All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 534


Chapter 534

“You can achieve immortality so quickly, somewhat beyond my expectations!” The Lord of Primal Chaos City sighed a little.

Peton bowed his head respectfully, listening to the teaching of his teacher.

“But it’s okay, you have achieved immortality. With your strength, you are in the hands of Venerable, and you also have the ability to save your life.”

“Do you remember when I called you back? , what is the chance?”

Peyton nodded: “teacher let me pass through primordial Tongtian Mountain, I once said.”

Primal Chaos City nodded: “Yes, This opportunity is a great opportunity for my Human Race, and it is the inheritance of a super-level existence in the universe, and many immortal kings are competing for places.”

“The time for that opportunity is still long, and there is no reason to do so. For 3,000 years, I let you cross the primordial Tongtian Mountain before, originally to reserve a spot for you in advance, lest others gossip, now that you have achieved immortality, it is more logical.”

Peton said curiously: ” What kind of inheritance is it?”

“The inheritance of the magic sound general, this is the unique and unmatched inheritance in the universe, once you can accept the inheritance smoothly, it is not difficult to break through Venerable.”

When Peyton heard the words, he suddenly remembered, this inheritance.

In the original work, Luo Feng finally occupied one of the places that many kings competed for.

Thinking of Luo Feng, Peyton opened the mouth again and said: “teacher, is there any eye-catching talent in this year’s genius battle?”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City heard the words and said with a slight smile: “Of course, your little fellow and the clansman from Giant Axe are all good. Of course, there is also a little fellow from Berlan. Unfortunately, this little fellow is too arrogant, and his achievements may not be as good as the previous two.”

The time comparison between the initial universe and the outside world is one to ten. Although Peyton has been in the Foreign Domain battlefield for a hundred years, this initial universe is only more than ten years.

This batch of genius battles needs to be in it for thirty years, and now only half of the time has passed.

“Teacher, I’ll go and see, these little fellows!”

Primal Chaos City Lord laughed: “Go, with your ability, a case is being opened in this initial universe It’s not difficult, you can try it when you have time.”

Open a case?

Such as King Tianyi and King Zhenyan, anyone who has passed through the powerhouse corresponding to the 18th Layer of the Chaos Monument is considered a Grandmaster Level 1 existence and can establish the sect.

Hearing this, Peyton suddenly moved in his heart, opened the mouth and said: “Does the teacher know what kind of Chaos Monument my fellow is studying?”

In the original book, Luo What Feng studied was the Jiuyu Chaos Monument, but now, with the time and space comprehension ability he showed in the genius battle, and the Grandmasters of the universe lineage may secretly instruct, everything may be different.

Primal Chaos City master laughed: “Are you tempted? This little fellow is studying cosmic lineage, and he has never been a teacher.”

In fact, there is also Primal Chaos City master for this. At that time, Luo Feng saw the master of Primal Chaos City take action with his own eyes. Under the guidance of the master of Primal Chaos City, he chose the corresponding cultivation technique, tightened the initial universe, and devoted himself to the study of the cosmic chaos monument without any hesitation.


Heaven Connecting Bridge.

“Mr. Baffin.” Ucarian shouted, “Luo Feng passed the Third Layer?”

A group of young people from all races of human beings looked at the guardian Baffin.

“en.” Guardian Baffin said with a slight smile, “Yes, just now.”

“Where’s the Fourth Layer?” asked the wild man Rong Jun, suddenly The other youngsters around held their breaths. Luo Feng passed the Third Layer and made them look up… Assuming Luo Feng passed the Fourth Layer, a group of people would probably collapse.

Besides Berlan, none of them had crossed the third floor.

There are not many people who have even crossed the Second Layer. No matter how big the gap is, it shouldn’t be so outrageous!

“It didn’t work,” said the Keeper Baffin.

“It’s okay.”

A group of people were relaxed, at least they had the courage to catch up, but then many people felt helpless.

They are all super geniuses in the universe… Now they are being forced to feel like they can’t catch up.

In addition, Luo Feng and Bo Lan are the most difficult cosmic chaos monuments.


Shrouded in Chaos Qi Flow, the ancient city that exists for hundreds of millions of yearsβ€”Primal Chaos City.

“I’m really not used to long hair.”

Luo Feng waved his hands, his palms bursting with sharp breath, and quickly trimmed his hair into short hair. Immediately, he jumped down from the rooftop and fell into the alley.

“Luo Feng, you have passed Second Layer and Third Layer in a row, and now you have gained 6,000 points and two more chances to comprehend the Chaos Monument. How are you going to allocate it?” Babata’s voice came from his mind.

“I have passed the Third Layer, so I have the qualifications to attend classes under the powerhouses of Primal Chaos City.” Luo Feng smiled, “About the 6,000 points, you can’t use them indiscriminately, because you are a newcomer. Ten times the reward, waiting to leave Primal Chaos City…I’m afraid it will be difficult to get the accumulated branch in the future.”

“Points can only be obtained according to some methods required by the virtual universe company, so it must be saved.”


As he spoke, Luo Feng also sighed.

The Heaven Connecting Bridge is hard to create, a thousand geniuses, and there are many people who are currently trapped in the First Layer.

As for Second Layer, those are the top 20 geniuses.

As for it, currently only Berlan and him have made it to the Third Layer.

Of course, both of them chose the Cosmic Chaos Monument, which is far more difficult than the other Chaos Monuments. If they were ordinary Chaos Monuments, they could even break into the Fourth Layer.

“I got the guidance of that great being and embarked on the path of the essence of the law. I have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, and I have achieved what I have now. It is difficult for the rest!”

At the beginning, Luo Feng got the guidance of the master of Primal Chaos City. Once he entered the virtual universe company, he chose “Introduction to Time and Space”, and then studied the cosmic chaos monument and broke into the Third Layer.

For Bo Lan, being able to break into the Third Layer is entirely based on his past background. After all, he has the guidance of a feudal lord-level teacher, and he has a very deep background.

Speaking of progress, he is far behind Luo Feng.

“Ai, I don’t know how my senior cultivated?” Luo Feng sighed.

His Earth senior, he didn’t know much in the past, but as he entered the initial universe, he understood at once.


The world master level, with 22 floors in a row, is comparable to the ordinary Venerable. It is the Sect Master of Level 1 of the kings of various veins, and there are only a few that can compete with it.

He also worshipped Primal Chaos City as his teacher and was regarded as the first super genius in the history of Human Race.

“That is indeed a pervert, and what is even more rare is that there is actually the Lord of Primal Chaos City behind this pervert.” Babata also sighed incomparably.

I don’t know if it’s because of Peyton’s perversion, or because of the backing of the Lord of Primal Chaos City.

“By the way, Luo Feng, which teacher do you want to choose?”

Luo Feng was also a little hesitant, looking down at the black robe messenger in his hand. The book, there is a passage in the book-

“Those who can cross the 18th floor of the Heaven Connecting Bridge are the real elites in the Human Race of my universe, the Grandmaster Level existence in the immortal, they can Direct access to Primal Chaos City permanent resident status, and can establish the sect in Primal Chaos City for apprenticeship lectures, which is respected!”

“The cultivators who come to Primal Chaos City, any Through the Heaven Connecting Bridge Third Layer, you can go to the lecture.”

“You can listen to any Grandmaster lecture.”

“But if you want to be a Grandmaster’s discipline, Then the first time you listen to a class…you must choose to attend the class under this sect to show respect, and then ask for apprenticeship! If you get the consent of the Grandmaster, then the apprenticeship is successful.”

“Remember !”

“Unless you don’t want to be a teacher, or you want to worship someone, you must go to his door for the first time. This is a kind of respect.”

“A teacher? “Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle.

“It’s good to be a teacher, Luo Feng, I can teach in Primal Chaos City, but they are all grandmasters in immortality, and all of them are super-level existences among kings.”

Baba Tower excitedly shouted: “When you are still weak, it is very important to have a super powerhouse to teach you. For example… If that Supreme Existence reminded you before, to learn “Introduction to Time and Space”, I’m afraid you will also take detours like a normal cultivator.”

“I already have a teacher.” Luo Feng felt a little prick in his heart.

“It’s okay!”

Babata doesn’t care: “The powerhouse and lifespan in the universe are extremely long. Maybe a teacher at Planetary Grade, and another teacher at Universe level. , when you become a world master, you will worship the teacher again. Different strengths have different visions, and the teachers you need are also different. It is normal for a powerhouse to have a dozens teacher.”

“oh?” thought.

“No accident, I may choose King Tianyi.”

Babata nodded: “Yes, King Tianyi, this is the strongest Sect Master in the universe lineage, And you still have a relationship.”

Luo Feng shook his head: “At that time, King Tianyi probably didn’t notice us.”


A message came in.

[I have achieved immortality and will preach in the great hall of trials, if you wish, you can come and listen – Peyton Adolph. ]

“This is senior?” Luo Feng was a little excited.

“It has become immortal!”

Babata was also very excited: “Yes, it’s that pervert, your senior.”

” I mean, it’s your fellow senior at any rate, obviously you didn’t respond when you arrived in the initial universe, it turned out to be a retreat, breakthrough immortality, it’s too fast!”

“This time out, you have to preach. , let you listen, he wants to accept you as a disciple.”

“Luo Feng, don’t hesitate, this perverted world master has entered the super-level existence on the 22nd floor, no weaker than Tianyi. Wang, now that you have broken through, maybe there is more than King Tianyi, he is still your fellow, maybe he will only accept you a Disciple, this is your great opportunity.”

“In this way, Primal Chaos City Master, that is you Ancestor Master!”

Primal Chaos City Master!

Luo Feng’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter. The Supreme Existence who pointed him at the beginning is likely to be the Lord of Primal Chaos City.

It’s just that the Lord of Primal Chaos City can’t possibly accept him as a disciple, and it may be his best choice.

In addition, his fellow senior is such an evildoer, he has achieved immortality in a short period of time, and he can break into the immortality of the 22nd floor in the world master, such as this evildoer.

Maybe Venerable will be achieved that day.


“That’s it!” Luo Feng walked to the front of a great hall.

At this moment, the cultivators in small groups all walked into the mansion.

“I heard that today is the super genius Peyton preaching!”

“Yes, I heard that the immortal Spiritual God, the natural God of City Lord’s Mansion a few days ago The phenomenon is caused by his breakthrough.”

“It’s amazing, that kind of natural phenomenon, even Venerable merely this.”

“This person broke through in the world master stage. At the 22nd floor, now, there may be a chance to break into more floors!”

“This kind of strength is bound to be a king, and it is an invincible existence among the kings, and I don’t know what the title of this person is called. ?”

“I don’t know!”

A world master, even an immortal cultivator, entered the mansion.

Luo Feng also entered the mansion together. The signal detection at the entrance of the mansion swept across Luo Feng without any hindrance. Obviously, Luo Feng had the right to listen to the lecture.

Inside the mansion.

Thousands of cultivators have gathered in the square, which is dozens of kilometers long and wide.

In the front, there are many immortal kings, and even the first Sect Master of each sect. Obviously, they are also very interested in Peyton’s first sermon.

“As soon as Peyton breaks through, the title of King Tianyi, the strongest Sect Master in the universe’s lineage, will make people.” King Linglong said with a smile.

“Haha, yes, Peyton is really a monster, and now he goes to the Heaven Connecting Bridge, even if he goes to the 25th floor, I believe it.” The King of Words said.

The natural phenomenon of Payton’s previous breakthrough shocked them all.

“By the way, why didn’t King Tianyi come?”

“He retreated. It is said that he has some insights. Maybe the next time he comes out, he will be Venerable.”

“Envy! Envy!”


“There are so many people.” Luo Feng also sat in the corner, looking at the growing crowd around him, already densely packed, all over the great hall.

“youngster, this is your first time attending a class?”

A bald old man sitting not far from Luo Feng said with a smile, he could see at a glance…the person in front of him was only Universe level .

“Yes.” Luo Feng nodded.

β€œYou can come to the class at the universe level. It seems that you were selected from the genius battle, and you are one of the very best in the genius battle.”

The bald old man said with a smile, and at this time, there were more than tens of thousands of cultivators gathered in the square.


An invisible coercion instantly covered the entire square, and the thousands of cultivators gathered in the square all quieted down to show their respect for Peyton.

At this time, Payton walked towards the square, his body flashed, and he appeared on the high platform.

“Teleport, that’s teleport.”

“This person has reached an incredible level using teleport.” A low-pitched discussion sounded from below, but the voices were extremely loud. Small very small.

“This person has not yet accepted an apprenticeship. If only I could be a teacher.”

“How can it be so easy? This person is the Disciple of the Lord of Primal Chaos City. It’s notoriously hard to get into.”

Luo Feng held his breath and looked at Peyton, it was the first time he saw this fellow senior, his imposing manner was like an abyss, and he was somewhat similar to the Supreme Existence back then place.

“I want to talk about the first three pictures of this “Cosmic Chaos Monument” today. These three pictures are the foundation.”

Payton extended the hand, pointed Finger towards midair, in midair unexpectedly some complicated secret patterns appeared, just like the secret patterns on the beast god.

“This first diagram, the fundamental law works, it should be like this…”

In midair, those complex golden secret patterns circulated like mechanical wheels, which contained mysterious inescapable measured Law Power.

“It’s amazing.” Luo Feng was stunned. He thought he already had a lot of insight into the Chaos Monument, but after seeing this scene, he was so far away from clear comprehension in an instant


During the lecture, Peyton spoke clearly and described clearly, but a group of cultivators still sounded extremely mysterious and abstruse.

According to personal experience, the feelings are different.

“Okay, that’s it for today’s lecture.” Three days later, Payton said indifferently.

“Thanks teacher!”

Thousands of cultivators saluted respectfully.

At this time, a black-haired youth immediately walked out of all the cultivators and walked directly to the front of the crowd, causing all the cultivators to turn their eyes away, full of surprise: “Does this kid want to apprentice?”

Peyton, who was sitting on top, had a smile on his face.

(End of this chapter)

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