All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 531


Chapter 531

Twenty years flies by.

East, South, West, North, in all regions, there are constantly feudal princes disappearing.

The information about the murderer is gathered in the news database, but the whereabouts of the murderer has not been heard for a long time.

At this time, the Northwest Mine King City.

On the operating table, Peyton slowly removed the last key particle from an immortal Spiritual God who was a high-ranking feudal lord.

The so-called immortal prince completely dissipated and never recovered.

“I finally have a complete insight into the secret of the Immortal Body!”

Immortal Body is not immortal, otherwise there would be no so-called forced annihilation.

From Peyton’s tens of thousands of experiments, he has mastered the so-called mystery of immortality, that is, the undead particles that belong exclusively to Fenghou and their arrangement.

This kind of particle is indelible and can only be forcibly annihilated by Divine Force, and the general Divine Force must be repeated like this before it can be completely annihilated.

Moreover, the existence of this particle itself can’t really constitute an immortal body. The real special thing is its arrangement and combination.

This is what constitutes the undead body.

Basically, the immortal arrangement of each monarch is different.

And different arrangements also form Immortal Body with different strengths and properties.

Or maybe it’s more defensive, more speed, more Divine Force attacks…

A lot of things.

Just now, he completely cracked an arrangement, and cracked the Immortal Body from the perspective of the root.

There was a frenzy in Peyton’s eyes, a surprise.

Immortal Body is not the key, the most important thing is his harvest in the process.

Immortal Body is a restricted area that belongs to the Immortal Spiritual God. This restricted area also contains the mystery of the real Immortal Spiritual God. Now this mystery is completely penetrated by Peyton.

“Gene lock, sixth rank!”

“Gene particle of Spiritual God.”

An idea was conceived in Peyton’s mind, more and more clear.

A variety of permutations and combinations are constantly emerging, and Peyton can clearly feel that this is the key to his breakthrough, the genetic lock of the sixth rank, and the entry into the field of Spiritual God.

“I need to make a king!” Peyton flashes through a bright light in his eyes.

He had always been a feudal lord before, deliberately hiding his identity, and even creating chaos among the various ethnic groups.

For the king, he has never done it.

It’s not that you can’t kill it, it’s that you can’t catch it.

Even if it was the first grade of the king, Peyton had no grasp of it before.

The king and the lord are already two levels, as different as heaven and earth.

“However, over the years, through experiments, I have a complete understanding of the Third Layer secret technique in Yantian Secret Art, and I can hunt for the king.”

“When I have a thorough insight, the immortal particles at the king level, as well as the branch features, maybe I can seize the opportunity to enter immortality.”


two figures, standing tall in the void.

One tall, one small.

“Who are you?” the tall demon asked.

Peyton coldly snorted: “I’ve been crowned king, and I’m about to find someone to fight, why bother talking, and eat my spear.”

Peyton also pretended, he could You can’t fully show your strength, otherwise the Black Prison King will probably run away.

Of course, even if you can’t run, you will most likely choose self-destruct. As a king, the probability of being resurrected by time and space is not small.

If you want to capture, you still need a surprise.

“Haha, it turned out to be a fledgling. Today, I will let your grandfather teach you a good lesson. Remember, the one who taught you is the Black Prison King.” Wang’s voice boomed, and he had already regarded Peyton as a chick who had just become a king and was looking for someone to fight.


He turned into a thunderbolt at an astonishingly fast speed.

Peyton has already seen that this black prison king is a speed-type king, and the speed is no less than the ordinary king Peak,

However, Peyton still I really didn’t take it seriously, he is also a powerhouse with comprehended teleportation, and the speed of the instant burst is so fast that he is the absolute king.

Even with the laws of time and space covered from above, perhaps the ordinary Venerable is not as good as him.


The Dark Prison King held the divine hammer and stepped out in one step, causing the surrounding space fragments to be directly shaken into particle streams, and the divine hammer even smashed out heavily.


The long spear in Peyton’s hand suddenly bounced and retracted, avoiding the meet force with force of the hammer, and then splitting again, splitting To the black hell king.

“It’s so fast.”

The Black Prison King startled, the hammer he just slammed with all his strength didn’t have time to retract to block it, so he could only growl, his left fist with endless The formidable power smashed it directly, and there was a layer of dark red metal on his left hand, like a special glove, punching… Activate the Law Power, causing the surrounding space fragments to be completely twisted and shattered.


Heavy fists and gun shadows collided, and the Black Prison King’s fist smashed a neutron star with ease, but at this moment, he felt a sudden shock of his fist and a sharp pain!


The Black Prison King roared fiercely, becoming more and more mad.

“Hahaha…Dark Prison King, you are also worthy of teaching me, and you merely this!” Peyton in the distance, laughed heartily, slaughtered again.

The Dark Prison King’s eyes changed, he took a breath, and slammed it out again.

In the void, Peyton’s figure flickered again and again, and when he flickered and moved, the long spear in his hand was like a ghost. The swipe is so fast that the opponent can’t grasp the trajectory at all.

Of course, there is also a playful element in it, otherwise, every shot, Peyton is sure to hurt the Divine Physique of this guy, and even with the cooperation of the law of time and space, Peyton is sure that within three moves to completely kill the person.

But killing and capturing is far from a concept.

His blockade secret technique is good for Fenghou, but worse for Fengwang.

“Peng!” “Peng!” “Peng!” “Peng!” “Peng!” “Peng!”

The King of Black Prison went wild.

He hit the heavy hammer again and again, and every time he swung the divine hammer with a bit of whirling force, I saw one hammer after another, continuous ups and downs. , and smashed Payton all over the place.

Payton furiously shouted: “Come again!”

Peng! Peng! Peng! ……

The Dark Prison King who was like a demon roared and charged towards Peyton with a divine hammer in his hand. Each step was astonishingly fast. The crash of the gun shadow and the smashed Peyton flew back, as if a heavy truck was rampaging on the road, easily knocking the car into the air, but even though the car was broken, it re-condensed and struck again. Come, and then be smashed and fly again.

“Boy, there is also a gap between Fengwang and Fengwang!”

“You may be considered good in Fengwang Elementary, but my existence in Fengwang Advanced, you are fundamentally Can’t stop me!” The Black Prison King’s eyes were somewhat contemptuous.

Between the kings, unless it is the kind of kings that are limited to elementary, and invincible to ordinary kings, otherwise it will be difficult to kill. He is just a high-ranking king, and he has never thought about it. Kill this person.

But it’s enough to teach this kid who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth a lesson.

“I don’t believe it!” Peyton shouted angrily again, and his voice echoed in endless void under the instillation of mind power.

The King of Dark Prison sneered and hit the hammer easily.

Payton’s body flashed, easily distanced, in the space, Payton is like a ghost, easily constantly flashing and changing direction.


Peton’s long spear pierced a zigzag silver light, flickering and stabbed.


With one shot, the Dark Prison King Divine Physique was torn apart instantly, and his abdomen was instantly penetrated! Destroys over 50% of Divine Physique.

“Damn it! You are not a king!” The Black Prison King roared.

With this shot, he instantly realized that the kid in front of him was playing the pig to eat the tiger. Such strength was clearly the limit of being a king.

The Black Prison King roared unwillingly, and wanted to detonate his Divine Physique in an instant. He knew the opponent of this person in front of him, but he was a high-ranking king after all, and there was a teacher behind him… A Space-Time Reversal resurrection is almost certain.

And if the murdered person falls into a deep sleep and is taken away, then there is no hope of turning over.

Peyton is optimistic about the opportunity, the secret technique of spreading the sky – time and space blockade!

In an instant, the first layer of time and space came, and the surrounding time and space were completely frozen, and the Black Prison King who wanted to self-destruct was instantly blocked.

But this block will only last for a while.

As the Peak of the immortal Spiritual God, the title of king is far from being comparable to that of a prince.

Just a moment is enough!

“xiu .”


Eight black balls floated from the palm of Payton’s left palm.

Immediately, the eight black balls spun in the void, and the secret pattern of the law engraved on it had a faint golden light. Under the guidance of Peyton’s powerful terrifying will, which even exceeded most of the universe’s Venerable will, the universe was inspired. Source Law is a terrifying web in an instant.

This is a hunting net that Peyton painstakingly researched and developed. In the past, he was not needed to deal with the simple princes, but now it comes in handy.

The essence of this big net is a psychic weapon. As a ‘heavy treasure’ of a psychic weapon, how amazing is the flying speed?


It has already arrived in front of the black prison king, completely shrouded, capture!

The next moment, Peyton’s seal completely broke into the Divine Physique of the Dark Prison King, making him fall asleep.

“A high-ranking king, do research first!”


Time flies, another thirty years.

In the operating room, Payton put down the scalpel and sighed.

The permutation and combination of this king level is more difficult than that of princes, so it is no wonder that there is such a huge gap between them.

In the past 30 years, Peyton has dissectioned 60 kings, from elementary to Peak. As for the limit, Peyton has killed, but cannot capture.

To the extreme level, they are extremely decisive. Once lost, they will completely self-destruct.

Anyway, as a powerhouse with the limit of being a king, it is certain to be resurrected. If it is killed to sleep, or even enslaved, there will never be a chance to turn over.

As for Payton’s selection of the king’s target, he is no longer limited to this continent.

A king is a high-level leader in any area, and the disappearance of each one will attract attention. Maybe Venerable will be dispatched, and Peyton must also be cautiously.

Anyway, for him, it is nothing more than setting up more space channels.

He has set up passages in nineteen War Zones and nearly thirty continents, which are tens of millions of light years away from each other.

It is the king powerhouse that has mastered teleportation. It is still a difficult thing to cross such a long distance.

But Peyton did it easily.

It is also possible to appear in the first War Zone in the morning and the nineteenth War Zone in the afternoon, so that every few months, in a certain War Zone, a king disappears, and the movement is reduced to a minimum.

After all, the disappeared kings are not all of the same race.

Strictly speaking, in the past 30 years, seven or eight people from each of the four powerful clans have disappeared. treasure hunt.

Not the slightest attention!

“It’s a big project, I hope it can be completed in three hundred years.” Peyton estimated.

Three hundred years, comprehend the mystery of the immortal Spiritual God, achieve the sixth rank gene lock, and advance to a more extreme gene level, plus the arrangement of these years of exploration, Peyton may be able to step heavenly ascension, in In immortality, it has the battle strength of hunting Venerable.

“By the way, there is news from the teacher that let me go to the Tianshan Mountains, and he can apply for a chance for me.”

“His old people say that it is a chance, or If necessary, try it.”


Virtual universe, Tongtianshan plane space.

The three towering Tongtian Mountains are taller than the other.

When Peyton appeared out of thin air, he flew directly to the highest and most majestic one–primordial Tongtian Mountain. He is a member of primordial Secret Realm, so he can go directly to the ‘Primitive level’. Tianshan.

At the foot of the towering Tongtian Mountain, there are three silhouettes sitting cross-legged, as if playing some kind of game that is not widely known.

“White-skinned ape, someone’s here.”

“Someone’s here.”

“Wow, get up.”

These three silhouette movements seemed a little rusty, and they stood up one by one, and the most burly and majestic Ox Head Man looked towards Peyton, and grinned suddenly: “It turned out to be His Highness Peyton, His Highness Peyton… Although you are It’s Primal Chaos City’s master direct disciple, but I’m too confident, so I’m coming to the primordial Tongtian Mountain now? This is the world master level!”

“Niutou, what are you talking about, this is His Highness Peyton, There is nothing that His Royal Highness Peyton can’t do.”

The ape-men also looked at Peyton, they were still very familiar with Peyton, the legendary Disciple of Primal Chaos City.

I know that although this is the realm master, Law Comprehension is comparable to the ordinary Venerable, reaching the 22nd floor of the Heaven Connecting Bridge. Over the years, there may be progress.

If you dare to pass the level now, there must be a great probability to pass.

“His Royal Highness Peyton, do you want to start?” Snake girl also pu chi pu chi looked at Peyton with eyes like water.

“I’m starting to break in.” Peyton smiled, a shield suddenly appeared in his hand, which was the Divine Weapon.

Fighting in the virtual universe, items like body protection armor, Yantian secret treasure, etc. are naturally gone.

What Peyton has is still the body of the world master, which is exactly the same as all the world master geniuses in the virtual universe, the only difference is the consciousness of will and the Law Comprehension.

“Come on.” Ox Head Man wields a big axe.

“See how strong you are.” The ape-man’s eyes radiated rays of light.

“His Royal Highness Peyton, your servant will take pity on you.” The invisible soul attack of Snake Woman’s whole person has spread.


Chaos and charm appear!

A chaotic phantom was created out of thin air, Peyton turned into Chaos Beast God, smashed the Ox Head Man with a roar, smashed the ape-man, and swept the snake girl to death with one tail.

The battle is over in an instant.

This level at the foot of the mountain is even passed.

“The pass at the foot of the mountain is really easy.”


At the top of the mountain, although I encountered some troubles, Peyton’s will is so strong, once he is serious, he will display Yantian Secret Art according to the charm of chaos. The technique of Time and Space Annihilation was directly successful.

“Congratulations to His Royal Highness Peyton for passing through the world master-level primordial Tongtian Mountain.”

“Everyone in my human race who can pass through the world-master-level primordial Tongtian Mountain is a Peerless geniuses who have only appeared in ten million epochs.”

“Only those who have passed through the world master-level primordial Tongtian Mountain can they be regarded as the group of geniuses who have pinnacles of geniuses in human history.”

The three Pass Defenders on the top of the mountain were resurrected again, all of them were extremely surprised and respectful congratulations to Peyton.

Peton stood at the primordial Heaven Mountain Summit, overlooking the endless land, and also saw the other two low mountains in the distance…

Just at Peyton Station At the top of the mountain, when the mind was flying, the top of the human race had already learned that Peyton had passed through the world master-level primordial Tongtian Mountain.

The news spread like a hurricane.

The news of Tongtianshan is a first-class secret, and only Venerable can know it.

When they found out, they were shocked at first, and then when they saw Peyton’s name, they instantly restrained.

After all, this person is the Disciple and Venerable of the Primal Chaos City master. As long as he doesn’t fall, he is likely to be the overlord of the universe.

(End of this chapter)

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