All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 528


Chapter 528

“Hurry up and gather enough military merit, I have to change the location, the number of princes here is too rare!” I thought to myself.

Fast through the boundless battlefield.

On the other side, in a cabin of a broken, fractured cosmic spaceship.

There are three Machine Race people gathering. The three Machine Race people are all made of metal, and their appearance is very similar. chair.

“Haha, this time the three of us joined forces to annihilate all the team led by the alien immortal Spiritual God… The alien immortal should have the strength of a ‘hou class’.” One of the Machine Race people grinned. said with a smile.

“This time, Palati, you have done a great job, seriously injured and restrained the immortal of the alien race, so we can take the opportunity to kill other world masters… and then join forces to kill the immortal of the alien race, as expected of the immortal. , the wealth is more, Palati… Let’s do a treasure distribution.”

Speaking of these two Machine Race people, they all looked at the third Machine Race person.

The third Machine Race man named ‘Palati’ has a dark red armor on his body, which is very beautiful. He was calmly looking towards the other two Machine Race people, and then turned over. He took out two space rings and threw them at the two.

“Temporary cooperation, this is the end, you two can go.” Palati said indifferently.

The two Machine Race people both grinned, each caught a space ring, and at the same time quickly checked, this check… Suddenly both Machine Race people had eyes in their eyes. anger.



Both Machine Race people hold back their anger.

“Not leaving yet?” Palati’s eyes were cold as he glanced at the two clansman.

“This time, we joined forces, and the victory in killing the immortal prince is also accumulated on you. This spoíls of war… You still have to swallow more than 95%?” The Machine Race person of the battle armour roared in a low voice, and another silver battle armour Machine Race person also said angrily: “You are too much.”

Palati looked at the two indifferently, just so indifferent on.

Both of the Machine Race men were smothering their anger.

“We don’t ask for more, and give us two points for 40%. You alone account for 60%, and both of us account for 20%.” The deep azure battle armour Machine Race person said, next to another A Machine Race person also nodded to agree.

“get lost!”

Palati let out a low growl, “Without me, you two still want to deal with the immortal emperor? The alien is immortal, but already has the Immortal Body, in order to kill him…you think it’s easy, you two know how much I paid?”

“How many spoíls of war do you want to share with me? The point is that you are my clansman’s sake, if you don’t kill you two, you will be severely punished by the clan, if you are like you, I would have solved you two long ago.”

The other two Machines Race people look at each other, clenched the teeth.


“I hope you can live longer.”

The two Machine Race people turned into a first-class of light and left here in an instant. The cabin of a broken spaceship wreck.

“Two idiots.” Palati coldly snorted and said, with a severe light in his eyes, although he looks like a metal man, in fact he is a kind of life after all, although his body is tenacious Incredibly flexible.


“I lost a lot this time, but I was able to kill that alien immortal, and the military merit was enough to make up for it. Plus spoíls of war…not bad However, the strength of Legion under my command has been greatly damaged… It’s time to return to the Spiritual God base, and after returning, I will repair it and replenish its strength.” Palati thought.

Every Machine Race person is actually a mechanical empire!

Of course, the strength of the mechanical empire depends on ‘control and command ability’ and ‘richness’, both of which are indispensable! Suppose there is a huge mechanical Legion… but intelligent combat alone is not enough, it is necessary to rely on ‘Machine Race people’ to control the entire Legion individually.

And can let the mechanical Legion display the attack containing the law, and make subtle coordination, so that the battle strength may be increased dozens of times.

Machine Race people are essentially intelligent beings.

And intelligent life, once it understands the law, cooperates with its innate ability to calculate and command… that is very terrifying.

Combined with various ‘mechanical weapons’, the battle strength can be brought into play to a terrifying level!

This is a Peak race no less than an ‘insect race’!

Insect race Queen, fighting is more instinctive!

Machine Race people, the battle shows more wisdom, skill and strategy!


“Is there a human spaceship?” Palati’s eyes shined in the cabin of this dilapidated spaceship.

“Made of E9-grade alloy, the surface solidification secret pattern is very low-end, and it looks like a spaceship that an ordinary World Lord Squad rides on. However… It does not rule out the possibility of camouflage of the elite World Lord team.”


“As long as the strength is within my tolerance, I will solve the same problem. After this time, I will go back to the base to replenish my strength.” Palati grinned, “It’s ridiculous. Humans, trying to rely on spaceship to discover my detection point, hum, in terms of technological capabilities… Compared with our Machine Race, it’s too ordinary.”

” Master, there is a Machine Race spaceship approaching us.”

Peton smiled: “What? Is it taking me as prey? Interesting!”

“Let me give it to you A little surprise!”

At a glance in the void, you can be seen everywhere floating wreckage, or corpse wreckage, or spaceship wreckage, weapon wreckage, etc.

As soon as it floats in the void, it looks like an ordinary metal plate, but the surface texture is very special. At this time, the energy that makes people palpitate is constantly flowing on these textures, and the energy begins to accumulate and accumulate, gradually. , a transparent light sphere appeared on the surface of the metal plate.

“Attack!” Palati the Machine Race man in the distance ordered.



A dazzling beam of light instantly shatter void, strikes directly to the flying saucer-shaped universe in the distance spaceship.

Once struck by strikes, the hull will be melted directly, and the strong force contained in the beam of light is enough to tear apart the thick spaceship E9 alloy hull, making the entire spaceship of the UFO universe instantly become a spaceship. Exploding fireball.

But unfortunately, a long and colorful river descended completely, covering tens of thousands of kilometers around and blocking all attacks.

Machine Race’s Palati had a look of horror on his face, and suddenly felt several loud noises.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”…

in an instant, in the space, the lightning bursts from nine points are connected in a moment, forming a A huge lightning cage!

The huge thunder and lightning cage completely wraps the spaceship of this Machine Race in it.

“chi chi chi~~~” At the moment when the lightning cage was formed, countless lightning snakes pierced through the void, and there were countless lightning snakes in the entire lightning prison with a diameter of hundreds of millions of kilometers. Open a huge hole.



Machine Race’s Palati was extremely angry, looking at the opening, even more distressed.

With this opening, the gains from killing Fenghou were completely ruined.

“Whoever you are, I want you to die!” Machine Race man Palati angrily shouted.

As soon as he raised his hand, the spaceship all around suddenly burst out with densely packed light spots. The densely packed light spots quickly surrounded the colorful river in the distance from nine directions.

Looking at the large number of light spots in front of them rushing fast.

“It’s a mechanical puppet.” Peyton saw it at a glance.

It looks like a light spot from a long distance. If you look carefully, you can tell…

It is a silver robot about twelve meters tall. These silver robots are all carrying a heavy handle on their backs. Combine golden sword.

“Just in time to experience the methods of Machine Race!”

Wearing bright silver armor, Peyton swept away the long spear in his hand and moved towards the countless mechanical puppets.

I saw the strong vibration of the Space Source, forming a huge black hole, sweeping most of the puppets in it, and slowly shattering it.

Palati from Machine Race was shocked when he saw this scene: “Damn, he is a prince again!”

F-rank Thunderbolt mechanical puppet, although the body is made of metal Casting leads to strong defense, but its own attack power is extremely weak. Fortunately, there are countless E-rank mechanical puppets that absorb a large amount of lightning energy provided by the ‘Lightning Prison’, and then transfer and gather the F-rank mechanical puppets at the core. Their attack power has become stronger…

But even so, a single F-rank Thunderbolt mechanical puppet is equivalent to the battle strength of War General.

“This Machine Race method is really troublesome.”

After another rush, Peyton sighed in his heart.

I saw countless F-rank mechanical puppets, distributed in all directions around Peyton, and surrounded Peyton.

They continue to absorb the energy transmitted by the countless E-rank mechanical puppets around them, so as to strike Peyton again and again.

This method immediately made Peyton think of inspect race.

Even these mechanical puppets are much more flexible than the insert race.



Peyton was shocked, the long spear in his hand seemed to be one after another Dragon Snake, invisible. The Space Crack disperses immediately.

Payton’s figure is like a ghost, Faintly discernible, instantly shuttling through the void and disappearing into the field of vision, at the same moment appearing out of thin air outside several hundred meters.


The long spear strikes directly on dozens of mechanical puppets. This move is mixed with the attack of Five Elements Essence, which is comparable to Fenghou, and the attack power is naturally unnecessary. said.


The F-rank mechanical puppet was thrown away by the strikes in an instant, tumbling and flying.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Peton was ghostly fast, shuttling through the void at times, strikes on the heady F-rank mechanical puppet.

Brush! brush! brush!

long spear fast as lightning, flickering, all the puppets were completely shattered.

Peyton’s silhouette flashed and moved directly towards the spaceship of the Machine Race.

Distant, in a broken spaceship cabin.

Seeing that his puppets were destroyed one by one, Palati sitting on the alloy chair felt distressed for a while.

Seeing his silhouette moved towards spaceship, he was even more shocked: “Teleport, this is a king!”

“How is that possible?”

If you are a king, how can you fight with his puppet?

Palati was very puzzled, but couldn’t think of an answer.

“Hehe, nothing is impossible!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in the ears of Palati the Machine Race, next moment, a man in bright silver armor appeared in him before.

“Remember, in the next life, brighten your eyes!”

Saying that, Peyton stretched out his five fingers, and a multicolored beam of light converged and blasted directly at Palati the Machine Race.

bang! bang!

There is no chance for him to react at all.

Soon, Payton began to clean the battlefield: “This Machine Race has a lot of money.”


In the blink of an eye, two months have passed past.

On a secluded continent, Peyton is engaged in a battle with an immortal of the Stone Race.

This Fenghou Immortal is the only one he has encountered in the past two months, and he is still a high-ranking Fenghou.

This battlefield is too low-level, and there are few lords.

“Damn human, die!” Yan Stone Race Fenghou Immortal Fenya angrily shouted.

Peyton gave him a cold look: “Time and space strangulation!”

In an instant, a huge time mill appeared in front of him, one after another black hole-like terrifying aura swept the monarch immortal!

Affected by the waves, the mighty feudal lord became immortal and turned into a powder.

But those powders suddenly gathered in the distance and turned into human figures, it was the immortal ‘Fen Ya’.

Fen Ya stared at the human with a face full of horror: “Feng, King, King’s strength.”

“How can there be a King here?”

“This human being has the strength to be a king.” Fen Ya was horrified.

Before the fight, everything was just an illusion. To know how rare the immortal Spiritual God is, the probability of encountering one is too low.

Peyton, who was standing on the top of the mountain in the distance, frowned slightly: “The breath is not weakened at all, just blasting him or even shaking him into powder has no effect on his strength! This is the Immortal Body?”

After Fen Ya was torn apart and turned into powder and condensed, his world ring and sledgehammer all flew into his hands, at this moment Fen Ya was shocked and terrified: “Hurry up and leave , otherwise the little life may be gone, this human being has the king-level battle strength, and still staying here, this is too bullying to die.”


Fen Ya turned around and fled, and the weapons were thrown directly into the world ring. He knew that holding weapons and not holding weapons, facing Peyton, would affect his speed.

“Want to escape?” Peyton on the top of the mountain flashed coldly.

“Time and Space Imprisonment!”

“I just made your body condense, let’s see how you condense this time.”

“Time and Space Extinction!”

“Time and Space Imprisonment!”


A huge space-time crack appeared, directly imprisoning Fen Ya in it!

“Feng Ya is immortal, why did you come here?” Fen Ya howled unwillingly.


The annihilating power of time and space!

The poor Fenghou immortal ‘Fen Ya’ desperately resisted was still torn apart instantly and turned into powder, when these powders were once again united as one.


“No.” Fen Ya roared in pain.

“Forgive your life, esteemed immortal king, please spare me.”

Peyton shook his head: “Let me see the limit of your Immortal Body.”


“Time and space strangulation!”

A force of time and space annihilation will directly smash it!

Fen Ya shattered and condensed three times, but his strength had no effect. This was the Immortal Body.

“Boom~~” was bombed into powder for the fourth time.

After nine times, this Fen Ya was completely dead in the annihilation of time and space!

Especially under the suppression of time and space, completely imprisoned, this immortal emperor has no chance to self-destruct.

Peyton nodded: “It’s really hard to kill a Spiritual God with an Immortal Body.”

It’s hard to kill a Spiritual God with an Immortal Body, generally two means.

Soul Destruction Kill or forcibly annihilate.

The former one is not mentioned.

There are two types of forced annihilation.

First, the gap is too big, just like the Venerables of the universe, you can kill Fenghou Immortal with a flip of your palm, without the slightest cost.

When the level difference is too big… it’s easy to kill the ImmortalBody.

second , the gap is not too big, a ‘Fengwang Elementary’ wants to kill ‘Fenghou Gao’… Although it can be destroyed again and again, the opponent can still gather again and again.

At this time, if you want to kill the opponent, you have to pay a certain price, which is ‘burn your own immortal Divine Force’.

Once burned, it is a permanent loss of this part of the Divine Force and the very little soul contained in it. This is a permanent loss!

How powerful is the Fengwang Elementary, once the immortal Divine Force is burned, the instantaneous attack power is very terrifying, which is comparable to the Fengwang Peak… Naturally, the Fenghou can be annihilated.

Annihilate a high-ranking lord!

Even if it’s a king’s elementary class… it has to be restored for a hundred thousand years.

Of course——

If ‘Feng Wang Gao’ kills ‘Feng Hou Gao’, even if it does not burn the immortal Divine Force, normal attacks can damage the essence of the opponent, burn a little bit Immortal Divine Force can be easily killed and can be recovered for a few years.

“My secret art attack power is considered Peak among the kings.”

“Erased nine times, killed this prince, the general king is higher. It also has to pay a certain price!”

“Only the peak of the king can do my randomness, but it’s a pity that my realm is too low and I don’t have the Everlasting Divine Body, otherwise the king is invincible. I can touch it too!”

Everlasting Divine Body, Immortal Divine Force, this is the gap between Payton’s current and those truly immortal.

“But with the armor given by the teacher, maybe that king is invincible, and he can really touch it.”

(End of this chapter)

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