All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 544


Chapter 544

β€œen?” Payton turned his head sharply, looking towards one direction.

“Hunyuanhai Secret Realm powerhouses generally avoid me from afar, but this alien dare to be within ten million kilometers of me?”

A dark green streamer in the distance Fly straight to Payton.

“That is?” Peyton carefully analyzed that it was a giant man with green life flowing throughout his body. Through his ethnic characteristics, appearance, and breath…

“Yes. The Frost Cloud Saint of the Thorn Ring Alliance.”

Peyton recognized it instantly, and then snickered, no wonder he was not afraid of himself, it turned out to be the Peak universe overlord ‘The Frost Cloud Saint’.

“Saint Peyton!” came a majestic voice.

“Holy Frost Cloud.” Peyton looked at the top of the mountain.

For a moment.

Sage Cold Cloud descended not far from Peyton and looked over with a smile: “I heard about Saint Peyton’s name, this is the first time you and I have met.”

“I’m afraid that this time I entered the Secret Realm in the Hunyuan Sea, which attracted the attention of the Frost Cloud Saint.” Peyton said with a smile.

“Who doesn’t know that the Lord of Primal Chaos City has cultivated such a good disciple as your Excellency over the years, and he has become the overlord of the universe for more than ten thousand years.” The Sage of Cold Cloud looked at Peyton.

“I see Saint Peyton, but there is one thing I want to ask for help.”

“Help?” Peyton said, “Please say.”

This Sage of Cold Cloud, please help yourself?

“I need to refine a Supreme Treasure and collect a lot of materials.” Cold Cloud Saint looked towards Peyton.

“But there is a lack of important precious metals, other cosmic saints see me and walk around, making me unable to talk to them.”

Peton laughed .

Yes, I wanted to talk to the alien race, but the alien race avoided it tens of millions of kilometers away.

Therefore, all these years, he was secretly sniping.

“I don’t know what metals you have, Peyton. If I want it, I’d like to exchange it at a high price.” Sage Cold Cloud said with a smile.

“Metal?” Peyton asked suspiciously, “Isn’t the Thorn Alliance not?”

“Not really.” The Frost Cloud Sage was helpless.

“There are many kinds of precious metals in the universe. What I need… used to have, and now has been exchanged for all.”

Peyton nodded.

“I do have some materials, I’m afraid I don’t have what you want, Saint Cold Cloud.” Peyton said.

After killing those overlords and saints before returning to Divine Kingdom, Peyton put some Supreme Treasure, heavy treasures and even some materials that he could not understand in Divine Kingdom.

After all, it’s obviously worth a lot of money if you don’t even understand it yourself.

Payton was carrying something recognizable, and the value Payton knew.

“Maybe there will be.” Frost Cloud Saint said with a laugh, “How about you show me?”


As soon as Peyton waved his hand, a large amount of metal was suspended in front of him, and there were a million kinds of densely packed, which made the eyes of the Frost Cloud Sage shine. Even after careful analysis, his eyes dimmed for just a moment, and he shook his head with a smile: “Also. I really don’t have it.”

“I don’t have any metal that is in short supply even in the Thorn Ring Alliance.” Peyton put it away with a smile.

Sage Cold Cloud hesitated.

“Just say anything.” Payton smiled.

The Frost Cloud Saint continued: “I didn’t want to speak, but this metal is very important to me, and all races in the universe probably know it. Saint Peyton killed the Meteor Overlord before and got a lot of money. Metal, don’t know if you can exchange it with me.”

“Meteor Overlord?” Peyton brows slightly wrinkle.

“Everyone knows about your battle of Saint Peyton’s fame.” Saint Cold Cloud looked at Peyton with a smile.

Meteor Overlord, the second senior Overlord that Peyton beheaded, this is also the beginning of Peyton’s top Overlord strength, the beginning of exposure!

This gentleman is proficient in life-saving techniques, and Peyton himself also intends to capture, but he almost misses it. In the end, not only did he leak out his own situation, but he was also unable to capture it by his self-destruct!

“Please wait, I’ll look for it again.” Peyton continued.

Sage of Cold Cloud nodded, waiting silently on the side, secretly looking forward to…

It would be wonderful if you can get the treasure you need without fighting!

After all, the Meteor Overlord could be forced to self-destruct, and another Insect Race overlord fell into the hands of the Peyton Saint, which made the Cold Cloud Saint reluctant to open the battle easily.

“Ah.” Peyton looked at the Frost Cloud Saint with an apologetic expression.

“Sorry, I really don’t have any extra metal.”

“No?” The Frost Cloud Sage continued to ask, “Is it unwilling?”

“It’s really gone!” Peyton still smiled at Sage Cold Cloud.

“Then there’s no way.”

Frost Cloud Sage nodded lightly

, sighed with regret: “What a pity.”

tone barely fell , a surging Heavenly Might suddenly spread out, and at the same time, endless dark green rays of light lit up, and I saw huge vines with a thickness of several kilometers covering Heaven and Earth in an instant, causing Heaven and Earth to fall into a world of vines.

boundless , all are endless vines, the vines fill all the surrounding space and completely surround Peyton.

“What a pity, I didn’t want to do it.” An extremely low voice came from the countless vines around.

“Holy Frost Cloud.” Peyton frowned, and sure enough, this fellow harboring malicious intentions!

The Frost Cloud Saint, according to the intelligence data, possesses extremely powerful strength, and there are three Avatars in total.

The other two Avatars are also extremely powerful, the strongest being the ‘Boxeteng’ Avatar, which should also be the true deity of the Cold Cloud Saint.

The peony is an extremely rare special life in the universe, and there are five known ones in total.

One of them, the Frost Cloud Saint, joined the Thorn Ring Alliance, and the other four-headed Bo Xueteng…but belonged to other forces in the universe.

According to rumors, the life gene level of Bo Xueteng is not high, about a thousand times, but it is very large, more than one million kilometers!

And have an innate talent secret technique – transplant!

Relying on the innate talent secret technique of ‘transplantation’… The Sage of Cold Cloud has two Avatars, although the size is not as large as that of Bo Xueteng, but the level of life genes is almost the same.

That is to say… One Cold Cloud Saint is comparable to the three Peak universe overlords, which also makes him a very high status in the Thorn Ring Alliance, and is almost no longer under the Lord of Universe.

“Payton hand over all the metal!” A low voice echoed through the countless vines.

“Hand over the metal, I’ll spare your life, or…”

Peyton smiled and stood in midair, watching the endless circulation of dark green rays of light around white vine.

“I don’t know where your confidence comes from?”

“Fuck or not?” A low voice came.

“To pay or not to pay?” “To pay or not to pay?” “To pay or not to pay?”…

The voice kept reverberating.

A voice came from the vine world, “Hand over all the metal you are carrying, I will leave immediately, hand over or not?”

Peyton laughed: “Threat me? Then you Just stay!”


The endless five-colored waves surged out violently, filling all directions in an instant, directly from the cracks of countless vines It penetrated out, looking like river water, but it was actually a special energy field transformed by burning Divine Force through the ‘divine light temple’.

In an instant, it covered a radius of 30 million kilometers, but the Avatar of the Cold Cloud Sage easily resisted.

“Big! Big! Big!”


I saw the dive light start to get bigger, and the countless jade green The white vines of rays of light begin to entangle their attacks.

Ke Peyton was covered in a layer of five-color mysterious light, and countless five-color secret patterns circulated, one after another golden light flickering.

Bang! boom! boom!

Countless white vines flew away, unable to stop Peyton’s Divine Light Hall at all.

Sage Cold Cloud was surprised, and at the same time, many vines turned into one after another jade green light and shadow killed Peyton.

Peton smiled and watched all this, his body burning to the extreme.

“Five Elements won’t invade!”

Peyton said softly, the long spear in his hand swayed, the Divine Light Hall swayed, and at the same time countless secret patterns circulated, instantly turning into dazzling lights brilliance.

hua hua woo~~~~ The dazzling arc of five-color light just resisted those vines.

With the long spear swinging, all attacks are easily resisted, just a few seconds…all the vines completely disappeared.

“Hand over the metal, I’ll let you go.”

Holy Frost Cloud Shouted, he was actually a little terrified, and he couldn’t help but glance at the pendant wrapped by Bai Ni River. Paton, this Paton made him feel dangerous.

But the arrow is on the string and has to be sent!

It’s about his Word!

“Sage Cold Cloud, you seem to be quite confident?”

Peyton looked at Saint Cold Cloud and smiled slightly. The secret technique he evolved from this style Five Elements Law is A top-level cosmic overlord ultimate secret technique, combined with the dive light point, complements each other, and the defensive power is extremely strong.

With this style alone, Peyton is sure to save his life in the hands of Lord of Universe, not to mention his top-level Lord of Universe ultimate secret technique, ordinary Lord of Universe, accidentally , but also suffer a big loss.

“I, Avatar, the siege of countless vines is not my strongest secret technique.” Cold Cloud Sage shouted.

“I don’t believe it.”

Peyton in the distance teased and said lightly.

At this time, he wished that the Holy Frost Cloud would stay, and he was already motivated to kill.

Sage Frost Cloud let him go, but he wasn’t going to let Sage Frost Cloud go.

This made the sage of the cold cloud and the huge boxueteng angry. With a loud roar, a magnificent green world instantly enveloped the surrounding thousands of kilometers, and then merged with the ‘divine light temple’. The five-colored rivers collided with each other.

Obviously it also belongs to the domain class Supreme Treasure!

Looking at the power, it should be High Grade Supreme Treasure.


The Frost Cloud Saint and Bo Xueteng came at the same time.

“Boom~~” I saw vines intertwined with each other, and countless vines turned into eight huge vines thousands of kilometers thick, like eight giant whips…turned into dazzling eight paths dark green whip shadow, whipping directly to Peyton!


Peyton buried his head and rushed over.

“Peton, you are courting death yourself!” The Frost Cloud Saint flew over directly.

But Peyton pulled out the long spear behind him instantly and looked directly at the Frozen Cloud Saint.


A huge divine whip appeared in the hands of the Frost Cloud Saint. The divine whip had countless ancient and countless secret patterns, driven by his burning Divine Force. Hit Payton directly.


A misty five-color light flickered, and the two clashed!

Peton flew upside down, followed by the countless whip shadows that were drawn one after another.

It was another confrontation.

“I transform the universe!”


A secret pattern rose in an instant, evolving into a universe where one side came to an end, only to see that the space was shattered in an instant, time became nothing, and the annihilation of the primordial energy in the black hole of nothingness gradually faded. nurture.

A little cold glow lingers on the tip of the gun, directly sweeping the aura of destruction…

This gun destroys everything, this is the pursuit of ultimate destruction and killing, as if The big universe was completely shattered, and this shot was also a shot of Peyton’s mind.

It is also the most lethal form of Peyton’s ultimate secret technique, which means the destruction of the universe.

This Frozen Cloud Saint is the strongest person he has encountered, and Peyton will not let him go.

The gun shoots like a dragon, with you but without me.

Based on the tip of a gun, the endless imposing manner expands like a storm, directly covering tens of billions of miles, forming a huge hurricane, blowing, and directly killing the space.

“Not good.”

The Frost Cloud Saint was a little frightened, the Avatar of the snow vines could no longer resist, all the vines were all indented into the ‘deep azure fortress’ and turned into As the streamer began to escape.

The Sage of Cold Cloud looked at Peyton in the distance in shock and anger. Bo Xueteng was his deity, and now he was completely suppressed by Peyton’s move.


The deep azure fortress turned into a streamer and flew towards the Frost Cloud Sage, and the Frost Cloud Sage also flew over. He knew very well that if he delayed any longer Time…

If the unstoppable Payton gets close, he’s in big trouble.

“Want to escape?”

The time and space around Peyton were completely confused in an instant, and one after another Peyton silhouette appeared all around the Saint of Cold Clouds.


The Frost Cloud Sage’s complexion slightly changed, and immediately scolded the rumors as untrustworthy, clearly saying that Peyton was just a new comprehended one-style Five Elements secret technique combined with Supreme Treasure , to reach the top hegemony.

But this secret technique and law are clearly far beyond the legends of the outside world, especially the slaughtering move of this attack obviously surpassed himself and reached the level of Lord of Universe.

Damn it!

“fuck off!”

The Holy Frost Cloud roared, and the whip in his hand whipped out again.


The Sage of Cold Cloud was in a hurry, and even roared, all the vines instantly gathered into the flying fortress, and at the same time the flying fortress instantly turned into a stream of light fiercely smashing come over.

The flying fortress directly collided with Peyton’s huge Divine Light Hall, and Peyton was also slightly shocked.

At the moment when the flying fortress and the Divine Light Hall collided, countless vines protruded from it again, extending directly from the edge of the wings.

The Frost Cloud Saint touched a vine, and immediately his divine whip, Supreme Treasure battle armour, etc. were all transferred into the Divine Physique, and he himself was immediately annihilated and dissipated.

I saw countless vines quickly begin to retract, and the Flying Fortress was about to escape.


Icy sharp golden light rises!

Gun light, irresistible!


It was already directly locked by Peyton’s gun, not to mention unable to move, but able to move, the ends of the earth, countless light years away Difficult to avoid.

“Ah! No! I’ve been cultivating for many years, so… I’m not reconciled!”

The hurricane finally swept through. Seeing that the Saint of Cold Cloud was hit by the hurricane, Divine Physique gradually fell apart. , before the tip of the spear arrives, the Divine Physique is annihilated, leaving no soul.


In the universe, there is an incomparably huge territory.

A great existence looked a little ugly: “Cold Cloud has fallen!”

The Saint of Cold Cloud, this is already the top overlord, and they are also the secret realm of the Hunyuan Sea. The top power of , actually fell.

“Human Race, Payton!”

(end of chapter)

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