All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 539


Chapter 539


Chaos Ruins.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City has been observing Peyton’s breakthrough, trying to suppress all kinds of natural phenomena for him. He understands the temperament of this Disciple and is reluctant to be in the limelight. Continue to superimpose, but it did not cause a little storm.

He has never seen this kind of ability and prudence.

Feeling Peyton’s imposing manner, the Lord Primal Chaos City smiled instantly.

“Venerable has been achieved in just one era, and it’s still a high-level Venerable, very good!”

Peyton smiled slightly.

His profound background is the moment when he can break through and achieve high Venerable.

At the same time, breakthrough Venerable is also an opportunity for him. His many laws and secret technique Absolute Art are really useful.

With a little precipitation, Peyton can become the top universe overlord, and it is not impossible to fight against the Lord of Universe.

After all, the “Cosmic Law” after he unifies all laws is the top-level Lord of Universe Ultimate Absolute Art, plus the miniature universe, the heart of the beast, and the sixty-four secret patterns of the Universe Source, these are all On par with Lord of Universe, and even more so in some places.

Compared with other Venerables, Peyton’s advantage is too great. Even today, some non-top universe overlords are not worth it in Peyton’s view.

“Disciple is just a fluke!”

Speaking, Peyton told the Lord of Primal Chaos City that he had realized the ultimate secret technique of Lord of Universe.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City was overjoyed when he heard the words.

As the top Lord of Universe, the Lord of Primal Chaos City knows very well what this means.

This means that the door to the Lord of Universe has been completely opened to Peyton, and Human Race will definitely have an extra superpower.

“Good! Good! Good!”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City smiled: “Since you have achieved Venerable, then as a teacher, I will give you the same treasure.”

Said that a stream of light passed from the hands of the Primal Chaos City master and appeared in Peyton’s hands.

“This is an inheritance, a “most powerhouse in the universe” inheritance.”

Peton was a little surprised: “giant axe Guardian?”

Primal The master of Chaos City shook his head: “No! This is another powerhouse, I can’t tell you yet, he is the founder of Yantian Secret Art, this inheritance contains many insights from him, after you read it, he should give you Great gain.”

Peyton nodded, knowing in his heart that that person should be the original ancestor.

“many thanks to that lord!”

Primal Chaos City master nodded: “Since you have become Venerable, you can also participate in the meeting, don’t forget.”

Peyton was a little puzzled: “Meeting?”

“The Supreme Council!” Primal Chaos City Lord nodded!

ย โ€ฆ

Back to their palace.

“Master, an email!” Intelligent Life opened the mouth and said.

I received an email from the virtual universe system.

“Have I never been to the highest meeting, the highest meeting of mankind?” Peyton smiled.

Consciousness connects to the virtual universe.

“Go to the Mountain of the Gods.” Peyton stood in his palace and said softly.

The Pantheon, the mountain of the gods, is the place where the Supreme Council is held.

The highest meeting is held today, and when the virtual universe system is notified by email, the mountain of gods will automatically open!

As usual, it is always closed…the clouds are shrouded in mist, and the peaks are faint.

One after another human powerhouse silhouette appeared one after another, and Payton also appeared one after the other.



“It really took us a step down, even before the title of king, so It made Venerable.”

“It has always been rumored that you are closing Cultivation, but if you don’t, you have amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!”

As soon as Peyton appeared, he immediately Causing a warm hello from some cosmic Venerables talking not far away.

Peyton still doesn’t understand why these Venerables are so enthusiastic.

In fact, after Peyton’s breakthrough was immortal, some Venerable sighed that Human Race had an invincible king.

The shadow of the person and the name of the tree, even though Peyton doesn’t have a sensational record, but the world master’s breakthrough to the 22nd floor is enough to prove his battle strength.

Some Venerable and even Universe Country owners even thought of taking the initiative to make friends.

It’s just that they haven’t implemented it yet, and there is news that Peyton has closed Cultivation.

But at this time of the meeting, they have inquired that there is a place for Payton at the highest meeting of this time.

And directly as Venerable of the higher universe.

“Ten thousand years is the breakthrough to higher Venerables, surpassing most of the Venerables. You really have boundless prospects!”

Some of these Venerables are even being discussed. Is there any other battle strength at Overlord level now?

After all, they are the top geniuses for trillions of years, and fighting by leaps and bounds is the mainstream.

In addition, as the Disciple of Primal Chaos City, it is bestowed by Supreme Treasure, and it is already a high-level Venerable, which is not too far from the overlord.

At the same time, Peyton has always kept a low profile. When will he not make friends now?

Wait until the next retreat, really become the top overlord?

By then, it was too late.

This is where many of Venerable’s extremely passionate images emerge.

Payton also responded one after another to these Venerables.

“I’ve seen you seniors.”

While speaking, Peyton saw another acquaintance – the Lord of the Witch.

The lord of the Universe Country, strictly speaking, Peyton can be regarded as his subjects.

Peton hurriedly went up: “I’ve seen Venerable!”

The Lord of the Witch is also a high-level Venerable, and seeing Peyton laughed: “You don’t need to call Venerable, just call it Old Brother, and it was just that I know you must not be in the pool, but didn’t expect how long? After more than ten thousand years, you have achieved a high level of Venerable, and you are on the same level as me.”

“What a great innate talent! “

Peyton quickly said modestly: “It’s all the teacher’s credit!”

“Stop talking, just look around.”

Peyton glanced around, and there were thousands of Venerables gathered around, and there were more in the distance, faintly seeing the distance. In some unfamiliar universe Venerable looked towards Peyton and seemed to be discussing something, but Peyton couldn’t hear anyone talking at all.

It’s just like others can’t hear him talking to the Lord of the Witch.

“I bet there’s a lot of cosmic Venerable talking about you.” Said Solemnly.

“A top genius has become a high-level Venerable in just 10,000 years. They are all betting on whether you have the battle strength of an overlord now.”

Peton raised his eyebrows , he couldn’t have imagined that these Venerables would be so boring.

“Haha, this is the benchmark for those top geniuses in history. In the world, the king can fight for the king, the king is comparable to Venerable, and the Venerable is the anti-war overlord, and the overlord can save his life from the Lord of Universe, the more you get. It’s low-key, the more curious they are.”

“Come on, tell the Old Brother, do you have the battle strength of an overlord?”

Peyton was a little helpless, and gently shook the head .

The Lord Ganwu is obviously not convinced, and his eyes are full of surprise.


There are more and more powerhouses gathered on the mountain of the gods.


Heaven and Earth roared.

Thousands of Cosmic Venerables such as Peyton looked up at the sky at the same time, only to see two gates with dazzling golden light slowly opening in the cloudy sky, with bright starry sky on these two gates.

The place where the meeting was heldโ€”in the palace suspended above the Mount of the Gods, was the ‘Pantheon’ of the Mount of the Gods.

“Human powerhouse, gather!”

A grand voice resounded throughout Heaven and Earth.


All the universe Venerables on the Mountain of the Gods disappeared instantly and all were teleported into the Pantheon.


The two doors that illuminated the entire space with golden light slammed shut.

In Pantheon, there is a huge and incomparably huge round table with exquisite carvings. Peyton’s line of sight can only see part of the round table, and the other parts of the round table seem to be shrouded in clouds and can’t be seen at all.

The throne of densely packed, around the round table.

A throne with no end in sight.

Payton sat on one of the thrones.

“en?” Peyton stroked the armrests with both hands, and looked back, there was the word ‘Peton’ in the common human language on the back of the king’s seat.

Payton is slightly nodded.

“A lot of universes Venerable.” Peyton looked around.

There are a lot of cosmic Venerables sitting at the bottom right now, those are all cosmic elementary Venerables.

Their throne is the smallest! About 2 meters wide!

The Venerable throne in the universe is 1o meters wide.

The higher Venerable throne of the universe is 5o meters wide.

Peyton is sitting 50 meters wide, and his line of sight can only see ‘universe primary Venerable’, ‘universal medium Venerable’ and ‘universal high Venerable’.

As for the higher-status ‘Overlord of the Universe’ and ‘Lord of Universe’, they are completely caught in the hazy clouds and cannot be seen at all.

“My Divine Physique has also become just right for this throne.”

Payton stroked the armrests, sitting on the 50-meter-wide throne, just placing his hands on the armrests superior.

Around the huge round table, the densely packed dive throne is divided into five levels.

12 wide, 10 meters wide, 50 meters wide, 200 meters wide, 1000 meters wide, and the Divine Physique of all powerhouses are also completely matched to the chairs, including the Eclipse Palace Lord, Venerable, etc. The existence of the overlord of the universe is sitting on the two hundred meters wide divide throne, and the highest point.

On the towering throne, the Lord of Universe stands tall, overlooking all the other human powerhouses.

They are the super-level existence of the five forces of the human race.

Speaking of which, because of Payton’s existence, his Third Senior Brother also broke through Lord of Universe at this time and became a pillar of Human Race.

This 1,000-meter-wide towering throne, all the others are dazzling golden, only the two towering thrones in the center are black, exuding a strict atmosphere, one of the black thrones has this giant faintly on it. Axe carving, sitting on this throne is a giant man with thick fingers and long scattered hair like a savage.

But the other black throne next to him was empty and no one was sitting.

Other golden thrones are all sitting on majestic silhouettes.

“The other Venerables are waiting, let’s start the meeting.” Two black thrones.

The savage man with the giant axe carving looked towards the Lord of Primal Chaos City on the left hand side, opened the mouth and said, “Chaos, you are still presiding over the meeting.”

“en .” Primal Chaos City Lord nodded.

Thousands of densely packed dive thrones, Payton also communicated with some of the universe Venerable next to him, and learned some basic information.

“Everyone!” A gentle and grand voice came down, and the entire Pantheon was suddenly silent.

“Every time the highest meeting is held, it is because of a major event that can affect the entire ethnic group.”

The voice of the master of Primal Chaos City is splendid, spreading throughout the entire Pantheon, and no one dares to speak:

“This supreme meeting is held because Hunyuanhai Secret Realm is about to open.”

“Hunyuanhai Secret Realm is about to open?”

Almost all of the universe Venerable had a look of shock on his face.

โ€œHunyuanhai Secret Realm is a Secret Realm left by Supreme Existence in our vast universe, and it is a place where hundreds of millions of ethnic groups compete. This opening is no exception!โ€

“If you want to get Supreme Treasure and make a big contribution to the race, here’s your chance! You can browse the detailed information first.” Primal Chaos City said.

Sitting in front of many powerhouses on the densely packed divine throne, a screen is suspended.

A wealth of detailed information appears on the screen.

Peton also stared at the screen in front of him…

Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, the Secret Realm of the legendary small universe left by one of the most powerful powerhouses in the universe.

At the same time, Yuanhai Secret Realm also has numerous treasures and many crises.

There are a total of 108 passages leading to the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, but these 108 passages are usually closed all the time, and will only be opened once after a very long period of time.

Each opening will last for a thousand epochs!

It will be closed after 1000 epochs, all entering powerhouses must come out before closing, or they will surely fall!

No matter it is Avatar stay, incarnation stay and many other secrets are invalid, as long as it stays in Hunyuanhai Secret Realm when it is closed, it will definitely fall!

No exceptions!

apart from this , this Secret Realm is restricted by the cultivation base, only the existences under the Lord of Universe can enter, and if the most powerful house in the universe wants to forcibly break in, it is bound to let Secret Realm directly collapse.

It is said that the existence of this Secret Realm is the one left by the supreme existence in order to select Disciple, and has certain requirements for the cultivation base of Disciple.

Although it is such a rumor, this inheritance has never been discovered, and it has gradually been ignored by people.

On the contrary, Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, every one thousand epochs, gave birth to countless treasures, which made people feel excited.

Chongbao is not worth mentioning, Supreme Treasure is the mainstream.

The super-level existence of the billions of races in the universe will fight frantically here, competing for treasure for their respective races!

Every time it is turned on, it is a terrifying killing, and every time it is turned on, there is a cosmic overlord falling in it.

It was bloody and cruel.

But it also makes countless powerhouses crazy!

It was Hunyuanhai Secret Realm.

“Well, contribution?” Payton looked at another document below.

The treasure obtained in Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, if you get it alone, you can use it yourself, if you don’t need it… you can also donate it to the ethnic group in exchange for contribution points!

The reason why the ethnic group is strong is the contribution of countless powerhouses!

Contributions can be exchanged for other treasures.

“In the human race, there are two types of people who enjoy resources and can contribute resources.”

“All the ordinary person and the immortal Spiritual God are those who enjoy resources. For example, the ordinary person People can enjoy peace and stability. Those who perform well, like the immortal Spiritual Gods, can be instructed, taught, and even bestowed by the super powerhouse. They are all people who enjoy resources!โ€

โ€œOnce you enter the The ranks of the cosmic powerhouse, the highest conference! Then come on… You became the backbone of the human race. “

“The human race needs the contribution of your true powerhouse!” Only with your contributions can billions of human beings, generations of geniuses, and countless immortal resources be enjoyed. “

“You are fighting your life and death to win the treasure resources and dedicate them to the race!” Everything will be recorded with contribution points… You can also use the contribution points to exchange for all the treasure resources you need. “

“Peton Venerable, when you just joined the Supreme Council, you lost the quota of resources that you can use in large quantities on the genius side!” From this moment on, you are also one of the super powerhouses of my human race. You have the strength to make a huge contribution to my human race, and you can fully rely on the contribution value to exchange the required resource treasure. “

Peyton looked at two documents.

A document about Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, and a detailed explanation of the contribution value.

Obviously, only newcomers, like Peyton, who join the top conference for the first time will get this detailed explanation of ‘contribution value’.

“Contribution value? “Peyton said softly.

“Hunyuanhai Secret Realm? “

This is an opportunity that has never been seen in the original book, and Peyton’s heart is moved.

When all the super powerhouses of the human race at the Supreme Council were shocked, Primal Chaos City Lord Finally, he spoke again.

โ€œHunyuanhai Secret Realm is open, and there are still 10 years from now, and in these 10 years, everyone can prepare. For example, several powerhouses that can complement each other form a square, such as borrowing treasure from some powerhouses who are unwilling to go to Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, etc… Everything should be prepared within these 10 years. After 10 years, my human race will enter Hunyuan. Sea Secret Realm. “Primal Chaos City main road.

“After 10 years, our human race will march into Hunyuanhai Secret Realm! “

In the calm and mighty voice of the Lord of Primal Chaos City, the Supreme Council is over.


The Gate of Pantheon Turned on, followed by nearly all of the universe Venerable stood up.

“So soon? “Peyton also stood up like the public, and saw Venerables in other universes chatting and laughing with each other and walking directly to the Pantheon gate full of golden light, and as soon as they entered the gate, they all teleported and disappeared.

“What are you hesitating about? “The Lord of the Witch came over.

“I was just surprised at the speed of this highest meeting. “Peyton said with a smile.

Lord Ganwu said with a smile: “It was the first time I attended the Supreme Council, and I was amazed at the short time of the Supreme Meeting, but then I understood… It can involve human races. The major event, it happened a long time ago! . “

Peton nodded.

Human Race meeting is very efficient.

Primal Chaos City lord didn’t say much, just mentioned it’ Hunyuanhai Secret Realm ‘, and then a screen appeared in front of each universe Venerable, and the relevant information was described in great detail.

“Let’s go. “The Lord of Ganwu said.

Peton and the Lord of Ganwu almost walked side by side and entered the gate of the Pantheon golden light together.

(End of this chapter)

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