All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 538


Chapter 538

In the blink of an eye, it has been ten thousand years, and in the world of the red moon, Peyton is falling into a special state.

I have been studying the Mystic Patterns for tens of thousands of years. Each Mystic Pattern represents one aspect of the Supreme Source. The sixty-four Mystic Patterns… make Peyton seem to be watching the universe every day all. Every aspect of it, day after day, month after month, year after year…

The years go by.

Peyton has been studying these sixty-four cryptic patterns, and the long years seem to be with the universe all the time.

At this moment…

After 164,000 years of mystic pattern cultivation, he suddenly forgot about himself, at this moment…as if he was a beast God is the incarnation of the universe.

Joy, joy, anger, roar, madness…

Travel the universe by yourself!

I fight with the enemy, the bloody battle is endless void, and the battle continues one galaxy after another… until the final unwilling fall.

Payton lay there, closing his eyes, motionless.

Everything is false.

The source is the truth!

A long time, a long time…

This sleep is a thousand years.

In the millennium years, even Peyton fell into a deep sleep, and no one could contact Peyton!

During these thousand years… Peyton has forgotten the memory of human beings and forgotten everything. In his sleep, he thinks he is a beast god, an incarnation of the universe, living…

Thousands of years have passed quietly.

Payton opened his eyes.

“Could this be Zhuang Zhou Dreams of a Butterfly?”

Peyton said softly, the moment he opened his eyes, it was difficult to recognize that he was Peyton. Still a beast.

But the essence of Evil God alone made him wake up quickly.

“Beast God? Universe? What a wonderful feeling.”

Peyton was lying on the back of the beast god statue, the feeling of being a beast god was so clear and completely can easily get into that state.

Beast gods and human beings are completely different living states, a state of complete detachment, freedom and nature.

The summit of a mountain.

“Cultivation is the method of spreading the sky, is that the case after that?”

“No! Although the beast god is the incarnation of the source, the source is not completely the god of the beast. The law is even more profound, I guess at this time, after all, it is just a glimpse of the leopard.”

“However, I have realized the heart of a beast god, and the way to spread the sky can be regarded as a small achievement.”

Comprehending the heart of the beast god is a mistake, but after comprehending it, it is also a good thing. This is a very important step.

The way of beasts and gods, according to the division of the universe, is divided into seventh layer inheritance.

After comprehending the whole way of the beast gods, he stepped into the ‘Lord of Universe’ this stage and became the Peak existence in the universe… But how difficult is it to become the Lord of Universe?

Like golden horn giant beast lineage, there are only two Lord of Universe in total, and giant beast lineage like flaming star has only one Lord of Universe.

It all means that it’s extremely hard to become Lord of Universe!

There are many levels!

One of the most difficult illusory levels to pass in The Way of the Beast God… You must understand the heart of the Beast God in order to become a real Beast God! This makes some cosmic overlords very puzzled, like many cosmic overlords of Cultivation of the way of beast gods, they can only incarnate as ‘pseudo beast gods’, because they do not understand the heart of beast gods.

Without a beast god’s heart…it is impossible to become a real beast god.

And Peyton’s unintentional positive outcomes has been studying the sixty-four secret patterns for a long time, and devoted himself to it. The investment of tens of thousands of years has caused him to fall into a deep sleep unconsciously, forget everything, and be in a deep sleep. In the dream, he spent a long life as a beast god.

“At this time, I dare to say that I have several points of understanding of the universe.”

In the world of the red moon, Peyton has a total of 14,000 years of cultivation… …is the longest Cultivation retreat in so much time.

He studied the lineage of the secret pattern Sect wholeheartedly. In the world of the red moon, he avoided the restrictions of the Universe Rule. Although he did not have any instructions, he completely modeled it by himself, but with his aptitude perception, he also achieved Very high degree.

Even, Peyton arranges and combines various secret patterns at will, and can easily create the secret technique of Venerable Level of the universe. A little effort is enough to create the secret technique of Overlord Level 1…

Obviously , he is incredibly familiar with the sixty-four secret patterns of the universe.

And these sixty-four secret patterns can completely represent the complete universe.

The example of the miniature universe is right in front of you, plus the sixty-four pictures of the source, plus the red moon world, the three are superimposed, and it is normal to have such an achievement.

Everything has accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly where water flows, a canal is formed.

“The next step is to create my Tao!”

Peyton has a feeling in his heart, this time will surely succeed in enlightenment.

On the back of the statue of the beast god, after a thousand years of sleep, Peyton once again went to study the sixty-four secret patterns of the universe, using the ‘miniature universe secret pattern’ as the ultimate model, to try to create secrets technique, Peyton, who has been sleeping for a thousand years, is still faintly influenced by the heart of the beast god.

hua hua wow~~~~

Countless golden silk threads are suspended in mid-air, and soon, the sixty-four secret patterns are quickly combined, except for the overwhelming majority rule. Payton’s basics are good.

There is also a little connection of the rules and threads. It is purely under Peyton’s special state of mind. Eat when you want, sleep when you want…

This is the innate talent of the beast gods, the incarnation of Universe Source, and they are the Tao.

All the combinations are made at will, in one go, Peyton only feels the most comfortable in this way.


between Heaven and Earth A golden light suddenly appeared.

The golden light swiped across Heaven and Earth in an instant, and the incomparably solidified space in the miniature universe literally pulled out a rippling ravine in space, and even the earth was directly swept away by a stretch of about ten million kilometers in the aftermath. a deep ditch.

In a moment, the entire earth changed naturally and everything returned to normal.

“This is my way!”

Peton looked out at the ditch that led to the end of all wasteland, until the ditch finally recovered.

β€œsecret technique?”

β€œWhat level of secret technique?”

β€œLord of Universe? Or higher?”

“Xeon secret technique?”

Peyton couldn’t believe that he was amazing, indeed very successful, and now he can easily create the secret technique of the Venerable Level of the universe, and even accidentally created a set of universes Overlord level is the ultimate secret technique, which is extremely powerful.

But the power is obviously far from being comparable to this golden light.

The two sides seem to be as different as heaven and earth.

But the Xeon secret technique doesn’t go that far.

Moreover, Peyton has been comprehend for thousands of years, and also knows that although this secret pattern research can occasionally try one’s luck to create a set of secret techniques… But the more secret techniques against the sky, the more impossible try one’s luck, the foundation is more important!

14,000 years!

Peyton has a very high attainments in the secret pattern Sect, can easily create the universe Venerable Level secret technique, and occasionally can ‘the ultimate secret technique of the universe overlord’.

But to create the Lord of Universe ultimate secret technique…you already need to completely integrate your own Cultivation system. When you can create the Universe Overlord level secret technique at your fingertips, you may be lucky enough to create the ‘Lord of Universe’ Universe’s ultimate secret technique’.

The higher the foundation!

Only by chance can a stronger secret technique be created!

A painter, the stronger his ability, the more inspiration he can create, the better he can create a painting.

And without a little foundation and inspiration, you can’t draw a unique painting.


Peton jumped up and flew directly to the distant mountain range.

Fly for a moment.

After arriving at the mountain range rock wall, there are three sets of secret technique carvings on the mountain range rock wall. These three sets of original ancestors are all ‘Lord of Universe ultimate secret technique’.

“I carved the secret pattern of the secret technique I created. Can’t I see it just by looking at the coercion?”

Peyton looked at the rock wall, Divine Force surged, and saw Immediately, incomparable complexities began to appear on the rock wall. Even many Cosmic Venerables seemed to think that it was like a Heavenly Book. If it was Peyton 164,000 years ago, it was a huge secret technique map that was completely incomprehensible.

The secret technique map, esoteric and unfathomable, exudes infinite coercion, echoing the coercion of the three cosmic ultimate secret technique carvings next to it, and even surpasses it!

Red Moon World!

Micro Universe!

The Way of Heaven!

A collection of tens of thousands of years of hard work!

With a heart of origin…

“The top-level Lord of Universe is the ultimate secret technique, the three secret techniques left by the original ancestor may be deeper, but each one is Not as broad as mine.”

“Using secret technique to unify Cultivation, my Dao is accomplished!”

In this brief moment, Peyton accidentally created such a A set of secret techniques, a set of secret techniques based on the ‘miniature universe secret pattern’ as a model, can be said to be a simplified version of the ‘miniature universe secret pattern’, a near-perfect image of the sixty-four beasts and gods of the pure universe Combined, a set of Attack Type secret technique is formed – a Lord of Universe ultimate level secret technique!

“The creation of ten thousand years.”

“The Law of Origin”

“At a certain moment, the sixty-four secret patterns of the universe were almost perfectly combined. , with a reasonable or unreasonable attitude…that’s how it was born.”

“This miniature universe is a template, and this set of secret techniques is called – the law of the universe!”

“Until the Great Accomplishment of my law, I will be the universe, and even the infinite multiverse!”


In the vast chaos, one universe wanders.

Standing at the core of the universe, Wang Meng had a clear comprehension in his heart: “I, a wisp of Divine Sense Avatar, have actually embarked on a similar path with me, I’m taking a step forward now, the road is endless, no Know who will be faster in the future?”

Thinking like this, Wang Meng couldn’t help but smile.

Bibi Dong laughed at her teacher and couldn’t help but ask: “teacher?”

Wang Meng gradually restrained her smile: “Nothing! Nothing! But I found a small surprise! “

He was also an Avatar at the beginning, but with the Great Firmament sermon, and the gods, the original deity is not as good as him.


Myriad Realms are in communion, thousands of troops run with the War General, and a black liquid dragon flag flutters in the wind.

Wang Meng sat cross-legged on the platform, and behind him, there were Immortal Beheading Four Swords circling, he also had a feeling: “I am half-step Innate now, I can cross the Great Firmament at any time, unfortunately, this is not me The way!”

Forgot to glance at the four swords behind him, Wang Meng flashed a hint of reluctance in his heart, and it was a determination.

“Breaking the sword, breaking the sword! The only way to break the sword is the day I become enlightened!”

“I am not heaven after all!”


Devouring the universe, Peyton has completed the comprehend of the secret technique, the integration of the personal Cultivation system, and the next step is breakthrough!

“Go back to the original universe first!”

Somewhere, Peyton had a hunch in his heart, and the natural phenomenon of breakthrough at this time is also very big, so we must choose a reliable retreat Cultivation place.

And the most reliable place to retreat Cultivation is undoubtedly the initial universe, Primal Chaos City!

As the Core Zone of Human Race, this is the safest place!

“pay respects to Teacher!”

“Well, it’s finally back, the inheritance of the magic voice has long passed.”

“Disciple Ashamed, I wasted the opportunity the teacher took!” Peyton said with his head down.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City waved his hand: “It’s okay, everyone has their own fate, and nothing can be forced. You made a mistake at that opportunity and let your Disciple inherit it.”


Payton nodded, it seems that the trajectory of history has not changed much.

“Okay, how’s the harvest this time?”

Peyton opened the mouth and said: “Disciple is back, it’s just about going to retreat.”

When the Lord of Primal Chaos City heard the words, his eyes filled with joy: “Okay, let’s go, I will protect the Dharma for you.”



Sitting cross-legged in the Chaos Ruins, feeling the wandering of Primal Chaos Qi, Peyton was calm and immersed in the study of the law.

His laws had long been up to Venerable standards and had been forcibly suppressed, and it was time to let them go.

Breaking the blockade, it’s like a whole new world!

“This is the opportunity!”

“The opportunity to breakthrough Venerable!”

In the blink of an eye, it is twenty years.

At this moment, a look of divine intent flashed in Peyton’s eyes.

“I have integrated the cultivation base for twenty years, and the opportunity has come!”

Peyton teleported and disappeared quietly.

Peton’s Divine Kingdom field.

It’s endless, it can be called endless.

The vast expanse is endless, rippling continuously, and there are three feet of waves without wind.

This endless Divine Domain is over 80 billion kilometers in diameter, deep and vast.

With this endless Divine Domain, plus the blessing of the Divine Kingdom itself, the overlord of the universe will have to suffer a big loss when it comes in.

Divine Kingdom was originally very peaceful.

When Peyton made a breakthrough-“bang!!!”

The primordial Universe Source Law came directly, and the endless coercion enveloped the entire Divine Kingdom, which was originally calm The endless Divine Domain suddenly surged up.


A silhouette suddenly appeared in the endless Divine Domain, which is the original Avatar of the Divine Domain. The original Avatar looked up at the sky above the endless Divine Domain. There is an incomparably huge vortex, black white vortex… a circle of huge vortex, the vastness is endless, carrying endless power.


Peyton’s source Avatar flashed immediately, teleporting directly into the sky beyond the edge of the entire endless Divine Domain.

Peyton looked at the huge vortex with a diameter of over 100 billion kilometers in the sky. Unlike the colorful vortex in the last breakthrough immortal, this time it was black and white taking turns.

A circle of huge black vortex, a circle of white vortex inside, and a circle of black vortex inside…black vortex, white vortex, black vortex, white vortex…a circle and a circle…scattered monstrous coercion.

In the center of this huge vortex is a passageway, a passageway that connects the ‘Universe Principle’ and the Peyton Divine Kingdom.

“The critical moment!” Peyton immediately understood that it was the most critical moment in the breakthrough – swallowing the Divine Force!

Endless Divine Domain, such a huge volume.

It will take a long, long time to add Divine Force! And the bigger the Divine Physique, the stronger the recovery ability. Even if a Universe Venerable self-destructs in an instant, the self-destruct consumption of Divine Force at this moment is far less than the automatic recovery of the endless Divine Domain!

As the volume increases and the energy increases, the recovery becomes more amazing.

So, the ‘Endless Divine Domain’ growth is slow in the initial stage.

So naturally, I have to cherish the opportunity at this moment.

“The time to devour Divine Force is limited.”

“It must be devoured with maximum efficiency.” Peyton secretly said.

The black and white vortex cores are mixed in circles, and the vortex channel with a diameter of tens of billions of kilometers is directly and frantically pouring the monstrous Divine Force Sea water. The water is pouring so fast that it is terrifying.

Much faster than the last time Peyton broke through for Immortal.

“I suck, I suck, I suck.” All of Peyton’s will was trying his best to control the endless Divine Domain.

Suck like crazy and convert instantly.

The original Immortal Divine Force immediately soared a hundred times, reaching the level of Venerable Divine Force!

Swallowing, transforming… The speed at which the vortex channel pours the water from the Divine Force Sea is completely related to the speed at which Peyton’s endless Divine Domain is swallowed. If it is swallowed fast enough, it will naturally pour faster.

“Transformation! Transformation! Transformation!” Peyton tried his best to control, and he also felt the benefits of having a stronger will.

The powerful will also greatly improves the transformation efficiency under his control.

But no matter how much you improve, it’s still not enough.

In just a moment, the entire Divine Kingdom returned to calm, the coercion of the primordial Universe Source Law had receded, and it was only a short while before the Divine Force could be devoured.

“My endless Divine Domain, eighty billion kilometers in diameter.”

Payton stood above the Divine Domain.

“Just a while ago, the converted Divine Force reached about 15% of the volume of my Endless Divine Domain!”

Peyton estimated that the diameter of the entire Endless Divine Domain is about 8oo billion kilometers , of which a volume of 400 million kilometers in diameter has been successfully converted, accounting for about 15% of the total volume. In terms of efficiency, it is very high, after all, this endless Divine Domain is too big.

“Last time, my breakthrough was immortal, and the conversion rate was 12%, but this time it has improved a bit. Fortunately, I have completely integrated the Cultivation system, turned it into a miniature universe, and realized the top-level Lord of Universe Ultimate. secret technique, otherwise the Divine Force that can be transformed this time may be much less.”

Payton immediately landed directly downward.


Fall into the Endless Divine Domain, automatically decompose into the Endless Divine Domain.

Soon, a new Divine Domain Avatar will be condensed in the endless Divine Domain. This Divine Domain Avatar is nearly 10,000 kilometers high, and the Divine Force level is also the Venerable Divine Force level.

The entire endless Divine Domain still resonates with the distant Universe Source Law ocean, absorbing the Divine Force and striving to transform the entire Divine Domain.

It’s just this degree, it can’t be compared with just now.




Three rays of light appear simultaneously in Divine Kingdom , and turned into three streams of light at high altitude, flying recklessly, and one after another Divine Force quickly flew out from the ‘Divine Domain’ below.

Divine Force a make up.

Peyton’s Divine Physique continues its transformation!

“The second thing is my Divine Kingdom, breaking through to the universe Venerable, Divine Kingdom will be more perfect.”

Peton looked at his vast Divine Kingdom .

The Divine Kingdom is slowly changing at the moment. The scope becomes larger. The more important thing is that the structure of the Divine Kingdom is becoming more and more stable and tends to the limit, completely achieving the miniature universe.

This is an amazing achievement, the micro-universe, some of the Lord of Universe have yet to achieve.

Not everyone can discover the mysteries of the universe as early as Peyton.

The original Yantian Secret Art is a great opportunity!

The existence of the red moon world makes Peyton avoid the Universe Principle and completely clear the opportunity of comprehension.

(End of this chapter)

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