All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 545


Chapter 545



A battle is over , Payton is also recalling the battle just now.

“The Frost Cloud Saint is a special life form, the level of life genes is 1000 times, and there are two more Avatars in the innate talent secret technique.”

“And I am only one after all. Venerable.” Peyton secretly said that on his Divine Force, he was worse than Saint Cold Cloud.

But secret technique is much stronger than him!

So it can completely suppress and kill the Frost Cloud Saint!

“But this time it’s weird too.”

“Holy Frost Cloud wants to exchange metal with me? Kill me if you don’t succeed?”

“To make a Peak universe overlord so crazy, this metal is probably as valuable as High Grade Supreme Treasure.” Peyton secretly said.


Primal Chaos City.

β€œYour Majesty.”

β€œYour Majesty.”

Peyton walked in the City Lord’s Mansion. , go straight to the side hall dedicated to the Supreme Treasure of the tribe.

The previous actions of Saint Cold Cloud caught Peyton’s attention.

“Meteor Overlord and Frost Cloud Saint are both from the Thorn Ring Alliance. I killed Meteor Overlord, and Frost Cloud Saint I came to exchange metal with me again…” Peyton guessed that his metal There must be some unknown treasure.

So he temporarily left Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, and first went back to Divine Kingdom to bring the metal that he could not identify.

I cannot identify myself.

Then come to Primal Chaos City to identify!

“What exactly is the treasure?” Peyton wondered secretly, and also arrived in front of the side hall.

“Rumble~~~” The ancient bronze-colored hall door slowly opened, and Peyton stepped inside immediately.

The quiet and ancient hall is very empty, only the stone plate in the center is visible, just put the item on the stone plate, and the virtual universe system can check and make a judgment. This is also the easiest place to identify the treasure that Peyton could think of.

“I used the virtual universe network before, and according to my authority, I have confirmed almost all the metals that I could not recognize before. Although it is rare, it will not let the Frost Cloud Sage be so exhausted. Brain. Then there are only the last three left.” Peyton secretly said that through some investigations on the Internet, there were finally three metals that could not be identified.

According to Peyton’s guess, treasure is among them.

When Peyton turned his hand, a spar about the size of a sesame seed appeared in his palm with a touch of green, and lightly placed it on the stone plate.


azure silk thread swept up from the stone plate, covering the green spar, and began to experience meticulously, just a moment, a voice sounded: “Metal’ One of the crystals of the study of wood, dedicated to the tribe can get 18 treasure points, Peyton, would you like to dedicate this treasure to the tribe?”

“Oh? It’s really a treasure.” Peyton listened Showing a surprised look.

“No wonder I can’t find any information about this metal on the Internet with my authority. The size of sesame seeds alone is worth 18 treasures. It seems that the overlords of the universe and Venerables of the universe that I killed. There are indeed a lot of treasures in my collection.”

“However, 18 treasures alone are not qualified to let the cold cloud saint make a shot.” Peyton shook his head secretly, not this, and immediately reached out and beckoned, the sesame-sized spar directly flew back to the palm of the hand, and was directly put into the world ring.

I immediately turned my hand, and another piece of metal appeared in my palm.

This is a black metal about the size of a head. The metal surface has 360 facets, each facet is so smooth that it can even be used as a mirror.

It was also one of three metals that Peyton could not identify.


The black metal flew directly onto the stone plate.

Countless azure threads swirled around the black metal stone…

“en?” Peyton frowned, “for so long?” so long.

After a while, the gentle voice sounded again, echoing in the entire hall: “One Wanfa stone, one of the tokens of the Chaotic Origin Hall, dedicated to the tribe to get 20 Supreme Treasure points, Peyton, Would you like to dedicate this treasure to the tribe?”

Peton’s eyes lit up instantly!

20Supreme Treasure points? Even more expensive than the Divine Light Temple!

“That’s it!”

Peyton looked at the Omniscient Stone in shock, and at the same time very quickly reached out and recalled the Omniscient Stone into his hands, his eyes lit up Staring at the Universal Stone.

“No wonder, no wonder that Frost Cloud Sage tried his best to exchange metal with me on purpose, just to bully me and couldn’t see the mystery of this Myriad Magic Stone.”

“It turned out to be the Universal Stone.”

Peton felt his blood boil.

Although Peyton was not in Hunyuanhai Secret Realm all the time, Peyton’s consciousness occasionally entered the virtual universe, so some major events of cream of the crop occurred in Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, Of course he knew.

In the past 20,000 years, if there is one thing that has shocked all parties the most on the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, it is the disturbance in the Hunyuan Palace.

Hunyuan Hall!

It caused the madness of all races in the universe. Around the 400th year of the opening of the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm channel, the Universe Source suddenly descended on the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm. Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, Wind, Thunder electricity, light, time, space, all major Law Sources descended on this Chaotic Source Sea Secret Realm at the same time.

The coercion is monstrous, and the entire Secret Realm seems to be in shackles for a while, and it is difficult for any universe Venerable and even the universe overlord to move.

At the same time, a temple gradually emerged from the ground…

The process of breaking out of the ground lasted for nearly a hundred years, and during these nearly one hundred years, all Great Influences in the universe have sent super-level existences We go here.

For a time, almost all the top universe overlords around the temple.

After a hundred years, the Hunyuan Palace was completely born.

A black stone tablet is erected in front of the Hunyuan Hall. The stone tablet has an ancient secret pattern, and any powerhouse will know its message by looking at it.

The content of the message is very simpleβ€”β€”

‘The Hunyuan Palace is born, the stone tablet appears, and when the stone tablet is annihilated, at a certain time and place on the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm One or more Myriad Magic Stones will appear irregularly! “

“There are 36 ten thousand magic stones in total. The ten thousand magic stones are like normal stones. When they are born, their movements are comparable to those of High Grade Supreme Treasure. Only those who have the Myriad Mana Stone can enter, other powerhouses will be annihilated if they trespass…’

A year later, the stone tablet was annihilated.

Then there began to be various rumors that the Wanfa Stone was born on the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, causing a lot of disputes.

However, I don’t know the exact time and place, so this requires try one’s luck, even if the strength is strong, it is difficult to get the ten thousand magic stone!

The news of the stone tablet had spread long ago, and of course Peyton knew it.

“It turns out that it is the Stone of Ten Thousand Laws. I really have a treasure in my hand and I don’t even know it.” Peyton looked at the black spar.

“When the Stone of Ten Thousand Laws was born, the aura was as oppressive as that of High Grade Supreme Treasure, so it was only when the Stone of Ten Thousand Magic was discovered that it was born. We would know the speciality of this stone.”

A stone is born, but the coercion is comparable to High Grade Supreme Treasure.

It’s a powerhouse that can be guessed.

But someone like Peyton who killed other powerhouses and collected the treasure, even if he had this ten thousand magic stone, he would not recognize it at all.

“The major Law Sources in the universe are coming, and the Hunyuan Palace seems to be the biggest treasure of the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm this time.” Peyton said secretly.

Hunyuanhai Secret Realm generally takes endless years to open once, and each time it is opened, it only lasts for 1000 epochs.

In these 1000 epochs, the Supreme Treasure of the same level, like the Supreme Treasure of the top field, the Supreme Treasure of the top soul, the Supreme Treasure of the top flying palace, and the Peak weapon Supreme Treasure, will appear several times.

It’s just incomplete and scattered.

In the 1000 epochs opened by the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, there will also be a Supreme Treasure that is the most terrifying, surpassing other Supreme Treasures. Usually it will be ‘Peak Realm Supreme Treasure’, ‘Peak Flying Palace Supreme Treasure’ or ‘Peak Soul Supreme Treasure’.

Of course they generally have other functions.

When Hunyuanhai Secret Realm is opened once, the Strongest Supreme Treasure that appears generally has several functions.

Such as Peak soul class Supreme Treasure, it is generally dominated by soul defense, and even has some Divine Physique defense functions, and even has Illusion Technique functions, etc.

In short!

Peak Soul Supreme Treasure, second only to Strongest Supreme Treasure! And Strongest Supreme Treasure may come by with luck, but not by searching for it!

Even the nine Super Influences in the universe have ‘Strongest Supreme Treasure’. Therefore, the Peak Supreme Treasure domain, soul, and flying palace are enough to make all races in the universe go crazy.

“Hunyuanhai Secret Realm takes an extremely long time to open once.” Peyton secretly said.

“Every Peak Soul Supreme Treasure or Supreme Treasure of the same level is called Clan Protecting Supreme Treasure! Once a powerful Lord of Universe is obtained, it is almost impossible to fall with other Supreme Treasures. , even if you encounter Strongest Supreme Treasure, you can’t beat it, so you can escape.”

“No wonder!”

“No wonder Meteor Overlord has been hidden and dare not make it public, after all, once it is made public , this ten thousand magic stone will naturally be used by the top universe overlord of Machine Race, he can get a High Grade Supreme Treasure is not bad.”

“But if he goes in by himself… you must know that the entire universe can enter at most 36 If you enter from a different door in the Chaotic Origin Hall, it is completely possible to survive. Once you come out alive, you will gain a lot. Even if you fail – at most, you will be resurrected, but once you succeed… you will earn a lot.”

Peyton understands the thoughts of the Meteor Overlord and the Cold Cloud Saint very well.

Meteor Overlord Stealth Message.

The Sage of Cold Cloud is also reluctant to disclose that the Meteor Overlord has the Magic Stone.

Both have ideas.

Holy Frost Cloud also had the idea of getting it on his own, so he dragged it like this…

Who wants Peyton to intervene!

Meteor Overlord’s escaping is very powerful, the domain Supreme Treasure cooperates with High Grade Supreme Treasure armor, streamer wings,

Even Peyton can’t chase it, only relying on sneak attack to get it Kill

So the Stone of Magic fell into Peyton’s hands.

“With the Wanfa Stone, I am also qualified to enter the Chaotic Origin Hall.”

“I am afraid that this opportunity will only come once after the Endless Era, and I am within a thousand years. , I can make Divine Physique a step further through research, when the time comes, my strength is stronger…more capital to compete for treasure.”

Peton secretly nodded.

At the same time, he also tested the third piece of metal, a small piece of metal worth 31 treasure points. Although Peyton was surprised, he just smiled.

Following Peyton, he left Primal Chaos City, left the initial universe, and returned to the original universe.

After a while, Peyton returned to the Divine Kingdom to meditate and comprehend, with the Divine Light Hall floating around him.

In the hall, it has been set up as a sophisticated laboratory. Hundreds of Venerables, including an overlord, have been banned here.

“The next step is to gain a thorough insight into the Venerable, and even the Divine Ability of the overlord, analyze the gene system of the Venerables of various races, and improve my genetic lock.”

At this time, the virtual On the top of the cosmic thunder island, in the palace shrouded in the endless Chaos Qi Flow.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City is sitting on the edge of a cliff with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, a light curtain next to it lit up, and at the same time, detailed text information and a picture – the picture of the Wanfa stone appeared on the light curtain.


β€œWhat is the important message directly from the virtual universe system?”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City opened his eyes in confusion, looked towards the light curtain , and a look of surprise appeared.

“Peton got the Magic Stone?”

“Chaos!” A voice sounded out of thin air.

“giant axe.” Primal Chaos City’s main opening was slightly respectful. There were only two people in the entire human race who could speak to him directly without applying for a call. The founder of giant axe was one of them.

“Chaos, your Disciple Peyton used the virtual universe system to identify the magic stone, you know?” The voice resounded around.

“The other Lord of Universe knew at the same time, and now I’m going to make a high-level decision about the ownership of this Magic Stone.”


“en?” The founder of giant axe is confused. In his mind, Chaos is not a selfish person who prefers Disciple. 、

The Wanfa Stone is involved in the most important Supreme Treasure since the opening of the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm!

Like some ordinary Supreme Treasure, the Lord of Universe doesn’t care at all, but the Peak Supreme Treasure that is about to be born in the Hunyuan Palace, none of the Great Influences in the universe is not envious.

It’s not bad that the founders of giant axe decided to make a ‘high-level decision’ without asking Payton directly.

The lord of Primal Chaos City opened the mouth and said: “My Disciple not simple.”

The giant axe nods: “Naturally, trifling has become a top-level overlord for 10,000 years, which is unprecedented. , but…”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City shook his head: “No, but, I know what you mean, do you think that although he is a top-level overlord, he is too young to be as good as the Palace Lord of the Eclipse… …”

“But, I have to tell you, my Disciple has surpassed them.”

The giant axe is a little disbelieving.

Primal Chaos City Lord laughed: “You know, my Disciple has comprehended the top-level Lord of Universe ultimate secret technique, plus several Overlord level secret techniques, all in one strength, is an ordinary Lord of Universe is all startled.”

“You mean it?” The creator of giant axe finally moved.

He knows too well what the top-level Lord of Universe ultimate secret technique represents. This means that as long as the Disciple of Chaos does not fall, Human Race will have another top-level Lord of Universe.

A top giant!


Giant axe creator nodded: “Since Peyton has such strength, let him go for it, after all, compared to others, He has more advantages, other people don’t hide their strength like Peyton!”

“How many years has it been? Chaos, you picked up a good Disciple!”

Primal Chaos The Lord of City smiled: “It’s luck, and Peyton’s experience, the teacher also knows a little.”


“Yes, this child Peyton is still a teacher in Cultivation. The way of spreading the sky.”

“The way of spreading the sky?” The creator of giant axe meditated in his heart and sighed in his heart.

When he followed the original ancestor, he naturally knew this way of spreading the sky, the first way of the real Human Race, far beyond the giant axe inheritance.

My own teacher is an existence that can fight against cosmic consciousness. Even if it falls into a disadvantage, it is not comparable to their ordinary cosmic supreme powerhouses.

In addition, the way to spread the sky has infinite potential, otherwise it will not encounter the resistance of cosmic consciousness.

“Okay! Good news to Peyton, be careful!”

The creator of giant axe didn’t want to see such a genius fall.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City said with a smile: “Don’t worry, he is more careful than us.”

(End of this chapter)

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