All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 520


Chapter 520

Black Dragon Mountain Empire Black Dragon Star.

Black Dragon Star, as the economic center and political center of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, the top nobles and powerhouses of the entire Universe Country are concentrated here.

And today is a very special day.

Because the Black Dragon Star came to a very distinguished guest, the god “dark abyss” of the Imperial Family of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire held a large-scale event in the Imperial Palace to entertain this distinguished guest. , A very high-profile palace banquet!

Eligible for the banquet are the highest ranks of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.

In the Ballroom.

“I heard that the immortal being who came to our Black Dragon Mountain Empire this time is a great character from the Universe Country.”

“So even the Lord of God personally rushed Come to entertain.”

“God host entertains, that person should be the immortal Spiritual God of the feudal lord level.”

The members of the high-level noble family who arrived early, whispered to each other Exchanges and discussions.

At this timeβ€”

“God is here!” A magnificent voice resounded throughout the banquet hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor.

In an instant.

The banquet hall, which was still full of loud discussions, was completely silent in an instant. The elites of the Imperial Family and the great characters of the entire Black Dragon Mountain Empire were all waiting there silently.

I saw one silhouette walking out from the side door of the banquet hall, and the invisible immortal Law fluctuation filled the banquet hall, making the upper-class characters of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire present tremble.

“Meet the Lord!”

Followed by a world lord, he knelt down first.

Immediately, everyone in the entire banquet hall knelt down and shouted loudly, “Meet the Lord.”

The voice echoed in the banquet hall.

A tall immortal, with luxurious dark golden robes, long white as snow hair, smiling, and the whole person is as dazzling as the sun.

This is the founding emperor of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, the god of the dark abyss family!

dark abyss!

The immortal Spiritual God who controls the supreme power of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire!

According to legend, he already has the battle strength of the feudal lord level, but his merits are not enough, and he is not an unknown person in the entire Ganwu Universe Country.

“Today, I am very happy.” Dark Abyss smiled, but his voice echoed in the banquet hall.

“It is a great honor for my dark abyss to come to our Black Dragon Mountain empire because of Lord Stanko of Universe Country!”

The dark abyss looked down, and the grand voice had a hint of joy.

Beside him, the white haired old man in dark golden robes is slightly bowed and smiling.

Stanko, is one of the eighteen great generals under the Lord of the Witch, and is also an immortal Spiritual God of the feudal lord. His identity came to the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, and naturally he needed dark abyss to personally greet him and accompany him. .

But no one noticed that among Stanko’s entourage, several men wearing dark armor completely shrouded their faces.

In the banquet hall, Luo Feng looked a little boring. At this time, the first round genius battle was over. He successfully became one thousand of the whole Universe Country, and was the Seeded Contestant of Number One. A favorable contender for five talents.

Being invited to this banquet, naturally no one dared to despise him, and even all the young nobles tried their best to cater to him and tout him, but it was still difficult for him to fit into such an atmosphere.

He had never been to a banquet since the beginning of Cultivation, and seemed extremely unsuited to the environment at this time.

“Ai, I should have refused it if I knew it earlier!”

“What are you thinking? The request of your hometown Universe Country, and the great character of the Ganwu Universe Country will come, maybe it is Why don’t you go to the team leader of the Cosmic Talent Tournament and get to know you in advance?”

“Network connections are very important. p>

Luo Feng nodded, he knew what Babata said was right, a banquet that had reached the level of immortality, specially sent an invitation letter for a guy of Stellar Rank, reasonable in every circumstance he could not refuse.

On the other side, ‘Peton’ quietly looked at Luo Feng, who was nominally his current countryman.

“Your Highness, are you going to see this genius?” A man in black armor opened the mouth and said.

“Wait a minute, call him here.”


In the Universe Country, a huge ship.

“My lord, I found a suspected target and mixed in with Stanko’s team.”

“Where’s the guard next to you?”

“Not sure.”

The man was not angry when he heard the words, he was just nodded, and it was already a very difficult thing to be able to lock the target’s identity.

If it weren’t for the news from the clan before, they used the entire organization to bury the dark web and monitor them from time to time. Even the location of the other party might be difficult to confirm.

“Let’s go, solve this matter quickly.” The man’s voice was decisive, he was holding a certain death mind.

And as long as he can complete the task, even if he dies, he has a chance to be resurrected by the great character Space-Time Reversal in the clan, and even go further.



A tall Boundary Lord walked towards Luo Feng: “Is that Mr. Luo Feng?”

“Yes, Lord Boundary Lord.” Luo Feng hurriedly saluted.

The world lord smiled and said, “Sir, my lord, please come over.”

Luo Feng is a little puzzled, their lord?

That one Isn’t the immortal god general communicating with the god lord? He has already seen it in the god lord’s introduction before.

The other party was also very kind to him, the genius in the universe, and claimed that he participated in the genius battle before the 100,000 Era and was finally cultivated by Great Influence.

With doubts in his heart, Luo Feng followed the world master to a side hall.

Saw a young man surrounded by a group of face-covered black armor guards.

In an instant, Luo Feng thought of the black armored man in Stanko’s entourage just now.

Is this also immortal?

Is there any immortality in Lord Stanko’s followers?

“has seen the Lord?” Luo Feng was puzzled, and still saluted respectfully.

‘Peton’ smiled slightly: “little fellow, I know you are confused, but I have nothing to do with Stanko, I have a special status, this time was covered by Stanko’s entourage.”

Listening to the other party’s disrespectful words towards Stanko, Luo Feng heart startled, is it still a great character that surpasses Stanko.

At this moment, ‘Peton’ seemed to notice something, and pointed at Luo Feng slightly, said with a smile: “little fellow, you intelligent life don’t casually watch the powerhouse.”


In Luo Feng’s mind, Babata’s voice was a little terrified. He just felt the extreme evil in the world just under the other’s finger.

“Luo Feng, be more respectful, this is a super powerhouse, I don’t know how much stronger than Nastanko, and even the king I told you about the teacher wasn’t so scary.”


Luo Feng quickly apologized: “Sorry, my lord, I’m smart…”

‘Peton’ shook his head: “Okay, it’s not a major event, just pay attention. “

“By the way, you are going to participate in the second round genius battle soon, right?”

Luo Feng nodded: “Yes, sir.”

“I look at your video, it’s good, perform well, and hopefully you can break into the top five in the universe.”

“Your Cultivation law of time and space, when the time comes, if you choose secret technique, I suggest you choose “” “Introduction to Time and Space”.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Luo Feng left the side hall in a daze, he still didn’t understand.

“Babata, what’s the matter with this lord?”

Babata also showed the appearance of a little devil and shook his head: “I saw this guy just now and thought I saw it. One of your seniors, their looks are really similar, but your senior is obviously not so strong.”

“senior? You mean the one from the Earth Alliance?”

“Yeah, that’s the guy.” Barbata’s voice was a little angry, he was not a big-hearted person, he still remembered Peyton’s compulsion.

Luo Feng is also nodded, he doesn’t know much about that senior, and the other party’s information is top secret.

He has only heard some rumors from Babata. It is said that he is also a super genius, who came out of Earth first and got a lot of benefits from Babata.

It is said that this senior is also quite powerful in the universe. In recent years, the Earth Alliance has become more and more prosperous, and more and more Earth people are connected with the universe. They have not been invaded by any outsiders. A bit of senior credit.

But they have never met.

After thinking for a while, he found a nobleman he had seen before. This is the child of a world lord. In the first round genius battle, the two had fought against each other and had a certain friendship.

“Hah, Locke.”

“What’s the matter, lunatic?”

“I want to ask you something.”

“What news?”

“A news about senior in my hometown.”

The young man was obviously taken aback when he heard the words: “Don’t you know?”

“What should I know?” Luo Feng was also a little confused.

Laughing at Luo Feng’s expression, Locke said, “It seems to be a misunderstanding. I thought you were taught by the one who is also proficient in the laws of time and space.”

“But I can’t talk nonsense about the news about that person, and I don’t know much. This is all top-secret information, and it is said that immortals can’t investigate at will.”

“I can only Let me reveal to you that he is a super genius. My father witnessed his rise with his own eyes. He is also a world master. His strength even surpasses some immortals. It is said that he has been apprenticed by a super powerhouse. If you are in The genius battle has performed well, and maybe there is a chance to meet.”

Luo Feng was a little stunned, world master, immortal?

This is my senior, doesn’t it mean that this is the same period as Thor and Hong, just a few decades older than me?

“Impossible, why is that guy so evil?” Babata was also flustered and exasperated.

“Babata, how did my senior improve so quickly?” Luo Feng asked in his heart.

Babata coldly snorted: “Who knows where that guy came from? He had extraordinary strength when he came to see me, otherwise I wouldn’t have given him that information easily.

At the time, I was still smug about this ignorant guy. He made rapid progress, but he had insufficient background, and he was bound to miss the genius battle and powerhouse battle, who knows…”

Luo Feng Subconsciously, nodding: “It turns out that this senior was very strong at the beginning. After seeing Hong, they are not the first echelon. Of course they are not the laboratory members of this first echelon guy. There are many guys who surpass Hong in the Disciple.”

“But as Earth entered the universe, these guys also went out. Although Hong and these people are also geniuses, they have always kept Earth, and they are not good enough. A lot.”

Luo Feng nodded, some already have a super genius in his heart, who has reached the image of Earth senior at the level of the world leader.

“Luo Feng, have you noticed the point, just now that Locke said that the world master has an immortal battle strength, do you know what this concept is?”

“This is the most outstanding evildoer in the entire universe. It is definitely not a Super Great Influence training. Since you may see it after the genius battle, it should be a virtual universe company. This guy’s status has surpassed your teacher.”

“Anyway, it’s your senior. You can visit one or two more in the future, and maybe you can get some benefits.” Babata’s small eyes turned and turned.

Luo Feng was a little dumbfounded, and asked: “Then the adult in the exhibition hall just now is the senior of my countryman? You don’t mean that they look alike, and that great character also said his identity. Special…”

“Impossible!” Babata directly interrupted Luo Feng’s words.

“Even if that guy is a monster, Cultivation will take time, how long does it take?”

“The great character just now was at least a king-level powerhouse, and that guy is still It’s far from bad.”

“But this great character might have something to do with your senior, otherwise a king powerhouse wouldn’t come to see you specially.”

“So, that guy is indeed powerful and powerful now, then Luo Feng, you should make good use of this relationship… strive for a good ranking in the genius competition, enter the Great Influence in the future, and have a senior to cover… …” Barbata kept saying.

Luo Feng shook his head and said nothing.

But suddenly knowing that Earth is standing behind such a powerhouse, he was still pleasantly surprised.

In recent years, he has seen some indigenous planets whose families have been destroyed and even sold as slaves. Earth has such a background, and he is very happy in his heart.

Babata said it well, and he can be regarded as a backer.

In the banquet hall, dark abyss and the white haired old man Stanko next to him had a good conversation.

Suddenly, he felt a powerful Divine Force passing over them.

dark abyss eyes are cold, shouted: “impudent!”


The power of immortality quickly diffuses out, and almost instantly strikes directly to the Imperial Palace outside.

With his ability, it is easy to find that there are three huge Law Auras hidden above the imperial palace, which are the three immortal Spiritual Gods!

The dark abyss sneered instantly turned into a green rainbow light and directly broke the top of the banquet hall. The building materials on the top of the banquet hall seemed to be incinerated and turned into nothingness. When the green rainbow light broke through the banquet hall The moment of the roofβ€”β€”

The black sledgehammer flashed with dazzling golden light, suddenly appearing in front of the green rainbow light.

It seems that the surrounding space is completely enveloped, it feels as if the sky is falling down, and the terrifying pressure makes dark abyss not have the confidence to resist.

“King level!!”


God Lord dark abyss complexion greatly changed, screamed and waved his right Fist, as if wearing a mesh glove on the fist.

Stanko also has a complexion greatly changed, picked up his Divine Item, shot with a bang, and faced the king-level powerhouse, the two of them will have a chance to survive together.

The three collided instantly!

Before the impact, neither the black hammer nor the fist of the dark abyss caused any other fluctuations. It was obviously an incomparable condensation of energy, but at the moment of contactβ€”


The moment where the fist and the black hammer hit, it seems that a dazzling sun was born, and the terrifying high temperature caused by the impact alone will cause the surrounding space distortion!

The shock wave generated by the collision of the incomparably powerful immortal force, first of all, the banquet hall below was directly destroyed in an instant… Those imperial nobles and Imperial Family elites shouted in horror, and they were directly swept away by the aftermath of the powerful immortal power.

Blocked by an invisible energy, the Shadowfall King, who has been hidden in the shadows, shows a silhouette.

He stared at the battle in the air with dreadful eyes.

He had realized that this was an assassination against their highness.

(End of this chapter)

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