All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 537


Chapter 537

“This is the universe?”

“A microcosm evolved from genes?”

“In the future, every cell can be turned into a micro universe, even the universe of Perfection…”

“Infinite diversity!”

In the dark, Peyton suddenly felt that this avenue really had boundless prospects.

Of course, he has only just begun, and all his fusions are just a miniature universe, which is far from the cellular universe.

But at least the way is found.

As long as you find the way, everything will be fine in the future!

After all, the road is always the most important.

Peyton’s consciousness is integrated into this miniature universe, and he has a thorough insight into the mystery in it. According to the innate talent secret technique imprinted in the consciousness, the consumption speed of Divine Force is terrifying.

Almost as soon as it was activated, Divine Physique was completely exhausted. Fortunately, the endless sea of immortal construction he was promoted to is vast enough!

It is still supported.

“Micro universe.”

The vast universe, tens of billions of kilometers in diameter, contains everything.

There is nothingness in this universe, Chaos Qi Flow faintly, and the micro universe itself is Peyton!

“It’s mysterious.”

“Absolute control, absolute control.”

The moment Peyton turned into a microcosm, he knew that he could Part of Divine Physique fights with the enemy in the universe… In his own micro universe, with the oppression of the micro universe, his own strength can be greatly improved, while the opponent is suppressed a lot.

This is just an additional ability.

The most powerful means is “cosmic explosion!”

With just one thought drive, Peyton can make this miniature universe collapse into a ‘cosmos catastrophe’ in an instant!

The power is incredible.

“One to many, one particle turns into the universe.”

“Good secret technique of mysterious.”

To be honest, Peyton really has an idea of playing.

After all, the universe was a singularity at the beginning. If a miniature universe exploded, the same effect could be achieved. Perhaps Peyton could completely clear the mystery of the origin of the comprehension. .

It is a pity, however, that the current micro-universe is related to Peyton’s road, and no damage is allowed. This idea can only be implemented in the future.

Peyton carefully studied the entire micro-universe. The thin film of the huge elliptical sphere ‘micro-universe’ is the transformation of countless energies under the connection of law threads to form a huge law secret pattern. For Chaos Qi Flow, Chaos Qi Flow condenses into a thin film around this huge mystic pattern. Other Chaos Qi Flows are floating around in the microcosm.

The huge law secret pattern… This is what Peyton came up with based on the secret technique in the red moon world. Faintly discernible, many proven insights, Peyton is still far behind.

There are some things that belong to the original ancestors, which Peyton doesn’t even understand at all, and can only keep comprehend.

This law secret pattern is in the shape of an elliptical sphere, and it is composed of hundreds of millions of law threads that are connected and crossed. The energy consumed by the Divine Force is for the consumption of the entire micro-universe, which is not a real universe to be precise.

In the real universe, energy is recycled and should never be consumed.

But Peyton’s energy has been consuming all the time. Obviously, this set of ‘law secret pattern’ should be an extremely simplified initial secret pattern of the real operating rules of the entire Primitive Universe, but even so, it is already admirable. Dayton was very surprised.

Sigh the achievements of the original ancestor!

This secret pattern, Peyton even has some soul-shaking beauty.

It is more shocking than all the ultimate secret techniques, and even more beautiful than the secret patterns on the statues of the beast gods.

Peyton was completely immersed in this shock, and carefully admired the sobbing huge complex and sophisticated microcosmic mystic pattern. Time passed, and the 90-second time consumption of Divine Force was comparable to the ordinary Venerable, but Pei Dun’s endless sea can easily withstand it.

He is, after all, the most perfect king ever.

The research on the arrangement of various examples has reached the extreme. Divine Physique can overwhelm Venerable. After the increase, it is even more heaven-defying.

“Peel off!”

“I still can’t get a complete insight, I can only touch on a small part.”

Soon, incomparably complex and sophisticated sequel Among them, Peyton began to record the little secret patterns.

Each small mysterious pattern is a mysterious pattern on one of the ’64 statues of beast gods’, and 108 mysterious patterns of beasts have been recorded. Many of the mysterious patterns are Repeated, but obviously all from the mystic pattern of the 64 beast god statues.

And the 108 mysterious patterns of these 108 beasts are inlaid with each other with countless threads, as if a large number of parts finally constitute a car.

These 108 mysterious patterns of beasts, each of which has countless delicate connections at the intersection of each other, perfect and without blemish, just like heaven, and eventually directly form a miniature universe.

“This feeling is too mysterious, the basic composition of the universe, the root secret pattern.”

“Is this the original ancestor? My guess is indeed correct. This universe definitely has the idea of replacing it, and it is even more daring, so as to achieve its own universe based on its origin.”

If not, it would be hard for Peyton to believe in the ultimate mystery of Yantian Secret Art. It is the essence of the original universe,

“However, the 64 secret patterns… can form a miniature universe secret pattern even if they fit each other. Even if ordinary people can imagine, they are unable to do it. This can only be done by completely penetrating the universe.”

Thinking like this, Peyton also noticed that a new door opened in front of him!

If you don’t know the mysterious pattern of the 64 beasts in advance…then you will only feel deep and unmeasurable in the face of the mysterious pattern of the ‘miniature universe’

But now Peyton feels it’s much easier to see it from a ‘mysterious pattern’ perspective. . .

It’s just a complex combination of 64 secret patterns.

This is the universe!

This is the way to spread the sky, so simple and mysterious.

It really has the meaning of Grand Dao Reaches The Simple!

Peton was a little surprised. The insight of the original ancestor gave him a new vision. He never found out… The innate talent secret technique of aloof and remote was analyzed from another angle.

This is a high-level building, a thorough insight!

Of course, ordinary people do not have the environment of the Red Moon world, nor the foundation of the way of genes. Even a direct disciple of the original ancestor like the Lord of Primal Chaos City cannot comprehend the way of the original ancestor.

The road always belongs to one person!

“Next, I will create my own Tao and build my own Dharma.”


The initial universe.

One silhouette looking at endless void, he has already felt that something new is emerging in his own avenue…

This child gave him too many surprises , from the secret technique of boosting on Yantian Secret Art to the core of his own avenue…

Chaos has been comprehend for countless years, and it has always been rare to get a glimpse of the last step, but this child has done it.

He was a little relieved that he finally had a successor.

And this successor, like him, started to go his own way.

Yantian 64 Mystic Pattern is the perfect interpretation of the Eight Beast Gods.

The eight beast gods are the incarnations of the eight fusion laws.

“The rules of the universe can be divided into eight Fusion Laws: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Wind, Thunder, Electricity, Time, Space…”

The original ancestor is already standing on the pinnacle of the universe, and he can see everything clearly.

“The rules do not change.”

“All the secret techniques of pinnacle can be decomposed into 64 secret patterns.”

“And some low-level secret techniques , on the contrary, it can’t even match the mysterious pattern of the beast, and is not qualified at all.”

“I am curious, what can this child understand from these mysterious patterns?”

Yuanzu secretly expects that his path of cultivation is not a secret.

Although many people are unaware of his existence, the senior leaders of the other races are well aware of his existence.

But there are only two people who can really touch the core of his Dao over the years.

One is Chaos, who was brought in front of him by him. His direct disciple, however, was unable to do his best, and finally chose to evolve his own Chaos.

But this child is different. He has really stepped into this step and has a real insight into the mysteries of the universe.

The next step is to create your own avenue from these cosmic mysteries.

“What I’m after is transformation, but I don’t know what this child will be like?”



Peyton was completely obsessed, and began to try to study it in his mind.

The incomparably complicated combination of 64 mystical patterns, some of which are repeated, a total of 108 mysterious patterns, which are extremely mysterious.

“Combination and arrangement, this is the foundation!”

“I would like to see how the basic arrangement of the immortal Spiritual God will affect this source pattern.”

At this moment, Peyton was a little curious. Of course, he believed that there must be a necessary connection between the two.

After all, they all belong to the same universe.

It’s just that Peyton was not high enough in the past to understand the nature of the universe, so he could only keep on experimenting and sum up his experience.

And now, on the basis of the original ancestor, he has a thorough insight into the operating rules of the universe, and the mystery of the arrangement and combination of laws will soon emerge in front of his eyes.

Soon, Peyton began to assemble and arrange various mystical patterns, which were the basis of the universe.

Gradually, his surroundings were facing each other and formed one by one mystical patterns, and the patterns began to combine complicatedly. Different combinations made Peyton feel more mysterious.

The combination of the secret pattern is very mysterious and unpredictable. Peyton made some simple combinations according to the immortal particle arrangement simulation of the king, and then created dozens of simple secret techniques at will. Most of them are very weak, comparable to some immortal means, and only one with extremely powerful power can only barely reach Venerable Level 1.

Obviously, these arrangements are too shallow.

“The essence of permutation, combination, the great way is to constantly permute and combine…”

At a certain moment, Peyton seemed to return to Earth, back to when he was still studying mathematics .

This feeling was the happiest of his countless years of Cultivation.

“Mathematics builds the universe. A joke back then turned out to be the truth.”

“However, the arrangement that belongs to the immortal stage seems to be enough in the past, but in the face of The existence of Level 1 in the universe appears to be much weaker.”

“Next, it is a deeper arrangement, and even, I can evolve the gene system by arrangement.”

Of course, This is not easy to arrange. Sixty-four incomparably complicated secret patterns already have billions of ways to combine the laws and threads.

Payton could only experiment again and again, find the hinge between the rules, and gradually explore the root of the law.

It is possible to come back from practice.

From each possibility, infer one ‘principle’.

One hundred years… Peyton has some experience with the Secret Pattern corresponding to Five Elements Essence.

A thousand years… Peyton has full control over the proven mystery, influence, power, etc.

Of course, what Peyton controls is just a tip of the iceberg compared to the combination shown by this incomparably complex mystic pattern of the entire universe.

However, Peyton has complete control over the combination of the tip of the iceberg.

During these thousand years, Peyton finally accidentally created a cosmic Overlord level Absolute Art, which completely memorized the structure of countless laws and threads.

“But it’s far from what I need.”

Payton intends to achieve the ultimate secret technique at Lord of Universe Level 1 all at once, so that his genetic system , Yantian Secret Art can find the real carrier. Although his secret technique is not small in formidable power, it is fundamentally flawed

“Continue to comprehend!”

Pei In his heart, he was full of confidence, and he enjoyed this kind of constant experimentation and mathematical simulation experiments.

The more he studies, the more Peyton can understand how mysterious the universe is. Although the mystical pattern is like a part, allowing Peyton to see the essence clearly,

but The nature of this is astonishing!

There are at least 900 million ways that Peyton has explored and understood about the ways of combining the secret patterns, and he has fully mastered more than 100,000 ways, because this is a completely unfamiliar way, and everything depends on it. He groped for a while, so everything was difficult at the beginning, and as he started, the speed of Peyton’s mastery of the combination method increased gradually.

Immersed in the Eight Mysterious Patterns of the Golden Beast God, Peyton forgot the passage of time.

Time hua hua passed.

One thousand thousand years passed by…

In the initial universe, seeing the time of inheritance getting closer and closer, the Lord of Primal Chaos City couldn’t help but frowned.

β€œWhy hasn’t Peyton come back yet?”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City still values the inheritance of magic sound, and he also hopes that Peyton will be exposed to more systems. This system is special.

This is also a great opportunity.

How come Peyton doesn’t cherish the opportunities that countless kings are vying for?

Not to mention, it may be difficult for others to achieve Venerable, but the Lord of Primal Chaos City believes that Peyton has a great chance.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City is looking forward to Peyton’s comprehend Secret Art and the achievement of Venerable.

The original ancestor revealed the silhouette again: “Don’t disturb him, this child is going through a very important step.”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City was shocked and put down his original thoughts.

After all, he knows very well that his teacher rarely appears. Now that he has appeared, it means that Peyton may have made another great achievement in the Way of Proliferation.

“I just don’t know if this little fellow is enough to go to the last step!”

Thinking of that step, the Lord of Primal Chaos City sighed in his heart.

At the beginning, he was unable to take the last step and had to give up. From the previous path, he found a path that really suits him.

However, my own way is always one step behind.

(End of this chapter)

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