All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 535


Chapter 535

Luo Feng knelt down respectfully, and in accordance with the rules of Primal Chaos City, under the gaze of thousands of cultivators, he respectfully shouted Said: “I implore the teacher to accept Disciple as a disciple.”

“I implore the teacher to accept Disciple as a disciple!” The voice echoed.

Thousands of cultivators have looked towards Payton.

Will you accept it?

“Haha…” Peyton looked at Luo Feng and said aloud with a smile, “From today onwards, you are my Disciple!”


There is an uproar below.

Even King Linglong and the others were extremely surprised. Thinking of the sermon at this time, the comprehension gradually became clear in his heart, which was originally prepared for this Luo Feng.

“Come with me.” Peyton got up and took a group of discs behind him, and Luo Feng followed.


At the same time, a group of geniuses also received the news.

“Now Luo Feng and Bo Lan have Grandmaster Level teachers in immortality! And Rong Jun has Universe Country masters as teachers. They were already ahead, and now there are teachers at the side. Guidance, progress will definitely be faster!”

“You must hurry up and pass the Third Layer as soon as possible, so that you can apprentice!”

These geniuses all felt the pressure, because It is not easy to worship immortal Grandmaster Level characters as teachers.

even more how is the special existence of Peyton.


Passing through the Third Layer is a prerequisite, and generally the 1,000 people selected in each genius competition can be counted on one’s fingers who can break into the top three layers in Primal Chaos City for 30 years! The previous genius battles… There were often less than five who crossed the first three floors. Even if there were a lot of geniuses in a certain session, there were no more than 10!

Even if they pass the first three floors, the Grandmaster figures in the immortals rarely receive apprentices.

These old monsters have existed for hundreds of millions of years.

It will take a long, long time to actually receive a discipline.

Moreover, it is a famous existence like Peyton. They have no doubt that this person will break through to Venerable at any time. After all, this person has reached the 22nd floor in the world master stage.

With the passage of time, no one of this group of geniuses will let up, especially when there are a lot of goals ahead of them to catch up, these geniuses burst out with amazing motivation.

One year, two years, three years, four years, five years…

In the 16th year of Primal Chaos City, Rong Jun crossed the Heaven Connecting Bridge Third Layer .

In the 19th year of coming to Primal Chaos City, Luo Feng crossed the Heaven Connecting Bridge Fourth Layer and fifth layer, and on the same day, Bo Lan crossed the Heaven Connecting Bridge fifth layer!

The two of them are way ahead of the others. On this day, Rong Jun and others who were also stimulated tried to break through, but no one was able to break through.

In his 21st year in Primal Chaos City, Uka crossed the Heaven Connecting Bridge Third Layer.

In the 25th year of Primal Chaos City, Longyun and Galesi passed the Heaven Connecting Bridge Third Layer.

In the 28th year of Primal Chaos City, Qianshui passed the Heaven Connecting Bridge Third Layer.

In the 30th year, Luo Feng crossed the Sixth Layer, and Berlan tried several times, but all failed.


In a blink of an eye, 30 years have passed!

In Primal Chaos City, in Peyton’s mansion.

“Luo Feng, you will leave Primal Chaos City in ten days.” Peyton smiled and looked at Luo Feng, “After you leave, if you encounter any problems in the culture, you can ask me, as for other Worldly things, I hope you can solve it yourself. Unless you encounter a really big problem that cannot be solved, come to the teacher again, understand?”

“Yes, teacher.”

Still The black short-haired youth in close-fitting deep red battle clothes stood there. Although he looked thinner compared to Peyton and the others, the faintly restrained fierceness was shocking.

Compared to when I first came to Primal Chaos City 30 years ago, it is no longer as immature as it used to be.

Some are fierce!

That is a special temperament formed after the perception of Universe Source Law and the fusion of the character in the bones.

“en.” Payton satisfied nodded.

He taught Luo Feng for more than ten years, which can be regarded as laying a certain foundation for him.

You know, the theory of cosmic lineage, Peyton has already realized the eighth picture, and all who are qualified to overwhelm him are the top cosmic overlords, even the Lord of Universe.

Payton’s guidance is comparable to that of Overlord Level 1. The questions raised by Luo Feng are extremely simple in Payton’s eyes, and he can even guide Luo Feng’s progress continuously.

Over the years, Luo Feng has made rapid progress under his leadership.

Has completely surpassed Berlan, who was pressing him.

“Go!” Peyton said with a smile.

Luo Feng knelt down heavily, which made Peyton shake his head and say with a smile: “Get up.”

“Thank you teacher for your years of teaching.” Luo Feng knelt down and said, ” disciple will definitely live up to the teacher’s expectations.”

At this moment, Luo Feng is full of gratitude.

How long has Luo Feng lived until now?

Although I am grateful to the former teacher of the black ink star ‘Huyanbo’, but after all, I didn’t really get along, but in Primal Chaos City, I and Peyton have been together for more than ten years, that master and disciple’s emotions are naturally very strong.

“Haha, live up to my expectations?” Peyton laughed. His expectations for Luo Feng were so high that Luo Feng himself couldn’t believe it.

“Good life Culture, don’t slack off, understand?”

“Yes!” Luo Feng answered with a strong force.


Watching his Disciple leave, Peyton slowly shook his head: “Calculate the time, it’s time to go to the Foreign Domain battlefield.”

The more than ten years he stayed in this initial universe was considered an accident, and it was specially reserved for Luo Feng.

He didn’t have the patience to teach Disciple any more.

The battlefield of the Foreign Domain is his destination. After all, he is not an ordinary person. The so-called king level is nothing to him.

Venerable, also no longer in Peyton’s eyes.

It’s just that his genetic cultivation system is far from perfect. Next, his experiments have a long way to go!


Foreign Domain Battlefield, inside Barracks 026, inside Transmission Passage.

“The recruits are here.”

“Lead the recruits each.”

“Hey, why are there so few recruits this time?” White hair white robe Immortal Spiritual God, and a group of receptionists under his command looked at these recruits in amazement, because the number of recruits this time was too small. According to the rules, generally 100 world masters must be gathered to send them collectively once. Generally, the accompanying domain master and universe level add up to not ten thousand or several thousand.

But this time, there were only more than 1,000 people, and there were only more than ten people in the world.

“Om~~~” An invisible coercion spread out.


The immortal Spiritual God complexion changed in the white robe, and his eyes instantly fell on the young man wearing silver battle armour silver wings. The pressure radiated from this young man, and the pressure was so strong that this immortal Spiritual God turned pale: “It turns out that the immortal Spiritual God has arrived, no wonder this time only sent so many people.”

The bird star dares to let those world masters, domain masters, and universe level wait slowly, but it is impossible to let the immortal king wait there.

“Sir.” The white robe came up to him immortal.

“I know how to get there,” Peyton said, then followed the passage inside the barracks base familiarly.

This scene made Bai Pao Immortal and the receptionist under his command can only accompany them with a smiling face, and the thousands of recruits who were sent over all blinked… This powerful existence, the most At least it must be Fenghou Immortal.


At the same time, Peyton also left the barracks base, took a spaceship to return to the continent for several months, and began a period of closed-door cultivation.

While studying the law perception, try to create the most suitable secret technique for you.

While studying the genetic system, quietly in dozens of War Zones around, constantly hunting kings, lords, and ordinary immortal lords.

With the achievement of immortality, he has a higher demand for data, and everything above the immortal Spiritual God can help him to a certain extent.

After all, there is no similar flower in the universe, nor the same immortal Spiritual God.

These immortal Spiritual Gods are, in Peyton’s eyes, a different set of experimental data.

It’s another millennium. In the laboratory, Peyton recorded the 4,778th set of data, constantly improving the Cultivation system in the immortal stage.

His genetic lock has also been continuously improved. The Everlasting Divine Body has approached a hundred times that of a special life form. Relying on this heaven-defying Divine Physique alone, he has a lot of confidence to overwhelm him. Venerable.

After all, the ordinary Venerable gene level is higher than that of the king, but it is ten times that of the special life form, which is far from Peyton.

“The gene system is indeed an avenue that is not weaker than the world Cultivation system here.” Peyton thought slowly.

After thousands of years of research, Peyton’s understanding of the gene system has become more and more refined. On top of the original gene lock, many combination systems have been created to continuously optimize this gene.

“My Cultivation, the way to spread the sky, may be able to be implemented in my genes.”

Indistinctly, this idea appeared in Peyton’s mind.

He has been thinking about this idea for a long time. Simply put, it is to use himself as the universe and move all his genetic cells towards the evolution of the universe world system. One day, Peyton will be a world !

“The next seventh rank gene lock can be moved towards perfection in this direction.”

The genetic universe perfectly integrates the Peyton sound system.

But not too fast, starting from the seventh rank to the ninth rank, they are all included in this system.

“Yes, next, the next round of hunting, by the way, looking for some insect race little white mouse.”

insect race little white mouse, large in number and fast reproduction , which is far more convenient for observation than Drosophila, and is the best mice.


Foreign Domain Battlefield, War Zone No. 19.

“Abominable human, let me destroy 10% of my soul, this time, you are all dead.”


far In the other two directions, an incomparably powerful aura suddenly erupted, which greatly changed the complexion of Taiwo, Poison and the others who had confidence in them.

I saw… two huge monsters appeared in two directions in the starry sky in the distance, one of them was an immortal reptile with a sole Horned Dragon head covered with scales, and the other was full of scales. Sharp as lance-like thorns.

There is a thin film on the neck that flutters in the wind, but its head is a cute mouse head, and the eyes seem to be very cute, but the killing intent in the eyes makes people be terrified.

“Monster Race!”

“Monster Race Immortal.”

“Four Immortal Spiritual Gods.”

Tyver, Poison, Dancing, Guard, Hammer, Whirlwind, Charm Girl, Spiritual God, Rock… all of them turned pale and embarrassed.

“It’s over.” Spiritual God trembled.

“No.” Charming Girl stared at her surroundings.

“Poison, Dancing, Wei, Hammer…” Taiwo had a faint despair within both eyes, and the sound transmission said: “This time is the revenge of the immortal ghoul, he has seen our strength, so I will definitely invite enough helpers, don’t hope for luck, I will give an order later, once we get the chance, everyone will immediately disperse and run away. There are ten of us, as long as we have good luck … there is still hope to survive, everyone fights Let’s do it.”

“Fight.” Kuang Wu gritted his teeth.

“Death has to drag one.” Poison’s eyes have a crazy color.

At this moment, a silhouette flew from behind the horny clan ‘Fuweiza’ ‘Rekya’, who was the man with the head of a snake.

β€œHis Royal Highness Monvina.”

β€œHis Royal Highness Monvina.”

Fuwisa and Reykya responded respectfully.

This scene made Taiwo, Poison and the others, who were surrounded by them, feel chills in their hearts, God, is there a stronger highness?

“Humans.” The man with the snake head was in front of Fuweiza and Rekya, smiling, and his eyes swept over Luo Feng and Poison, Fuweiza had already clearly identified the two The appearance was shown to him, so he clearly knew that the rest of this group of humans did not care, but Luo Feng and Poison, this Monsieur Highness must be killed by his own hands.

The man with the snake’s head spoke the familiar universal language of the human universe: “Congratulations, you are able to die at the hands of my Highness Monvina, and you are also fortunate to be able to see my true body.”

Immediately, the man with the head of a snake was disappeared out of thin air. At the same time, a giant snake like a towering mountain appeared in the starry sky. This giant snake was about 200 meters thick and 12 kilometers long, much higher than any mountain on Earth. , The scales of the whole big snake are azure, and there are ring patterns on the dense snake scales, with tens of thousands of rings.

It has six wings, all of which are fascia meaty wings. Has one eye with black pupils.

“Boom~~~” When this immortal ‘Zi Qian Wan Snake’ appeared out of thin air, the incredible cold air spread over 10,000 kilometers in an instant, and the water flow was born out of thin air, with a range of tens of thousands of kilometers. Flowing inward, the endless water flow in the area of tens of thousands of kilometers was instantly frozen, as if it was a frozen area. Even with the resistance of the Law Domain launched by Taiwoshi, the world masters still felt the piercing cold.

“Five.” Taiwo’s eyes were full of despair.

“Stronger than the four just now.” Poison also widened his eyes and gritted his teeth.

“It’s really over.”

Everyone sensed from a simple breath, and clearly felt that the Zi Qian Wan snake coiled in the starry sky was more powerful, more powerful than the other four immortal Spiritual Gods. Get stronger.

“Let’s fight, brothers and sisters, we have lived and died for thousands of years, and we have long thought of the day when we will fall. Even if we die, we can’t make the enemy happy.”

“Yes, Kill.”

“You have to drag one to death.”

All the team members, including Captain Taiwo, no longer wanted to escape at this time, they just wanted to…die Before dragging one or two into the water.

“Do it.” Monvina stood up tall, and his one-eyed indifferently looked down at the tiny ten human beings, and at the same time, the sound transmission ordered.



Suddenly, His Royal Highness Monvina and other three immortal Monster Races and two immortal horny clans all released Law Domain , dashing towards humans like lightning from all directions, either indifferently or with a wild laugh.

“Brothers, kill.” Taiwo shouted.

“Kill.” The team members roared frantically with a hint of despair.

The two sides moved instantly, and one immortal led the nine world masters to fight against the five immortal Spiritual Gods. The form was very unfavorable!

At this time, Peyton, who was hunting, felt the fluctuation of the battle and stopped.

“Well, it’s them?”

Peyton is familiar with this Human Race squad, who had invited him when he first entered the Foreign Domain battlefield, and was rejected.

“Alright, let me help you!”

Peyton waved his hand slowly, and a force moved towards the aliens shrouded away.

On the battlefield, a vast force instantly blocked the void, and a round of radiance like the sun moved towards several aliens.


The Horned Dragon, the Mouse Monster Race, and the two immortal horned clans screamed and roared, and instantly went crazy, and the violent immortal Divine Force surged up. A desire to struggle.

This brilliance, however, seemed to be a ferocious tiger, taking the initiative to swoosh around and wrap them completely.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a mass of ashes.

A moment later, Taiwo’s squad’s eyes were full of shock. The crisis just now seemed like a dream.

“Captain, that was the title shot just now?”

“At least the title!”

“It’s definitely the title of our Human Race, It’s also our good luck.”

“Okay, hurry up, someone will come over soon.” Taiwo reacted and opened the mouth and said quickly.


(End of this chapter)

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