All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 527


Chapter 527

Foreign Domain On the battlefield, driving a spaceship and wearing bright silver armor, Peyton was looking for his prey.

“Find a Fenghou to practice your skills first.”

“But this battlefield is still a bit poor. You must quickly accumulate military merit and go to a higher level battlefield.”

Peyton thought to himself, let the intelligent life start looking for targets everywhere.

“Master, found a team in the mountain range over there with four immortal Spiritual Gods.”

“Too weak.”

Peton Station In the control room, looking at the vast continent, the fog in the distance, vaguely seeing some undulating mountain ranges, as well as some sacrificial carvings that still leave traces on the huge mountain walls for hundreds of millions of years.

A momentβ€”β€”

“Master, I found another team 920 million kilometers away, with six immortal Spiritual Gods.”

“Only six Immortal Spiritual God? It’s better to find a prince, I want to try the Immortal Body of the prince.” Peyton shook his head.

Why do you want to find a lord, the most important thing is the Immortal Body, which is immortal. This Immortal Body, in Peyton’s opinion, is a very good sandbag.

Especially used to practice some secret arts in Yantian Secret Art.

The voice of the intelligent life echoes in the control room: “Okay, Master.”

A momentβ€”

“This team is good, with eight Immortal Spirituals. God.”

Payton said: “Continue to explore.”

A momentβ€”β€”

“12?” Payton looked down towards the armguard screen display detection content.


Looking at the group of immortal creatures on the screen, Peyton’s eyes shined.

These 12 immortal creatures can be divided into three ethnic groups, namely Chiyong, Kawu, and starlight.

The Chiyong family: belongs to the flesh-type life, about 6 meters to 8 meters tall, famous for its sturdy and murderous, the head is a bit like a crocodile head, with thick limbs, and scales on the ground tail, and a bright silver turtle shell on its back.

Kawu tribe: a rock-like life, about 15-20 meters tall, at first glance it looks like a torso made of alloy, but it looks like all kinds of strange things, similar to humans, and similar to Monster Race, just essentially rock life.

The starlight family: It belongs to the energy type life, which is a very strange life, and it can also change, and it is not afraid of soul attack.

Among the 12 immortal Spiritual Gods, there are 8 Chiyong clan, 3 Kawu clan, and 1 starlight clan.

“Twelve immortals, let’s practice, the level here is too low, it’s hard to find a prince!”

“Yes!” The intelligent life also responded loudly.


The flying saucer quickly flew towards the mountain range.

After about an hour, the flying saucer finally reached the mountain range.

With Paton’s detection equipment… Apparently the team was unaware of Paton’s approach.

The group of 12 immortal Spiritual Gods still gathered together, talking about battles, some comrades-in-arms allies, talking about law perceptions, etc…


Next to The mountain wall crashed directly, and countless rocks collapsed and flew, as if heaven falls and earth rends. Countless shattered rocks crashed into the hall, provoking the 12 immortal Spiritual Gods suddenly furious, and one by one they directly released the powerful Law Domain, or the Fire Law Domain, or the Thunder and Lightning Law Domain… blasted the countless rubble, burned to the ground, and shattered into the ground.

The smoke fell, and a silhouette loomed.

He wears a shiny silver battle armour, boots, and holds a long spear.

The long spear here is the exclusive weapon of Yantian Secret Art. It once belonged to the Lord of Primal Chaos City and was bestowed by the Lord of Primal Chaos City.

pa!pa!pa! He walked in step by step, his boots stepped on the ground covered with cracked rocks, and smashed it directly. As he got closer, his silhouette became clearer, his eyes Eyes indifferently looked at the 12 tall alien immortal Spiritual Gods in front of him.


The gun shoots like a dragon.

“Rampant human beings.”

“We, the 12 immortal Spiritual Gods, do not believe that one cannot kill you.”



“Roar~~~ Kill him, kill this arrogant, hateful human.”

The majestic Kawu tribe is immortal, holding a huge Two sledgehammers, a powerful thunder and lightning Law Domain scattered around the body, and countless lightning snakes surrounding him, he is the immortal Spiritual God of thunder and lightning!

“Suppress his world projection.”

“Suppress it together.”

12 aliens are immortal and release the Law Domain at the same time.

The 12 Law Domains pressed against Peyton at the same time, and Peyton’s world projection spread out, and the colorful world came instantly, filled with Five Elements Source Law, and instantly suppressed 12 immortal Laws of different races Domain .

To be honest, Cultivation Yantian Secret Art, Peyton has already obtained the Third Layer, just looking at this internal world, most Venerables are not as good as him.

After all, Yantian Secret Art has always evolved according to the template of the universe.

“Boom!” The sledgehammer was wrapped in thunder and lightning, like a meteorite falling from the sky, hitting Peyton.

“xiu!” A colored light left a trail in midair, cutting towards Peyton.

“hua!” The giant sword slashed open space and slashed at Peyton.

“Good day!”

Peyton’s best smile, twelve immortal army masters, is nothing to him.

But it’s just right for honing secret arts.

Fenghou has an Immortal Body, which is a good sandbag.

Although these are just ordinary military lords

In Yantian Secret Art, there are too many secret arts, according to Peyton’s plan, first familiarize yourself with the secret arts, and then thoroughly. Turn it into your own heritage, and then create your own secret technique.

“Five Elements Strangulation!”



The surrounding universe collapsed completely, Peyton and the twelve There are countless torrents of space fragments around the Immortal Alien. They are fighting in the torrent of space fragments. In some of the space fragments, some land inside the fragments can be vaguely seen, but they are directly affected by Peyton’s battle.

Peyton looked at the huge Kawu clansman that looked like a human, and the majestic Kawu clansman was roaring with two thunder and lightning hammers-


The long spear waved, a colorful long river emerged, and a beautiful, heart-pounding gunlight swept across a distance of thousands of kilometers.


The gigantic thunderbolt hammer was instantly smashed by the spear, and then chi chi chi seemed to cut through steel bars, knocking the majestic Kawu clan away. Immortal slashed directly from the head, leaned diagonally, went down along the head, and slashed out from the waist!

Wow~~~~ The immortal body of the Kawu clan was directly cut into two halves. At the moment when the immortal body of the Kawu clan was split, the gunshots were thumping, and countless guns shot out, directly from the inside again. Tearing, the immortal body of the Kawu tribe was completely cracked, and it turned into countless rocks and rolled down.

Brush! brush! brush!


long spear A straight thorn, a big hole in the universe was pierced, countless space fragments were pierced, and it also pierced the beautiful face The immortal brow of the starlight family.

“Strangulation!” Peyton shot like lightning.

In a flash.

A Chiyong immortal had his body cut in half.

Peyton used a move alternately with the Heavenly Mystery Technique, and he didn’t even have the Source Law of time and space, so he just suppressed the 12 immortal Spiritual Gods. After being chopped to pieces, the other 11 immediately helped suppress it, and there was no trouble for a while.

But obviously… at a disadvantage, completely suppressed.

“Not good, the starlight lifeline is broken.” The immortal sound transmission of the starlight family said eagerly, the starlight lifeline would not exist in the world for too long.

“Then die!” Peyton laughed.

Gun light horizontal and vertical!

“bang!bang!” Two immortals from the Chiyong clan were directly blasted apart by Peyton’s gun.

The two Chiyong immortals shattered directly, causing other immortals to stop Peyton immediately.

“Let’s go.”

“Flee quickly, run separately.”

The immortals of the alien race knew that the fight would only make it worse, and only managed to save one of them The Chi Yong clan was immortal and immediately began to flee.


Peyton looked at it, all the immortals moved towards fleeing in different directions!

Peton smiled slightly: “How can I escape? Drop!”

“Space-Time Stop!”

The huge Space-Time Power instantly enveloped the million kilometers, and the eleven immortals who wanted to escape were immediately imprisoned.

“I want you to cooperate with my Cultivation secret technique, but you want to run?”

“You can’t kill me, you can’t kill me.” The immortal Kawu tribe made a thick and anxious voice , the sound shook the space.

“Can’t kill you?” Peyton sneered.

“Oh, tell me the reason, is it the Disciple and descendant of Venerable in a certain universe of the Kawu tribe? If you kill you, you will be revenge? There is no treasure.”

“Hmph, you want to lie to me!”

Peyton’s silhouette flashed, and the long spear crossed the sky in an instant, drawing a ravine between Heaven and Earth come out.


The intersection of the origin of time and space completely merges with the light of the long spear, like a long river of time and space, strangling all eleven immortals!


In the lounge.

Peton is sitting cross-legged. He practiced with the Immortal Monarch and learned about some problems in the secret technique, which he just solved.

“Call for help, call for help, I will meet an immortal Monster Race, it has the strength of the immortal army master Peak.”

A distress message is sent by Army System through the virtual universe network Directly to Payton.

A call for help is sent directly to all allies and comrades within 10 billion kilometers.

Payton is now less than 100 million kilometers away from the battlefield, but because of the advanced detection equipment, it blocks the detection of the two sides below… So neither side can detect it, but the human side can pass the ‘Army System’ ‘Know the coordinates of allies and comrades within a certain range.

“Master, one of the human immortal Spiritual God fighting below has applied for a call to you.” The intelligent life said.

“Pick up.” Payton nodded.

“Transfer to the arm guard screen.”

A white robed man appeared on the arm guard screen with an eager face: “Comrades in arms, please help us, My detection equipment can’t find you, my comrade-in-arms, I still rely on the Army System to know the location of the surrounding comrades-in-arms and allies. Your strength should be stronger than ours, especially with the two immortal Spiritual Gods I waited for, you should be able to deal with that Monster Race immortal, please also Help, I can’t hold it any longer.”

“When the time comes, those weak Universe level, domain masters, and world masters will also collapse and run away, and there may be hope for the world masters. Escape, but the probability of escaping universe level and domain masters will be very low, also human, please help.”

“en.” .

merely a trifling The immortal monarch is still worse, it would be better if there was a feudal lord.


The hatch was already open, and Peyton rushed out.

Then swooped down.

In the sky suddenly a terrifying breath came.


“It’s saved!”

The two immortal Spiritual Gods on the human side looked surprised, and those with two hideous heads The scaled Monster Race is immortal, but it is a low growl.

The body protection pagoda is very famous. This kind of defense Supreme Treasure is extremely valuable. Generally, only the immortal emperors have it.

Being able to have body protection pagoda has proved the strength of identity.

“Shu Fan, we can win.” The immortal Spiritual God, who seemed to be cast in bronze, was burning with flames and excitedly sounded transmission.

“Haha, maybe you can turn a defeat into a victory.” The seemingly weak man, surrounded by water, was also full of smiles.

“Roar~~” The Monster Race immortal is also very cautious, even weakening the attack on the two human immortals, cautiously ready to run away once saw that the situation was far from good.

Peyton swooped down and saw the immortal Monster Race with two hideous heads at a glance, and he naturally knew what race this Monster Race was.

Time and Space Nightmare: One of the Eighteen Imperial Families of Monster Race. An adult Peak can naturally reach the domain master level. One of the two heads is a golden pupil and the other is a silver pupil. The golden pupil can affect the space, and the silver pupil It can affect time. Once the golden pupil and the silver pupil are unfolded at the same time…it has a strong control over the surrounding time and space, and once it cooperates with the Law Domain…the Law Domain formidable power can be multiplied.

And the ‘space-time nightmare’ below should be regarded as a ‘disgrace in the immortal Spiritual God of the time-space nightmare family’.

As an Imperial Family with innate talent in time and space, space-time nightmare beasts have very low achievements in time and space, otherwise a slightly stronger space-time beast should be a ‘hou class’ Now, relying on the ability of innate talent to control one side’s time and space, to reach the level of ‘Immortal Lord Peak’ is indeed a shame for the Monster Race Imperial Family.

Otherwise…a member of the Monster Race Imperial Family wouldn’t be without an Immortal Follower even on the Foreign Domain battlefield.

“Although the time-space nightmare is far inferior to the innate talent ‘Time Pause’ that destroys the giant beast, it is also inferior to the innate talent ‘Avatar’ of the golden horn giant beast…but the time-space nightmare , after all, the number is much more than the destruction of giant beasts and golden horn giant beasts.” Peyton thought in his mind.

“The twelve Peak bloodlines of the giant beast in the starry sky are more noble than the eighteenth Imperial Family bloodline of Monster Race, but in the same way, the difficulty of becoming an immortal Spiritual God, even the Imperial Family, is more noble than that of the golden horn giant. It’s much easier to wait for beast.”

The innate talent of time and space varies from high to low.

Space constraints are also innate talent, and the effect is poor.

The change of Time Flow Speed is also an innate talent. Generally, it is slightly accelerated and slightly slowed down, and the amplitude is extremely small.

Teleportation is also an innate talent, and the effect is against the sky (there is indeed a life born with teleportation).

Time suspension is also an innate talent, which is also against the sky.


“No matter how weak a group is, there are heroes, and no matter how strong a group is, there are also weak people.”

Peyton swooped down, holding a long spear, The colorful river runs through the void, as if the source is descending.

“What is this.”


The two human immortal Spiritual Gods were shocked, and the Monster Race immortal Spiritual God was even more shocked. The big pair of gold pupils and silver pupils.

And a large number of world masters, domain masters, and universe level people from both sides of the human and Monster Race all crashed from the in midair, all fell to the ground, one by one soft to the ground, prostrate on the ground, trembling Fear, the pressure alone has made the world masters unable to resist.

“Five Elements countercurrent!”

“Ming Extinction!”

As soon as the long river washed away, the body of the Space Nightmare was completely shattered.


The surrounding space distortion, the long river that Five Elements Essence turned into quickly filled the surrounding area of tens of thousands of kilometers, and then wrapped the space-time nightmare beast whose body was broken and seriously injured and wanted to reorganize and escape, and in a blink of an eye , at that time the Sky Nightmare Beast had no slag left and had already fallen.


“Flee.” The thousands of Monster Races roared, uttering the lingua franca of Monster Race, and all fled.

Peyton raised his hand a little, and the invisible Power of Space spread out immediately, suppressing all the Monster Races who wanted to escape.

His creed is not to leave alive.

Those human world masters, domain masters, and universe level people who were already suppressed even joined forces in threes and twos to quickly chase down their targets. The two immortals naturally disdain lowering their identities to chase and kill them, but smiled instead. Go to Payton.

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” The bronze immortal Spiritual God came.

“Thank you for your help.” The weak immortal Spiritual God carefully observed Peyton.

If Peyton gently nods p: “Okay, don’t pass.”

After a while, after Peyton’s houette disappears, the two still sigh in their hearts: “I read it right. Then the move just now is definitely the fusion of Five Elements Essence.”

“With one blow, the immortal army master who completely broke through the top bloodline should have the strength of the feudal lord.”

“Almost, but this one didn’t even show Divine Physique, maybe even a king.”

(End of this chapter)

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