All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 524


Chapter 524

The vast universe, the territory of Void Insect Clan.

Master Yucheng closed his beautiful eyes and kept thinking in his heart.

The situation that day was too much to watch, with the news of Anzi.

They also figured out everything that happened that day.

“The Lord of Primal Chaos City of aloof and remote actually shot himself?” She was a little stunned.

Facing the Lord of Chaos, such an existence, not to mention Han Xing, is her, without Supreme Treasure, she will inevitably die.

That is the Peak existence that is recognized as the closest to the supreme powerhouse, standing at the apex of the Primitive Universe.

The ordinary Lord of Universe should try to avoid such murderers as much as possible.

“But what is it about being so fond of this new Disciple? Deliberately letting an Avatar fish.”

“Or, simply doesn’t have this person?” Her eyes suddenly opened and flickered. With a sharp edge.

The news of the so-called super genius Peyton Adolph is constantly pondering in my mind.

Indigenous people who have never participated in the genius battle, went through seven Trial Pagodas, the 22nd floor Heavenspan Pagoda, and worshipped the master of Primal Chaos City.

Many kinds of things add to their will to kill.

Several alien races regard him as a genius comparable to or even beyond Kodi, and must be killed.

Also gives the Chaos Lord a chance to fish!

But does this Payton really exist?

Will it be a trap from the very beginning?

The Lord of Yucheng quietly asked himself?

Could this be a trap deliberately set by the Lord of Primal Chaos City after Kodi’s death?

After all, the Trial Pagoda challenge is not a genius battle, powerhouse battle, it is completely controlled by the virtual universe company, they want to cheat it is easy…

Even if there is such a genius, there has been The example of Kodi, with the wisdom of the Lord of Primal Chaos City, may have been hidden long ago.

The more you think about it, the more suspicious it becomes.

If it really is a virtual super genius, attracting the attention of all of them, and even causing a cosmic overlord…

The consequences are really unacceptable.

The Lord of Yucheng had to consider whether everything was really what she thought.

Everything is planned by the Lord of Chaos, and it targets a wider range.

“Continue to check, check clearly, start from the source of Peyton…”

“At the same time, inform the Anzi in the Human Race Xinjiang, all hidden and come, ten thousand Within a year, don’t take action, including the next genius battle, let the rest of the great aliens do it.”

The mother emperor of the insert race on the side heard the words and hurriedly said yes.

What did the master of Yucheng think again, opened the mouth and said: “Spread the news of Peyton and tell the other tribes that Human Race even his teacher personally guards this super genius. , let them continue to test for us.”


Primal Chaos City, in front of the Chaos Monument.

Peton’s consciousness was completely immersed in the world of the red moon.

The origin and law of the snake, which is unique to the world, is constantly evolving, and it seems that it wants to present the tenth Chaos Monument completely.

This tenth Chaos Monument is just an origin, but it seems to contain the Profound Truth of Space-Time of Perfection Level, and it has been difficult to completely evolve.

Peyton is not in a hurry, he didn’t even fully understand the seventh picture, it’s still early!

He continued to comprehend the essence of the seventh picture, from which he had already comprehended many essences, even the Profound Truth of Space-Time in 18,000.

But he always felt that the catalogue was still unfinished, as if the key to the catalogue had never been clear comprehension.

Looking at the image of the beast god, he gradually had more feelings in his heart.

“Time, space, macro, micro… Chaos.”

All kinds of essences emerge completely, but Peyton always feels that he and the key mystery in the dark are still in the dark. The difference is a piece of film, and it will be broken when you poke it.

If the First Heavenly Layer land is broken, the seventh picture will not be blocked.

The many mysteries of Venerable Level 1 open their doors to him.

“I am in the world of the red moon, touching the essence, and even I can touch the essence of development at a higher level, but the world outside is not the world of the red moon after all…”

For a moment, A single thought came to Peyton’s mind that he might have found his problem.

He may have gone too high!

Under the management of the red moon world and the supreme method, an important level was skipped directly.

Exit the Red Moon world and take another look at the Chaos Monument in front of you. Many of the essences in it are obvious at a glance.

At the moment when he touched the essence, he seemed to notice a difference.

“Yes, this is the teacher’s way, deconstructing time and Space Source Law from a macro perspective, this is the principle of “chaos”.”

“Not Space Law , the principle of Time Law.”

“In the end, this is the teacher’s chaotic way!”

Peton silently put the Third Layer in “Yantian Secret Art” A lot of secret techniques, and this “chaotic” rare beast diagram confirm each other, and suddenly it is clear.

The origin he touched in the Red Moon world was profound, but it was not the way of chaos.

The Dao is not a simple law. Near Daoist, the law is him.

He is the law, the law is him, it sounds the same, but there is a huge difference.

Time and space are not chaos after all!

The law of time and space belongs to the universe, and the meaning of chaos belongs to the teacher!

“What I’m missing is the true meaning of chaos, Dao Rhyme of the teacher!” Peyton’s eyes shined.

His foundation in the perception of the law can be said to be solid. At this time, when his thoughts are opened, his Spiritual Will is completely immersed in it, and he does not notice the ebbing of time at all.

And outside the tall and spacious hallway of the secret room.

The three-eyed old man looked at the giant bronze gate with the word “cosmos” written on it, with a trace of thought in his eyes.

“Sir City Lord asked this little fellow Cultivation to spread the way of the sky and the Five Elements Chaos Monument, and now he has returned to this Cosmic Chaos Monument, and I don’t know what to gain from this time.”

“His comprehension of the sixth picture has been Perfection, and the seventh picture has also comprehended a little Profound Truth. It seems to have improved in a short time. It shouldn’t be big”

Candrey judged in his heart.

But thinking about the little fellow’s previous achievements, he himself is not quite sure.

The fact that this guy has made unexpected things is too much!

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.


The ancient bronze door opened with a bang, but Peyton still didn’t wake up.

“Come out!”

“Come out!”

Kandrey cast his gaze to the secret room of cultivation surrounded by Chaos Qi Flow. cultivation reverberates in the chamber of secrets.


He seemed to be choked, and was silent for a while, his eyes full of horror and disbelief.

At this time, Peyton’s consciousness sank into the Chaos Monument, and he still hasn’t woken up.

He sat cross-legged, and many scaled phantoms appeared on the surface of his body. In a trance, a faint layer of huge rare beast phantoms shrouded his body, which was the phantom of “chaos”.

The surrounding Chaos Qi Flow is faintly changing.

Two huge heads, or quiet, the Chaos Qi Flow on the other side is flat like a vast ocean, or roaring, the Chaos Qi Flow on the other side convolves out a stormy sea.


A domineering will that seems to want to destroy heaven and extinguishing earth radiates from Peyton’s body, a faint but heart-pounding coercion. Then came.

“This kind of breath, this kind of coercion…” Candrey’s eyes widened, in disbelief.

“This, how is this possible?”

Even though he has a powerful existence in the Venerable universe, he is still shocked by the scene in front of him.

Because of… this kind of coercion, Candrie has seen it in others!

“There are a lot of people who choose “Cosmic Chaos Monument”, but even a cosmic overlord like Mochizuki Venerable doesn’t have this feeling.”

Kandry’s mind flashed across in an instant. Countless thoughts: “Only Lord Primal Chaos City has exuded this kind of breath, and… his direct disciple ‘Reunited Venerable ‘!”


“The aura emanating from the Venerable seems to be the exact opposite of that, an incomparable serenity, the serenity that seems to melt into the vastness of the Universe Starry Sky.”

Even if Canderry didn’t know it “Cosmic Chaos Monument”, his knowledge is broad, but it is because of this that his heart is even more shocked!

The seventh picture, not every Venerable can clear comprehension, because he is not the master of Primal Chaos City, the road to be taken is different after all.

Most Venerables are comprehend, find their own opportunities, and break through.

It is the Disciple of Primal Chaos City that has thoroughly understood the teacher’s way, and there are very few of them, the most typical of which is the “Normal Venerable”.

For this reason, the Lord of Primal Chaos City values Venerable so much and keeps him by his side.

comprehended his words, in a way, they are the true lineage handed down.

Primal Chaos City is the main way, and its successors expand. Once it is unified and Venerable, it reaches a certain level. They watch each other, they can be called the same way, and they explore the way of chaos.

Inheritance, this relationship is much more important than a son.

“This is what Peyton got this time?”

Kandry people are stupid, he still doesn’t understand.

I am afraid that Peyton has mastered the real charm and understood the seventh picture of the real Chaos Monument.

Really got the true biography of the Lord of Primal Chaos City!

Even the “Shen Yun” that the universe Venerable can’t grasp, even the “Shen Yun” that many direct disciples of the Primal Chaos City master can’t grasp!

This is the “Cosmic Chaos Monument”, which is the supreme way for the Primal Chaos City master to explore and research “Primal Chaos Law”.

It contains the jurisprudence of the Lord of Primal Chaos City about the Supreme Being, which is the Overlord Level 1, and it is difficult to explore.

At this timeβ€”


Peyton slowly opened his eyes, and at that moment, there was an endless vortex in his eyes, as if The universe was instantly annihilated.

He glanced at the tall Chaos Monument, then walked straight out of the cultivation secret room.

The ancient bronze gate slowly closed.

Candry looked at Peyton stunnedly, his eyes full of disbelief: “Peton, you are…”

Peyton smiled slightly and praised: “The Chaos Monument. As expected of my Human Supreme Treasure, I also gained a little from the comprehend this time.”

A little gain?

The corners of Candrey’s eyes twitched, you look like you had a “slight gain” just now!

Peyton didn’t say much, went straight back to his residence, and sorted out his own insights first as usual.

Even if it is cultivation, the law of comprehend, there is inspiration.

When inspiration strikes, if you don’t organize and record it, you will soon forget it, either organize it clearly, or burn it with graphics.

Soon, he sat up cross-legged and continued to comprehend in the red moon world.

Crossing over this hurdle, clear comprehension reveals the true meaning of Primal Chaos City’s stay in the seventh sub-picture.

The rest of the rules can be explored in the Luna world.

No accident, the seventh picture, he has a smooth road, just need a little time to fully grasp.

Even the eighth picture, if the Lord of Primal Chaos City does not evolve too much, it will not be too difficult for him to comprehend Dao Rhyme.

It is the same way.

of common origins!

Peton slowly understood the essence of this law, and thought to himself: “According to the relationship in the original book, the earliest follower of the original ancestor was the founder of giant axe, and then the elder disciple Primal Chaos City was recruited. Lord, the original ancestor is like the father, giant axe is the elder brother, and Chaos is the younger brother.”

In Peyton’s heart secretly sighed: “The founder of giant axe surpassed the Lord of Universe billions of years ago and became a true god, a human being The ethnic group has entered the giant axe era from the original ancestor era, but the teacher has never been able to take this step.”

“I’m afraid…it’s not the ability that limits him, but the path he chooses, which is too hard. It’s too difficult.”

“The hotbed of Primal Chaos Law is the basic structure that constitutes the universe. It is born and destroyed. This is a cycle of Primitive Universe.”

“This Luke is far more difficult than giant axe, but once he becomes a supreme powerhouse, he is also much stronger…”

“Cosmic Chaos Monument” is equivalent to “the fusion of time and space creates Primal Chaos Law”. This kind of internal theory, the upper limit of the theory is supreme powerhouse, but the master of Primal Chaos City himself has not been able to understand it, so his ability to express is limited.

There are very few things that can be experienced, and the real mood can only be understood and cannot be conveyed in words.

It is the Venerable of the cosmic lineage, and it is difficult to discern. They can comprehend something in the seventh and eighth pictures, but they cannot clear the comprehension of the Lord of Primal Chaos City.

But Peyton, with the help of the rolling of countless laws brought by the red moon world, and the penetration of the law of the snake of the world, build a high house and gain a thorough insight.

“Or Master Old Xu wouldn’t have thought about this. After all, he let himself follow the way of spreading the sky, and he just wanted to go out of his own way.”

“But It does not conflict,”

“Although the meaning of chaos is the Tao of the teacher, it is also a branch of Yantian Dao, although it is an extremely important branch.”

Primal Chaos Law, It is the basic structure of the universe.

And the Way of Proliferation is a real universe, which is full of vastness and includes chaos.

“I really don’t know what kind of style the original ancestor was, but he was able to explore such a way!”

“No matter how difficult the teacher’s way of chaos is, it can’t be more difficult than Yantian Dao.”


Then he said goodbye to King Tongnan and King Zhenyan, as well as Hong and Lei Shen, and contacted the spaceship that sent him to Primal Chaos City.


The oval spaceship stops over Primal Chaos City, and the hatch opens.

Payton rose into the sky, overlooking the ancient city, with a smile on his face.

“It won’t be too long, I’ll be back here.”

In the years of cultivation, he has gradually become addicted to this feeling of comprehend law, comprehend is extremely It’s boring, and the rules are extremely cumbersome, but Peyton can enjoy it.


He boarded the spaceship, and the door of the spaceship closed.

The spaceship goes to the primordial Secret Realm through the cosmic tunnel.


Chaos Ruins.

The vast ruined land.

“teacher, what’s wrong?”

The normalized Venerable in the fiery-red shirt looked at the dark red battle armour man in front of him, somehow absent-minded.

teacher But the Peak in the Primitive Universe exists, when he talks to himself, he loses his mind?

Dark red battle armour The man’s face is fierce, and he is constantly exuding a murderous atmosphere, but his eyes are like Endless Starry Sky, which makes people involuntarily calm.

This scene, which should have been very incompatible, appeared incomparably harmonious on him.

At this time, the Lord of Primal Chaos City smiled.


He has been in the universe for countless years, after the teacher was suppressed by the original will of Primitive Universe, and the founder of giant axe likes to take risks. He is the one who truly presides over the overall situation of the ethnic group.

The weight of the ethnic group made him walk on thin ice.

It’s hard to have such comfort.

Peyton felt a trace of Chaos Dao Rhyme so easily, which made existences like Primal Chaos City feel turbulent and difficult to calm down.

“You Little Junior Brother gave me a big surprise!”

Reunited Venerable is still a little puzzled: “Surprise?”

“You After that, I have chaos lineage, and another successor!”

Returning to one Venerable is also surprised: “teacher, you mean, Little Junior Brother realized Chaos Dao Rhyme?”

Primal Chaos City Lord laughed: “Yes, yes! Originally, I was planning to let him follow the way of spreading the sky, but I didn’t teach him the principle of chaos. I didn’t think that this little fellow really gave me a big surprise!”

“Principle of Chaos” and “Cosmic Chaos Monument” are both theories of the Primal Chaos City master on the exploration of the supreme road, and they are combined with each other and refer to each other.

Ruhuiyi Venerable means Cultivation of Chaos Principles to a very high realm, and specializing in Cosmic Chaos Monument. Finally, at the immortal stage of Kings, he realizes Chaos Dao Rhyme and becomes a high Venerable.

When Venerable heard the words, he was also full of sighs: “Little Junior Brother is really a gift from heaven and man, this realm, the realm, actually realized Chaos Dao Rhyme.”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City sighed: “You Kedi Junior Brother also hoped to realize Chaos Dao Rhyme back then, but unfortunately you lost your life in the Foreign Domain battlefield. Maybe your Little Junior Brother was sent to me by fate.”

“Okay, let him come over, I also want to know how he feels about this Chaos Dao Rhyme.”

(End of this chapter)

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