All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 529


Chapter 529

A few days later, a black flying saucer was rapidly flying away from this area.

Sitting among them is Payton, who has completed the accumulation of military exploits.

In black flying saucer.

Peyton, dressed in silver Battle Armor, stood there, looking at a continent 800 million kilometers away on the screen next to him.

“I heard that in the main continent, the powerhouse as clouds, Fenghou Immortal Spiritual God is amazing. If you touch it at will, you can often encounter Fengwang Immortal!”

“Next I will It’s just here that I can settle down temporarily, because there are many powerhouses here, and it’s convenient for me to do things.”


Yanji continent The main continent has a maximum diameter of 1.8 light-years.

The powerhouses on the thousands of islands around it all add up to less than a fraction of the main continent.

The area where Peyton was originally located may not be as good as an island under this continent, which is very different.

This is also the Converging Ground for elites of all ethnic groups, and there are often princes, not to mention princes.

Accurately speaking, the immortal Spiritual Gods who dare to venture here are mostly Spiritual Gods with immortal bodies.

Even if it’s not Fenghou, it is teamed up with Fenghou powerhouse.

An immortal body, protecting one’s life in front of a king, this is the foundation of a fortune.

Main continent, over the vast desert, a black flying saucer is flying at sub-light speed.

“Master, there is an alien team 960 million kilometers away, there are three immortal Spiritual Gods and more than 10,000 troops, and they are monitoring the conversations in the team, according to the conversations of the tens of thousands of alien soldiers. , among the three immortal Spiritual Gods in their team, one of them is a prince, and his strength is extremely high.”

A momentβ€”β€”

“Master, 980 million kilometers away There is a team of aliens stationed at the bottom of the desert. There are two immortal Spiritual Gods and 23 alien world masters. Those alien world masters are talking. According to the monitoring, they should have just fought, and the losses are not small. One of their team also has a Immortal.”

A momentβ€”β€”

“…The leader of the team is the Spiritual God.”

“…The leader of the team is the Spiritual God.”

“… Hou Immortal Spiritual God.”


Payton sat on the sofa in the spaceship control room, sipping the fruit wine leisurely, and there was a sound of intelligent life in his mind sound reminder.

The quality of his spaceship is not too high, but the place of charm and beauty, especially this intelligent life, was bestowed by the Lord of Primal Chaos City. Venerable can’t block his probes either.

“Okay, no need to introduce so carefully.” Payton put down his glass.

“I can guess without your monitoring… There must be a Spiritual God in that team!”

“As expected of the master of my intelligent life, Sure enough.”

“Wise?” Peyton laughed.

“After entering the Yanji continent for 6 days, I found that there were more than 800 teams, whether it was an alien team or a human team, according to the detection content, there was no one who did not have the ‘Spiritual God of Fenghou Immortal’. .” Payton shook his head.

“Obviously, any team in the Yanji continent has an immortal title!”

“No wonder.”

“According to my investigation According to the information obtained, in the immortal Spiritual God, the immortal army lord accounts for about 2/3/2022, and the immortal princes account for about one third, and there are very few princes.”

“The proportion of immortal princes is so high, Among the teams composed of three or five immortal Spiritual Gods, all of them are destined to have ‘feudal lords’, and teams without feudal lords simply cannot survive on the Yan Festival continent.” Peyton said with a smile.

It’s like the previous world masters had to team up in their area to face the immortal Spiritual God.

In this more dangerous area, those immortal Spiritual God kings standing on the peak of immortality forced those immortal Spiritual Gods to act in a group.

A truth.

The high proportion of feudal lords is immortal, so there must be many teams with immortal feudal lords. Forcing other immortal teams without feudal lords to immediately combine with other allies, at least to ensure that there are feudal lords in the team!

In this way, the probability of survival can be improved, otherwise, it will only be slaughtered by the team with the title, and no powerhouse likes to be slaughtered.


It is with Immortal Body, and the feudal lords seldom fall when they kill each other, unless a feudal lord is extremely accomplished in ‘soul attack’.

Even when encountering some difficult princes, the general princes will be repelled at most, and they will never be killed.

“There are really not many kings. We have been flying in the main continent these days, and we haven’t found a team with a king.”

Of course, Pei Dun also knew that this was normal. Generally, it would take about two years to fly through the Yanji continent. This was a straight-line flight.

And if you want to search the entire Yanji continent and fly back and forth again and again, even if the kings are fixed one by one, they will not be able to search the entire continent for 10,000 years. It can’t be searched for ten thousand years.

Although there are many kings here, but facing the huge area, it is not easy to find.

“Next, set up a home and help me find a suitable area.”



Soon, there was a mountain range stretching tens of millions of kilometers in the central area of the northwest, and Peyton’s spaceship could be stopped.

Wearing a bright silver armor, Peyton jumped out of the spaceship and put the spaceship into the space ring.

Peyton looked at the surrounding terrain, nodded: “It’s a good place to settle down here.”

“But there are too many aliens around, but it needs to be cleaned up.”

A few days later, the place has changed a lot, and a fortress has risen from the ground.

Dozens of immortals are mining and building castles in front of the mountain range.

Peyton was satisfied: “Yes, it’s good to capture these alien races around and open up wasteland for me.”

“This can be considered waste utilization, and next, I These aliens are also indispensable in our laboratory, especially the three feudal lords, but they are the best specimens.”

The three alien high feudal lords who were mining suddenly felt a chill in their hearts and looked at the air. Among them, the human being completely covered by bright silver armor.

They just felt like they had met a lunatic.

The battle strength is high, it can annihilate more than 30% of their Immortal Body in an instant, and can kill them with no difficulty. It is definitely a Peak powerhouse.

But this king’s powerhouse, instead of killing them, captured them here without hesitation – building a castle.


Does this human still want to settle down here?

This is a Foreign Domain battlefield, not a farming game.

Several immortal army masters in the distance also quietly looked at Peyton’s silhouette, guessing how long they would need to mine?

“Look what? Good work” Peyton coldly snorted.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.” Several immortal army lords hurriedly bowed their heads and praised again and again.

For them, although as the immortal Spiritual God, it seems a little self-respecting to come to mine.

But when they thought of their leader, the three princes were also mining here and building a castle together, they suddenly felt balanced.

And can keep a life in the hands of “at least Peak’s super powerhouse”, what’s wrong with mining for a few days?


Time passed slowly, and it was already months in the blink of an eye.

Peyton has completely swept away the 200 million miles of space around him, grabbed five marquis-level squids, and let them continue under the imprint of everyone in the depth of one’s soul. Mining.

He wanted to enslave directly, but he was just a world master, and the essence of his soul was much worse.

Even with the help of the red moon world, it is difficult to enslave the immortal Spiritual God.

At the same time, news spread faintly. In the northwest region, everyone knows that a top-level king powerhouse has come here.

The area near the center is the domain of that powerhouse. If you break into it without authorization, you will be caught and mined.

Vaguely, they named Peyton the “Mine King”.

At the same time, all surrounding expedition squads avoided this area.

This area is completely Peyton’s private domain.

Inside the fort built by Peyton, in a tall laboratory, Peyton had put on a lab coat that he had not seen for a long time.

Next to this, there is really a Divine Physique who was immortalized by Luo Zhan’s Monster Race. He picked up the scalpel, quietly dissectioned the Divine Physique, and sat and experimented again and again…analyzing the genetic data in it.

Peyton was extremely satisfied: “But the only thing that bothers me is this undead body. The recovery speed is too amazing. It is really troublesome for the dissection work, so I have to use Time Freeze to completely lock the time and space.”

“However, it doesn’t matter. I’m very curious about the mystery of this undead body.”

Peyton said in his heart and continued to cut.

Decades before the initial universe, Primal Chaos City was busy with rule parsing, Cultivation of secret technique.

He almost completely merged into the cultivator of this world.

But he knew clearly in his heart that he was different from the cultivator in this world.

Now, he can finally do something he loves.

Of course, this is itself a Cultivation.

These bloodlines, genes, and rules of these immortal Spiritual God are actually valuable.

No two flowers are alike in the universe, and the Divine Physique of any immortal Spiritual God has its own uniqueness.

All Payton needed to do was study the mysteries of these unique features.

Now, his genetic system is far from the Great Accomplishment, and it needs countless experiments…

This is the key to Cultivation.

“I have now opened the fifth-order genetic lock, and the most important thing is to study the sixth rank level.”

“As long as this sixth rank genetic lock level is found, I will also You can start to break through immortality.”

When the time comes, with the genetic level of sixth rank, coupled with Law Comprehension, the secret technique of spreading the sky, it is ordinary Venerable, and Peyton can also be better.

When the time comes, if he can catch a few Venerables to dissection, it will be of great help to his experiments.

Rules, bloodlines, genes… all of these are the goals of Peyton’s exploration.

With the help of the Red Moon World, it is not difficult for him to comprehend the way, but with the experimental analysis, he can really analyze the avenue, getting closer and closer to the avenue.

“Although there is no assistant experimenter here, I can only do many things, but there are a lot of experimental materials here.”

“It’s a paradise!”

Thinking of a squad led by Immortal Zhifeng Hou outside, Peyton’s heart burst into flames.

Compared to Earth’s environment, this is fantastic.

Foreign Domain battlefield, undisturbed.

Each Everlasting Divine Body is a good experimental material.

Especially the immortal body at the feudal level, although it is a little troublesome for dissection, the reusable materials are really perfect.

Furthermore, in line with the experimenter’s desire to explore, Peyton was also curious about the source of this undead body.

“The information on the five Monster Race genes has been collected, and the level of genes at the feudal level is indeed becoming more and more unified. This kind of law is completely combined with the bloodline Divine Physique, which should be the mystery of the immortal body.” Payton minds speculated.

The Cultivation of this world is the Cultivation that conforms to the rules, to the point of being the master of Primal Chaos City, either incarnates the rules or creates the rules.

And these immortals are also moved towards the rules, changing everything about themselves, including genes, bodies…

Every dissection is a kind of substance to Peyton Sexual enlightenment.

There are some Taos that he has passed through for a long time, but many details are different.

It’s still the same sentence, there is no omnipotence and omnipotence. As an immortal Spiritual God, it is worth studying after all.

“No, the experimental data is still a little less, which is not good for my thorough analysis of Immortal Body.”

“Wait until the sixth material is completely dissection, and continue to start the hunting plan.”

Now, Peyton has unhurried his sights on his captured immortality.

These immortals mine every day, help him collect some resources, and serve as his slaves, and they also just block his vision, making people think that he is just a powerhouse with a weird temperament.

Everyone regarded his area as a forbidden area, which happened to be the experiment with Peyton.

As for the practice of secret techniques, he can also practice while doing experiments.

In addition, every once in a while, the time to hunt and collect experimental materials is also a good opportunity for him to hone his secret techniques.

“Foreign Domain’s battlefield is so big, and a few squid disappear, it won’t attract attention at all.”

“Also, I am hiding in the northwest, hunting and choosing other areas, this “mine” “The identity of the king is my best refuge.”


A few days later, in the southeast corner of the continent, Peyton’s silhouette appeared in the vicinity.

The southeast and northwest are far apart, and it takes months for the spaceship to travel at the speed of light normally.

But for Peyton, who has mastered the laws of time and space, and has reached a very high level even at the Venerable level, it is not a simple matter to materialize the laws, cooperate with these experimental investigations, and build large-scale space transmission channels. a difficult thing.

Space shifting, after all, for most immortal Spiritual Gods, using Divine Kingdom for long-distance transmission is the most direct, which is not difficult.

It’s just the use of Paton’s space transmission channel, but the essence is different from Divine Kingdom transmission.

He deals with Peyton’s analysis of cosmic space, which is the understanding of higher minds, like the covering of four dimensions against three dimensions.

More secret, more incomprehensible.

Even Peyton is already thinking about whether to build more passages in the northwest, a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on.

When the time comes, once you encounter an invincible enemy, leave in time.

“Don’t hurry, take it slow, the materials to build the channel still need those immortals to continue to work hard. I promise them a thousand years of freedom, it shouldn’t be too long.”

“Hope They work hard and let them go early when the time comes.”

“Let’s hunt first.”

“The target of this time, mainly the Monster Race squad, is best. oviparous Monster Race life.”

“Start looking!”


(end of chapter)

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