantly.

all around the dream suddenly disappeared.

Gu Qingshan returned to the deck and looked at the Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff in front of him.

The rows of fireflies appear in the Void:

“Lan Xiu left this stick for you before he left.”

“The entire contend for supremacy has ended.”

“You get one of the three divine artifacts of hell: Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff.”

“You have become the Owner of Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff.”

“You have become the Ghost King of Hell.”

“From this moment on, all the dead of Eighteen Layers of Hell will bow to you.”

Gu Qingshan squeezed Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff tightly, recalling the words of Saint Lunar Ecstasy before——

“There used to be a fortune-telling expert among us. In the future, you will form ties with Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff…”

Gu Qingshan took a breath of silence.

“It’s just the Ghost King? The current situation is too difficult, Ghost King is not enough to watch—”

He whispered, and the body gradually flooded with shadowy light, immersed in the Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff.

——Divine Ability: Qianyuan calls spirits.

According to Nine Faces, this is the ultimate magic of miracle era!

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