All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 542


Chapter 542

Primal Chaos City Lord nodded: “Alright, you can go to Primal Chaos City and donate treasure to the tribe. It is at a special location in Primal Chaos City, the virtual universe system will carefully check the judgment value and give contribution value.”

“Virtual universe system?”

Primal Chaos City main explanation Said: “In terms of judgment value, no one is as good as the virtual universe system.”

“And it is absolutely fair to let the virtual universe system make judgments, because this is a perfectly executed intelligent system, and there is no need to worry about personal Emotions and self-interest are in it, and all powerhouses are convinced.”

Peyton nodded: “Yes, Disciple will go to Primal Chaos City.”




On the same day, Peyton arrived at the base camp of the Virtual Universe Company, and then took a cosmic spaceship to Primal Chaos City through the ‘Cosmic Passage’.

In the cosmic spaceship.


“It’s really uncomfortable.”

“The Time Flow Speed is messed up, it’s really uncomfortable.” Some people in the cosmic spaceship muttered to themselves .

Peton was in a separate and quiet hall in the innermost spaceship, listening to those voices in his ears and couldn’t help laughing.

When I went to Primal Chaos City for the first time, I felt extremely uncomfortable at different Time Flow Speeds.

This original universe and the original universe are different universes after all, and the time flow speed is disordered in the cosmic channel connected to each other. Although Peyton is the world master, he is still not suitable for a while.

“It’s been more than ten thousand years in the blink of an eye.” Peyton sighed to himself.

The genius battle has been held again, and I have the overlord battle strength.

“Lord Peyton, to Primal Chaos City.” The owner of this cosmic spaceship personally shouted respectfully.

“en. ”

Peyton returned to reality from his memory, glanced at the very respectful owner, nodded, and walked out.

Along the corridor…

Payton stepped out of the hatch with the respect of the King Immortal-class owner, the Immortal-class crew, and the world-master crew. Immediately after the other passengers came out one by one, they all whispered: “Who is that? Even the owner of the ship is so respectful?”

“Maybe it’s some universe Venerable.”

“very awesome.”

“Look, the giant axe Guardian black clothed messenger who came to meet us, all salute him respectfully.”

The passengers whispered to each other.

Among these passengers are some servants of Primal Chaos City, some universe level, domain masters, world masters, etc. who have tried their best to get the opportunity to cultivate in Primal Chaos City, and more than half of them are the first The next time I came to Primal Chaos City, I stared more at the silhouette in the distance – in their eyes, the universe Venerable (the Lord of the Universe Country) was already an absolute super-level existence in the universe.

Coming to Primal Chaos City, Peyton is coming to City Lord’s Mansion.

“Lord Peyton.”

“Lord Peyton.” Many guards and servants in City Lord’s Mansion naturally know Peyton. They are well informed and know that Peyton has the overlord battle strength , and even to be listed in the highest meeting of the ethnic group, of course, everyone is very respectful.

Before Peyton came, he also learned some procedures of giving treasure to the tribe through the virtual universe.

The place to offer treasure…is in an ancient side hall in the initial universe City Lord’s Mansion. To offer treasure, you must apply in the virtual universe in advance, because the ancient side hall is always closed. Only after you apply…then once you arrive there, the side hall will automatically open.

But Peyton still needs to go to see the Lord of Primal Chaos City first, and at the same time, ask for advice.

“pay respects to Teacher!”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City looked at Peyton in front of him, and a look of relief appeared in his eyes: “Get up.”

“Going to redeem Supreme Treasure this time, do you have a goal?”

Payton shook his head: “Please recommend one or two from the teacher.”

The Primal Chaos City master thought for a moment: “You Going to this step, I gave my teacher a little experience at most.”

“If possible, next, it is best to exchange for a palace type Supreme Treasure, so that Supreme Treasure can match your secret technique, Overlord Among them, there is enough vertical and horizontal, and even in the hands of Lord of Universe, there is room for life.”

“However, the trifling sword should be a lot worse, I suggest you to give you the armor I gave you. Supreme Treasure redeemed.”

Peyton nodded: “many thanks teacher for guidance!”

Primal Chaos City Lord laughed, a long spear appeared between his hands, and the cold light was bright .

“You are promoted to Venerable, and you have nothing to give as a teacher. This long spear, called Heavenly Prison, is also a high-level Supreme Treasure, so I will be with you, kill more aliens!”


“many thanks teacher!”

Payton looked grateful!

To be honest, the Lord of Primal Chaos City is really kind to him. During the World Lord stage, he gave him armor Supreme Treasure and attacking weapons.

Now this high-level Supreme Treasure long spear has been given.

“No hindrance, no hindrance, my teacher is waiting for you to be promoted to Lord of Universe.”


Farewell to the Lord of Primal Chaos City, Dun walked straight to the front of the side hall.

“Boom~~~” The ancient temple door slowly opened, and the bronze-colored door with a width of about 100 meters was fully opened.

Peton steps inside.

Boom~~~ The gates of the hall are closed again.

“This is the place where the treasure is offered within the ethnic group.” Peyton looked at the entire side hall. The side hall was very spacious, only a huge stone plate with a diameter of about 100 meters was placed in the center. Put the treasure in the stone plate, then the virtual universe system can conduct a detailed inspection of the treasure through the stone plate.

When Peyton turned his hand, a black sword body appeared in his hand—the Nine Palace Sword.

As the saying goes: Ten birds in the forest is worse than one bird in hand. Although a set of Jiugongjian is good, but Peyton only has this Jiugongjian, which is of no use at all. It is better to contribute.

Peyton took a step forward, and at the same time removed his own life mark in the Divine Sword, and placed the Jiugong Sword on the stone plate.


one after another azure The silk thread rose from the stone plate, covering the entire Divine Sword, and began to examine the entire Divine Sword in detail.

Suddenly a voice sounded in the side hall.

“Jiugongjian, dedicated to the ethnic group can get 18 Supreme Treasure points, Peyton, would you like to dedicate this treasure to the ethnic group?” The voice was gentle and heartwarming.

“Of course.” Payton smiled.


The center of the stone plate cracked suddenly, splitting toward both sides, and the entire Jiugong Sword fell directly and slowly below under invisible manipulation, closely following the stone plate. The disk is closed again, returning to its original state.

“This is the precious treasure exchange detailed form for the human race.”

The gentle voice continued, and at the same time, a hazy huge gray suddenly appeared in the entire side hall in the midair. The form, I saw that there were four huge categories on the form—Supreme Treasure, Treasures, Materials, Special Resources…

Peyton looked up at the huge gray form in midair.

“Special resource class.” Payton said.


The form has changed, and a large number of complex resource exchanges have appeared.

Peton began to carefully study the treasure of the human race. The seemingly simple four categories can be studied carefully…

But Peyton found that this list probably lists the entire human race All the core wealth of the ethnic group!

Like materials, etc., generally like those who are good at refining weapons, refining pharmaceuticals, etc., you will find a lot of precious materials here.

Special resources are all kinds.

There are even the sleeping ‘immortal-level insert race queens’, and even the world-level master-level special beings for body possession!

Of course, according to the degree of cherishment and importance, the price is also different. In short, the special resource category includes all other types that do not belong to ‘Supreme Treasure, heavy treasure, and materials’.

As for the Supreme Treasure category, it is divided into five categories: ‘Ordinary Supreme Treasure’, ‘High Grade Supreme Treasure”, ‘Peak Supreme Treasure’, ‘Strongest Supreme Treasure’.

Of course, at present, Payton can only watch ordinary Supreme Treasure, High Grade Supreme Treasure, as for top Supreme Treasure, Peak Supreme Treasure, Strongest Supreme Treasure… He is not qualified to watch it at all.

The treasures on it are all Clan Protecting Supreme Treasures, and most of them should be in the hands of Lord of Universe.


After watching it carefully for more than three hours, Peyton has a general understanding.

Regarding contribution point, there are two levels.

Dedicated to the tribe treasure, the tribe will grant ‘Heavy Treasure Points’ or ‘Supreme Treasure Points’.

Generally the most common piece of heavy treasure, dedicated to the ethnic group, will get 0.5 heavy treasure point -1.5 heavy treasure point.

Of course, some special treasures, even set treasures, and even the ‘field treasures’, ‘flying palace treasures’ and ‘soul treasures’ that are comparable in value to ordinary Supreme Treasures, are more expensive.

As for Supreme Treasure, a piece of the most common Supreme Treasure is dedicated to the tribe, and you will get about 1 Supreme Treasure point.

The exchange of Treasure Points and Supreme Treasure Points is always changing, generally 1Supreme Treasure Point = 3000 Treasure Points – 4000 Treasure Points, there are always fluctuations, and now the situation is 1Supreme Treasure Points can be exchanged for 3220 Treasure Points.

“Supreme Treasure.”

“High Grade Supreme Treasure.” Payton looked at the various treasure prices in High Grade Supreme Treasure.

High Grade Supreme Treasure guns require Supreme Treasure points ranging from 8-30 Supreme Treasure points, and the cheapest requires 8 Supreme Treasure points.

High Grade Supreme Treasure armor requires Supreme Treasure points ranging from 18-60 Supreme Treasure points.

And the Supreme Treasure of the high palace class, the cheapest one, also requires a full 120 Supreme Treasure points.


In short, among the High Grade Supreme Treasures, the cheapest ones are melee weapons, etc., while some life-saving Supreme Treasures are relatively expensive.

As for the flying palaces, souls, and domains, they are the most expensive.

“I’d better watch the normal Supreme Treasure.” Payton shook his head.

Scroll through the ranks of the Common Supreme Treasure.

The price is significantly cheaper…

It’s about 1/10 of the price of High Grade Supreme Treasure, and there are significantly more treasures.

It is estimated that most of the Lord of Universe don’t use it after they get it, so they dedicate it to the tribe.

“It’s really cheap.”

“But these special types of Supreme Treasure are still expensive.”

General Flying Palace Supreme Treasure 18-80 Supreme Treasure Points not wait.

Ordinary Soul Supreme Treasure 36-180 Supreme Treasure points.

Supreme Treasure for the general field class ranging from 16-80 Supreme Treasure points.

Payton’s only 18 Supreme Treasure points are barely redeemable for the worst.

“As the teacher said, exchange the body protection armor!”

Soon, put the armor on it – 16Supreme Treasure points, which is already close to high Armor Supreme Treasure price.



Soon, Payton had 32 Supreme Treasure points in his hands.

“Let’s take a look first…” Payton watched carefully.

Soon Peyton’s eyes locked on one of the 30 Supreme Treasure points – a palace-type Supreme Treasure named ‘divine light hall’!

divine light hall, ordinary Supreme Treasure of the palace class, Five Elements Attribute, need 30 Supreme Treasure points in exchange.

What attracted Peyton was the three words ‘Five Elements Attribute’, immediately opened the mouth and said: “Details of the Divine Light Hall.”


A picture appeared on the screen of the in midair. In the vast starry sky, the air of grandiose suddenly filled the four directions, a dazzling palace suppressed the four directions, and all kinds of strange beasts appeared around.

“divine light hall is a palace-type Supreme Treasure. It has strong protection ability and certain oppression ability. The enemy is weak, and it can directly annihilate the opponent with the divine light hall.” A gentle voice sounded.

“Because it is the Supreme Treasure of the Five Elements Attribute class, the law of Five Elements can be used as an immortal powerhouse. With the Law Domain of Five Elements, it can overlap with this Supreme Treasure field, and the power will increase. You can overlap with this Supreme Treasure field to increase its power.” The gentle voice returned to calm after speaking.

“Not bad!”

With the Supreme Treasure of the Palace of Five Elements, it is much easier to capture and do experiments.

After all, this palace is the best laboratory.

And, the Five Elements grappling secret technique, Peyton is also interested in studying one or two.

Peton’s eyes fell on the divine light hall.

“divine light hall, need 30 Supreme Treasure points to exchange, Payton, do you want to exchange?”


Payton didn’t hesitate.

“Boom~~~” The stone plate slowly cracked, and the cracking speed was very slow, until a passage leading to the Bottomless Abyss was exposed, followed by a treasure slowly flying up, it was A small palace with a whole body as big as a fist, surrounded by various carvings of exotic animals with tiger heads, dragon body and tail.

The palace flew directly to Peyton, who reached out and held it in the palm of his hand.

“The Divine Light Palace is in hand.” A trace of Divine Force penetrated into the palm of Peyton’s palm, and the imprint of life was imprinted in it. I saw that the palace was quickly integrated into the palm of the hand, causing a carved pattern to appear on the palm of Peyton’s right hand.

In the blink of an eye, it was another few months, and at this time Peyton was already familiar with the Divine Light Hall.

This Supreme Treasure Five Elements Attribute complements him well. With the cooperation of the secret pattern, it is worthy to create an Overlord level Five Elements grappling technique, and it will be easier to trap people later.

Hunting is also more convenient.


On the vast land, the continuous mountain range extends to the end of the field of vision, and there is a space vortex above this mountain range.

A young man in black armor stepped out of the middle and stood in midair, looking all around.


“According to the information I got, Hunyuanhai Secret Realm has just opened for hundreds of years, the probability of treasure being born is higher, and the powerhouses that have been suppressed for endless years are also more excited and kill more.”

“After the overwhelming majority years, almost all powerhouses are lurking, and they are all hidden when there is no chance.” Peyton flew through the air.

Fly high in the sky and look down.

After flying for about half an hour.

“en?” Peyton was still flying over the continuous mountain range, but at a glance, he saw a purple object on a lake in the mountain range.

Immediately swooped down, and then stepped on the lake with both feet and walked towards the target.

“This is…” Peyton picked it up. This is a purple curtain about three or four meters long and wide. It is extremely light.

After Peyton immediately infiltrated a trace of Divine Force into the recognizing Master, the message in the purple curtain poured in.

This is a heavy treasure named ‘Imitate Purple Yuan Silk’.

The virtual Divine Transformation force control can make this purple curtain instantly larger, and it can completely wrap the opponent directly. It is an extremely powerful treasure.

Although it’s just a treasure, it’s the first time Peyton has seen such a curtain-like treasure.

“Imitate Ziyuan silk?” Peyton muttered to himself, “It’s strange that his real name is this.”

“Could there be a more powerful treasure called Ziyuan? Silk?”

“However—the treasure born in Hunyuanhai’s Secret Realm, why is its real name ‘Imitate Purple Yuan Silk’?”

“This treasure, I’m afraid it can It’s worth hundreds of treasure points, and my luck is good.”

Peton smiled, this is the case in Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, good luck can step on the treasures while walking, and many powerhouses also know Hunyuanhai Secret There are many Realm treasures, but there are also many powerhouses gathered here.

Even if you get more treasures, once you are killed, you will make a wedding dress for other powerhouses.

Strong strength!

In order to cross the Hunyuan Sea Secret Realm.

(End of this chapter)

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