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Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 2147


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Endless spots of blazing light radiate from the long sword.

The sword body gradually emerged one after another golden Rune. These Rune Gu Qingshan had never seen it before, but every time Rune appeared, the long sword all around showed countless natural phenomena.

After a few breaths.

A golden long sword with sharp light and radiance appeared in front of Gu Qingshan.

“Shan Nu?”

Gu Qingshan tentatively called out.

There is no response from long sword.

Gu Qingshan immediately became unable to hold back, and he stretched out his hand and grasped the long sword in his hand.

In a split second, all natural phenomena disappear completely.

All the breath on the long sword is cut off and turned into a stone sword.

The rows of fireflies pop up quickly:

“You got this sword again.”

“This sword has cut off all breath and fell into a deep sleep state until it is awakened by an apostle who has mastered the power of primal chaos.”

“This sword has the four Divine Ability of Six Worlds Divine Mountain Sword, and the new Divine Ability:”


“secret key.”

“Wind and smoke.”

“…This sequence has only explored so much. The specific situation requires you as Apocalypse to wake up the long sword before you can learn the details.”

Gu Qingshan read it carefully and understands it.

——This is a sword belonging to primal chaos.

The apostle who masters the power of primal chaos is the oneself of Apocalypse.

The sword must be held by oneself who is Apocalypse before Shan Nu can be awakened again.

As oneself of sentient beings, there is no right to awaken this sword.

Gu Qingshan held his breath for a moment, and whispered: “Fei Yue.”

As soon as the void moved, countless currents emerged.

Feiying appeared in front of him with an extremely dignified face, and said: “The weight of my experience destiny–as if the destiny of all sentient beings in the entire Void has been crushed on my body.”

Gu Qingshan sighed and said: “There is no way, now the only thing I can trust is you, and only you can go to the future and give this sword to another me.”

Feiying showed anxiety and shook his head: “Only with my own strength, I have no confidence in sending this sword to the future safely.”

Gu Qingshan slowly nodded.

Vaguely, he also felt that this time sending Six Worlds Divine Mountain Sword to the future is an extremely critical step, and there is no room for the slightest difference.

Feiying looked at him and whispered: “Qingshan, now you have no power at all. It is extremely remarkable to be able to do so many things, but in this situation, it is better to call the other half of you back to this moment. , Hold this sword.”

Gu Qingshan shook his head and said: “In the primal chaos, the past secret is hidden. If the other half of me returns, we will not be able to clearly understand the truth in primal chaos.”

Feiying worried: “In case that Insect Devil gets out, with your current strength, only destruction will end. Have you thought about it.”

Gu Qingshan looked at her and said: “Fei Yue…you think I only have the Foundation Establishment period…so I’m afraid I will be killed by the evil demon, right?”

Feiying nodded.

Gu Qingshan leaned over her ear and whispered: “The cultivation base is just a real bait, in fact it is outside the cultivation base-do you think I really have no power?”

Feiying is a little confused, can’t help but look at him:

“According to the law of laws, when you return to the closed loop, you must lose all your strength, don’t you?”

“That’s it, but the power that brought me back crossed over is always in my body.”

Gu Qingshan has a profound way.

Unconsciously, Feiying relaxed, and even a little more emotion.

This person.

No one knows how deep he is, let alone how many methods he has.

But what he has been doing is to save and protect.

Such a man…

“…I believe you do have some unknown power,” her eyes wandered back and forth on the contours of his face, and continued: “–for example, let me like you all at once.”

Gu Qingshan couldn’t answer the conversation immediately.

Feiying smiled and took the initiative to pull the topic back, saying: “Time is urgent, I am going to see my other half of you in the future. If you have any means to keep me safe, please use it.”

Gu Qingshan settled down, took a step forward, and looked down at Feiying.

“Fei Yue, do you believe me?” Gu Qingshan asked softly.

Feiying lowered his eyes and said: “If not, why have I been by your side.”

—— Ceremony is complete!

Following the other party’s words, Gu Qingshan gently touched his hand to the center of the opponent’s forehead.

“I thought for a long time, now there is only one kind of power suitable for you.”

I saw a battle flag quietly appearing behind him, exuding bursts of gorgeous Radiance.

Some power followed his fingers, and instantly fell into Feiying’s eyebrows.

Just listen to him softly: “Then, I wish you good luck.”

A line of small fireflies quickly appeared in Void:

“Although the power of the soul artifact of the four saint pillars is injected into the War God Interface, it still has the original power.”

“As God of Earth, you buff the power of God of Earth coin for your followers.”

“She won ‘True Luck’.”

“Time limit: twelve hours.”

“She got the Shelter of God of Earth, got your power buff, and named it: the body of the earth.”

“The body of myriad creations of all sentient beings should come out unscathed, just like Earth.”

Feiying immediately noticed.

She raised her hand, only to see Destiny Thread emerge from her arm, showing joy and liveliness.

“All the laws related to destiny are cheering for me, countless spiritual and aspect worlds are hidden in me around the body, ready to help me at any time…”

She couldn’t help shouting: “This is True Luck!”

“Shhh.” Gu Qingshan say.

Feiying immediately covered his mouth.

She is the daughter of destiny and reincarnated as a time clan. She naturally knows some mystery in All Worlds.

——Luck is like meat buried under a bowl of rice. Just eat it silently. It should not be promoted everywhere, otherwise it will weaken its power.

Fortunately, all around is Gu Qingshan, the God of Earth.

“This is my most important sword, please be sure to send it to the future.” Gu Qingshan say.

both of his hands holding the stone sword, solemnly held it in front of Feiying.

“I will go now, and I will definitely bring this sword to another you!”

Feiying Road.

She held the stone sword, the figure floated up, her feet turned into long fishtails, and she passed through countless illusory currents with a single move.

She disappeared soon.

Gu Qingshan only paused, and immediately said: “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” The voice of the curtain sounded from behind him.

The two rose into the air, quickly passed through the Void, and flew straight to an unknown place.

The curtain stared in the air for several breaths, and suddenly said: “I found it. Combat started in that direction. It is a fairly wide phase world.”

“Go quickly–even if they have spiritual skills, they will definitely not be able to defeat Nine Faces Insect Devil, we have to go and help immediately!” Gu Qingshan urged.

The two figures flashed, passing through the long Void in an instant, and were about to enter the world of that side.

in a split second, mutation suddenly grows——

Just listen to an angry voice from that life within the realm:

“You angered me!”

bang!! !

The whole phase world began to collapse.

In an instant, the phase world disappeared from the Void, and the Nine Faces Insect Devil reappeared in the dark Void.

The spirits of Dusty World also appeared.

“Huh? It seems to be embarrassed.” Mui said in surprise.

The extremely sacred singing resounded through Void.

I saw the Dance of Sacrifice Lady standing under a beam of light, putting her hands together, as if praying.

Things of white light and shadows are constantly lingering in the air, forming a solemn and sacred ceremony.

——The Sacrifice of Holy Wish!

The Nine Faces Insect Devil was seen by the flying lights and shadows, around the body shattered Rune constantly emerged, and one after another thick smoke was rising from its body.

Gu Qingshan looked at it carefully, and whispered: “It’s a pity that you can’t kill it.”

The next moment.

Insect Devil only saw nine faces, what resistance seems to be made——

A woman appeared quietly and split a fork in the air.


This fork splits coolly and savagely, and Nine Faces Insect Devil immediately followed it!

Its movement was immediately interrupted.

Gu Qingshan looks at the woman–

Leader of Gensokyo Song and Dance Ensemble!

Immediately afterwards, I saw Caifu’s patted hand.

A fatty jumped out of the void.

Gu Qingshan couldn’t help saying: “Fatty! When did he join Dusty World!”

——Speaking of which carefully. Fatty is dead and Dragon Race. If you want to become the spirit of Dusty World, there seems to be no obstacle.

I saw that fatty flew a look at Gu Qingshan, picked up the microphone and sang:

“Go-die -“

Dragon Incantation!

Rune, who only saw Nine Faces Insect Devil around the body, continued to accelerate and corroded, and could almost no longer cover it.

Gu Qingshan’s heart moved.

Can you win this time?

But, can you really kill Nine Faces?

The screen saw the opportunity, and took Lance off his shoulders, shouted.

“I will help them too!”

When he saw his silhouette move, he immediately appeared in front of the nine-faced demons.

Lance bursts with colorful glow, fiercely piercing the Insect Devil body on the nine sides.


Nine Faces Insect Devil erupted with a scream, and suddenly said with a smile: “You can be so proud of you that you can hurt me so much.”

Infinite darkness radiates from its body.

The scene saw the machine very fast, the complexion changed and flew backwards, loudly said: “Don’t touch this thing!”

The spirits had to retreat.

Nine Faces Insect Devil fiercely said: “Combat is over, now all of you are going to die!”

The darkness skyrocketed and attacked everyone.

At the time of crisis, everything in the entire Void came to a standstill.

Behind Gu Qingshan, the battle flag that represents the wind suddenly appeared, waving against the wind, emitting brilliant light and shadow.

A female voice rang from the Void:

“Gu Qingshan, I am here.”

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