All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 523


Chapter 523

Between the flicks of ‘Peton’, time and space changed, and an incredible coercion instantly descended on the surrounding Star Domain, and Diffuse away, the invisible pressure grandiose flooded.

It spreads all over the surrounding Star Domain for several light-years, whether it is the void of the universe or a surrounding Star River,

The place shrouded in time and space is all affected by an impossibility. Resist the bondage!

That’s a complete control over the entire time and space!

Compared with this coercion, the Time Freeze displayed by the previous Hanxing Overlord was nothing.

Faced with such mighty power, the Overlord of the Cold Star is also incomparably small.

Although, under normal circumstances, the number of cream of the crop universe overlords and Lord of Universe in a faction should be similar, and the status is not far behind.

But there is still a huge gap in their battle strength. After the Lord of Universe controls one time and space, it is possible to kill the universe Venerable just by controlling one time and space, even if the existence of the universe overlord is under control One side in time and space is struggling.

Therefore, very few of the overlords of the universe really dare to provoke Lord of Universe and fight against Lord of Universe one-on-one.

The most heaven-defying overlord of the universe would not dare to provoke a weak Lord of Universe without Supreme Treasure.

And the real reason why their status is not far apart is the battle strength of the top universe overlord, which is very close to the Lord of Universe.

And they have an advantage that Lord of Universe doesn’t have – resurrection.

The Lord of Universe can never be resurrected when he dies, but Peak’s universe overlord can be resurrected when he dies, which makes the Peak universe overlord… possess a very special status.

Although Han Xing can’t be called Peak’s cosmic overlord, he has also entered the threshold of overlord. Primal Chaos City Lord can’t help seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again.

A cosmic overlord, more delightful than a few Venerables.

He thought that he might encounter a few Venerables, but unexpectedly caught a big fish.


Feeling this pressure, the overlord of the cold star looked horrified, he knew he had been tricked, and he had already impossible to escape back to the territory of the inspect race

Payton, who came to the news, never showed up.

The so-called Payton is nothing but a superpower incarnate.

Everything is a trap, a trap for these aliens.

And who is this mighty one?

Primal Chaos City Lord!

Feel the incomparable power of time and space ban, don’t think of the second person.

In an instant, the overlord of the cold star was extremely decisive, his eyes were determined, and the Divine Force was burning wildly, not fighting for his life, but committing suicide…

This one is just an Avatar, even if No matter how important, the loss is also the loss.

If the Lord of Primal Chaos City captures him, enslaves his soul, or completely obliterates him along the way, it will be too late!

Resurrection is difficult to resurrect!

‘Peton’ chuckled: “It’s decisive, but, I’ve shot, how can it be so easy?”

a finger pointed, the invisible first layer of time and space completely descended.


In that Boundless Starry Sky, the space-time restraint around the Cold Star Overlord suddenly soared, his consciousness stagnated, and the madly burning Divine Force gradually subsided…



The time and space he belongs to is completely frozen, and his conscious thinking will always exist in that moment.

What is Lord of Universe?

The real Lord of Universe can completely control one time and space, and everything in this space and time is controlled. Through the control of time and space, the opponent can be suppressed, and even Space-Time Reversal can watch the past. Everything that happened, it is not impossible to bring a fallen existence from the past to the present and resurrect it.

Lord of Universe, like the Lord of Primal Chaos City, who majors in the laws of time and space, is not even close to the supreme powerhouse of the universe.

He suppressed it with all his strength, not to mention the overlord of the cold star, even the ordinary Lord of Universe without Supreme Treasure would not feel good.

The Avatar, the Overlord of the Cold Star, originally came with the determination to give up. Naturally, there is no Supreme Treasure to carry, nor any resistance.

‘Peton’ waved his hand and grabbed his body directly.

He exerted his strength slightly, as if an invisible giant grabbed his body and wanted to shatter his entire grip.

The time and space change, and in an instant, the overlord of the cold star is picked up from the long river of time and space, and the incomparable binding force has no room for resistance.

A cold light flashed in the eyes of ‘Peton’, and the invisible consciousness penetrated into the soul of the Overlord of the Cold Star – slavery.

In the Foreign Domain battlefield, it is not easy for him to enslave a universe overlord, and the next moment may be set on fire by several Lord of Universe.

But he accepted the servant who was delivered to the door.

A servant of the overlord of the universe, he is still very happy, constantly weakening the enemy and strengthening himself.

The battle strength of Overlord Level 1 is still very rare.

Soon, a phantom Divine Transformation force penetrated into the mind of the Cold Star Overlord in an instant, and directly attacked his soul without the opponent resisting.

Hanxing Overlord’s body is bounded, his soul trembles violently, and he instinctively rejects this foreign power.


After a while, the Hanxing Overlord’s eyes became extremely respectful, and he moved towards ‘Payton’ salute: “pay respects to Master.”

… …

In the virtual world erected within the insect race.

A faintly discernible, transparent gauze-like insect race queen came to a suspended island.

She looked a little dignified, eager to know what happened?

The Soul Eater is her Soul Servant, and at the moment of her death, she sensed that they had begun to act.

But after a while, she noticed that the soul of the Soul Eater King had fallen, and she didn’t know what happened later.

“Han Xing, what happened in the human territory?”

She descended directly into the Han Xing Overlord’s palace, but there was no one there.

To be precise, the entire great hall was empty, as if it had been looted.

Moving isn’t the case either!

She stopped, with an ominous premonition in her heart.

Soon, a message arrives.

“Han Xing broke out of the territory of the insect race!”

The mother emperor was angry: “Damn! Who shot?”

In such a situation, she Naturally, we understand the cause and effect. There is only one kind of enslavement, and all will rebel regardless of race.

The situation – obviously, they all failed, and Hanxing was captured and enslaved.

Because of being enslaved, I knew that I couldn’t hide it, so I took advantage of the fact that the news had not yet spread, and directly broke out of the territory of the insect race.

As for that, secretly enslaved?

It’s almost impossible and it’s up to the inspect race Lord of Universe.

As an affiliated race, Hanxing will definitely be asked to check his soul, and he will not be able to hide it.

Because of this, after the Lord of Primal Chaos City enslaved the soul of the Overlord of the Cold Star, he did not ask him to hide.

Six Great Peak Races is still very strict with the high-level censorship, not to mention that the Cold Star Overlord has just participated in such a sensitive task, and he is only from a subsidiary race, and will definitely undergo the test of his soul.

“Go on and find out, what was the situation on that day?”

After giving the order, she quickly returned to report the situation to Lord Yucheng, and the follow-up investigation was also carried out. Need this adult to help.


Danwu Universe Country, Black Dragon Mountain Universe Country.

The Lord of Ganwu salutes respectfully to ‘Peton’, or the Lord of Primal Chaos City: “has seen the Lord.”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City nodded: “It’s work.”

“Don’t dare!”

“I thought that the alien murderous intention was decisive, but I didn’t think that everything was expected by adults.” Lord Ganwu complimented.

At the same time, he also thought to himself that this adult really protects his shortcomings.

For the newly received Disciple, he took the initiative to stop fishing.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City laughed: “This time is also a bit beyond my expectations. I thought at most a few Venerable Avatars would start together, but I didn’t think so. /p>

Having said that, the Lord of Primal Chaos City glanced around, and in the starry sky at this time, a large number of immortal insect race warriors had all been wiped out.

The others were in a wonderful state, as if they were in a deep sleep, surrounded by layers of halos emanating from the time-space ban.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City took a look

Gradually… King Tianyi woke up from his slumber.

“Tianyi, I have seen the Lord of Primal Chaos City.”

King Tianyi saluted, his memory is still stuck in the assassination of the Overlord of the Cold Star, using Space-Time Stop, Primal Chaos When the Lord of the City made his move, he fell asleep.

At that time, one of the targets of the Cold Star Overlord was Peyton and the other was him, all of which he suffered from a great soul attack.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City shook his head: “No need to be more polite.”

After saying that, he flicked his finger at the King of Shadowfall, which was destroyed by Divine Physique. an instant, the state of Shadowfall King returns to the way the battle just started.

“many thanks Sir City Lord.”

“I haven’t thanked you for supporting the apprentice yet.”

As he spoke, he looked down all around, watching The few formations that had disappeared, sighed softly.

Although the battlefield of the previous battle was set in the void, the aftermath of the battle of many powerhouses was extremely formidable power, especially the energy eruption and collective attack of the immortal insect race warrior, which caused a space shock storm , and the explosion in the material space, which turned into ashes within a diameter of tens of millions of kilometers, and several stars disappeared completely, including a large number of warriors.

Only the immortal Spiritual God and the world master level survived, but the universe level warriors almost all died.

“You guys go back first, I’m about to cast Space-Time Reversal, don’t stay within my casting range.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City looked around calmly.

The rest of the people are not surprised, Space-Time Reversal, which is originally the exclusive ability of Lord of Universe.

Moreover, all those who fell before were weak, so it wasn’t much of a waste to think about.


It was the Lord of the Witch that lit up, and led them into a streamer to fly to a distant place.

He is also a cosmic Venerable and would like to see such a powerful shot up close.

Whoosh! call! call!

In a certain range of time and space around, time begins to rewind rapidly!

It’s like rewinding a movie, and it’s rewinding at a very fast speed. I see the surrounding scene changing, a powerhouse flying back and forth, and the time and space are beginning to reverse!

Everything seems illusory.


Time just reversed for a moment and then suddenly stopped. In this Space-Time Reversal, the immortal insect race warrior has not yet appeared.


In this reversed time and space, everything is illusory.

Only the silhouette of the stalwart Primal Chaos City is real.

“Sure!” Primal Chaos City’s mind moved.

Instantly lock the stars and lives destroyed by the aftermath of the previous battlefield.

Everything is locked.

“Time and space reversal.”


The time and space around this moment were originally reversed, and quickly began to return.

It’s like pressing down on a spring and it will come back automatically!

Primal Chaos City is the Lord of Universe, mastering the laws of space and time, and Space-Time Reversal is not difficult for him.

Of course, in fact, Lord of Universe’s ability to “master time and space” is also given by Primitive Universe.

If he doesn’t save any of them… then there is no burden on the Lord of Primal Chaos City, but if he wants to resurrect some lives and bring them back from the past time and space to the present normal time and space, then it is necessary to bear that punishment.

In fact, the punishment is for those resurrected beings, but they can’t bear it at all, and can only bear it by the Lord of Primal Chaos City.

Fortunately, the people he wants to resurrect this time are at the Universe level at best, and there are very few domain masters at Level 1.

Most of the planets are apprentice-level, even if there are a lot of them, it is not difficult.

A momentβ€”everything goes back to the way it was before, and people and things are completely the same.

The King of Shadowfall, the King of Heavenly Instruments, and the Lord of Ganwu all sighed when they watched the actions of the Lord of Primal Chaos City.

Lord of Universe, reversing life and death, what a mighty force?

After this battle, King Tianyi had some insight in his heart. After watching the reversal of time and space, this perception was even deeper.

Maybe after I go back, I can find an opportunity for breakthrough Venerable.

The Lord of the Witch originally wanted to witness the mighty power of Lord of Universe with his own eyes, and gained one or two from it. Unfortunately, he is far from this realm, and the harvest is just that.

At this time, on a planet attached to Black Dragon.

Luo Feng looked at that stalwart silhouette, his eyes were burning, his eyes were full of yearning.

In the previous battle, they avoided the aftermath under the support of a world master, and they vaguely witnessed the previous battle from a long distance.

Seeing the movements in the main void of Primal Chaos City, Babata said in astonishment: “Lord of Universe, Luo Feng, the person you just met is Lord of Universe!”

“This is the existence of the Human Race pinnacle, the immortal is divided into ordinary monarchs, the emperor is immortal, the king is immortal, and the Venerable on it is also divided into three levels, after the overlord, and then the Lord of Universe… …”

“This kind of realm can Space-Time Reversal and resurrect life.”

“I thought which one was just a king powerhouse, didn’t expect it to be Lord of Universe, too terrifying!” Babata’s voice was full of amazement, he had never come into contact with such an existence.

It is the universe Venerable, and he has very little contact.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Luo Feng and Luo Feng were in close contact.

“By the way, do you still remember what this adult said to you?”

“Remember in the heart, these and the others’ random pointers, you also It’s very useful.”

Luo Feng nodded, his eyes were full of longing, obviously the battle just now had a great impact on him.

Especially when he saw the means of powerhouse, he was full of yearning.

“Babata, let’s go back, the genius battle is a decisive battle, the master said that I can make it to the top five, and I want to fight for the first place.”

“And that secret technique “Introduction to Time and Space”, I must buy it when I have the opportunity.”

Babata also kept nodding: “Okay, I have ambition, although I heard that Nabolan is difficult to deal with, but I believe in you. “

For Luo Feng’s fighting spirit, he naturally supports it. If Luo Feng can become Lord of Universe one day, then his Old Master can also be resurrected.

(End of this chapter)

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