All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 521


Chapter 521

King Shadowfall has sharp eyes, staring straight ahead, staring at the few people fighting.

The most notable of them is a man with silver hair and golden eyes, wearing a gorgeous black robe, a powerful Law Aura rippling, and the surrounding space is faintly twisted and vibrated.

Proclaimed king!

He was fighting the two immortals, Dark Abyss and Stanko, to lose in a row, and the immortal body lost a lot.

Observing the immortality of this king, King Shadowfall knew in his heart,

This is a Human Race king-class, but it has an alien aura. Obviously, this is a human race. the existence of slavery.

There are still people in the dark… Shadowfall King judges in his heart.

He looked around cautiously, without the slightest hesitation, a trace of consciousness quickly connected to the virtual universe, directly contacting the powerhouse of Qianwu Universe Country, requesting a shot.

Now only one king is revealed, and the rest of the powerhouse are hidden in the dark. Although he is not afraid, he must consider the protection of His Royal Highness.

“You guys, go and help!” Shadowfall King glanced at the black-armored guards beside him, opened the mouth and said.


Several black armored soldiers beside ‘Peton’ burst into strength, and in an instant, four immortal breaths burned on the edge of the battlefield.

Feeling these four auras, dark abyss was overjoyed: “I’ll take action together!”


“This is the territory of my Human Race , the foreigners dare to be arrogant here!” An imposing manner reached the immortal black-armored person shouted in a deep voice.


Dazzling rays of light were placed all over his body instantly, just like a star, with the three immortals around him, several majestic breaths instantly fell from the sky, the powerful Law The fluctuation froze the space.

Several dashed towards the ruins like lightning!

“Foreigners, die!”


In an instant, several joined forces to resist the immortal, terrifying shock wave of the immortal power, Continue to wreak havoc again on the cluster of palaces.

The aftermath was blocked by the Shadowfall King.

“His Royal Highness, you go first.” go.

In another instant, a seal formed in his hand, and in the blink of an eye, all the Avatars disappeared one by one, completely disappearing into the void, completely disappearing.

“Sure enough, it’s you, Shadowfall King.”

The king’s face changed, and he wanted to stop those Avatars and be stopped by dark abyss and the others.

“Fuck me!”

Speaking of him, he suddenly punched,


Cosmic space Tearing creates huge cracks, space fragments form space turbulence, followed by… a more powerful golden light comes directly!

“Ah!” dark abyss a howl of pain.


A golden light slid across Dark Abyss’s waist instantly, and Dark Abyss’s body was directly cut into two halves. The golden light was like hot molten lava. Splashed on dark abyss’s broken body, making a choking sound of “chi chi chi”.

“Damn aliens,” dark abyss looked hideous, and the roar filled with endless resentment echoed in the air.

At this moment, most of his immortal body was damaged.

The rest of the people weren’t much better either. In this blow, although Dark Abyss suffered major damage, their Everlasting Divine Body was also injured in this terrifying attack.

“hmph Humph, Peyton Adolf, how can these weaklings stop me.”

“King of Shadowfall, you can’t stop me either!”

“Where to flee?”

The voice sounded, and the King Feng powerhouse stood in front of King Shadow Fall almost instantly.


dark abyss screamed instantly, turning pale.

It turned out to be a king-level immortal who was already able to teleport.

The immortal Spiritual Gods who can cast teleportation are mostly the Kings Peak, and there are a few high-level powerhouses with a high sense of law!

At this moment, dark abyss can also see that the goal of this king was never himself.

The key is Peyton Adolph, the king-level powerhouse escort who is hiding in Stanko’s entourage.

Peton Adolph?

dark abyss is very familiar with this name. After all, it is a super genius who was born in the Universe Country of Black Dragon Island, and was also accepted as Disciple by the legendary Lord of Chaos.

High status.

I didn’t see that even the guards beside him had three immortal army masters, an immortal prince, and a king-level existence.

“Stanko? We…” dark abyss asked carefully.

Stanko coldly snorted: “Don’t think about escaping, this one has an accident, and none of us can escape.”

Indeed, that is the Disciple of the Lord of Primal Chaos City, Even if the Lord of Primal Chaos City will not bullied the weak, if you ask the Disciple of the Lord of Primal Chaos City, or even his disciples, it is a large powerhouse of king-level, who will not let them go.

“If you can protect it, you will have a lot of credit.” dark abyss clenched the teeth, nodded.

Several black armors are immortal, and they all want to participate in the battlefield without the slightest hesitation.

The King of Shadowfall shook his head, warning the surrounding, opened the mouth and said “You block the rest of the immortals, this king, I will deal with it.”

“Yes. !”

Dark abyss heart relaxed, also taking into account the injuries that had to be immortalized, teamed up with Stanko and the other four immortals to directly surround the two immortals.


Six Glory kept fighting around two Glory, under the siege of three Immortal Spiritual Gods and three Immortal Spiritual Gods , these two immortals can’t parry at all!

The King of Shadowfall also locked the king in front of him: “It’s up to you, you dare to assassinate.”


In an instant, Thousands of lights and shadows flashed by, completely threatening the immortality of this king.


In an instant, I felt the loss of more than 10% of my immortal body, this immortal complexion greatly changed: “Damn, shadow Fallen King.”

“hmph, this seat has been on the battlefield of Foreign Domain for countless years, and I will cut you with no difficulty.”

An immortal who is close to King Peak, the King of Shadow Falls has the slightest Not paying attention, many people just noticed his life-saving and guarding ability.

But he ignored him as the King of Shadow Fall. Cultivation “Wanying Secret Art” is also an existence close to the limit of being a king.

Under the Venerable, the highest battle strength may not be as invincible as those kings, but ordinary kings, whether they are high or Peak, are not in his eyes.

It was another Myriad Shadows Mystery Devouring. With a wave of his hand, this Immortal King Feng had lost nearly half of his body, and he was about to fall completely.

But suddenly, a voice sounded.

“Avatars are thousands of thousands, such a Wanying Secret Art.”

“It is said that you can save your life and genius in the hands of Venerable, but this time you can’t stop it. ”

Boomβ€”β€”A terrifying silhouette emerged in the starry sky of vast and boundless, the mighty Law Aura soared into the sky, and the cosmic pressure that shook the universe was rippling everywhere.

Silver scales grow on his face, silver’s long hair is flowing, and golden’s eyes seem to be condensed with golden’s blade light.

Although just standing there, it exudes a sharp aura that can cut through the stars of the universe!

The King of Shadowfall suddenly changed his face. When he saw this mysterious powerhouse with his own eyes… a strong crisis appeared in his heart!

Dangerous! Danger!

Even a look is very terrifying!

The limit of being a king is close to the invincible existence.

His Royal Highness Peyton…

The other party’s intentional assassination made him a little worried about his Avatar method, so he couldn’t hide it from the other party’s vision.

“Master, save me!” The immortal king was shouted, and this immortal was obviously the puppet of the alien powerhouse that suddenly appeared.

The King of Shadowfall also has a facial expression grave, and various secret shadows are differentiated, completely strangling this king immortal.

At this moment, he has already investigated the other party’s information.

The Soul Eater of the insect race faction!

The battle strength of the king’s limit, good at soul attack.

Dark abyss and the others also changed their faces suddenly, and the king’s limit battle strength… What is this concept?

As long as anyone who has been on the battlefield of Foreign Domain understands that this is the real top battle strength, there is an existence that can compete with Venerable.

How is that possible?

How could such a powerhouse appear!

Stanko face revealed a bitter smile, these aliens… In order to kill the genius, even such a powerhouse was dispatched.

At the same time, there was some despair in his heart, and he knew they couldn’t stop it.

How can they resist such a powerhouse shot?

“Soul Eater, I’ve already notified the lord of the kingdom. Is it too late to flee now?”

“Hmph? Go back.”

“You all have to stay here today.”

At this moment, misty rays of light lit up in the surrounding starry sky, and silk swayed in the surrounding space at the same time. Ripples, and the huge backs of each and everyone are quite discernible.

A huge golden insect race warrior flew out from it, densely packed, and dazzling beams of light erupted from the golden insect race warrior one by one.

The appearance of these golden insect race warriors is mainly divided into two categories, one is similar to a humanoid, with a height of about 30 meters, the whole body is composed of countless armors, with beetle-like wings, and the eyes are similar to dragonfly compound eyes.

The other type is “skinny”, about 100 meters high, with a slightly bent body like a hunchback, with eyes all over its head and body, with hundreds of pairs of eyes, and a long back. With over a hundred pairs of wings.


The starry sky becomes a golden ocean, and the breath it emits shakes the surrounding space.

“Divine Kingdom teleportation, immortal-level insert race warrior, did not see the insert race mother nest!”

“Fortunately there is no insect mother.”

Yes An army of insect races and an army of insect races without a female insect are completely different concepts.

Whether it is wisdom or violent soldiers, after all, the key to the flow of violent soldiers is always the commander.

When he sees the hideous silhouette in the misty rays of light, a The immortals have sharp eyes and quickly judge the situation.

What’s the price?

All immortals are shocked.

For a genius, why did it come to this?

A Soul Eater King with the ultimate battle strength feels that it is not safe enough, and there are still a large number of immortal insert race warriors… This is an immortal insert race warrior, even if there is no mother emperor coming, use it to do it Cannon fodder can also completely devour the battlefield.

They all believed that such a battle was used to besiege Venerable.

The King of Shadowfall doesn’t think it’s exaggerated at all. These people don’t have enough authority, and they don’t understand the genius of their highness. This is a peerless monster who broke into the 22nd floor of the Heaven Connecting Bridge at the world master level.

It is normal for an unprecedented existence, even if a digital Venerable siege is dispatched.

However, at this time, the Shadowfall King was a little weak. With such a large number of immortal insect races, no matter how many Avatars he had, he would be weak.


β€œEscape, let me all escape! Quick! Quick!”

β€œWant to escape?”

The Shadowfall King loudly shouted, and quickly escaped into the void.

The Soul Eater sneered, with endless killing intent and madness in his eyes.

“Where to flee?”

His eyes narrowed, and he directly burned the Divine Force, the burning immortal Divine Force, as if a turbulent flood was pouring out continuously, golden’s pupils instantly Form vertical pupils.


Two beams of golden light emitted from the eyes of Soul Eater King, entangled with each other in midair, and immediately countless golden threads lingered, moved towards Shadowfall King’s complete strangulation past.

But I can only see that the body of King Shadow Fall has dissipated.

Soul Eater corner of the mouth raise, I don’t know whether to appreciate or ridicule.

In an instant, thousands of golden insect race warriors with a height of tens of meters, like the legendary gods and demons, opened their mouths, and the sharp glass tube-like mouthparts suddenly appeared dazzling white light.


Thousands of dazzling white beams of light shot out at once, and every hundred beams converged at a certain “point” in the high-altitude void at the same time!


The cosmic space at each point vibrated violently, bursting directly, revealing the terrifying space turbulence.

All kinds of chaotic shatter space, cascading space turbulence surging!

The vibrating cosmic space is like a domino effect, spreading directly in all directions Above the Heavens and Under the Earth!

In an instant, it was as if a supernova erupted, and a huge impact hit all directions. At this time, the extremely terrifying harsh sound really sounded.


Cosmic tremors!

Space Shatter!

It’s like the end of the world!

In the countless shock waves that were sprayed into the four directions of the universe, countless dust ripples, rolling and flying in the universe, being hit by the shock waves.

Amid the billowing dust, Shadow Fall King’s silhouette suddenly appeared, and his entire face was pale.

Just now, he used his real body to resist ‘Peton’

“How did you find out?”

His myriad forms Secret Art, which can be varied and completely integrated with the source of light.

The real body can also escape and change its whereabouts at will between thousands of Avatars.

He was tens of thousands of Avatar before him, covering when Payton left.

However, when Peyton escaped alone, how could he be at ease.

‘Peton’ was actually accommodated by him into his own shadow world.

And all the Avatar is a gimmick, a marker for him to escape.

And at the moment of escaping, his real body carried Peyton of the shadow world, and quickly turned to an Avatar hidden in the depths of the void, completely blending with the source of light and hiding. .

But he didn’t think so, all his actions seemed to have failed to hide the eyes of the person in front of him.

Under a strangulation, the immortal attacks of thousands of insect races completely locked him. If he hadn’t turned the myriad forms Secret Art Cultivation into reality, the move just now would have perished. .

Soul Eater smiled: “Do you think I’ll tell you?”

“King of Shadowfall, you can’t escape.”

“Let’s release Peyton, I also want to see what this super genius of Human Race looks like. .”

The Shadowfall King coldly snorted, his Cultivation myriad forms Secret Art, who once hid his own genius to escape from Venerable’s hands, is also very high-spirited, and will not give up at will.

Although I don’t know what means this Soul Eater King has, he will not give up easily, and he has already contacted support.

Even if it’s delayed, he’ll have to wait until support arrives.

(End of this chapter)

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