All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 530


Chapter 530

310 million kilometers away from the Peyton spaceship, there is a dark green biological spaceship flying.

The spaceship control room.

“Abominable human beings have immortal plant life. If it weren’t for the plant life entanglement, I would have killed them.”

The man with the scales and wolf heads roared.

“Human beings are too rich. Even the immortal human beings have many immortal plant life.”

“Human beings are rich.”

Sitting At the dinner table the alien immortal with the butterfly-like long spear and the huge compound eyes bulging on the forehead said solemnly.

If it’s Payton, it can be judged at a glance.

This is an alien race – the ‘tail race’, a powerful race, not a vassal of the Monster Race.

In fact, in the Foreign Domain battlefield, apart from the four Peak ethnic groups, a large number of other alien ethnic groups are not all vassal ethnic groups. Some powerful ethnic groups have specially negotiated with the Peak ethnic group for the sake of experience before arranging members of the tribe to come in.



In addition to the four Peak groups, there were also the lives of other Peak groups.

After all—

Monster Race, Machine Race, Human, and Insect Race, this is the fourth of the six Peak races in the universe, only because their borders are close and the contradictions are fierce. war often. There are two other Peak groups in the universe… Because they are in extremely remote places in the universe, there will naturally be no large-scale wars.

Otherwise the teleportation fee is scary enough, but there are some members of the two Peak groups who are willing to fight.

Like the Kawu tribe…although they belong to the insect race.

But in fact, the Kawu tribe is a vassal of one of the two Peak tribes in the remote area.

“Human beings are perfect in all aspects such as machinery and biology.” Another male of the tail clan said with immortal envy, “In conjunction with the unique and unmatched ‘virtual cosmic network’ in the universe, the entire human race’s The strength is condensed into one, and the resources are used most effectively, which is unmatched by other ethnic groups.”

“hmph!” Monster Race is poor, with all kinds of external means, it is comparable to our Monster Race.” The man with scales and armor hummed.

“Unfortunately, those starry sky giant beasts are too proud to be considered a member of our Monster Race.”

“Those proud starry sky giant beasts don’t even think about it, they are highly intelligent , Innate talent is high, and giant beast… Of course, it should be regarded as a member of our Monster Race, especially the Twelve Peak bloodline, which is more noble than our Imperial Family bloodline, but unfortunately…”

“That The starry sky giant beast has great strength, but it has no territory, which is strange.” said the woman from the tail clan.

“Although there is no territory, there are territories everywhere in the universe.” said the man with the head of a wolf in scales and armor.

“The starry sky giant beasts are scattered in various regions of the universe. Many world masters, Peak starry sky giant beasts, will never be able to touch the other end of the starry sky. Unless they become immortal and have eternal life, they can contact the starry sky giant beasts. The core.”

“The star giant beast alliance! That is one of the super alliances in the universe.”

“If this alliance is willing to integrate into my Monster Race, my Monster Race will immediately be the first in the universe. A Peak tribe.” The man with the scales, armor and wolf head sighed with emotion.

Monster Race and star giant beast do have a lot of entanglements.

In fact, on the whole, the star giant beast is really equivalent to the ‘enhanced’ Monster Race! It’s no wonder that Monster Race has always wanted to integrate the star giant beast into its own group.

“5 minutes…4 minutes…”

“Countdown to 30 seconds.”

“30… 29…28…”

Peyton clearly knew the distance between the biological spaceship and himself through the No. 1 detector.

“A team of Monster Race squad, not bad!”


“There is only one person, and there is no imposing manner of being a king. Hou, how dare you attack us?”


The shrill voice came from the tail clan with a long spear like a butterfly and a bulging one-eyed ‘compound eye’ on the head The woman’s mouth came out.

“But why are you so stupid?”

“Don’t think too much, I have already investigated the Fengwang Peak information database, and there is no information about this person, so it is temporarily ruled out that Fengwang is fishing. .”

The King Peak!

Yes, in their opinion, only Peak’s king can pose a threat to them.

An ordinary king powerhouse can’t shake a lord who masters Immortal Body, and among their three people, there is a top lord who joins forces. Fall on the spot!

“Okay, let’s do it!”

“He’s stupid, so we can earn military merit.” The tailed man said solemnly in the other direction.

“Maybe he is someone who was lucky enough to be promoted to the first grade of the king and feels invincible in the whole world.”

“Don’t waste time, solve him quickly.” Scaled wolf-headed man shouted.

The three alien princes were immortal in different directions, completely surrounding Peyton.

“I took the initiative to send it to the door.”

Peyton shook his head and glanced coldly at the three immortal princes of the alien race.

“Poor family—” The woman from the end of the family was just halfway through.

Whoosh! call!

The two immortal Spiritual Gods of the end of the surviving clan turned into misty phantoms at the same time, leaving an S-shaped twisted trajectory in the air for thousands of kilometers, directly pressing towards Peyton, and at the same time in both of their hands at the same time. A large number of white silk threads are shot out, which at first glance resembles ‘spider silk’, but Peyton can clearly distinguish them.

When the silk thread crossed the sky, the cosmic space seemed to be cut by the silk thread, and one after another gap appeared.

The immortal Spiritual God of the two tails unleashed thousands of threads, wrapping around Peyton from all directions, apparently tying Peyton first.

“The Tail Clan is indeed a powerful group, and their methods are very unusual, but these two… are obviously still weak.” Peyton shook his head.

hua hua ~~~

Countless white silk threads wound towards Peyton.

“What an idiot, I can’t resist.” The left-behind man sneered.

“Although our strengths are weak, Captain is trapped and can’t escape for a while.” There was also a hint of sneer in the compound eyes of the left-behind woman, but then they couldn’t laugh anymore. Because the countless white silk threads were just about to condense with each other to form a ‘cocoon’, but they were shocked to find that the black human silhouette had reached thousands of kilometers away.

“How is that possible.”

“How can the instant dodging speed be faster than us?”

Tail family, known for speed, dodge, and a natural ability to spin silk.

The ‘silk’ made by the immortal Spiritual God of the tail clan has even more terrifying toughness. Once a large number of silk threads form a ‘cocoon’, the enemy will be trapped. Even if the enemy’s body is completely crushed, he can’t escape… This cocoon is a bit like a cage. Once trapped, it is almost equivalent to being trapped by a seal for a short period of time, and can no longer escape!


Before we met, Peyton got the detailed information of the leftover family, so how could he care about these two guys who were reluctantly named princes.

Peyton’s three consecutive zigzag movements left a zigzag trajectory in the sky, like a twisted lightning bolt.

The tail of the bereaved man dodged in a hurry and wanted to control the silk thread to wind it, but Peyton was much faster than him.


The long spear in Peyton’s hand instantly turned into a dazzling rainbow light that makes people enchanted, this dazzling silver rainbow light there is no stronghold one cannot overcome , directly tore the cosmic space, and in the cosmic Space Crack gully full of space fragments, a long river of silver appeared… This is a long river of silver formed by gunlight!

Under this silver river… unstoppable!


The terrified tail man was completely strangled and smashed in an instant.



It is another continuous two streams of light, which spread out two long rivers in the ravines of the universe, one is It directly smashed the leftover woman, and the other one directly impacted the man with the scaled armor and the wolf head.

Three silver rivers!

Assault on three alien princes immortal!


The body of the man with scales, armor and wolf head shattered instantly!

This time, there is no resistance at all!

With a wave of Peyton’s hand, the first layer of time and space appeared on the battlefield in an instant. The vast and thick Space-Time Power completely blocked everything, everything was still, and the three people who were using the Immortal Body were restored to being stopped in an instant.

As soon as he raised his hand, the vast Space-Time Power dissipated, and the three of them were completely suppressed by the space-time.

This is the most concise way of grabbing that he has explored, first beheading, and then when the Immortal Body reunites, draw a layer of time and space and completely suppress it in time and space.

“Practice makes perfect, my time-space seal technique is a small achievement!”

This hand is a secret technique in Yantian Secret Art, which is extremely difficult and highly appreciated. Dun also barely grasped it a few days ago.

These days, every time I do experiments, I need to use Space-Time Power to stop time and space, and outside of the independent universe, his secret art of space-time attributes is becoming more and more proficient.

Peyton dares to say that his hand is the universe Venerable, and it is rare to be able to use such skill.

After all, he has fully understood the existence of the seventh picture, and with the chaotic charm, the Law Comprehension is also extremely high among Venerable.

“However, compared to Lord of Universe’s methods, it is far worse.”

Lord of Universe truly controls one time and space, compared to Peyton’s basic space-time suppression, The difference is enormous.

“No rush, no rush!”

“When I achieve immortality, gene lock becomes a law, maybe I can touch that kind of realm.”

Very Hurry up, Peyton took the experimental materials of the three feudal lords, and then took out a cosmic spaceship, and then left quickly.

The Monster Race dominates the Foreign Domain battlefield.

“Confirm the message.”

“Instantly killed the three immortal princes, one of them was the top prince, and found a strange human being in the main continent of Yan Festival. Feng Wang, judge that it has never appeared, is it marked?” Looking at the results of the battlefield intelligent life displayed on the screen.

Two black puppets are sitting there and talking: “”

“Has similar peak battle strength to the king, but I’m not sure if they are pretending to be other races, Let’s use it as a Human Race record for the time being!”

A man with a black body resembling a lion’s head said solemnly.


Various races, all kinds of secret techniques, there is a chaotic Foreign Domain battlefield, it is normal to pretend to be an identity.

Even, it may not be impossible for the same clan to fight.

“Okay, let’s send the news down, and under the title of king, if you encounter this person, flee quickly.”

“At the same time, issue a wanted order to seal the king Monster Race. You can join forces to ambush and kill this person.”


“I will immediately go to the clan and let them issue orders.”


Yan offering continent The peripheral zone of the main continent, the endless icebergs are deep There is an ancient palace there, I don’t know when it was built.

However, this is now the site of the ‘Monster Race’ Purple Vault King.

“We’re on a mission. It’s suspected that the Peak powerhouse, the king of Human Race, has nothing to do with us.”

“Captain should find the rest of the kings to join forces.”

Two immortal puppets of Monster Race, quietly talking to each other, are members of the famous ‘Purple Vault Squad’ on the Yan Festival continent.

Purple Dome Squad!

One of the extremely renowned squads of Yanji continent, Captain ‘Purple Vault King’, is the immortal king of Monster Race, and already has the ability to teleport, reaching the peak of the king.

Vice Captain is also a high-level powerhouse of Fengwang. As for the team members, almost all of them are Fenghou Peak, and there are even some who have just broken through.

Such a team is certainly famous in the Yan Festival continent.

Of course, although famous, it is not invincible!

And in the depths of this palace.

Whole body black, a woman with a human body and an extremely beautiful silver fox-like head, she wears a gorgeous black robe, her puppet body is almost no different from the daoist, her face expression, eyes, etc. etc. are perfect.

“It’s difficult to seal the King Peak!” King Zi Qiong shook his head.

It’s not easy to kill a king!

Although she is also a Fengwang Peak with teleportation ability, but Fenghou and Fengwang both have Immortal Body, and her ability can kill at most one Fenghou Peak.

As for the ‘Feng Wang Elementary’ powerhouse… I’m afraid there is no one Feng Wang immortal in the entire Yan Festival continent that dares to say that they can kill with certainty!

After all, it is already extremely powerful to achieve the title of king, a life-saving technique.

Generally speaking, unless it is the limit of the king of the soul, it can be called invincible and can slaughter the king.

But this kind of perversion is very rare, each of which is a heresy of Peak Race, comparable to the ordinary Venerable.

As for the rest, if they want to kill the king, they all need to besiege.

Even if the means are high enough, the siege may not be successful.

After all, the king is already the Peak of the immortal Spiritual God. How can it be so easy to kill?

“It’s worth it, so many military exploits can’t be given up.”

“Look for those people of the affiliated race!”

To be honest, if you can , King Ziqiong really doesn’t want to find that group of people, but the people of this race are really weak.

You must know that on the Yanji continent, there are only more than 30 kings belonging to the Monster Race group, and she is already the most powerhouse among them, so this task will appear in her hands .

And what she can’t solve, she can only find the Monster Race alliance!

In the entire Yan Festival continent, there are 876 kings in the Monster Race Alliance!

After all, there are many other vassal races under Monster Race, and some are not vassal races… but some remote areas, willing to enter the ‘Foreign Domain battlefield’ as a member of the Monster Race alliance A large number of alien powerhouses have led to the fact that there are 876 kings under the Monster Race Alliance in the festival continent.

This kind of task, Gao Jungong, wants to come, those people are eager to come.

After all, the relics of a king named Peak are already very eye-catching.

At this point, Payton has returned to his home base.

He knew very well that his message definitely appeared on the stage of Monster Race, and even Monster Race issued a kill order for him.

This is all information he has already known.

But he’s not afraid, let’s not talk about it, he deliberately hides his identity.

He didn’t deliberately hide his identity. Who would have expected that a king who was resident in the northwest region would suddenly come to the southeast region belonging to Monster Race?


Indeed, for the powerhouse that has mastered teleportation, the distance is nothing.

Even, some people with higher attainments have the entire continent within his teleportation range.

But teleportation also has specific fluctuations, which can be captured and identified, just like Divine Kingdom transmissions.

This is also the reason why Peyton doesn’t like to use teleportation.

Exposing whereabouts!

Especially on someone else’s chassis.

But the high-latitude space channel he set up is completely different, and has completely gotten rid of the mere spatial distance, and also got rid of the fluctuations similar to teleportation.

Unpredictable and mysterious!

This is strategically valuable!

As long as the signal range covered by Monster Race doesn’t detect any specific fluctuations, they’ll assume that Peyton is still hiding in the Southeast.

Even spending a lot of manpower and material resources to find it.

(End of this chapter)

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