All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 540


Chapter 540

Initial Universe, inside Peyton’s Palace.

“pay respects to Teacher! Congratulations to teacher for breaking through Venerable.” Luo Feng saluted respectfully.

Peyton looked at the Disciple in front of him and sighed in his heart. His retreat had delayed this Disciple a bit.

Nowadays, Luo Feng is still the realm master, but just like the original book, he has obtained a lot of opportunities. With the help of God Armor, he already has the battle strength of King Level 1 and Primal Chaos. The attention of the Lord of the City.

Of course, at this time, he was not worshipping the Lord of Primal Chaos City as his teacher, after all, his seniority could not be messed up.

However, as Luo Feng’s Ancestor Master, and Peyton has been in retreat, the Primal Chaos City Master has given Luo Feng a lot of help.

β€œHow about Cultivation? Is there any difficulty?”

Luo Feng nodded shyly: β€œThere are many puzzles about Dao of Space-Time.”

β€œ In detail, I will give you some pointers for the teacher.”

Peton said indifferently, because, with the existence of the micro universe, his understanding of the laws of time and space has reached a very high level.

After careful calculation, it is the ninth picture of the Chaos Monument. He can also comprehend one or two. Basically, he has reached the comprehension of Lord of Universe Level 1

In a blink of an eye For a few months, Luo Feng showed joy and respectfully saluted Peyton: “many thanks teacher for your guidance!”

In the past few months, Peyton took him to sort out the chaos of the universe again. , so that his comprehend of Dao of Space-Time broke through the fifth picture, basically reaching the peak level of the king.

“Okay, back off!”


When Peyton left, in the quiet study room, Peyton carefully flipped through the pages. Looking at the information about Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, I secretly nodded.

Payton is very interested in this Secret Realm, especially those alien Venerables in the Secret Realm!

“Over the years, the scope of my experiments has been stuck in the Immortal Spiritual God stage, and now, it’s time to go up!”

In the past on the Foreign Domain battlefield, Peyton was afraid of the rest of the Lord of Universe.

But now, in this Chaotic Source Sea, there is no Lord of Universe, and Peyton’s strength, Great Accomplishment, is really not afraid of anyone.

Moreover, this was originally a place of extremely chaotic treasure hunts, and it was normal for a group of Venerables and even overlords to fall!

“Next, my laboratory will be built in this Chaotic Source Sea!”


The universe is empty, Peyton looks ahead, In the waves of electromagnetic fluid storms, there is a huge vortex. The diameter of the vortex is about 10 billion kilometers, and it is scattered with endless dazzling brilliant lights, which makes the surrounding space completely distorted. The pressure generated by the vortex channel alone is generally The immortal Spiritual God will be crushed into nothingness.

“Hunyuanhai Secret Realm channel!” Peyton said softly.


As soon as Peyton took a step, he had already entered the gorgeous passage. As he flew towards the interior of the passage, the oppression force became stronger and stronger.

Amid the tremor, twisting and roaring of the space caused by the oppression, Peyton disappeared directly into the depths of the passage.

“This is Hunyuanhai Secret Realm!”

Peyton stood in the air and looked away.

Behind him is the vortex channel, which is in midair.


Peyton stood in mid-air, feeling the endless pressure on his body, this terrifying pressure, as if facing the feeling of extremely terrifying existence .

“It’s normal, after all, this is a small cosmic manifestation of the cosmic supreme powerhouse.”

Peyton landed slowly, stepping on the forest full of fallen leaves.

The space fluctuations on the entire Chaotic Source Sea Secret Realm are completely stopped, and the pressure that is so strong to the limit is enough to make the ordinary immortal Spiritual God directly turn into nothingness. This strong pressure makes the space tremble. , making Divine Kingdom teleportation impossible at all.

Cannot teleport! Unable to teleport in Divine Kingdom!

And the rules and restrictions left by the supreme powerhouse limit the Lord of Universe. Here is Venerable and even the overlord, the biggest battlefield!

For the sake of the treasure here, countless people died.

In the blink of an eye, it was another few days. In the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, Peyton had already built his laboratory underground, which was his base camp.

“Next, start hunting!”


Thinking in my heart, Peyton flashed a touch of excitement and walked carefully step by step , After a while, he walked out of this mountain forest and walked to the foot of the mountain.

In the distance is the vast wasteland.

Peton moved forward, carefully sensing the energy breath.

Judging from the previous resources, sensing the energy aura on the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm is a way that most powerhouses choose to find treasure.

For a long time, a wave of energy, transmitted over a long distance, arrived at Peyton.

“Good opportunity!”

“It’s there.”

Payton didn’t expect As soon as he goes out, he will come across a chance, and he will be happy in his heart. Hi, he turned his head suddenly and looked away.


Peton instantly turned into a first-class of light, and the speed soared, but as the speed increased, the resistance also increased.

“The pressure is so heavy, burning the Divine Force.”

Payton even started to burn part of the Divine Force. It will soon reach matt and fly into the distance.

Below is the endless wasteland.

Payton keeps flying.

Drawing closer to the breath.

“The breath is quite strong!”

“It seems that I am coming to the First Stage battle of Hunyuanhai Secret Realm.” A trace passed in Peyton’s eyes. severe light.



Flying over the mountains, over wasteland, and soon over a swamp.

“That’s it!” Peyton quickly felt the source of the breath and swooped away immediately.

It was a swamp. In the dark and dirty swamp water, a black sword hilt the size of a mountain was slowly emerging and floating, while releasing its breath in all directions.

“Just one?” Peyton swooped down and saw only a mountain-sized black hilt slowly rising.

“It’s Supreme Treasure!”

If there are several pieces, it is a set of treasures.

But now it seems that there is only one piece, it must be Supreme Treasure!

“And I’m the first!” Peyton swooped down to the black hilt.

And at this time, in the other direction in the far distance, in midair, a towering body is composed of countless rocks about ten kilometers. The whole body is filled with golden flames. The giant man and the other two have 12 pairs of wings. The prison family powerhouse flew in at the same time.

They also clearly saw that what emerged from the swamp was just a black hilt, and now the body of the sword gradually began to emerge.

“Only one, it’s Supreme Treasure!” The three powerhouses were also immediately excited.

“Human, put down Supreme Treasure! Otherwise, it will be irreconcilable!” The giant man, whose whole body was filled with golden flames, roared with sound transmission.

Those who enter the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm alone are generally the overlords of the universe, and those who act together are generally higher-level Venerables of the universe.

The three universes are Venerable, but extremely strong.

However, when the voice came, Peyton didn’t even bother to look at it, his palm landed directly on the huge black hilt, and Divine Force began to infiltrate it.

“en?” As soon as the “en?” Divine Force penetrated, Peyton felt that the entire black hilt and the entire swamp were one.

β€œen? has not been fully born yet.”

It has been recorded in the data that this is some of the more precious treasures, such as Supreme Treasure and so on.


The three powerhouses were overjoyed immediately upon seeing this. They also guessed that the towering golden flame giant burst into laughter.

Peyton shook his head slightly, and his eyes began to lock on the rest of the people, “It’s okay, double happiness is coming, it’s just first, let’s start hunting first!”


Peyton’s figure suddenly moved, and the imposing manner of a tall Venerable was fully revealed, and he rushed directly to the three of them.

“hmph, human beings courting death! How dare you fight three with one?”

“The two of us entangle the human, and you go grab the treasure.”


The three made a judgment in an instant.

Peton was always paying attention to the black blade.


The three powerhouses of the prison clan moved at the same time.

“The Red Moon is Coming!”

“Law Domain!”

The Divine Force that Peyton burned directly, the Red Moon Domain came instantly, and suddenly a full Hundreds of millions of kilometers are completely immersed in endless scarlet.

“Really strong resistance, this is the legal jurisdiction?”

The three prison powerhouses were shocked.

“Human, you are courting death!”

The golden flame rock giant roared, turning into a stream of light, and a huge flame hammer appeared in his hand, directly Hit Payton with a bang.

Peyton also took out long spear, his long spear is just an ordinary heavy treasure, it doesn’t work well, and can only be used reluctantly.

“Five Elements Escape Kill!”

“Time and Space Reverse Chaos!”

The time and space laws of grandiose are instantly blessed on the tip of the gun, endlessly destroyed and imprisoned Power.

With a wave of the spear tip, it slashed directly at the prison clan’s golden flame rock giant.

Spear Art is the Overlord level ultimate Absolute Art created by Peyton’s previous research on the secret pattern!

Law Domain is a Xeon Jurisdiction that incorporates a miniature universe. It seems ordinary, but its murderous intention is impermanent!


The golden flame rock giant swung the divine hammer with all his might, and the divine hammer rumbled towards the flying Peyton. God hammer.

This hammer, such as planets, stars, neutron stars, etc., will be directly smashed and annihilated if they meet, even black holes will collapse directly under this hammer!

The golden flame rock giant growled, fully unleashing his strongest strike.

Although it didn’t cause space fragmentation in the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm environment, it’s not that this hammer is not strong, but the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm environment is special.


The hammer hit directly with Peyton’s gunshot.

The golden flame rock giant holding the divine hammer in both hands was taken upside down, and the imposing manner on his body weakened a lot.

Fiercely stomping the void several times with his huge rocky feet flying upside down in midair, he just stagnated in midair.

“A really strong shot! It directly wiped out 22% of my Divine Physique.”

The golden flame rock giant looked at Peyton’s eyes with a look of fear.

“This person has Overlord level battle strength!”

Peyton secretly said in one’s heart: “As expected of a high-level Venerable, it will never be an era to kill one person with one shot. “

“But one shot is not enough, then two shots, three shots!”

Peyton turned into a first-rate of light, and he had already turned back and speed came.

The long spear in his hand swayed, and the gunlight hit directly! It seems to be able to smash all obstacles.

The giant didn’t dare to meet him, so he hurriedly shouted: “Come and help me!”

The other two prisoners, Venerable, greeted them with weapons in their hands, and the three of them besieged Pei at the same time. pause.


Crash again and again!

Peyton, who has become enlightened by the laws of time and space, even more how, was heavily resisted under the golden light of the ‘Red Moon Jurisdiction’, and even more completely suppressed and beaten!

After only ten moves, the two of them looked towards Peyton’s eyes with horror.

The Golden Flame Rock Giant and the two prisoners Venerable looked at each other,

“My Divine Physique damage is 69%”

“My Divine Physique Loss of 67%”

This is still a three-person siege, if it is one person, I am afraid that he will die immediately!

“This person definitely has the battle strength of a general cosmic overlord, too strong.”

“When will there be such a ruthless character in Human Race, run away!”


Payton can also anticipate the thoughts of several people.

“Red Moon!”

In the vagueness, the surrounding scarlet light continued to spread, completely blocking the space.

At the same time, Peyton stabbed out with a spear glow!

“Myriad forms become Tianluo!”

Seeing endless cold spears sweeping Time Law, waves of time roll in.

Feeling the fullness of this blow, both the Golden Flame Rock Giant and Hell Race Venerable are complexion changed.



This shot came very fast, like fireworks in an instant, a strong beam of fire. The rays of light were like a shooting star that suddenly moved towards the three of them.

“Ah!” The golden flame rock giant was submerged by the rays of light, leaving behind a tragic echo, and the entire Divine Physique was less than 5% left, and immediately fled in horror.

“Peng!” That prison tribe’s Venerable powerhouse had a golden flame rock giant to block the gun, but it didn’t face the blow directly, just flew several thousands li upside down.

“Divine Physique damages 87%, dangerous! Run away!”

Following the momentum of Peyton’s shot, this Venerable suddenly seems to be a first-class of light, escaping .

Peton’s corner of the mouth raise: “Where to escape!”

The shot just now was enough to kill three people, but that wasn’t his purpose!

The legal realm that was released before showed its edge completely, and only saw a red moon rise, and the surrounding legal realm seemed to be transformed into another layer of time and space.

Miniature strength of Universe!

“Another dimension!”

“Lord of Universe!”

“How could it be possible!”

Feeling this round In time and space, the three Venerables were stunned in their hearts, but in the next instant, a scarlet wave completely engulfed the three of them, and their souls completely sank.

“Yes, just go out, grab the three Venerable seniors!”

After removing the obstacle, Peyton looked at the black sword body in place.

“It’s a good treasure to feel this breath.”

“But it doesn’t fit my hand, so I can only exchange it for the rest.”

“Almost Completely born.”

“Next, will the rest of the squad come over?” Peyton looked expectantly.

He suddenly felt that Black Sword Supreme Treasure was the best fishing item.

Time passed slowly, and Peyton also waited quietly, the power of the red moon spread all over the void, quietly laying out the next trap.

For a while, two teams flew in quickly, both from the Northern Xinjiang Alliance Squad.

The Northern Xinjiang Alliance can be regarded as the alliance with the largest number of ethnic groups in the universe. A large number of ethnic groups gather together, which makes the Northern Xinjiang Alliance have a large number of cosmic Venerables.

For example, in the open-air plaza of the Glory World taught by Ancestral God, there are usually only a thousand Inheritors in the Hongmeng Alliance, but there are hundreds of thousands of Inheritors in the Northern Xinjiang Alliance.

The visible quantity gap.

So… In the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, the Cosmic Venerable team of the Northern Xinjiang Alliance is also the most common.

Because of the large number of Venerables in the universe, under resource allocation, powerhouses with the same strength generally have much less treasure than the six major Peak groups such as human groups.

The two teams at this time are the Cosmic Venerable teams of the Northern Alliance.

“Hahaha, it’s a treasure, it’s definitely a Supreme Treasure.”

“The treasure is still in the making, they haven’t recognized the Master yet, come on.”

“Don’t let them take it!”

The two squids quickly turned hostile to each other.

But Peyton smiled: “Six Venerables, not bad!”

This entrapment is really good!

“Don’t be hostile to each other, you are all my prey!”

Peyton suddenly turned into a first-rate of light, the long spear in his hand shook, and the whole space appeared waves.

A hundred li or so is just an instant.

“Chaos Destroys!”

The first shot is a killing move, cold glow biting to the bone, spear like a dragon, and a rustling sound of killing.

Endless destructive aura shrouded the spear glow, forming an endless gun force, directly moved towards the high-level universe Venerable at the forefront.

(End of this chapter)

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