All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 550


Chapter 550 Source

It is secluded and lonely, intertwined with lawlessness, and there is no Dao Accumulation in the endless sea of chaos.

One side exudes a big universe, slowly moving forward in the endless chaotic undercurrent.

At the end of the universe, is a tall man.

It’s Wang Meng!

“Master, it’s almost here!” Bibi Dong showed a hint of joy.

Wang Meng nods and looks into the distance. In his eyes, there is an endless Primordial Chaos Void, a universe that exudes infinite distortion and continues to expand outwards.

In this universe, there seems to be a universe that is almost destroyed, swept in by countless twisting forces, like breathing, sucking and spitting, constantly eroding the realm of chaos, it seems to be blending in Together.

It is said to be the universe, but in Wang Meng’s eyes, it is different.

“The Ouroboros of Time and Space!”

The so-called ever-expanding, circling universe is clearly a big snake, end-to-end, constantly circling, as the vast universe, Sun, Moon and Stars, with the evolution of the body of a serpent.

Extremely aggressive!

As expected of the Evil God universe.

Has devoured many universes.

Looking from a distance, the quaintness of time and space is rolling, and the universe that has not been completely destroyed is melting into it.

And this big snake, which has swallowed up many universes, is extremely high in nature, and has reached the top of the Great Firmament and touched the threshold of Chaos Sect.

Of course, the way of Evil God is not systematic and chaotic. Although the foundation is high, the quality is very low.

This big snake is so real, but it is almost hopeless, and even difficult to become dao fruit.

For Wang Meng, who is at the extreme of evolution, it is a great benefit.

“Good fortune!”

Wang Meng thought in his heart, and stepped out of the universe one step at a time, while pacing, an amazing breath emanated from his body, Dao Rhyme moved towards the radiation of the surrounding chaotic trillion fields, touching the field of the big snake.

Great Firmament One thought, thousands of radiation.

even more how, he is the peak of the evolution of the universe to the extreme, thousands of civilizations, thousands of Cultivation systems evolved to the Great Firmament.

It’s only one step away from the realm of diversity.

Feeling Wang Meng’s breath, that side of the universe suddenly moved!

In an instant, the universe overturned, countless worlds collapsed, the giant snakes connected end to end were completely disconnected, turning into a ferocious Great Wall, a pair of eyes opened, and there was no emotion at all.


With a low voice, the endless aura of destruction rolled, which was accompanied by the collapse of countless worlds, the fall of countless Spiritual Gods, and even the remnants of Evil God, destroying all living beings, destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

A low voice, which seems unmistakable, is the ultimate slaughter, containing incomparable slaughter!

One world gathers the body of a serpent, and with one move, Heaven and Earth turning upside down, although there is no doubt, the killing is infinite.

The Ouroboros is very big, Wang Meng is very small.

But the size is just a reflection of the sight, it does not mean anything.

Anyone who sees it at a glance will feel that the little silhouette is no weaker than the big snake entrenched in chaos. With endless thoughts, Dao Rhyme is enough to carry out the chaos!

The vast imposing manner suddenly emerged, without the slightest weakness.

Wang Meng’s eyes were cold and severe: “Come on, it’s either you who swallowed me today, or I’ll swallow you!”


The voice of Daxi spreads in Chaos.

It seems to feel Wang Meng’s fighting intent and the attraction brought by the neighboring universe. The snake’s eyes suddenly closed, and then opened again, time and space changed.

Next moment, a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl has moved towards Wang Meng swallowed.

Wang Meng laughed loudly: “Okay, I will conquer demons today!”

The way to subdue demons is to attack Slaughter Dao, neither fast nor slow, but it is just right to deal with this snake .

“Get out!”

In an instant, Wang Meng disappeared in place, and five gods and magic appeared. Drop the Yin Demon, drop the Heart Demon, and drop the Human Demon.

These five dharma images are the rhythm evolution of Wang Meng descending the demonic path, and it is the meaning of the five Great Protector Ming Kings.

The way of banning is called Wang Meng’s extreme.

The five-color Five Elements divine light turned into a limit, constantly appearing around the gods and demons, like the five divine peaks in the Primordial Chaos Void, suppressing the past with a special formation, trying to completely ban this big snake.

hu~ ~~

The chaotic undercurrent was surging, the big snake suddenly raised its head, and the half-supported, half-backed universe was suddenly swept up by its tail section, hovering, moved towards Wang Meng left.


The chaotic waves turned into an instant, and between the changes of time and space, one side of the universe strikes away, and the momentum is endless.


A pair of eyes are cold and cold, revealing endless coldness, without the slightest emotion, extremely ruthless, only the ultimate killing intent, running through, ringing. Thorough chaos.

The moment it opened, the boundless killing intent erupted, and the swept-up universe suddenly trembled and contracted, and the intent of annihilation shook.

He smashed down toward the five gods and demons!

Boom! !

A big wave suddenly rises above the endless chaotic sea.

How vast the universe is!

Inside Endless Starry Sky, massive stars, its weight can only be lifted by Great Firmament!

This sudden fall, the power of endless destruction burst out from the Chaos Sea on this side, and at the same time, the ultimate killing intent shrouded on the boundary membrane of the universe erupted.

At the moment when the universe travels through time and space, hundreds of millions of Hengsha worlds completely collapsed, and the endless world shattered air swept through the chaos, completely communicating the way of annihilation that runs through this universe, making this universe, Blast directly!

“If you dare to give it, I will swallow it!”

Wang Meng laughed, the basic universe of a party is naturally nothing to him, after all, he has evolved to the level of one yuan. limit.

But the fusion of one universe can also enhance a bit of Dao Rhyme.








The Five Elements of the Five Gods and Magics are divided into Five Elements, holding the Heaven and Earth Five Laws , complementing each other, making moves together, pinching out the seal, and reciting the mantra.

The golden divine symbol rises into the sky, enveloped in a mighty divine light, spreading rapidly in the chaos, and in a few moments it spreads even bigger than a universe!

Suddenly, it was shrouded in the incomparably vast universe on that side.

If you want to suppress the meaning of annihilation above, protect the boundary membrane so that it cannot burst on the spot.

next moment, one universe was completely sent to his own universe by Wang Meng.

“I have already suppressed the universe here, you will kill it.”

“Yes!” Bibi Dong and the others hurriedly agreed.

Seeing that one blow failed, the big snake was even more mad, and his eyes kept moving the laws of time and space.

Wang Meng looked towards the snake, loudly shouted: “Kill!”

In an instant, the meaning of killing the forest burst into the sky, a Dao Accumulation black with endless killing intent Sword qi, already shrouded in the endless Slaughter Law, came towards the big snake strikes.

This killing intent is the ultimate killing intent gathered from Avatar for hundreds of millions of years.

A sword fell, chaos subverted, and time and space disappeared.


The serpent is even more mad. It is obviously the top of the Great Firmament, but it is controlled by the Evil God universe. This serpent is far from enough to board such an Extreme Realm.

However, in the universe of Evil God, emotions are originally the cauldron of the law. In an instant, the chaos in the vicinity was almost boiled by anger, and countless distorted fluctuations moved towards Wang Meng.

Wang Meng’s eyes were cold and severe, and he stood up suddenly, now in the form of wrath in the westward slaughter, sinking into chaos as he stepped.

The dharma image spreads out in a whistling, becoming as huge as Heaven and Earth, illuminated by the divine light, it is as high as that side of the universe!

With the shaking of both hands, each squeezed out the Demon Subduing Seal, breaking the blockade of time and space on all sides.

In the tremor of the divine sound, its arms raised to the sky, and in the endlessly vast dive light, it actually directly supported the tail section of the big snake.


Wang Meng stepped into the chaos, his arms vibrated at the same time, and in an instant, he overturned the big snake.


The big snake roared angrily, endless dive lights buzzing around its body, countless worlds compressing continuously, like fireworks about to bloom.

A few in an instant, the big snake has held up hundreds of millions of worlds, and its size is not inferior to the dozens of basic universes.

And among the myriad of Divine Forces, these dozens of universes were forcibly compressed into a ball of light by this big snake, which was moved towards Wang Meng.


At the same time, Wang Meng’s eyes changed, and he didn’t dare to neglect at all. Although this Evil God universe is full of loopholes and is not a system, it has swallowed too many universes. With such a powerful force, he absolutely did not dare to be careless.

Wang Meng reprimanded, and Immeasurable Light illuminated the chaos in all directions.

“Extreme Waterway!”

There are traces of water intentions appearing all around, like the water veins of the same world flowing around him.

It turned into a halo that appeared behind his head.

“Extremely Golden Road!”

“Extremely Fire Dao!”

“Extremely Wooden Road!”

“Extremely Earthly Road! !”

As Wang Meng stepped, there were Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Heaven and Earth polarities, which turned into countless halos covering it.

The rays of light bloom in the chaos.

At this moment, Wang Meng is more dazzling than the big sun, more dazzling than the infinite dive light shining on chaos!

As soon as he takes one step, all Taos emerge, like the king of all Taos.

In the whistling, I came to the front of the big snake, the endless halo bounced, and the fingerprint strikes came out.

Boom! !

The dazzling rays of light erupted, the chaos suddenly raised waves, and the immeasurable dive light was broken in the ripples caused by the chaos.

The big snake, coldly snorted, collided with Wang Meng in the rays of light.

in an instant, it seems to have gone through a fierce battle for millions of years.

Chaos almost collapsed, and the boiling Chaos Qi Flow splashed hundreds of millions of miles high like water.

Not far away, Jifang Universe was shaken out far away, like a small sampan in a giant wave.


Wang Meng didn’t stop until he had exited hundreds of millions of miles.

In the next moment, Wang Meng once again bullied himself, and the five methods completely emerged, blocking the Void Five Elements, the Divine Force held by the ten directions trembled, and the Divine Ability issued, even more leaps and bounds. Chaos, in a flash Crossing the chaos, in the endless chaos, welcome and go up.

Like one after another golden god dragon-like, going to suppress the big snake.

Its brilliance, its majesty, and its invisible majesty spread out.

Wang Meng shot with a bang, and he wanted to suppress everything in the fastest time!

Boom! !

Wang Meng took a step forward.

The vast dive light suddenly burst into endless brilliance, illuminating the chaotic sea within the Endless Area.

Any Great Firmament, its essence will not be inferior to a big universe, its fleshy body is strong enough to shatter the big universe with bare hands!

In just one ten-millionth of an instant, Wang Meng has traversed a vast distance that can accommodate hundreds of squares of the universe!


The palm of which flickered with a faint golden light, then in a flash, the endless Primal Chaos Qi swayed, stirring up many chaotic undercurrents .

It seems like the sky is falling, wrapped in the power of suppressing demons and breaking the world, and slapped down towards the big snake!

Indistinctly, you can see that the wisps of chaos have turned into clouds, and many great worlds are born and annihilated at their fingertips.

The essence of the Great Firmament is the same as that of heaven, and the fleshy body of the Great Firmament is not weaker than the cosmic boundary membrane that can withstand the scouring of chaos.

His every move is enough to shatter one universe and shatter thousands of Small Worlds.

The birth of the world and the extinction of the world are only in one thought!

With the palm of your hand, any time and space, any avenue, any universe will be destroyed!

Boom! !

The chaos boils, and the strands of Primal Chaos Qi are like waves rising absolutely high, and even unknown chaos creatures can be seen, wailing the disappeared without a trace .


The big snake shook slightly, and there seemed to be a world-destroying thunder flashing in his eyes, there was no need to stop flashing.

chi chi chi ~~~

Wang Meng’s palms hanging in front of him bounced, and in an instant he squeezed the ten million seals and hit him with one palm.

On his palm, the flames are transpiring, and countless colors of yellow, yellow, white, blue, and blue flashed rapidly, and finally turned into a colorless flame that seemed to burn chaos!

At the same time, countless inscriptions were rotating between his palms, constantly colliding and changing.

The incomparably violent collision and tearing force flows and blesses.

Even Primal Chaos Qi began to spontaneously shatter wherever his palms touched, as if there were black and yellow flickering, and the two instruments were transformed, as if the universe had to be derived from it!

Boom! !

The chaos burst, and the dazzling rays of light swayed invisible ripples, spreading all directions above the sea of chaos.

Wherever you pass, the world is born and the world is destroyed, and it is a terrifying mess!

ka-cha ~

The skull of the big snake was almost broken, the blood in the body burned instantly, and the countless pores all over the body instantly filled with red mist, and flew out backwards, pulling out extremely far away in the chaos a gap.

Wang Meng’s body trembled slightly. Above the Divine Palm, the golden light was a little dim, and even left a trace of fire.

A drop of golden divine blood flowed down from his fingertips, and then flowed back again.

“It’s really profound!”

Wang Meng glanced at the Divine Palm, and there was a wave in his eyes.

not say a word, poking out again.


In the chaotic sea, the big snake had been dyed red by the blood mist that spewed out of its pores, but the eyes became colder and colder.

“Although Divine Force has no cultivation, it’s a pity, it’s a pity!”

With a sigh.

I saw Wang Meng standing up, stepping and bowing, throwing a punch.

Boom! !

The time and space are overturned, the chaos is boiling, and the immeasurable Chaos Qi Flow is turbulent.

The essence of Great Firmament penetrates time and space, connects cause and effect, and all comes from the future, all from the future, or soon or a long time later!

All are equivalent to the existence of Wang Meng at this time!

This shot, earth-shattering is not enough to describe it!

In one ten millionth of a moment, the powerful aura of Dao Dao has already spread to the Chaos Sea, shaking the chaotic territory that is not known how far away, and the vast universe that is very far away is all covered by the light of Dao Accumulation. Illuminated!

One in ten million in an instant, the big snake roared, and the whole body has been blessed with billions of Divine Ability, all kinds of twisting power, completely polluting the surrounding chaos.


In an instant, the Ouroboros appeared in the Chaos Sea!

The snake with its tail is as small as a mustard seed and as big as the vast universe. Eight absolutely Evil God Divine Ability made!


I saw the twisting power of Taoism running through, transcending time and space, and lighting up Three Thousand World.

The serpent is enveloped in this endless twisting force, and it seems to be reaching the extreme amidst all kinds of praise.

Boom! !

Here, at the same time, Wang Meng’s fist mark has been running through, dignified and upright, and extinction has come.

“The ultimate evolution of one yuan, come to Nine Heavens.”

The flawless, jade-like palm squeezes Wan Dao, implying great destruction and great tolerance, slaps the big snake, fist intent Straight as the sky, Annihilating Everything.


Boom! !

Time is meaningless at this point.

Wang Meng’s ultimate sublimation strike.

Boom! !

In the chaotic sea, the shocking collision lasted only a short moment.

I saw fresh blood flowing like a waterfall, and the huge snake corpse was thrown into the chaos, and the boundless giant Ouroboros had already shattered into ashes!

Between the endless twisting force, there seems to be Evil God bred in it.

Wang Meng softly shouted: “Subdue!”

The Evil God universe turned into a golden halo and appeared in his hand.

“This is my source!”

(End of this chapter)

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