Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 2146

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On the Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff, several mists of smoke gradually emerged.

A thin whisper sounded from the scepter.

In the eye socket of the sharp horn skull on the scepter, the deep red rays of light gradually disappeared.

The whole scepter seems to have entered a strange state.

Gu Qingshan breathes deeply, shouted: "Come on, you guys were not willing to show up to save Great Desolate, let me see what the reason is!"

A deep killing intent appeared in his body.

——If those Saints were simply afraid of death, and hid them in order to avoid misfortune, and gave up the fight with demons, Gu Qingshan would only feel extremely disappointed.


The erosion of Cultivation World by demons has begun.

On the original world side, Nine Faces Insect Devil has also arrived in Underworld.

Although it is not clear how it avoided the obliteration of many laws, it did appear.

When the evil spirits fought the Great Desolate, if those Saints who weren’t demonized all escaped from disaster--

So this time, why should oneself believe them?

A gust of wind blew up from the Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff and kept blowing around Gu Qingshan.

Suddenly, a line of small fireflies quickly jumped out and appeared in the Void:

"On this scepter, the spirit connected with you is about to appear."

"It is a special spiritual skill. It comes from an apostle in the four saint pillars. He stores the past situation in the scepter. When certain specific skills are applied to the scepter, the past Spirit skills will be revealed."

Can this be the case?

Specific skills...Isn’t it Qianyuan Calling Spirits? If you push it down like this, then it’s the person who does all this--

Gu Qingshan was thinking, only a familiar voice soon sounded from the scepter:

"The future Great Desolate Xiantian Saint, when you hear my voice, I guess the final battle is about to come."

The smoke rising from the Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff condensed in the air, turning into a man silhouette.

Qin Xiaolou.

It's just that he is wearing a peculiar set of Battle Armor, and his body is also extraordinary.

——This is Great Desolate age's him!

I saw Qin Xiaolou's eyes fall in front of Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff, and continued:

"Maybe you are wondering why the Great Desolate Saints are hiding, to be honest--"

"This is my idea."

Gu Qingshan looked at him quietly.

Qin Xiaolou stretched out his hand and wiped it behind his back, and the Void suddenly changed and turned into a vast universe.

"Among all eras, the four strongest eras appear in the long river of history. Their names have been obliterated in the primal chaos. We only call them earth, water, fire and wind.

"In their most powerful era, no era can replace them, and sometimes even Apocalypse can't completely destroy them."

"The four eras have their own unique characteristics, but if you want to say that the most powerful era is, it must be the era Civilization represented by Saint Pillars of Fire."

Behind Qin Xiaolou, billions of stars began to circulate rapidly, gradually turning into an Earth surrounded by stars.

On that Earth, sentient beings established Civilization and gradually became stronger.

This Civilization era has gone through countless attempts and explorations along the way, studied various side forces, and achieved outstanding achievements in it.

Qin Xiaolou showed nostalgia and said: "In the age of fire era, we believe that the most powerful force comes from the law of karma. Therefore, we started to develop full strength magical techniques such as law of karma, and finally let It has reached the level of'strange'."


"Apocalypse is here."

On the vast Earth, everything began to drift away, turning into flying fragments.

Countless sentient beings don't even have the power to resist, and they are directly turned into powder.

Qin Xiaolou said: "Because of our cultivation law of karma, our strength is far surpasses any era, so we are not that absolutely does not have the power to fight back. At this time, a new situation appears, which inspires us to fight against Apocalypse Confidence."

I saw the depths of the sky full of stars, lines after lines of golden waterfall appeared.

one silhouette dropping from the sky.

——That is a little girl in a fancy dress.

She led many experts who mastered the law of karma to calm the invasion of Apocalypse.

Qin Xiaolou said: "This is the innate Saint born of countless mystery in the primal chaos. She stands on the same line with us to fight against Apocalypse."

"I remember her often saying that Apocalypse shouldn't happen."

Gu Qingshan's body shook.

The appearance of Apocalypse is not the original intention of primal chaos!

This is really an amazing secret!

Qin Xiaolou showed a hint of bitterness at the corner of his mouth, raised his hand and shook it lightly.

In a split second, all the sights behind him completely disappeared.

"I guess you must want to know the ending of that primal chaos Saint."

"—She was destroyed."

"Together with our era, she was completely destroyed by some hidden power."


"When the Great Desolate era started, as one of the past Four Saints apostles, I already knew that waiting for the primal chaos Saint to descend on this road would not work."

"The other three apostles also agree with me."

"Their age and primal chaos also lowered the proxy of will, but there is no way to resist era's destruction."

"This is really frustrating and hopeless."

"Later, when the Great Desolate era came, we had a premonition together."

"——The real end is coming."

"After the Great Desolate, there will be no more people."

"In order to find the truth and prevent sentient beings from going to destruction again, our four apostles desperately preached in the Great Desolate age, spreading all the subtle knowledge of the past era, and helping the Great Desolate era achieve the Supreme Earth Position."

"——After all, this is the era of primal chaos, it represents the last chance of all life!"

"We made a lot of preparations, but when the demon appeared...we were desperate."

"Evil... cannot be defeated. They seem to specifically restrain the existence of all sentient beings."

"At the most desperate moment, our four apostles put aside all their opinions and exchanged secrets frankly."

"We found that we have all been helped by primal chaos Saint. They came from Eternal Destruction, but they fought side by side with us and left a mark on our destiny..."

"If we devote our full strength and merge our imprints together, we may bring different help to Great Desolate age's primal chaos."

The screen reappeared.

Buzhou Mountain appears behind Qin Xiaolou.

Four silhouettes fell on the top of Buzhou Mountain, one after another drew a golden waterfall from the hand and merged them together.

"We know that Great Desolate has a chance. It has the opportunity to avoid immediate destruction and turn into Six Paths of Samsara."

"Too many secrets, too many fights, countless combats and conspiracies, I am afraid that there is no time to tell you in detail, but we have preserved those Saints and returned the gift of primal chaos to us again——"

"It will be gestated in Buzhou Mountain until one day in the future."

"Those primal chaos Saints who have helped us, their last obsessiveness will be turned into a primal chaos soldier, with you."

"There are two nodes here."

"One, will you start Six Paths of Samsara? If you really do this step, then what we did will make sense."

"Secondly, to be safe, we will separate this weapon from its power."

"In the future, if we are still alive and you still have the power to fight, you will definitely come to the Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff and see this scene."

"If both nodes are satisfied-you will get the complete one."

Qin Xiaolou smiled and said firmly: "This is the last battle. Please stand with us again together."

His silhouette disappeared.


The entire Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff suddenly dispersed, turning into magnificent golden rays of light, and flew behind Gu Qingshan.

Seems to feel something, and Six Worlds Divine Mountain Sword suddenly appeared.

"Young Master!"

Shan Nu's panic voice sounded from the long sword.

I saw layers of gold flowing around her around the body, making her look like an existence from infinite years.

"It's okay, accept it." Gu Qingshan whispered.

The golden light surrounded Shan Nu's body like layers of flames, and finally submerged in her forehead.

She disappeared temporarily.

long sword flickering, finally hovering motionless.

An unprecedented force began to boil in the sword body.

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