All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 533


Chapter 533

Virtual Universe, Chaos Ruins.

“pay respects to Teacher!” Payton salutes respectfully.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City glanced at the Disciple in front of him with satisfaction: “How has the harvest been in these years?”

“Can you find an opportunity for breakthrough immortality?”

Peyton nodded: “I have found it, I am preparing to return to the initial universe, and try to pass the level!”



The initial universe , a place of retreat.

“I have clear comprehension of the sixth rank gene lock, the next step is to open up the sixth rank gene lock and achieve immortality.” Peyton muttered.

Some lives are extremely difficult to break through immortality, like the queen of the insert race, like the Moyun vine of the 360 main vine, many of which are comparable to the king in terms of law perception, in order to finally break through!

Like some golden horn giant beasts, because of the shackles of the prokaryote, the law perception also needs to be higher to break through…

As for Peyton, because of the limitations of his own gene Life Level, compared to For ordinary people, it can also be called difficult to walk.

However, he took the sixth rank genetic lock system and completely cleared the comprehension of the immortal Spiritual God, so he had more confidence.

At the same time, just talking about the conditions…

His law perception has reached a very deep level of Venerable! His will is even more Venerable than the overwhelming majority universe, and even comparable to some universe overlords.

Many in one!

The will against the sky! Peerless law! Yantian Secret Art!

Unprecedented gene lock system, Peyton is confident!

“My preparations can surpass the top level of the king, and enter immortality. I should be defeated in one fell swoop.”

Peyton is also full of expectations, the ultimate Absolute Art, the reverse Heaven’s Will, Source Law… are all more invincible than the king.

“It’s not broken, there’s no reason!”

“Time and space!”

“This is time and space!”

Peyton opened his eyes and smiled, a feeling of Perfection filling his heart, the satisfaction of realizing a Dao’ in the universe.


The invisible connection instantly connects Peyton and the ocean of space-time law in the land of Universe Source. In the ocean of space-time law, the endless breath is directly transmitted.

Nothing can be reversed.

The pronucleus in Peyton’s body… The pronucleus was originally a source bead, but when the source bead absorbed the breath from the ocean of time-space law, it instantly changed, becoming one after another gene lock, a Layers of cracking, reorganization…

The sixth rank gene lock, the most perfect arrangement of the immortal Spiritual God, builds immortal particles.

In this way, whether it is at the genetic level or Divine Physique, Peyton surpasses the usual number of kings, and even with the Divine Force of Divine Physique and sixth rank gene lock alone, Peyton dares to fight against Venerable .

If coupled with Yantian Secret Art’s secret technique, peerless laws, and will, Peyton really has the confidence to kill Venerable in the immortal stage.

“The law is formed, the source is formed, the gene lock is gathered, the pronucleus is broken, the Divine Force is poured, the soul and body are united into immortality!” Peyton said silently in his heart.

This is the basic process by which he stepped into immortality.


In the prokaryote, self becomes a space.

After the Origin Bead was transformed into Peyton, with a wave of Peyton’s hand, the energy instantly turned into one after another crystal ball, there were 1,600 crystal balls, and each crystal ball had a complex pattern on it. Law secret pattern.

Whether it is Martial Artist or Spirit Reader, when the breakthrough is immortal, they all rely on the source beads to break through.

As for the weapons or psychic weapons used after the formation of the Origin Bead, they are all just energy.


1600 crystal balls, like one after another bone beads, countless law threads are connected, forming the skeleton of the entire beast god, and the scales are like reality , a very real beast god was born together.

“Source Law!”

“sixth rank genetic lock!”

“All conscious will!”

“Break the shackles Achieve immortality!”

“Break for me! Break! Break!”

All of Peyton’s conscious wills are spare no effort at this moment, and under the inspiration of Law Aura, the universe, time and space, Making Peyton play to the extreme, I saw that the source in the original nucleus rushed directly to the original nucleus with a crazy and tragic mood——

At this moment, the source seemed to be burning flames.

Like a burning star, hitting the inner wall of the pronucleus with the craziest attitude.

“bang! !!”

“bang! !!” The inner wall of the pronucleus was smashed with a huge earthquake, ka ka ka~~ cracks appeared inside the pronucleus.


The inner wall of the chaotic color of the pronucleus, the chaotic color spreads and covers those cracks. In an instant, all the original cracks disappeared and recovered intact, and the entire pronucleus was unharmed.

After channeling Peyton to deliver a powerful strike…the land of Universe Source began to recede.

Break the shackles of the original nucleus, there is no moment when this layer of shackles hinders.

Immediately, the ‘human-shaped Peyton’ in the form of the original bead and the endless ‘ocean of time-space law’ in the land of Universe Source were instantly connected, and the source law of time and space came directly and appeared in the palace where Peyton was located. over the sky.

“Boom~~~~” The Divine Force of Endless Time and Space poured in frantically.

Some world masters have just entered immortality and are ordinary immortals, so they only need a little Divine Force to transform into Divine Physique.

And some extremely strong world masters will be immortal as soon as they step in, and they need a lot more Divine Force, but generally they will form the Divine Physique of ‘one hundred thousand times the power of the world master’. .

And Peyton, the will and the law are extremely high!

More than many Venerables!

“Rumble~~” Divine Force of Endless Time and Space is poured into it.

The Divine Physique of the power of the world master requires an amazing Divine Force.

Stepping into immortality, Divine Force infusions are generally minimal.


Peyton’s move into immortality is too much…

Lord Primal Chaos City, with a smile on his face, has several points of comfort.

“What’s going on?”

“What’s wrong?”

“The Source Law of Time and Space has come, does anyone step into immortality, but How can immortality be so turbulent?”

The entire initial universe, Primal Chaos City, and a large number of immortal servants looked at the top of Peyton’s palace in the distance, and saw the endless golden light almost covering the whole city .

This kind of power, they have almost never seen it in their life.

“Peton, stepped into immortality…”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City stood on the top of the main hall, looking at the parapet, looking up into the sky, when the Source Law of the sky had already Completely enveloped the entire City Lord’s Mansion, even moved towards, the initial universe scattered.

The strength of the coercion…it’s unbelievable, this is already more than the coercion manifested by the Venerable stepping into the universe.

No other powerhouse can see the profound mystery, but the Lord of Primal Chaos City can see it… Above the City Lord’s Mansion, the universe seems to be overturned, the endless ocean of laws seems to be pouring, the Divine Force Sea The water crash-bang poured into the void, apparently a manifestation of Payton’s frantic absorbing of the endless Divine Force.

Peyton’s genes are more than anyone he’s ever met.

“My Disciple, I really took an unusual path!” The Lord of Primal Chaos City sighed.

In the entire City Lord’s Mansion, the universe Venerable and the Immortal Waiters all looked up at the endless golden light in the sky, all discuss spiritedly, obviously very shocked.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City turned his head to look at the palace where Peyton was located in the distance. His eyes passed through the wall and saw Peyton sitting cross-legged.

“The ocean of endless law is pouring down, Divine Force fills the body.”

“There is such a situation, such a Life Level, it is already against the sky!”

” Very good.”

“My human race, I am afraid that a super-level existence that will shock hundreds of millions of races will soon be born.” Primal Chaos City Lord slightlyly.

“My discipline…”

“Really strong Divine Force aura.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City showed a faint smile.

In the body world.

The endless Divine Force Sea water, as if the Tianhe River is pouring backwards, countless sea waters come from the void, rushing in frantically, and a time and space seems to be in the end of the world.


Walking in the cluster of palaces in the City Lord’s Mansion, Peyton came to the main hall where the Lord of Primal Chaos City lived after a few dodging.

In front of the main hall are some immortal servants, and even the cosmic Venerable.

At this moment, they all looked at Peyton, their eyes extremely shocked.

“The really strong dive might.”

“This divide might…”

The two universe Venerables in the distance are startled, and those immortal The waiters are even more trembling with fear.

Peyton stood outside the hall, and although the door of the hall was open, the inside seemed to be endlessly chaotic, and it was impossible to see clearly with naked eyes.

“Come in.” A voice came from the main hall.

Peyton then stepped into the hall and quickly walked to the depths of the great hall. When he looked up, he could see the Lord of Primal Chaos City in the distance.

“teacher.” Payton saluted respectfully.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City looked at Peyton with a smile on his face for a long time.

“Step into immortality?” The Lord of Primal Chaos City took a long time to speak.

“Yes,” Paton said.

“Very well, you are doing better than I thought.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City is satisfied, nodded,

“What are you going to do now?”

” Find the Divine Kingdom address and build the Divine Kingdom.” Peyton said.

“Well, Divine Kingdom is very important.”

Primal Chaos City master nodded, “Space mezzanine, deep and unmeasurable, try to choose as far as possible.”

“Understood.” Peyton nodded.


The Lord of Primal Chaos City waved.

Peyton saluted and walked away.

At this stage of Peyton… The Lord of Primal Chaos City will not intervene.


“Go to build the Divine Kingdom.”

“Human territory.” Peyton took a step and stepped into the misty golden light.



In the territory of human beings, in the Universe Country, about 50 million light-years away from Earth, there is no life in a desolate starry sky, only some dead planets and stars.

In this starry sky, Peyton teleported.

“Just choose here.” Peyton said softly, choosing Divine Kingdom must be irregular.


Payton swiped with one hand, tore the space directly, and then stepped into the space mezzanine.

The space mezzanine can be divided into thousands of layers.

First Layer is space fragments.

Second Layer is the Divine Kingdom layer.

The Third Layer is the space torrent layer…

In fact, this division is an ordinary immortal division. In the eyes of a real super powerhouse, the space mezzanine is an incomparably vast layer. The closer the original universe, the smaller the space fragments. The farther away from the original universe, the bigger the space fragments! The deeper the space interlayer…the greater the threat.

In the safest place, the world master can survive. As it goes deeper, it becomes more and more dangerous. In some places, even the Venerable of the universe will fall!


Payton first teleported, swept across the Divine Kingdom layer directly, entered the space torrent layer, and continued to fly towards the depths.

“The Divine Kingdom level, generally the immortal Spiritual God will place the Divine Kingdom there.” Peyton whispered, “Like some super-level existences, maybe the Divine Kingdom was in the ‘Divine Kingdom when it first entered immortality. Kingdom layer’, as their strength increases, they will gradually move the Divine Kingdom, moving to the depths. Move to the depths of the space torrent layer.”

The deeper it is, the safer it is.

Become a stream of light and fly in the torrent of space.

“Space fragments are getting bigger and bigger.”

“Space fragments with a diameter of 10 billion kilometers.” Peyton only saw huge space fragments, some of which were inside Both land and seawater have been born.

And these huge space fragments keep flying at high speed. Once they are hit, for example, they are hit by space fragments with a diameter of 100 billion kilometers. To this ‘impact’, even the immortal king must be instantly annihilated.



Peton kept flying to the depths, occasionally teleporting forward and passing a huge space fragment, the world inside him But with a diameter of a trillion kilometers, the space fragments you choose must exceed a trillion kilometers in length, width and height.

Two days later.

The space fragments that Peyton encountered were all trillions of kilometers in diameter, and some were even larger.

“Be careful, such a large space fragments, even if the universe Venerable is hit, the impact…the universe Venerable will be annihilated in an instant.”

What you need to know about those huge space fragments They are all part of the torrent of space, galloping constantly and extremely fast, and they will be bumped into if they are not careful.

“Just this piece of space fragments.” Peyton teleported a short distance around a piece of space fragments and probed for a moment. The maximum diameter was about 6.2 trillion kilometers, and the minimum diameter was about 2.1 trillion kilometers. The space fragments are enough to completely merge with the body world.

“Building the Divine Kingdom!”

In the endless universe torrent, Peyton began to inspire the inner world.

Immediately, an invisible energy burst out from the world in the body, and directly locked the huge space fragments in the distance. Hu~ ~in midair, a huge world appeared faintly. In one dimension, it began to gradually fly towards the huge space fragments. And space fragments also flew over.

A false and a true.

Gradually move closer.

The surrounding space trembled, all other space fragments avoided, the vaguely illusory world gradually merged with the huge space fragments and became stable, and the real world began to be born. The world completely disappeared, leaving only a very real world.

That’s… Divine Kingdom!


As soon as Peyton took a step, he teleported directly into the Divine Kingdom.

The Divine Kingdom is vast, full of endless dive might, and the edge of the Divine Kingdom is constantly expanding outward. Compared with the Divine Kingdom, the endless sea of 10 billion kilometers in diameter is unremarkable.

“The temple! Stand up!”

A large number of Divine Forces suddenly gathered, and a towering temple gradually took shape. This is a temple emitting a dazzling golden glow, filled with a rich time and space Law Aura , the top of the temple is like a pointed shape. When this temple has just taken shape, it will naturally become the core of the entire Divine Kingdom.

“Divine Kingdom, my Divine Kingdom!”

Payton stood in midair, eyes closed, hands outstretched.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

At this moment, I seem to be the entire Divine Kingdom, and everything in the Divine Kingdom exists in one mind.

“mountain range!”






Peyton closed his eyes and felt the entire Divine Kingdom. At this moment, Divine Kingdom and himself have become one, in Divine Kingdom , the power of the endless sea and the Divine Kingdom combined, the strength is enough to skyrocket dozens of times.

“Divine Kingdom is me.”

“I am Divine Kingdom!”

“My Divine Kingdom might be enough to kill some universes Venerable .” Payton opened his eyes and smiled.

The foundation of the Divine Kingdom is important.

The inner world is the foundation of the Divine Kingdom!

It is like the ‘foundation’ of a skyscraper. If the foundation is poor, then the Innate will be much worse.

And Peyton’s internal world reaches a trillion kilometers in diameter, so that just stepping into immortality, the Divine Kingdom has just taken shape… It is comparable to the Divine Kingdom of many powerful universes Venerable.

One step ahead, one step ahead!

“The Divine Kingdom is completed.”

(End of this chapter)

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