All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 547


Chapter 547 Siege


Virtual universe, Peyton’s residence.

In a quiet hall.

Through the window overlooking the endless thunder below, Peyton is sitting at his desk, looking at the laptop screen.

“Sure enough, my authority has been raised.”

Peyton smiled immediately when he saw it. Last time, Peyton was the Venerable authority of the higher universe.

And this time, it is the seven-star top-level universe overlord authority.

“Query the Lord of Universe, the most powerhouse in the universe.” Payton ordered.



A message appeared on the screen instantly, and Payton immediately clicked on the first one…usually the first one are the most informative.

“The authority of the seven-star universe overlord is really different… It seems that some extremely high secrets are entitled to know.”

Peyton saw the content of the large amount of information, Immediately smiled and praised, and then read on.


The countless beings in the universe are nurtured by the universe, like the children of the universe, favored by the universe.

Special life, born with eternal life.

Ordinary life must achieve immortality in order to have eternal life. Otherwise, it can only reach the limit of lifespan and fall. It grows from generation to generation, and it falls from generation to generation, from which immortality emerges one by one.

Below immortality… no need to say more.

Immortal, only understands one of the lowest laws, and directly transforms into Divine Physique with the help of the ocean of laws, and has eternal life since then.

Universe Venerable is one of Space Law or Time Law, Divine Physique is stronger, and the understanding of laws has reached a higher level.

Lord of Universe, is to understand time and space! Or it is a certain kind of Fusion Law such as Jinkong, Mukong, Time Wind, etc… Only when you reach this stage can you truly become the Lord of Universe. As long as you become the Lord of Universe…even the Golden Sky Beast God, you can control the time and space.

This is a gift from the universe to them!

The three stages of Immortality, Venerable, Lord of Universe… Universe Source has always been a gift! Give! Give again!

Bless the endless Divine Force!

Under the opportunity, give innate talent secret technique!

Grants complete control over time and space, grants the possibility of ‘Space-Time Reversal’!

Even if they become Lord of Universe…Universe Source still treats them as children, always giving and caring for them!

And the cultivation process will never disturb the destruction deliberately, but from the Lord of Universe to the most powerhouse in the universe, first of all, there is no clear path!

The most powerhouse in the universe is born, then the road he has traveled will be blocked!

Other powerhouses cannot follow the same path and become the most powerhouse in the universe.


Even after endless hardships, with great wisdom, great opportunity and perseverance, I finally broke through the last bottleneck and took the last step!

After becoming the invincible ‘the most powerhouse in the universe’, the most powerful house in the universe can control the laws and regulations. Their strength is so strong that they can already follow the law!

At this time, they were suppressed, restrained and so on by the universe.

From the cultivation of the weak to the Lord of Universe, in this long period, the universe has always been grace.

The most powerhouse in the universe, against being bound and suppressed!

Their strength is suppressed, and they can only exert a slightly stronger strength than the strongest Lord of Universe!

Although they can only exert so much power, they are indeed extremely powerful, so even if Space-Time Reversal revives the overlord of the universe, it will be extremely easy for them.

Or evenβ€”β€”

The most powerhouse in the universe Once you kill Lord of Universe or Universe Venerable, etc., you must know that Universe Venerable and Lord of Universe are all guarded by Universe Source!

If it is killed, the most powerhouse in the universe will be punished by the Universe Source! The stronger the killer, the heavier the punishment.

For example, killing a cosmic overlord, the punishment for the most powerhouse in the universe is nothing at all.

Kill a Lord of Universe and the punishment is much heavier.

Of course, like the Lord of Primal Chaos City and others, some of the most powerful houses in the universe would rather bear the punishment to kill even if there is spare no effort, but they are not capable enough to kill.

Because their strength has always been limited.

“A side World world limit?” Peyton nodded lightly.


Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, Peyton flew alone for about half a day and arrived at the vortex passage of Hunyuanhai Secret Realm.

Over the vast ocean, there is a huge vortex channel, and a burly silhouette is flying out of it.

Peton expanded his search in circles.

After searching for half an hour, a special aura of grandiose suddenly spread to all directions, which made Peyton who was being searched startled. He also wandered in Hunyuanhai Secret Realm, and naturally he also had Experience, immediately judged that this is the breath of the birth of the treasure.

“Really strong scent.”

“Very strong.”

“It must be Supreme Treasure, probably High Grade Supreme Treasure, it is Great time to hunt.”

This fight for Supreme Treasure is sure to attract a lot of powerhouses, Payton smiled.

These powerhouses are what Peyton hunts for!

Of course, if there is a chance, Supreme Treasure and Payton are not going to let it go.


Peton immediately crossed an arc and flew directly towards the source of the breath at a super high speed.

“It’s Supreme Treasure, it should be High Grade Supreme Treasure.”


“Come over.”

“Such a strong Supreme Treasure breath, fast, and fast, if we get it, we will make a lot of money.”

“Hope we are the first to arrive. ”


The breath is diffused, some of the closest to the place where the treasure was born are naturally discovered first, and some are found a little farther away, either before or after, from all over the universe. The Venerable teams of the Great Influence, the lone universe overlord and the Peak universe overlord, all rushed towards the source of the breath.

“Haha, my luck is so good that I came across High Grade Supreme Treasure, which must be High Grade Supreme Treasure!”

The whole body has snow-white hair, bow Waisted, with a huge scarlet vertical eye on his face, the entire alien powerhouse exuding endless blood-reeking qi grinned.

He is the Nine Difficulties Venerable!

“In order to exchange Supreme Treasure ‘white needles’ in the group, I dedicate almost all other Supreme Treasures to the group, I’m really poor, now High Grade Supreme Treasure is born, hum, the stronger Supreme Treasure is born, the better Slow, I’ll rush over, I’m afraid I haven’t been born completely, this treasure must be mine.” Nine Difficulties Venerable smiled sharply, and at the same time turned into a first-class of light, and quickly flew towards the source of the breath.

Teams, either alone, or in three or five squads, all rushed to the source of the breath.


“bang!” The violent energy wave spreads all directions.

Before Peyton arrived, he already felt the strong wave of energy that was transmitted.

“It seems that for Supreme Treasure, the battle has already begun.”

Continue to fly towards the source of the breath, and in the distance is a vast forest, and the battle continues in the forest At a glance, Peyton saw a group of alien Venerables suspended above the forest, and there were more than 20 alien Venerables gathered in the air.

Peyton soon flew over the vast forest and looked down at it.

There are three silhouettes just below.

One is the tyrannical snow-white hair all over the body, holding two divine hammers in his hands and wantonly smashing at the other two alien powerhouses with an unmatched attitude.

And the other two alien Venerables…the same Divine Physique are tall, and also hold Supreme Treasure against them.

“Monster Race Venerable, Lord Zavi of the Nine Territories Alliance, Venerable of Thousand Shadows.”

Peyton looked down and secretly nodded, “No wonder they didn’t give in at all, it turned out to be two The overlord of the universe!”

The Nine Difficulties Venerable, although strong, is also stronger on the Life Level, up to about 2000 times.

Lord Zawi and Qianying Venerable both have 100 times the gene level of life, and their strength is obviously one level worse.

On a single level, both of them Divine Physique are relatively large, but they are just at the disadvantage. Lord Zawi is the Martial Artist Sect, and Qianying Venerable is the Spirit Reader Sect.

The two work together, and they are completely capable of fighting each other.

They don’t want to beat the Venerable, they just want to be the first to get the Supreme Treasure when it fully comes out.

Now most of the High Grade Supreme Treasure has been born. It is a Supreme Treasure hammer in blue. The handle of the hammer is completely exposed, and the hammer head is slowly rising.

“Peak Universe Overlord, and two Universe Overlords, Supreme Treasure must have been acquired by one of them.”

“It’s really bad luck.”

“If there is only one cosmic overlord who can fight for one, three, and there is a Peak cosmic overlord.”

Some other alien Venerables in the sky shook their heads helplessly, they did not dare to blend in , The Nine Difficulties Venerable’s attack, Lord Zhawei and Qianying Venerable can resist hard, but these universe Venerables are one-stop and die!


Peyton was suspended in the sky, hiding his existence and silently overlooking.

Although his main goal is not Supreme Treasure, if there is an opportunity to start, he will not let it go.

“Lord Zavi, Thousand Shadows Venerable, you two want to take my treasure too?”

“The Supreme Treasure was born this time. I used the hammer, so I should get it. You two made me anxious, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”


“What are you talking about! We are not your opponents, but you want to kill us both, and dream about it.”

“How could we be afraid of you?”

Zha Lord Wei and Qianying Venerable are also insane. Lord Zhawei fights hard again and again. The psychic weapon that Qianying Venerable casts turns into a thousand phantoms, hiding the sky and covering the earth, madly entangled in the Nine Difficulties Venerable. The Nine Difficulties Venerable can only be blasted away again and again with a giant hammer. Lord Zawi and Qianying Venerable are in no hurry. They are both waiting for the opportunity, and they will immediately snatch the Supreme Treasure when it is completely born.

The minutes passed by.

The three of them were constantly fighting, and the group of alien Venerables in the sky could only watch and dare not intervene, and Peyton also watched silently.

“It’s coming soon.”

“Supreme Treasure is about to be born.” Lord Zawi and Qianying Venerable’s eyes lit up, “Qianying, the last chance is up to you.”

“Leave it to me.” Qianying Venerable also had madness in his eyes.

When it’s time to spell, you have to spell it like crazy.

Treasure is spelled.

“You two want to get it, it’s a dream.” Nine Difficulties Venerable roared and walked towards the treasure again and again, not wanting to leave the treasure too far, but the attack power of Lord Zavi and Qianying Venerable was too strong, Each time, both sides retreated. At this time, Peyton slowly landed downward…

“treasure was born!”


A group in the sky The alien Venerables were immediately excited.


The Nine Difficulties Venerable, Lord Zawi, and Thousand Shadows Venerable moved at the same time, and a silhouette in midair was already rushing down.

The Divine Forces of Lord Zawi, Thousand Shadows Venerable, and Nine Difficulties Venerable all spread out early to surround the divine hammer. When the blue divine hammer was just born, all three Divine Forces would penetrate into it. Recognizing Master, but just like rushing to recognize Master ‘suppressing stars’, everyone rushing to recognize Master together will naturally fail.

The imprint of life must be single and must not suffer any disturbance.

The Nine Difficulties Venerable roared, “Go away!”

“Dream!” Qianying Venerable controlled the thousand phantoms to shroud the Nine Difficulties Venerable, hindering the Nine Difficulties Venerable’s pace.


The Nine Difficulties Venerable wields a divine hammer, and the phantoms that smashed shattered, and the phantoms that flew away turned out to be a handle as thin as cicada wing There are a total of 1,000 flying guns, each of which has the secret pattern of this law on it, and I see countless law threads running together, making these 1,000 flying guns like a whole.

Although each flying gun is just a heavy treasure, the superposition of thousands of pieces of power overlaps, but it is comparable to High Grade Supreme Treasure!


Peyton, who was diving, also instantly turned into two people.

The other is his space phantom body, this phantom body wraps a long river of time and space.


The waves in time and space are surging, and the rush fills the vast area of the vast forest in an instant, turning that forest area into a turbulent river in time and space, like Lord Zawi, Thousand Shadow Venerable, and Nine Difficulties Venerable were naturally also strongly resisted by the river in this time and space, and their speed dropped sharply.

And the nine alien beasts in the endless time and space river are surrounding the divine hammer, directly grabbing the divine hammer and flying towards Peyton.


The Nine Difficulties Venerable, Lord Zawi, and Thousand Shadows Venerable who were fighting all stopped, and the alien Venerables who had reached nearly 30 in midair looked down sluggishly. This scene was really unexpected. They all thought that the powerhouses might have to fight a bloody battle, didn’t expect that there was a Supreme Treasure in the field.



“It’s Peyton!”

Nine Difficulties Venerable, Zha Lord Wei and Qianying Venerable were all shocked. They didn’t expect them to fight so hard, and the last cheap one was the legendary human Peyton!

The waves were surging, and the Supreme Treasure in the field was surrounded by the inverse sky river, sending the divine hammer to Peyton, who reached out and took the divine hammer.

“It seems cruel to let you guys have fun with such a fierce fight, but I’m sorry, I still accept this Supreme Treasure.”

The nature around Divine Physique Peyton Banish all foreign Divine Force, easily recognizing Master this hammer, and then earn it into the world ring.

“Human Peyton, how dare you show up in the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm!” Nine Difficulties Venerable growled.

“Why don’t you dare?”

Peyton stood on the waves and laughed softly, and he also guessed that when he appeared, Venerable and those alien Venerables just now would be in trouble. I am afraid that all influence behind it will be notified immediately.

But all this is in the calculation, the other party wants to kill him, why doesn’t he want to hunt others?

Payton is well prepared.

“Okay, very good.”

looked towards the two overlords of Zhawei Lord and Qianying Venerable, Jiu Nan Venerable opened the mouth and said: “Both of you, let’s do it together.”

The two looked at each other, revealing a touch of heartbeat. They both knew what Peak’s strength was paying a huge price to kill Peyton.

Killing Peyton, not to mention the spoΓ­ls of war left by Peyton, the bounty of those races alone is enough for them to make up their minds.

“Okay! We each have 30%.”

Nine Difficulties Venerable nods p: “Okay!”

Between them, the three of them have practiced their imposing manner. , in a Grade 3 shape, surrounding Payton.

“Wound me up, what a joke!”

Peton gently grabbed the handle of the long spear behind his back and pulled it out, stroking the blade and looking down at him gun blade.

“Then you can stay together, then stay!”

(end of this chapter)

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