All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 548


Chapter 548 inheritance


Surrounded by three people, Peyton suddenly changed, his eyes The fierce light in his eyes instantly seemed to be transformed into a beast god, and he rushed straight ahead like a lightning bolt. He used to be calm like a sea and smiled, but when it erupted, it was like an erupting volcano, and it became violent and irresistible, and its aura was more than the other party’s. more powerful.

a streak of divine light.

The divine hammer broke through the air.

long spear!



Payton took three steps back in a row, while Venerable and the others, who were rushing furiously, went backwards and flew away.

“As expected of being able to kill the Frost Cloud Saint, your strength is stronger than ours, but your strength is limited! You can’t even completely suppress me, haha…”

Nine Difficulties Venerable had long expected that Peyton would be stronger than him. After all, Peyton could easily kill the overlord of the universe, which he Nine Difficulties Venerable could not do.

From this fight, Venerable quickly judged that the opponent was slightly stronger than him.

“Really?” Peyton walked directly over the waves of time and space with a long spear in hand.

“Haha, do you still want to fight? I see how many times your Divine Physique can hold on to fights!”

Nine Difficulties Venerable strode forward, holding two hammers, the space trembled faintly.

The two overlords, Lord Zawi and Qianying Venerable, also made their move together. Divine light was shining, a flag was flying, and a cold sword was dazzling.

There was a chill in Peyton’s eyes.

I transform the universe!


In the river against the sky, Peyton and the three of them fought in an instant, that golden light rises… dazzling golden light, dazzling golden light, sharp and cold!

What followed was the repression of a powerful time-blocking and imprisoning force!


The incredible power contained in that shot instantly impacted the High Grade Supreme Treasure armor on the three of them, directly reaching High Grade Supreme Treasure At the limit of the armor, Venerable and the others could faintly hear the trembling of the armor.

“How to be strong–” Lord Zawi’s eyes were full of shock and disbelief.

The faces of the two overlords of Qianying Venerable are even more ugly.


The Nine Difficulties Venerable threw away directly, as if there’s no resistance, Divine Physique trembled under this impact.

“Loss of 23%”

“Loss of 15%”

“Loss of 11%, how is that possible?”

Three complete Shocked, they are all overlords, and the Nine Difficulties is the top universe overlord, and also has Supreme Treasure body protection.

One shot will make their three people’s Divine Physique consume at least 11%, and Divine Physique’s weaker Thousand Shadow Venerable directly consumes 23%.

This is too exaggerated.

This is definitely a Lord of Universe attack!

More than 30 alien Venerables in midair were shocked to find that the breath of the three besieging Peyton was obviously weakened, and the extent of the weakening was very clear, at least 10% weaker!

“With a single shot, the Peak universe overlord with the high-level armor Supreme Treasure lost nearly 10% of Divine Physique?”

They were completely shocked by this scene, this… definitely Only Lord of Universe can do it!

If the strength of the two is not much different, the anti-vibration force of the meet force with force will generally make Peyton slow down or even go backwards, but at this moment, the gap between the two is too great!

Peyton, who performed the top Lord of Universe’s ultimate secret technique, was like the real Lord of Universe. After one shot, he followed the Divine Physique thrown by the three of them, another shot!

“Not good, one shot after another, a few shots can completely kill me, etc.”

The three of them were shocked that Peyton had such battle strength, and it was the best way to escape now. important.



“None of you can get away!”

Peton’s voice was clear After passing through the kingdom of golden, rumbling sounded in the ears of Nine Difficulties Venerable, Thousand Shadow Venerable, and Lord Zawi.

“Against the empty river!”

“chi chi chi ~~”

The three of them had a few thoughts in their minds, and they were turning around to fly at super high speed The Nine Difficulties Venerable and the others who escaped suddenly felt the endless chain of space around them, desperately pressing him and squeezing them, as if countless ropes bound them.


If there is no obstacle, they can escape the loss, but with such a terrifying obstacle, they will never have time.

Peyton’s eyes are cold, that’s why he exchanged for Nikong River!

Supreme Treasure in the field space. The defense is not strong, but the trapping ability is definitely first-class, which is enough to make up for his weakness in battle strength.

“Then perish together!” The eyes of the Nine Difficulties Venerable burst into madness!

“perish together?” Peyton was flying at super high speed.

“You are hindered, but this is a help to me, this is my domain, haha, although you die, I live!”

Although so Said, but Peyton’s mind took out the Palace Supreme Treasure and the Soul Defense Supreme Treasure, cooperating with this river against the sky, ready to flash people at any time.

In the end, he is the top overlord.

A good fighter must be the one who knows the best timing, attack timing, change timing, defense timing…

Including, running timing!

Apparently, Payton didn’t give them that chance!

When Peyton was escaping backwards, the gun shadows in the sky did not gain the slightest advantage in the confrontation with the Nine Difficult Venerable meet force with force, and of course, did not suffer.

Leaving these three people behind, not giving them a chance to escape, and at the same time killing the three of them until they completely sink.

With the Supreme Treasure in the field, Payton can attack and defend, completely occupying the active advantage.

During the confrontation, Peyton’s long spear suddenly stopped, gathered a shot, and stabbed the Nine Difficulties Venerable.

Nine Difficulties Venerable’s eyes were crazy, but he didn’t move a step. With a throw of the divine hammer in his hand, he stabbed Peyton’s aggregation with a single shot.

However, when they collided, there was no heaven shaking, earth shattering, and Peyton’s aggregate shot seemed to be ineffective, and was scattered by the Nine Difficulties Venerable.

This is an illusion!

The way of virtual unity!

Nine Difficulties Venerable did not stop the real attack, looking for soft persimmons to pinch.

In an instant, a shadow swept past Venerable’s feet, moved towards Qianying Venerable.

Somewhere in the world, it seems that some kind of connection has been cut off!


Thousand Shadows Venerable’s body is completely divided into two!


This blow from Peyton is the top cosmic overlord, the Frost Cloud Saint, who will also fall on the spot. How can an ordinary overlord blocked by the domain be able to resist?

Lord Zawi was horrified, shouted: “Fight, he won’t let me wait.”

Nine Difficulties Venerable hated in his heart, how could he not know this, but The opponent has the blessing of the domain, and can attack and defend. How to kill?

Peton laughed loudly: “This is the first one!”

Between the words, Peyton was even more careful, he didn’t want to fall in the sewer.

Even, his goal has changed from hunting two people to killing two people without harm, or even capturing two people.

After all, he is indeed shouted by everyone, and various races have given huge rewards.

At this time, the three people are besieging, and if he shows a downward trend next, it will be more than ten overlords joining forces, and it is unknown!

In the pincer attack of the two people again, Peyton uncharacteristically did not dodge, but hedged up, and the collision of strength knocked them off.

Black Hole Vortex shocks and shocks, the shocks are transmitted hundreds of millions of miles away!

In the Divine Ability of the spear in the sky, the figure is hidden in the river against the sky, the long spear points to the east and the west, the figure suddenly left, suddenly right, there is no regularity in the front and back, the body Kyo approached the Nine Difficulties Venerable without the two of them noticing!

I picked up the soft persimmon before, and the vigilance in the heart of Lord Zawi has been raised to the extreme, and he has even ignored Divine Physique’s injury. He is a radical madman. By surprise.

Under the intervention of Ni Konghe, the two did not react, and Peyton stabbed with a long spear, extremely sharp, and the shadow of the gun without interference directly broke through the body of Nine Difficulties Venerable.

Nine Difficulties Venerable is almost crazy: “Death!”

In an instant, his Divine Physique burned to the extreme, a huge impact erupted, and the space was completely torn into a big hole.

The silhouette of Peyton dodged and hid in the flying palace to avoid disaster.

There was only one person left, and the next time Peyton’s figure appeared, the shadow of the gun pressed down, completely freezing Lord Zawi.


It happened in vain. For a time, within a radius of a million li, gunshots sounded tragically, and the guns whistled into the air.

This blow, Peyton grasped just right, just killing Lord Zawi’s soul sinking.

“One trace left! Take it!”

A multi-colored Divine Light burst into bloom, becoming a dazzling space – Five Colored Divine Light, bringing Lord Zawi into his own flight palace.

Standing far away in the void, Peyton looked at the distance, in the distance, tens of millions of kilometers of Venerable, and even some secretly winning overlords, all retreating, don’t dare provoke The murderer in front of him.

Before, I heard about Payton’s toughness, but after all, hearing it is not as good as seeing it with my own eyes.

What’s more, they watched Payton kill a top overlord and two overlords, and it looked so easy.

“Let’s go first!”

Payton evaded and disappeared into the space.


At the click of a button, thousands of years have passed.

In the lab, Peyton’s genetic particles are constantly changing between smashing and coalescing.

His Cultivation system, when the secret technique was created before, the overall structure has been gradually perfected. Over the years, Peyton’s goal has always been to perfect the details.

Gene lock leap forward!

Cell evolution starry sky!

The overall achievement of the universe, and even the multi-infinite universe…

With the experimentation that has been hunted for all these years, Peyton’s experiment went very smoothly, the genes are independent, each To achieve Venerable’s existence, genetic cells all have something to do.

Perhaps they themselves don’t understand that the mystery in it is only changed according to the change of the law.

But Peyton’s experiment is enough to extract all the perfect details and make up for it again. own system.

Suddenly, Peyton opened his eyes, a Divine Stone in his hand shone, an inexplicable attraction, moved towards Peyton’s mind.

Feeling the Wanfa Stone in his hand, Peyton nodded slightly: “Have you finally got it all together?”

The Wanfa Stone, Chaotic Origin Hall.

Over the years, Peyton has been waiting for the thirty-six people to fully gather and enter the Chaotic Origin Hall.

Somewhere along the way, Peyton has felt that his way is in it.

Activating the Myriad Magic Stone, the space shook for a while, and in the blink of an eye, Peyton suddenly felt that the surrounding Space Law had changed again.

The surrounding area of Hunyuan Hall is surrounded by mountains, no more or less, there are just 36 peaks!

It was surrounded by clouds and mist, surrounded by mountains and green waters, but obviously these peaks were not as beautiful as imagined.

The core is the dazzling and majestic mansion ‘Hunyuan Hall’.

36 people, Payton saw only one of him.

The remaining thirty-five people are unknown.

Peyton flew through the air and flew to the nearest mountain. He moved forward slowly, Divine Sense rippled layer by layer, and probed all around at any time.

Payton’s speed was not fast, but he was still very cautious, and more than ten days passed in a blink of an eye.

“en?” Payton looked familiar at the pattern in front of him.

“Mysterious pattern? The law of time?”

Peyton stopped suddenly, looked up at the distance, and under the cover of the fog, he could vaguely see a half-open path. The door of the door has the secret pattern of the law of time on the door.

“Treasure?” Peyton showed curiosity, but he didn’t go in immediately.

On this mountain, Peyton has only seen one door here. The secret pattern on the door is not particularly mysterious, and it is probably immortal.

In Peyton’s view, it may not be dangerous, but the harvest will certainly not be high!

“The level is low, and the treasure is not high.” Peyton touched his chin.

The gate is a little more than ten towers high, with golden color all over the body, with complex and mysterious golden lines on it, exuding the slightest Law fluctuation.


After Peyton entered, he turned and moved towards the back and glanced at the back. The door that was open had been closed again, which was also Ji Ning’s expectation. middle.

Payton moved on.

“Golden light in front.” Peyton was a little faster.

Peton quickly walked to the end of the corridor, and in front of them was a vast space with a range of ten li or so, and the whole space was covered with a layer of golden rays of light.

“Treasure space?” Peyton looked puzzled.


A bright light suddenly appeared in the sky, and one after another golden light spread downward.


“Will Shock?”

Payton’s will training is easier than others, and twice the results for half the effort, The ability to withstand willpower shocks is naturally far beyond ordinary people.

The long-term training has forced his will to break through to an unimaginable level.

The endless golden light shrouds the bottom, and the powerful will shock is something that everyone who enters the Chaotic Origin Hall can withstand.

This kind of immortal-level will shock is even more helpless to Peyton.

“Is it just a shock of will?”

The endless golden light illuminates the entire space, and also illuminates Peyton’s body, and its power also follows the ebbing of time , gradually increasing.

“The shock of will is getting stronger!” Peyton shook the head.

“But also merely this.”

Time goes by.

The endless golden light in the sky is still swaying freely, and the willpower contained in the golden light is constantly increasing.

From the very beginning, even an immortal powerhouse can easily withstand it, and now it has reached other limits of the universe’s Venerable Level.

Peton’s consciousness is silent in it, nothing!

With his Spiritual Will, he hardly felt the slightest bit of obstruction.

After a while, the golden light in the sky dissipated, and the oppression belonging to the spirit dissipated.

In front of Peyton’s eyes, a heavy treasure armor appeared.

This is the reward for the first mountain?

The level is a bit low, Payton secretly said in one’s heart.

I picked up the treasure, a heavy treasure, Peyton has long since kept it in the heart,

Peton quickly moved towards the next mountain, this one is for the spirit of investigation, What will the next mountain look for?

Peton was a little curious.

(End of this chapter)

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