All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 526


Chapter 526

“Luo Feng loses!”

“Bo Lan wins!”

Hearing the final verdict, King Zhenyan sighed a little: “I lost! It’s a pity!” Several have the first strength in the past.

Especially the last Luo Feng and Bo Lan, the strength of the two has been ranked in many sessions.

Peyton also shook his head, Luo Feng finally lost, lost to Berlan, and only won the second place.

However, in the final stages, he and Berlan were basically on par.

Bran won, but it was a tragic victory, and he was seriously injured!

“Okay, let’s go back to the original universe!”

“I’m a little pissed that these two little fellows will choose that lineage?”

King Zhen Yan laughed, he had an inexplicable affection for Luo Feng, and always seemed to turn to his nine universes lineage.

King Linglong looked at him coldly. In her opinion, these two people are good seedlings of the universe’s lineage, especially Luo Feng, who has the heavy cause and effect of Peyton, and naturally wants to worship their lineage. .

But Peyton had no intention of caring about this. Watching the geniuses of the original work gradually appear, his heart became a little more urgent.

Although Luo Feng is the protagonist, he doesn’t want to be overtaken by Luo Feng, or else he will be very shameless as an Earth senior.

“At the world master stage, I have reached a bottleneck now, and maybe it’s time to go to the Foreign Domain battlefield.” Peyton thought to himself.


Months later, the Foreign Domain battlefield.

Niaoxing’s spaceship docking platform.

A black spaceship emerged, and Peyton was standing in the control room of the spaceship in armor.

The news of his coming to the Foreign Domain battlefield is known only to the Lord of Primal Chaos City, who also specially bestowed the Supreme Treasure for his escapeβ€”Xingyuan Armor.

After disguising his identity, Peyton is an ordinary core world lord belonging to the virtual universe company.

And Peyton came here for two purposes, the first is to create his own fighting secret technique, and the second is to break through immortality. He is satisfied with both purposes if he can achieve any one after another.

If it can be achieved at the same time, it is naturally the best.

Peyton flew out of the spaceship hatch, and at the same time, he directly received the spaceship and put it into the world ring.

“Hello, I’m a staff member here,” said the one-standard Battle Armor man.

Peyton glanced at him, the standard Battle Armor man’s head was like a jellyfish, a bit translucent.

“I applied to enter the Foreign Domain battlefield, I don’t know which way to go?” Payton asked.

“The cosmic armies all come in groups, and the loners go to the concentration center along this passage.” The standard Battle Armor man pointed finger towards a wide passage made of transparent glass in the distance.

“This passage is more than 3,000 kilometers long. At the end, it is a concentrated place.”

“Thanks.” Peyton nodded.

Go directly along this passage, each step is more than ten kilometers in a flash, and it will come to the end after a while.

It was a beautiful square with tens of thousands of people gathered. Because the square is huge, with a diameter of hundreds of kilometers, tens of thousands of people seem to be very sparse here.

“Hello, please rest here first.” A voluptuous female receptionist with a fluffy tail walked over and said.

“When can I go to the Foreign Domain field?” Payton asked.

“You need to gather a certain number of people, otherwise the logistics operation cost will be too high.” The female receptionist said with a slight smile.

“The realm master, it’s quite a coincidence that you came here. Like your group, the earliest ones have been waiting here for 12 days. The troops coming here are all grandiose, and the loners have to wait slowly to gather a certain number of people.”

Peton nodded, expressing his understanding.

He quickly stepped aside.

There are many alloy benches in this square. There are many scattered warriors who want to come to the war to sit all around, and Peyton also chooses a place to sit down.

After Peyton waited for a day, the number of World Lords who wanted to join the war gathered in the square reached the limit of 100 people.

“Universe level, all gather here.”

“Domain owners, gather here.”

“World Lord powerhouse, all gather here. .”

“The world lords warriors, you are about to go to the most glorious and cruel Foreign Domain battlefield.”

A man is full of evil spirits, and his whole person is like immortality made of metal. Spiritual God seriously said: “But you must understand that the army has the rules of the army, and it is impossible to be as free as you were before you alone!”

“Before you go!”

“You need a traditional ceremony of permissions.” Immortal Spiritual God seriously said.

“Permission granted to ceremony?”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you do?”

There are many world leaders in this group Everyone whispered about each other’s sound transmission. Obviously, these loners overwhelming majority knew nothing about the details of participating in the ‘Foreign Domain Battlefield’.

The immortal Spiritual God obviously knew this, and continued: “The grant of authority is to determine your exact position in the army. The army is a place with distinct hierarchies, and subordinates must obey their superiors… so it must be clear How to confirm your status and authority in the army is through your strength.”

“Should we compete with each other?”



shouted the Realm.

“Wrong.” Immortal Spiritual God shook his head, “Each of your world lords must have undergone cultivation time and time again in the virtual universe network, and the virtual universe network will have an opinion on your strength based on your performance. Rating, this rating – it is very important to distinguish your status in the army.”

“Rating is divided into three levels, one is ‘ordinary world leader warrior’, and the other is ‘elite world leader’ Warrior ‘, the third is ‘World Lord War General ‘.”

“Most World Lords are ordinary World Lord warriors.”

“If recognized by Source Law, they are barely elite. The World Lord Warrior.”

“There is usually a World Lord War General out of hundreds of elite World Lord warriors!” said the immortal Spiritual God.

“I believe that each of you has shown your strongest strength in the virtual universe. If any of you have not displayed your strongest strength in the virtual universe, you are worried that the permission granted to ceremony is unfair. Then, you can enter the virtual universe network now to exert the strongest strength. After a while, the permission will be granted.”

Soon, everyone will enter the virtual universe network and exert the strongest strength,


Peyton also entered one and attacked at will.

His true identity cannot be revealed, this identity is a cover up, naturally there is no previous strength record,

That immortal Spiritual God is silent for ten seconds , then said: “It should be all right, come over one by one and accept the authorization.”

I saw all the world masters walking towards the immortal Spiritual God in turn, and the immortal Spiritual God’s armguard screen was on the screen. A blue light was shot out, covering the incoming world master.

“Elite World Lord Warrior!”

“Ordinary World Lord Warrior!”

“Elite World Lord Warrior!”

” Elite world lord warrior!”

The screen of the armguard of the immortal Spiritual God automatically emits a sound of one after another, and each world lord who accepts the authorization also receives the message from the virtual universe system. The higher the authority…the status in the army is naturally different.

Peyton watched this scene, and also nodded: “There are a lot of elite world lord warriors. Obviously, those who dare to come to the Foreign Domain battlefield also have certain means.”

in an instant, Peyton thought of the seven Trial Pagodas he participated in: “I remember that there were several War Generals who made great achievements in the Foreign Domain battlefield and made extraordinary achievements to participate, and finally passed through the four Trial Pagodas, Entered the Secret Realm in the end of the world.”

Secret Realm, even the most basic Secret Realm, can only be reached by the highest group of people in the world.

However, Peyton, who was in the original world leader stage, was able to even pass the 7th Layer, and his strength was close to that of Fenghou.

Now, after the polishing of the initial universe, his strength has been greatly improved, and he is confident that he will also have a place in the kingship stage.

Is it even possible to wait until the secret technique Great Accomplishment, and be crowned king by virtue of the world master level?

The world masters lined up, accepting permission grants one by one, and soon it was Peyton’s turn, the blue light enveloped Peyton and made a sound at the same time.

“The World Lord War General.”


This scene immediately caused a large number of surrounding World Lords to look towards Peyton, and even to the Domain Lord in the distance , The insiders of Bird Star who granted permissions at the Universe level looked over in amazement. Among the 101 world masters, there was a ‘world master War General’.

The World Lord War General is not a cabbage. Generally speaking, people who have experienced countless lives and deaths in the Foreign Domain battlefield can achieve this level.

“Not bad.”

The immortal Spiritual God glanced at Peyton in amazement and nodded.

Peyton calmly walked aside, in his heart, a World Lord War General naturally can’t be considered anything.

At this time, he is already comparable to the immortal king. If it is not to hide his identity and avoid being assassinated, he will not be so low-key.

The next lords continue to accept the grant of authority.

“Elite World Lord Warrior.”

“Ordinary World Lord Warrior.”


The granting of permissions will end soon, Among the 101 World Lords, there are 2 World Lord War Generals, 62 Elite World Lord Warriors, and 37 Ordinary World Lord Warriors.

The world master, universe level, permission granting ceremony is the fastest.

Although the domain owners have ten insiders to grant ceremony permissions at the same time, it took a long time to end.

“The permission is granted to ceremony, and everything is over.” The immortal Spiritual God’s voice suddenly became louder, echoing in the ears of tens of thousands of universe warriors.

“Follow me all, and we will collectively send you to the Foreign Domain battlefield in a while. There are many warriors participating in this ethnic war, so there are eleven battlefields, all of which are in our human territory. It is called the Foreign Domain battlefield, and you are going to the seventh battlefield.”

“The seventh battlefield?”

“All outside the human territory?”

Suddenly, various voices of discussion sounded.

But Peyton thought to himself: “The seventh battlefield? The average death rate is 96.8%. It is Ranked 3rd in the eleven battlefields of the Foreign Domain battlefield. Well, it is a good place to experience.”

“Go!” commanded the immortal Spiritual God.


The world masters went in one by one, and Peyton also stepped in, and tens of thousands of soldiers soon all entered.


With Divine Kingdom as the transfer station, when Peyton and his tens of thousands of soldiers arrived at the Divine Kingdom transfer station, they entered the space channel again.

And then directly teleported to the No. 026 barracks base in the seventh battlefield outside the human territory.

In the Divine Kingdom transit station, Peyton took a step, and he felt that the time and space in front of him had changed, and he had reached another place.

“Haha, the recruits are here.”

“There are recruits.”

“Hurry, hurry, hurry, don’t sleep, hurry up and do things. ”

The shouting sounded one after another.

The Immortal Spiritual God in white robes quickly appointed three leaders.

The universe level, domain masters, and world masters are along three different channels.

“Everyone, the realm is in front of you,” the leader said.

For a moment.

He arrived at an elegantly decorated hall. There are tens of millions of seats in the hall. At a glance, according to Peyton’s eyes, there must be dozens of Myriad Realms masters sitting here.

The leader shouted loudly: “The new recruits are here, but there are two ‘War General’ in this batch of recruits, haha…”

The leader finished speaking Turned around and left.

“The World Lord War General?”

“The World Lord War General?” There were tens of thousands of World Lord Warriors who were drinking and chatting.

When the World Lord soldiers are close to each other, the intelligent optical brain they carry will prompt each other’s permission, so the eyes of the tens of thousands of World Lord veterans instantly fall on Peyton and another tall young man.

“Join our elite squad. Our elite squad is led by the immortal Spiritual God. We will gain more military exploits and have a higher probability of surviving in danger.”

“We The squad is stronger.”

“You two…”

These world master veterans are frantically inviting Peyton and two, but they are totally disinclined to pay attention to the other 99 world leaders Main recruit.

In a few moments.

Peton and the tall young man were sitting at a table.

Next to him is an immortal Spiritual God wearing a blood-colored battle armour and a scaly tail. This immortal Spiritual God, named Taiwo, is an earth immortal Spiritual God.

β€œOur world master squad includes me, a total of eight people, I am the immortal Spiritual God, and the other seven people under his command are the world master War General, two of them are Martial Artists, two are Spirit Readers, two are Spirit Readers. The name is Illusion Technique and there is a Potion Master.” Taiwo is a little proud,

“Two new friends, come, let’s have a drink.”

Peton II Everyone raised their glasses.

“I don’t know if the two of you are willing to join my squad. My squad is still three people short of full! Squads like us are definitely the best, and you won’t be disappointed if you join. .”

The tall and steady young man nodded: “I am rock, willing to join.”

“Haha, okay.” Immortal Spiritual God Taiwo looked very happy, turned his head and looked towards Pei Paton, “I don’t know about you, Adolf?”

“Um…” Peyton passed many thoughts in his mind.

The military has military rules.

Every participation in the Foreign Domain war has military merit requirements, and Peyton also has military merit requirements!

Before accumulating enough military merit, you must join the organization and obey orders.

But with his strength, to be honest, participating in such a seemingly elite squad is actually useless.

He won’t be a nanny for these people, these tough guys who are on the battlefield of Foreign Domain don’t need someone to be a nanny for them, they will eventually be separated from each other.

In this case, why bother?

“Sorry!” Payton refused with some regret.

Taiwo looked a little embarrassed, laughed: “It’s okay, it’s okay,”

“Can you tell me why?”

Peyton opened the mouth and said : “I am a rather withdrawn person, and I don’t like walking with others. I’m really sorry.”

At the beginning, he also made some friends after traveling countless times, and then he had the idea of forming a team.

In the Foreign Domain battlefield, there are many people in the team, but there are also many solo powerhouses!

“Captain, failed?”

Soon, seeing Peyton turn and leave, the rest of Taiwo’s teammates gathered around.

“Why, doesn’t this kid still look down on our team?” said an angry big man Jason.

Taiwo shook his head: “He’s a lone ranger, maybe he’s not used to it, and you all know that this habit is hard to change.”

“Wait for him on the Foreign Domain battlefield. If you suffer a loss, you’ll know what’s going on.”

“He’s a realm master, so it’s not easy to go without a team!”

Taiwo shook his head, he still agreed with his teammates , It’s really not easy for a world master to form a team.

This is the Foreign Domain battlefield, alone, it belongs to the powerhouse.

“Okay, without further ado, we welcome our new teammate, this is Rock, a Martial Artist!”


On the other side , Leaving the crowd, Peyton sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

He had a pretty good impression of the immortal Spiritual God just now, and it could be seen that he was a generous person.

However, Payton’s strength is not suitable for the two sides to stay together.

The immortal army lord, the target of Peyton’s hunt, starts, and the title of the prince is the main one, and the title of the king is also included.

And when they encounter a prince, they can only escape, or even can’t escape, let alone a king.

(End of this chapter)

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