All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 546


Chapter 546 is sensational!


In the Far North Alliance, in the palace of the Galaxy Lord.

β€œGalaxy Lord.”

The Sage of Cold Cloud was full of respect.

“The Alliance Leader has resurrected you.” A voice came from the dark void above the great hall.

“It was the Human Race Peyton who killed you, is there a picture?”

“Yes.” Sage Cold Cloud respectfully said.

“He killed me with one shot, just with one shot!”

“This is the picture of him killing me!” Sage Cold Cloud respectfully said.

At the same time, the image in memory was played back directly through Divine Force, Peyton’s sharp and cold shot turned into a dazzling golden light, and the shot hit Divine Physique, the sage of the cold cloud, making it directly fall.


The Galaxy Lord was also quiet. He originally thought that Peyton could kill the Cold Cloud Saint by other means, or Supreme Treasure or killing.

After all, the Frost Cloud Saint is recognized as the top universe overlord.

But this image tells him that this is not the case at all, that Human Race Peyton directly killed the Frost Cloud Saint with his hard power, and even with the two special Avatars, he was shot and killed.

This Human Race Peyton… that is definitely the universe overlord of the Heaven Defying Level, which can shake the ordinary Lord of Universe.

“It’s Cultivation for more than ten thousand years…the God-defying overlord!”

The voice of the dark void is full of shock, “Go on.”

The voice is in A universe Venerable of the entire cluster of palaces rang in the ears, and all the universe Venerables were respectfully waiting.

“Human Peyton has the power of Heaven Defying Level cosmic overlord, spread this news to me, and spread it in the universe… Let all influence in the universe be known, especially the hatred with human beings. Insect Race, Monster Race, Machine Race! They will do their best to eradicate Peyton as soon as possible, to reach such strength so quickly, and then give him hundreds of thousands of years, don’t the human race need one more Primal Chaos City Lord?”




A Universe Venerable in the cluster of palaces Life.


Soon the news began to spread through various channels of the Northern Xinjiang Alliance.

The Northern Xinjiang Alliance is a Super Influence with the largest number of ethnic groups and the largest number of Venerables in the universe.

When they took the initiative to spread the news…In just one day, the nine Super Influences of the universe, many top forces…

The vast universe is known to almost all parties.

The news naturally passed back to the human race, and the Venerables of the human race also knew the news.

Innumerable human Venerables also received this cosmic shocking news on the same day.

An incredible existence against the sky, Peyton, truly shocked the high-level people of all races in the universe.

Machine Race, Insect Race, Monster Race are all shocked, and go straight to the highest level ‘the most powerhouse in the universe’!

It should be noted that Human Race, Insect Race, Monster Race, Machine Race… are groups of Four Great Clans adjacent to each other. They have been fighting each other and killing each other. In fact, one powerhouse was born!

They actually look down on the Prison Clan and Crystal Clan in the bones. They hate and respect their opponents.

The four adjacent Peak groups, once a group is established, the other three will join forces faintly.

There is no need to negotiate secretly at all, it is natural to join forces on some things.

A certain peerless genius is born, and the other three parties will secretly attack.

The accumulation of hatred is too much…

Never allow one side to be strong! Of course, if a certain group suddenly declines, the other three parties are very happy to see it, and will hit a person when he’s down.

“His growth is too fast!”

“Let him grow up, he will definitely be another Primal Chaos City Lord in the future, I am afraid that even the most powerhouse in the universe will be difficult to kill him, he must be Early kill!”


“Eliminate before he becomes Lord of Universe!”

“Go on, my Monster Race League All powerhouses in the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, pay attention to Peyton’s whereabouts. Once found, report it immediately!”

“The order…”

Machine Race,insect race,Monster Race regards this as a first-class major event, and they are very aware of the meaning of a super-level existence if a race is born.

For example, like the Lord of Primal Chaos City, although he is not the most powerhouse in the universe, a single Lord of Primal Chaos City is enough to make the Peak tribe feel a headache.

“Must be eradicated!”


Although the Northern Xinjiang Alliance also wants Peyton to die, it is rather easy to consider them from the perspective of the entire alliance. After all, the real worry is Machine Race, Monster Race, and Insect Race!

Like the Ancestral God, the star giant beast alliance, the prison clan, the crystal clan… Naturally, they also watched the show happily and watched the four Peak clans fight.

“But that human Peyton is really powerful.” Although they were watching the battle, all parties were amazed.

“If he can survive this catastrophe and become Lord of Universe, then it’s really a big trend. I’m afraid no one can do anything about him.”

The shock, the shock within the Hongmeng and the human race is even greater.

Virtual universe Hongmeng city inner city, open-air bar.

The bustling overwhelming majority universe Venerable of the entire Hongmeng gathered here today, usually thousands of universes Venerable.

But today is so scary, the thousands of universe Venerables of the human race alone are more than 90%!

The Venerables of other races of Hongmeng also came.

“Peton is really good.”

“He’s so powerful?”

“His progress is unbelievable.”

There is a lot of discussion!

“A miracle.”


“This is a great miracle in the history of the human race.”

… …

Peyton’s consciousness began to connect with the virtual universe, since the news spread that the virtual universe was closed.

This is the first time to open the virtual universe reception.

“82,901 emails!”

“9,010 call requests!”

“106 important emails!”

“Important Call for 11 calls!”

As soon as the call was connected, Payton was notified immediately.

“So many emails?” Payton’s consciousness began to read quickly.

Opening all the emails at the same time, reading them all at the speed of his consciousness for a split second.

“Besides the teacher, seven or eight Lord of Universe contacted me, especially the founder of giant axe… and even contacted me.”

Peton’s eyes swept away After a bit of shock, the founders of Lord of Universe and giant axe all sent an email, a simple congratulatory email.

It seems simple.

But what are they?

That’s the Peak powerhouse from Human Race, and the email they sent…but it’s unusual.

“Return a thank you.” Payton immediately sent a thank you letter to the founders of Lord of Universe and giant axe.


“The movement is really not small!”

In front of the temple bathed in golden light high in the sky, Peyton sat cross-legged, shaking Shaking his head and killing the powerhouse, the news cannot be concealed.

Payton knew for a long time that once those powerhouses came back to life, the natural news would come out.

At the same time, Peyton has long been mentally prepared. Anyway, in a realm like him, unless Lord of Universe personally takes action, others will definitely help him.

As for the Lord of Universe, Payton wouldn’t give them a chance.

Even when his Cultivation goes a step further, what can the Lord of Universe do?

“Next, let’s continue to study those Venerables!”

Peyton smiled slightly, and walked straight into the laboratory of Divine Light Hall…

Let the universe be shaken by it, let the countless powerhouses be shocked by it, let the friends of the human race be amazed by it, and the enemies be jealous of it…

In the blink of an eye, it is four thousand years!

The outside world is extremely noisy, but the Divine Kingdom is silent.

Noisy outside!

Silent Divine Kingdom!

Only Peyton, accompanied by countless specimens, carefully modified his Divine Physique factor and further optimized it from the gene level.

If you go deep, there will be stars flowing in every cell of Peyton. Among these stars, gene chains cross each other and are arranged into a splendid Star River.

The miniature universe inside the body!

The prototype of the human universe!

“It’s finally done!”

Peton felt the surging endless Divine Force in his body, slowly adjusting his body.

At this time, he is the prototype of the universe, a body of Divine Physique immeasurable.

“The Stone of Ten Thousand Laws, the inheritance of the Hunyuan Sea!” Peyton looked forward to it.

In the spaceship leading to the original universe.

“Lord Peyton.”

When Peyton entered the spaceship, the captain of the Immortal King, who was in charge of the virtual universe headquarters and initial The back and forth spaceship of the universe is transported, so it is extra well-informed.

It has long been known that the human peerless genius ‘Peton’ has become a great super-level existence, far surpasses the general universe Venerable.

Even countless alien races in the universe want to kill them quickly.

“The information about Lord Peyton is forbidden to be leaked. You must pay attention to all movements and be alert to alien spies.” know.

“Go back, I don’t need any servants here.” Payton ordered.

“Yes.” The captain respectfully exited the room.


As soon as they left the room, the captain gave the order directly.

“We haven’t boarded the ship yet.”


“We haven’t boarded the spaceship yet. How did we set off.”

Some immortals, world masters and other powerhouses outside who want to go to the initial universe are anxious.

The captain instructed: “To the control headquarters, say that our spaceship will send Lord Peyton to the initial universe, and then arrange a spaceship to send other immortals and world masters! Lord Peyton’s identity is unusual, about him It is even more forbidden to leak the news of the immortals, the world masters… it is better to have less contact with Lord Peyton.”

“Yes.” The crew immediately went to the control headquarters.

The spaceship arrived at Primal Chaos City after a short while through the cosmic passage.

The captain and crew were on both sides.

Peyton walked out of the hatch and overlooked Primal Chaos City below. Primal Chaos City was the same as when he first came, but the people who came had changed.

“Whoosh.” Payton took a step and walked towards Primal Chaos City below.

Primal Chaos City is the cultivation Holy Land of the human race. At first glance, you can often see some human powerhouses sitting cross-legged on the rooftops of those ancient cultivation residences, filled with a strong cultivation atmosphere.

“Universe level?” When Peyton flew down from the sky, he saw that some of the cultivation houses on the roof turned out to be Universe level.

“You can come to Primal Chaos City with such strength. Could it be a member of the previous Genius Battle?”

“Look, it’s Lord Peyton.”

“It’s Mr. Peyton.”

Some of the cultivators who looked up at the sky, showing the secret pattern of the universe’s working laws, saw Peyton, and many of them immediately recognized it.

After all, Peyton has been famous for a short time, and the most dazzling figure in the human race for thousands of years is probably Peyton.

Like some ancient existences, such as Sikongzhen, etc., many cultivators do not know it.

If hundreds of millions of years have passed, these cultivators have either died of old age or fallen, and the permission settings such as Peyton’s identity information are extremely high, and naturally there will be very few people who can recognize Peyton.

But now, Payton is extremely dazzling.

“That’s the 22nd floor of the world master, who has now become the master of Universe Country?”

“It’s Master Peyton.”

” In just 20,000 years, Lord Peyton has stepped into the master of Universe Country and Venerable of the Universe.”

β€œIt’s really amazing, it is said that even the Venerable of Universe fell into Lord Peyton’s hands.”

Those Universe level little fellows were all excited.

They watched Peyton, which was more shocking than when Peyton watched Universe Country Lord!

After all, Peyton has risen in the past 20,000 years. Second, Peyton’s fame and various rumors are much stronger than the usual Universe Country masters.

It’s just that these immortals, world lords, domain lords, and universe level people have a low status, and I don’t know about Peyton’s killing of some universe overlords, otherwise I’m afraid it will be even more stunned.

This kind of high-level information is known to the Venerables of the universe, and only the well-informed in the immortal king.

“The number of powerhouses in the human race will only increase as generations of talented members continue to rise.”

Peyton glanced down, smiled, and took a step. , then quickly went to the City Lord’s Mansion.

β€œpay respects to Teacher!”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City slightly nods: β€œI heard that you killed the Saint of Cold Clouds, but you hid it deeply.”

Peyton laughed: “Disciple not only comprehended the top Lord of Universe, the ultimate secret technique, trifling the cold cloud saint, but also can’t be considered anything, how dare you disturb the teacher.”

“You Ah!” The Lord of Primal Chaos City shook his head with a smile, “Well, the Magic Stone can be collected.”

“Does the teacher know?” Peyton was a little surprised.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City laughed: “Since you brought this treasure to the Contribution Office to investigate, not only me, but most of the rest of the Lord of Universe also know about it.”

” If it wasn’t for the news that you killed the Frost Cloud Saint, you would have already handed over the Stone of Ten Thousand Laws.”

Peyton knew it in his heart: “so that’s how it is .”

“Why? Don’t you think we are ruthless?”

Payton shook his head: “The Stone of Magic is very important, Disciple knows it, if there is a chance, Human Race executives are naturally willing to send the strongest overlord in the battle, but please believe that Disciple will not waste this opportunity.”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City smiled reassuringly: “Since you have this strength, then Just feel free to go for it.”

“many thanks teacher.”

“Okay, kill so many people, go and exchange treasure, go to accept inheritance, body protection Supreme Treasure is indispensable.”


After saying goodbye to the teacher, Peyton applied to contribute Supreme Treasure to the tribe. Side hall.

The bronze door slowly opened, Peyton stepped inside, and the bronze door closed again.

“Let’s go.”

Payton waved.


Suddenly, the Supreme Treasures were suspended in the midair, followed by flying to the stone plate in the center of the side hall.

I saw countless azure light lines swirling around, covering the Supreme Treasure.

These Supreme Treasures were obtained by Peyton through battles, and there are four High Grade Supreme Treasures in total.

“These four High Grade Supreme Treasures have all contributed, I’m afraid it’s not enough.” Peyton thought to himself.

There are only five High Grade Supreme Treasures that Peyton does not need to use now.

Peton kept one of the High Grade Supreme Treasure armors behind, and the other four were donated to the Clan.

“Contributing four pieces of High Grade Supreme Treasure, only 52.1 Supreme Treasure points, which is not a small gap from one piece of Supreme Treasure.”

Payton shook his head secretly, followed by Payton Start trading for Supreme Treasure.

A piece of Supreme Treasure ‘against the empty river’ of the higher domain class, but it is the Supreme Treasure of the Space Attribute, which requires 32 Supreme Treasure points.

A common soul protection Supreme Treasure ‘Yu Chenzhu’ is Light Attribute, which requires 18 Supreme Treasure points

Two pieces of Supreme Treasure cost 50 Supreme Treasure points.


(end of this chapter)

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