All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 536


Chapter 536

Time passed slowly, Peyton was lurking in the base camp, sat down with seven great princes and servants, plus on the surface is also the powerhouse of a king named Peak, but no one dares to provoke it.

“Ai, you have to stop!” Peyton sighed softly in his heart.

He hunted too many times, and a large number of immortal Spiritual Gods and even the existence of kings and lords disappeared silently, which has attracted the attention of all ethnic groups.

On several occasions, Peyton could detect the presence of Venerable Level 1 spying fishing.

“Venerable?” Payton shook his head slowly, to be honest, he wasn’t afraid of Venerable, but he had to take into account the existence of the higher layers.

Achieving Venerable Level 1, he is already a high-level executive of all ethnic groups, and he is ultimately involved with the Lord of Universe.

At the same time, in this Foreign Domain battlefield, fish and dragons mixed in together, if you are not careful, you may encounter the raid of the Lord of Universe!

As for, will Lord of Universe bullied the weak?

Peton is unwilling to try his life, and as long as he shows the battle strength that overwhelms or even kills Venerable in the immortal stage, none of these alien Lord of Universe will take care of face of.

What face could be more important than a future super powerhouse?

“Wait a second, the experiment is almost done, and then we can analyze it in depth.”

“However, if you want to get results, this proto-universe is impossible! “

With a thought in his mind, Peyton understood that in order to succeed, he must start from the Luna World, and only here, he can rely on the existence of the system to get rid of the shackles and rules of the original universe.

At the same time, the red moon world, one side of the pagoda is getting brighter and brighter, and ten kinds of Source Laws are constantly hovering in the center of the pagoda.

All secret techniques belonging to Yantian Secret Art are engraved on the pagoda and turned into a way of unification.

“Amplitude secret technique!”

“First complete the task of the immortal stage.”

Peyton’s heart moved, and he instantly followed Yan Tianzhi’s instructions. Dao’s secret technique began to perfect his Cultivation system.

“First the soul!”

“And then the Divine Physique!”

“I have already laid a good foundation for both of these with the help of genetics, The next step is to rely on this ultimate Secret Art to further unify and sublime.”

This Yantian Secret Art records two amplitude secret techniques, corresponding to Soul and Divine Physique.

The first is the soul amplitude secret technique, called “9th layer world”. The ultimate cultivation can make the soul amplitude 99.99, which can actually be counted as 100 times.

The first is the Divine Physique amplitude secret technique, called “Original Universe”, which can reach 100 times of cultivation to the extreme.

This is also the reason why Peyton plans to use this as a general outline to completely integrate the genetic system.

β€œThe 9th layer world”

β€œThe original universe”

β€œI integrated the genetic system, the cultivation of the original universe is not difficult, just It needs to be improved and completely increased.”

“But this 9th layer world needs some thought.” Peyton thought to himself, and soon began to cultivate.

Everything, just as Peyton expected, the cultivation of “Original Universe” is in one go, and the cultivation is directly to the perfect situation in just ten days! His Divine Physique has been perfectly adapted to this cultivation technique, just like the cultivation technique was born for him, do as one pleases, you can easily perform this Divine Physique amplitude secret technique.

“Sure enough, the way of genes is derived from good fortune. I have waited for Divine Physique to be a near-perfect life gene level, which is most suitable for this Divine Physique amplification secret technique. After all, my life gene level is the most suitable. Cosmic.”

At the same time, the world of the red moon is also constantly processing, ten kinds of origins are constantly blending and changing, and a sense of mystery emerges in the world, embellishing the original secret patterns. more and more dazzling.

The pagoda that Peyton is in is like his body, constantly sublimating.

With the Cultivation Perfection of secret technique, for the increase of Divine Physique, this pagoda created three layers of pagoda out of thin air!

“As expected of the ultimate secret technique!”

“As soon as Cultivation is successful, my background is more than 30% out of thin air.”


At this time, in the initial universe, a vague human face was revealed.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City hurriedly saluted: “pay respects to Teacher.”

“Nothing, I just realized that someone in my original universe succeeded in Cultivation, why? The Disciple from?”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City was surprised when he heard the words.

He naturally understands what the success of Cultivation in “Original Universe” represents. It represents a near-perfect genetic level of life. Such a heaven-defying existence has opened the way to the highest.

Thinking about the candidate for his sect’s disciple, a silhouette quickly appeared in the mind of the Lord of Primal Chaos City, and he could not help asking: “teacher, may you feel the position of this person?”

“It seems to be separated by a kind of time and space, but I can probably still be far enough apart that it should be on the Foreign Domain battlefield.”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City reaffirmed in his heart, opened the mouth and said: “No Accidentally, it should be my newly acquired Disciple, he just broke through immortality and went to the Foreign Domain battlefield to experience.”

At this time, the Primal Chaos City Lord sighed in his heart, he knew that Peyton seemed to have mastered it. A method that increases Life Level.

It’s a pity that this kind of heaven-defying method is often single-handed and is envied by the cosmic consciousness!

The original ancestor was laughed, just about to say a few words, but suddenly stopped and asked: “He has started the Cultivation Soul Amplification secret technique, what is the level of his fantasy sea? “

Primal Chaos City Lord smiled slightly: “reporting to teacher, his will is comparable to the ordinary Lord of Universe.”

The original ancestor laughed: “You have received a good Disciple.” Ah! Not bad! Not bad!”

“Be optimistic, and don’t forget that aliens seize the opportunity.”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City heard the words, and suddenly thought of his former genius Disciple, Can’t help but nodded: “Disciple understands.”

“However, my Disciple is not a flamboyant person, and even asked me for an identity to disguise.”

“Not bad!”


At this time, Peyton continued the Cultivation of “9th layer world”.

This is the secret technique of increasing the soul. The difficulty is mainly reflected in the extreme control of the virtual Divine Transformation force, which requires extremely high will and consciousness… However, Peyton’s will and consciousness are extremely The high level is even comparable to the ordinary Lord of Universe.

Here, Peyton’s cultivation was easy, it took more than a month, and the cultivation of “9th layer world” was perfect.

“My Divine Transformation power, will, consciousness… are all above the Venerable level of the universe, plus the incomparable fit, so the cultivation is so fast.” Peyton secretly sighed, this is the difference in strength The difficulty is different. If it is the immortal king, I am afraid that none of the thousands of immortal kings can cultivate this “9th layer world” to Peak.

After the two amplitude secret techniques of “9th layer world” and “Original Universe” took more than a month to practice, Peyton continued to use the comprehend rule to integrate his own Cultivation system.


Time is passing slowly, in the world of the red moon.

The Way of Yantian rules everything. Under the succession of various Source Laws and the unification of the Way of Yantian, the secret pattern on the pagoda and all the spirits gradually turned into Sixty-four statues of beast gods.

Eight natural beast gods, each natural beast god has eight beast god statues.

It contains countless secret techniques in Yantian Secret Art, the way of Yantian, which can accommodate thousands, including tens of thousands of secret techniques Absolute Art, 36 kinds of Lord of Universe Ultimate Absolute Art, There are 123 types of Lord of Universe Peak Absolute Art, more than 3,000 types of Venerable Ultimate Absolute Art in the universe, tens of thousands of types of Venerable Peak Absolute Art in the universe, and a large number of seemingly random law secret patterns.

To tell the truth, the more Cultivation the way of spreading the sky, the more Peyton can feel how amazing the primordial ancestor is. No wonder he suffered a comprehensive blow from the cosmic consciousness.

Of course, the secret technique Absolute Art is mostly incomprehensible to Peyton. Except for the laws of time and space, he can deeply understand some deep secret techniques, and the rest of the laws are only the most superficial secret techniques. see a little.

After watching and studying Absolute Art for more than half a year, Peyton came to one of the golden beast god statues and looked up carefully.

“Those basic Absolute Art are useless to me.”

“After all, it is not what I created, even if I learn it, it is the most suitable for others. In my hands, the power is Much weaker.”

Peyton looked at the statue of the beast god and made a judgment in his heart.

Of course, Payton is well aware of the preciousness of these secret techniques.

It is described in the secret technique, the beast god statues comprehend, even Lord of Universe comprehend these beast god statues!

This is the embodiment of the way of the universe!

These secret techniques are the integration of the way of the original ancestors. If it is not for the special system of the Red Moon World, it is difficult for ordinary people to reach Primal Chaos City so close.

“This is my chance to completely create my secret technique!” Payton stared at these secret technique statues, realizing that this was the best chance.

Red Moon World, the top of one of the mountain peaks.

Of course, creating your own secret technique Absolute Art is never an easy task, especially since Peyton’s heart is so big, and with the help of the way of spreading the sky to guide everything, this secret technique Absolute Art naturally needs higher level.

“Goal, Lord of Universe’s ultimate Absolute Art!” Peyton sighed in his heart, not realizing Absolute Art, he would not have plans to go to the Red Moon World.

After all, this is not only a question of secret technique, but also a question of Tao.

Yantian dominates everything and genetics the way of the universe. The systematic way of this way will also emerge completely with the realization of secret technique Absolute Art. At the same time, it is also the opportunity for Peyton to be promoted to Venerable.

Of course, it’s hard!

Except Venerable’s secret technique Absolute Art is more friendly to some geniuses. Once it involves a higher level, it is extremely difficult to reach the overlord. After all, the overlord is already limited and protected by the Universe Rule. limit.

Even killed, there is still hope of resurrection.

But Lord of Universe is different, which already involves the realm of complete control of one’s time and space.

Especially the ultimate secret technique of Lord of Universe, there are very few who realize the ultimate Absolute Art of Lord of Universe, and all who realize the ultimate Absolute Art of Lord of Universe are all Lord of Universe. Universe. If it wasn’t for Peyton’s comprehension of the eighth picture, absolutely not dare to have this plan.

Also, don’t look at Yuanzu’s secret technique Absolute Art, which is numerous and in-depth, but what level Yuanzu is. Most of his secret techniques are difficult for Peyton to touch thoroughly. After all, he is just an immortal. .

Even a slightly stronger immortal Spiritual God.

“I have already realized the eighth picture in time and space. The legacy of the snake of the red moon inner world is my biggest assistant. It’s not in a hurry.”

“Five Elements first. Beginβ€”Gold!”

Soon, Peyton sat cross-legged in front of the eight statues of the Golden Beast God, comprehend for more than a year at short and comprehend for eight years at long.

As for the comprehend statues of other beast gods such as the Beast God of Thunder and the Beast God of Wind, it takes more time to comprehend them. After all, he ignores these two the most. far less than the rest.

But now, it must be perfected, and the background must be perfected, so that Peyton can truly integrate the Cultivation system and clear comprehension’s own way.

Ten years… thirty years… ninety years, 64 statues of beast gods took 324 years.

Peyton thoroughly combed the rest of the Source Law and gained more insights.

“The more I look, the more I realize… perfect!”

“Universe Source incarnates the beast god, eight statues.” Peyton felt that after seeing the eight statues of the golden beast god, The anger, joy, silence, roar, madness of the beast gods… all kinds of situations are familiar to the heart, and each corresponds to the change of the original rules.

At this moment, Peyton closed his eyes as if he was the beast god, the incarnation of his origin.

“Any less statue will feel incomplete.” Peyton secretly nodded.

“The way of the primordial ancestors to spread the sky has approached Perfection. At least I can’t see any flaws. It is no wonder that a virtual universe and an initial universe can be created.”

Of course, in fact, Just look at the 64 statues… as long as you are a powerhouse, you will feel that the 64 statues are one!

The secret patterns representing the Supreme Path of the universe on the 64 statues feel that they can be combined to form a whole…completely constitute a set of super Absolute Art!

Like a man and a woman, at first glance, it feels like a husband and wife.

The 64 statues, if you stop and watch, you will feel that they are one!

β€œThis ultimate secret technique is the combination of the original ancestors.” Peyton secretly said.

Because of the most powerful 36 cosmic ultimate secret techniques in the red moon world, some are realized by comprehend ‘Golden Beast God’, some are realized by comprehend ‘Beast God of Thunder’, and occasionally comprehend The two beast gods realize that

From the coercion left by those secret technique carvings, the coercion is equal.

Obviously, the secret technique levels are almost the same!

If the super Absolute Art created by combining the statues of the eight beast gods, it should absolutely surpass other secret techniques.

It is a pity that this set of secret techniques belongs to the original ancestor after all.

“What I need is to be born out of it, to build my own secret art, it doesn’t need to be so perfect, even if it’s just Lord of Universe Ultimate Absolute Art.”

Learn two sets of amplitudes secret technique, and after studying the statue of the beast god, Peyton began to study his own advantages and find the real fit.

“To be successful.”

“One depends on the red moon world.”

“The second depends on my own uniqueness.”

“Three depends on time.”

“The Red Moon World is my biggest trump card because of the existence of the system, and there is still the legacy of the snake of the world, and myself… It’s really different. , even the original ancestors can’t be compared, it should be the gene lock system, so that the system can completely fit the way of heaven, inclusive, whether it is Five Elements or others.” Peyton thought to himself.

The original gene system, the universe is unique and unmatched, it should be noted that many special beings that are unique and unmatched against the sky are thousands of times the gene level of life. Nearly 10,000 times are rare, let alone perfect.

The system created by Peyton is almost infinite. If it weren’t for the limitations of this universe, or even without the integration of the Dao of Proliferation, the Dao of Gene could completely swallow the Dao of Promulgation.

The avenue of all kinds, the way of genes, is also an avenue to the sky.

“Starting with the genetic system, this is the most suitable.”

“I am the particle…I am the universe… Genetic evolution, a particle can also be a universe, a tiny cell can also be a star…”


In the body of the world, the originally perfect Divine Kingdom began to evolve , the endless Divine Force Sea water is burned into endless energy, and a huge oval egg-shaped sphere with a diameter of 10 billion kilometers directly appears in the sky above the endless sea – a micro universe!

(End of this chapter )

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